Amber's New Home Pt.3


“I can’t. What happens when I get older? Will you still love me? Will I still love you? What if I want to get married? What then, huh?” Amber said furious. “Amber calm down honey. It was just a suggestion. What made you suck your father’s cock anyway if you didn’t want this and why did you let me give you an orgasm?!” Bill felt his nerves unearthed like a teenage boy. His cock was throbbing for Amber even in this atmosphere. “I’m sorry, I was curious. I didn’t think that you would wake up. I just can’t seem to do anything right anymore. ” Amber’s eyes watered as she looked at her father soberly. “Come here Amber. I should be the one saying I’m sorry. I just felt that we could share everything about being a close loving family. I never imaged that you would have fears about being completely loved by me. I never want to hurt you. You are my everything and I don’t want to lose you.

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  ” He said looking her in the eyes. “Don’t ever wonder if I love you. I will always love you till the day I die. Understand?”“Yes. Thank you for not pushing me into this daddy. I’m just not ready. ” Amber stated with meekness. “Well now that this is over, I think we should start talking about your party. ” He said. “Really! I can’t wait!” Amber said gleefully. Bill knew that he had to take a different approach to his daughter to let her see that there was nothing wrong with being loved by her father. He had known Jeff and his daughter Wendy for some time now and often went to see him to talk about Amber and her mother. Besides she was curious about sex and who better to teach her then her father. Wendy was only a few years older than Amber and he knew she could change his daughter’s insight. Once Amber saw how happy Jeff and Wendy were, she would be more than happy to let him love her the way he was supposed to.

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   “I have some very special people for you to meet. Wendy is sixteen and you two should hit it off great. She has a big circle of friends that she can introduce you to and maybe they can all be at your party. ” He said. “Oh daddy, thank you so much. I can’t wait to meet her. ” She said. “Good because they’re coming over tonight for dinner. ” He said. Jeff and Wendy arrived at 7:00 precisely. Wendy was wearing a dashing summer dress that was just a little too short. It gave her legs an enhanced look. Jeff looked at Bill uneasily. He was sure that Amber wasn’t going to conceive of this notion to eagerly. But Bill’s look eased his state of mind a little bit.

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   “Wendy why don’t you go and see what Amber’s up to and your father and me will get dinner on the table. We’ll call you when it’s ready. “ Bill said. “Okay, this is gonna be so cool. I hope we hit it off okay. ” Wendy stated going up the steps. Bill took Jeff by the arm and led him into the study. He made sure that he locked the door behind him so he wouldn’t have any unexpected surprises. Amber was good for that. “I know what you’re thinking but stop there! We were intimate today. Her first day here and she let me eat her out. She also gave my dick one hell of a sucking too. If you know what I mean. I never thought that I would have this kind of relationship with her. ” Bill said grinning.

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  “So what are you worried about? Why didn’t you try to persuade her to let you sleep with her? Or is that not what you want?” Jeff said very confused. “I did. She wouldn’t have it. But I think she wants to but she’s afraid of ending up like me and her mother. ” Bill said. “Then Wendy and me are sure to change her mind. ” Jeff said amused. “That’s the point. I thought that maybe her and Wendy could be friends but I never thought I would need you to convince her to sleep with me. Come on; let’s go eat. I’m starving after a day like today. ” Bill said heading for the dining room. Bill called for the girls to come to dinner. They came bouncing down the steps giggling and looking as radiant as ever. Bill had the urge to kiss his daughter passionately and drag her back upstairs.

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   Instead he whistled at them both and gave them a wink. “Sounds like you two are already hitting it off. ” Jeff said with a chuckle. “Yes, Wendy and I have so much in common. We like the same music and we both adore J. Lo and her designer clothesline. ” Amber said excitedly. “Dad, I asked Amber if she wanted to come over tomorrow after school and meet some of my other friends. I thought that she might be able to spend the night too. I was sure that you wouldn’t mind because it’ll be the weekend. ” Wendy said smiling wittingly. “Sure, now lets go eat. We can talk about it more over dinner. ” Jeff said. Dinner went smoothly.

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   Amber was sure that her and Wendy were going to become the best of friends. She couldn’t believe everything that had happened to her. What she dreamed would be a nightmare instantly was becoming a fairy tale. She couldn’t wait to go to Wendy’s tomorrow to meet the rest of her friends. She had been a little worried that she wouldn’t be able to live a normal life here, but Wendy changed that. Wendy was also motherless. Her mother passed when she was only nine. She has only had her father for family since then. “Well I think that its time for me and Wendy to get home. She does have school tomorrow and she’ll see Amber after so I think we should all get some rest. It’s getting late. ” Jeff said looking at his watch. “I agree. Amber go on to bed. I’ll clean up here.

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   You have a long day tomorrow. ” Bill said. Amber started up the stairs and headed for the bathroom in her room. She wanted to take another long shower before settling down for bed. Once again she let the water flow and massage her body. She didn’t decide to get out until she almost fell asleep from the pleasure. She got out and dried off putting on her favorite t-shirt and nothing else. She thought about today’s earlier events with her father and tried to reenact the moment. She caressed her pussy ever so lightly and concentrated on cumming. She couldn’t do it still. So she lay there frustrated wondering if she should go to her father. She decided against it and fell asleep. Amber woke up the next morning excited. Today was the day that she would be accepted in Wendy’s circle of friends for sure. She got dressed and headed down stairs to see what her father was up to.

