Amelia Chapter 8 - Oh Mother!


I was in the Club on Wednesday busy drinking my beer when my cell phone rings.   It was Amelia telling me that we have to come and visit them the weekend as she has arranged a date for me with her mother.   It has to be this coming weekend as she is going to show jump with her horse and my wife and her father must take her to the venue.   Her mother will stay home because she will be too ill to take her.   She will stay the Friday already in bed and notify her work that she is too ill to go to the work.    She and Amelia will insist that my wife takes her because she has gone to all her previous show jumps.   They will be away until late and Felia and I will have enough time to try and make up for lost time.


 I immediately phone my wife and told her that she must immediately phone Felia as she wants us to come and visit them this coming weekend.   My wife initially didn’t want to go but after speaking to Felia she decided that we must go as she couldn’t disappoint Amelia.


 Eventually the Friday arrived and when Felia phoned her telling her that she hurt herself and is in bed my wife insisted that we leave immediately to go and look after Felia as she is all by herself at home.   We arrive the Friday around noon and upon arrival find Felia in bed with her ankle heavily strapped because she missed a step and strain her ankle.   When I bent over to kiss Felia I put my tongue in her mouth and she immediately replies by pushing hers back.   I had to tear my mouth away from hers to prevent my wife from noticing something.   As I pull my face back I notice Felia winks at me and whisper the word “tomorrow. ”  I wink back and whispered softly “yes” and turn around quickly and leave the room because I have a tremendous hard-on.


 Let me just describe Felia to you.

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    She is 49 years old and only 5’2” tall, weighs about 119lbs and she still has the body of a woman at least 10 years younger.  She has 36C breasts, brownish/ red hair, blue eyes and an ass to dream about.



I make us some coffee and sit down to read the paper.   At 1300 Anna-Marié reminded me to go and pick Amelia up at her school, something I gladly did because it will give me a couple of minutes alone with Amelia in which she can tell me what she and her mother discussed.


 When Amelia gets into the car she lifts her dress to show me her naked cunt.   Yes she still goes to school without panties or a bra and she just loves it.   This time however I notice that her cunt is also clean shaven.   Asking her about it she says that the last time I mentioned that I would like to taste a clean shaven cunt and therefore she has prepared hers for the occasion.   I immediately place my hand on her cunt and push my middle finger deep into her already wet cunt.   She also moves her hand into my pants and grabs my cock and starts to move her hand up and down my cock.


 “Oh fuck Hendrik I cannot wait for you to fuck my mother.   I really had to work on her but I eventually succeeded when I caught her satisfying herself because my dad doesn’t fuck her anymore.   I convinced her that it will be much nicer to have a real cock fucking her instead of her finger.   She eventually agreed that she wanted you to fuck her since she was 13 years old.   I then convinced her that she will surely enjoy a cock more especially one she has wanted for 36 years.

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    But you better not tell her that we are fucking before you fuck her because I didn’t tell her.   I think you must break the news to her when you have her really hot.   Maybe you can then create the climate for me to join you at a later stage so that we can have a nice threesome. ”


 “Oh yes my little fuck machine, I will see what I can do.   How I am going to convince your mother still remains a secret.   But be assure, when the situation arises I will not miss on it.   I want the two of you, oh fuck yes I want to fuck the both of you together.   Hey, you better stop masturbating me because I am so hot just thinking about your mother and you that I will shoot my come just now. ”


 When I said that Amelia bent over, take my cock out of my pants and feed it into her mouth and start to give me head right in the middle of a lot of cars around us.   I was so hot however that I don’t worry about the fact that somebody might see us.   As I feel the pressure building up in my cock I fuck Amelia’s cunt faster and harder with my finger and I can feel her also approaching an orgasm.   Luckily we have to stop at a robot and that is when the big orgasm hit me.   I couldn’t help to shout “I am commminnngggg, oh my fuck it is so fucking nice!!!!!! Suck my cock oh fucking sex maniac, yesssss suck my cock!!! Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!,” I shout and shoot my come into Amelia’s mouth.   I simultaneously feel the vibrations of her mouth around my cock and she moans, “Mmmmmmnnnnmmm!!!!!!! Mnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! Nnnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!”


 I don’t look right or left and when the robot turns green I just drive on as if nothing has happened.   I am quite sure however that the car next to me must have heard and saw what was going on.

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    But what the hel, maybe it will be something to boost their sex life with.


 I tell Amelia to sit upright when we near the security gate to their premises because she is still sucking my cock as if she can get some more come into her mouth.