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   When she entered the kitchen her father was there making breakfast. “Hi honey did you sleep okay?” He said. “Yes daddy, I slept like a log. I’m just a little nervous about going to Wendy’s house today. I hope that I really get along with her friends. ” She said. “Well I have a little surprise for you. I thought that I could take you shopping for some new clothes so you don’t seem out of place. ” He said. “Wow daddy, that’s great! I was a little stumped on what to wear but I’m sure there’s nothing better than getting new clothes. ” Amber said jumping up to give her father a hug. “Well come on and eat and then we’ll get ready to go. ” Bill said hugging his daughter tightly. Amber sat down to eat the fabulous meal that her father had prepared for her. She had to admit that her father was a way better cook then her mother had been.


   She finished up her breakfast and then headed upstairs to change into something more suitable. “Come on honey, I want you to have enough time to pick out everything you want so we’d better get going. ” Bill said looking at his watch. Amber came rushing down the stairs. She grabbed her father’s hand and off they were to the shopping mall. Amber suddenly realized that this mall was way different then the mall she was used to at home. Every store they went into had help lined up at the door. She tried so many outfits on that she didn’t want to come shopping again for at least a month. But then again her father had just about bought her a month’s worth of outfits. When Amber had gotten back home she rushed upstairs to pack. It was almost time for her to go to Wendy’s house. She packed everything she needed and a few more outfits just in case she was going to stay longer. Her father was waiting by the door for her and took her bag and stuffed it in the car.
    “Remember, Always listen to Jeff and have lots of fun. ” He said pulling up to Wendy’s house.

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       Amber kissed her father goodbye and quickly ran up to Wendy’s front porch. She rang the doorbell and waited for its answer. Jeff came to the door first but Wendy was right behind him. He took her bags and Wendy led her to her room. Wendy’s room was typical. She had a lot of posters on the walls and clothes on the floor here and there. Some clean, some dirty. She had her own computer in her room along with numerous other electronics. They spent the day drooling over hunky guys, ordering pizza and watching too many scary movies. By the time it was time to go to bed Amber was beat. She settled into the bed across from Wendy. She was just about to close her eyes when Wendy whispered to her. “Do you want to see something cool?” She said. “Sure, what is it?” Amber said Wendy pulled out this long thick dildo. It had to have been at least 10 inches long.


       She started licking it and rubbing it all over, getting it all wet. “Wow, were did you get something like that?” Amber said very stunned. Wendy had started stroking the dildo in and out of her pussy. “I got it for my sixteenth birthday. ” Amber wanted to see what Wendy was doing so she went over to her bed. She couldn’t believe that Wendy was almost taking all of it in her tight pussy. “Do you wanna help me cum. ” Wendy said with a grin?“How?” Amber said. “Just put your mouth down there and start licking. ” Wendy said with lust. Amber wasn’t sure that she would be able to please Wendy but her father had done it to her so she figured that it shouldn’t be too hard to learn. She placed her face in between Wendy’s legs and began to lick very slowly. “Now take this dildo from me and start moving it back and forth. ” Wendy said moaning. Amber did as Wendy told her.

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       She slowly moved the dildo in and out of her friend as she licked her pussy. She couldn’t believe how excited she was getting. Wendy tasted so good and she wanted her to come. She wanted to taste more. She began licking and moving the dildo faster and faster. “Oh yes Amber, lick my pussy. Make me cum. I want to cum all over your sweet lips. ” Wendy said bucking her hips faster. “Oh you sweet thing. Lick me faster! Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh yes, I’m gonna cum all over!" She said with her eyes starting to roll behind her head. Amber sucked and fucked Wendy as fast as she could. She felt her tensing and wished that she was the one feeling like this. “Ahhhhhh, OOOOhhhh, Fuck me, Yes!, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!” Wendy squealed as she let her orgasm ripple through her. Amber removed the dildo and continued to suck up Wendy’s juices.

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       She couldn’t believe what a thrill this was. She needed some relief and soon. “Lie down and let me return the favor. ” Wendy said drained. “I’m still a virgin. You can’t use that on me. ” Amber said pointing to the dildo. “Don’t worry I can make you feel good without that” Wendy said devilishly. Amber laid back and Wendy started licking on her pussy. It was already wet from excitement. Wendy slowly stuck her tongue in and out of Amber’s tight pussy. She worked her way up to her clit. She licked her fingers and started rubbing Amber’s clit as she stuck her tongue in and out faster. “Oh yes, please don’t stop! Ohhhh it feels so good. It feels so fucking good! Do it faster, lick me harder.

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      ” Amber said tensing up. “Oh yes I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming. Ahhhh, Ohhhh, yes. Ahhhhhh. ” Amber screamed at the top of her lungs. Wendy smiled at Amber and lay beside her. Amber was exhausted and all she could think about was closing her eyes. She couldn’t believe how she felt. She was so relaxed. “That was incredible. Is it okay if I sleep in your bed?” Amber said yawning. “Sure, I definitely like that idea. ” Wendy said. They lay cuddled among each other and fell asleep.

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       Amber was dreaming sweet dreams but awoke with a start at a strange noise. Wendy was not in the bed and she wondered if maybe something happened. She quickly threw on her nightgown and followed the noise. It sounded like it was coming from Jeff’s room. She opened the door slowly and couldn’t believe what she saw. To be continued. . . .