 “You have to let go of my cock my darling because we are almost home and my cock must have some time to calm down before we get out of the car.   I do not wear any underpants you know.   Anna-Marié will not be happy with me if she notices that I get out the car with you with a hard-on. ”


 When we stop at their home I quickly put my cock back in my pants and slowly get out of the car and make sure all the doors are locked and the windows closed.   This to make sure that my cock is soft and unobserved in my pants.   Amelia on the other hand jumps out of the car and rushes into the house to greet her aunt Mia, that is my wife.


 As I walk into the house I could just hear her saying, “Oh Aunt Mia I am so glad you are here to watch me tomorrow at the show, especially now that my mother can’t go.   We will however have to leave early as I have to report at the show grounds at 07:00 already.   It is also going to be a long day as I take part in 3 different competitions and if I go through to the finals we only have the jump off from 16:00.   So we might only get back home at 20:00. ”


 “That is okay Amelia, just as long as they have comfortable chairs to sit on. ”


 “Yes they have.   They made special arrangements for the parents of the participating juniors.

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    So you have nothing to worry about.   You will be my mother tomorrow.   You know of course that my Dad insisted to go as well. ”


 As I walk passed behind Amelia I notice that her dress has a big wet spot at the back from her cunt juices leaking out of her cunt.   As I walk passed her I turn towards her, put my arms around her and quickly whispered in her ear that her dress has a wet spot at the back.   I press her for a while against me before turning around and walk out of the room to go and sit in their Lapa to watch some TV with Felia’s husband Bertie.   For those who didn’t read Amelia I just want to say that Bertie had a stroke and although he isn’t physically impaired he has some brain damage and lost all interest about what is going on around him.   He just wants to sit and watch TV.   As it is a very hot day I take off my shirt the moment I sit down.


 After a while Amelia and Anna-Marié join me and Bertie in the Lapa and we spend the whole afternoon watching TV and talk a lot about Amelia’s chances tomorrow and passed performances on her horse.   Anna-Marié as usual is full of advice for Felia about what she must do and not.   Even Bertie is taking part in the conversation.   It is however a very nice afternoon especially as Amelia is sitting in a couch right opposite me and occasionally move on the couch in such a way that her mini shifts up her legs and I can see her delightfully naked and shaved cunt as she isn’t wearing a panty.   She is really chancing her luck.


 At one stage as the sun begins to set, I look up and see that Felia is in the kitchen busy doing something, what I cannot see as the light of the kitchen isn’t on.

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    I tell Amelia to get up and come with me so that we can help her mother.   I ask Anna-Marié to keep Bertie company then the three of us can go and prepare something to eat.


 As I walk into the kitchen Felia look at me and ask me if I am not concerned about her injury.   I smile and tell her that I know she isn’t incapacitated and that she is fit enough to go with Amelia tomorrow if she wants to and that Amelia has told me her whole story.   I tell her however to be very careful as Anna-Marié is very clever and if she suspects anything we are in for a lot of trouble.   I walk to Felia and standing behind her I put my arms around her, press her tight against me and whispers in her ear, “I cannot believe that you want me to make love to you for 36 years.   I also longed to make love to you for the past 30 years and now my fantasy will eventually come true.   I have fucked you in my mind and with my hand so many times that I have lost count.   I am even imagining my cock in your cunt when I fuck my wife.   I am so glad that Amelia convinced you to accept me as your lover.   I will have to buy her a big present. ”


 “Yes you really have to thank her.   I do not know why she wants us to get together because she didn’t stop pestering me until I finale said yes just to get rid of her nagging. ”


“Is that the only reason?”


 “No, not really because it is true that I wanted to make love to since you and Anna-Marié got married and I was only thirteen.   Hey that is as old as Amelia is now and you know what?  If you tried to seduce me then you would have succeeded.

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    My god we have wasted 36 years.   This however is not permission for you to fuck Amelia you hear.   You will have to get pass me before you put your cock into her.   A couple of times I almost lost my self control especially when you visited us in Cape Town and I tried to show you that I want you to make love to me.   Unfortunately however you didn’t pick up on my signals. ”


 I kiss her in the neck and move hands up under her pajamas top until I feel her breasts underneath my hands. I slowly start to massage them and roll her nipples between my fingers.   Felia presses het ass harder against my, by now, very stiff cock and slowly move her ass sideways across my cock.


 “Oh fuck Felia,” I moan and move my lips up to her lips while my one hand simultaneously moves down her body to her cunt.   When our lips meet it is as if an electric shock went through my body and suddenly we are kissing like two people possessed.   I forget about everything around me and am just aware of the lips on mine and the body pressed tight against me.


 I move my hand further down and under her pajama bottom until I feel her pubic hairs beneath my hand.   When she feels my hand so close to her cunt she sighs and opens her legs to allow my hand passage to her cunt.   I also feel her hand moves around her and she moves slightly away to allow her hand to get between us until she encounters my rock hard cock.   She moves her hand a couple of times up and down my cock and then moves her hand upwards to the top of my pants.

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    She moves her hand beneath my pants until she feels my cock.   When she feels my naked cock in her hand it closes around my hard and wet cock and slowly moves it up and down the length of my cock.   Her other hand also moves around and starts to move my pants down to release my cock from its enclosure.


 I move my hand further down until I feel hot wet cunt lips beneath my fingers.   I slowly move them up and down her slit until I encounter her hard clit.   As I touch her clit she pulls in her breath deeply, remove her lips from mine and says, ”Oh shit Hendrik you make me mad but please do not stop, it is soooo fucking nice. ”


 I lower my other hand as well and also start to move her pajamas pants down her legs.   She already has my pants halfway down my legs and suddenly I feel it drops down to my feet.   When Felia feels me moving her pants down she closes her legs to allow me to work her pants also down and suddenly we are both naked from our waist downwards.


 When Felia feels this she suddenly turns sideways and looks down at my hard upstanding cock.


 “Oh hell Hendrik you have a lovely cock and so big.   I have never seen suck a long and thick cock.   It is much bigger than Bertie’s cock which is the only one I have seen and feel until now and his cock is much smaller and thinner than yours.   How big is it? Oh I want to feel him inside me now please!”


 “It is 8 inches long and 2½ inches thick my love. ”


 Amelia in the meantime has moved to the front of the cupboard from where she can look at the lapa to warn us if anybody approaches the kitchen.

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    I do not mind her being there but I guess Felia has forgotten about her as she is standing with her back towards Amelia.   Amelia looks at me and I see her mouthing ‘fuck her’ and indicating that she will check o see when anybody approaches the kitchen.


 I turn Felia facing away from me and press her forward so that she is lying with her upper body on the working surface of the cupboard with her legs wide apart and presenting her ass to me.   I take my cock and point it towards her exposed cunt and slowly move it forwards till it touches her cunt.   I move my cock head slowly up and down her wet slit and just as I am ready to push my cocks into her cunt Amelia suddenly calls from the door: “Watch out my dad is here. ”


 Both Amelia and I froze and are not able to move.


 “Get dressed quickly. ” Amelia warns us.


 When we finally recover it is however too late as Bertie is that moment almost at the door. I have time however to withdraw my cock from Amelia and bent down to take some plates out of the cupboard and places it on the working surface. .   Felia places them on the surface as if we are ready to serve supper.   Luckily the cupboard hides our naked lower halves from view and Bertie is only interested in going to the toilet so he isn’t really interested at what we are doing.


 When Bertie is out of the kitchen Felia and I look at each other and start to laugh hysterically.   Felia dressed only in her t-shirt and me completely naked.

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    It is really a sight for sore eyes.


 Felia looks as Amelia and says,” and you young lady what are you doing here.   You are only 13 years old and are not suppose to watch acts of sex.   The fact that you convinced me to have sex with uncle Hendrik doesn’t give you permission to watch us and by the way why didn’t you warn us in time. ”


 “Aag mom I cannot help it if the two of you cannot control yourself.   Why didn’t you tell me to leave the kitchen because you want to fuck and I did warn you?  I am not responsible if you are so engrossed in what you were doing that you didn’t hear my warning. ”


 “She is right Felia, we shouldn’t have lost our self control to such a degree that we completely forget where we were.   Let’s forget it, get dressed and start preparing supper and by the way you have just told me that you would have allowed me to make love to you when you were thirteen. ”


 We put our clothes on and carry on with the preparation of the supper.   For the rest of the evening we just talk and watch television.   Felia and I acted as normal as possible and just occasionally look as each other and throw silent kisses at each other.   I have to tell you however that I had a hard-on the whole time till we get into bed. Luckily they decide to go to bed early as they have to get up early to get Amelia in time at the course.


 When I get to bed I have hard time not to fuck my wife to a standstill.   I cannot however fuck her because I have to save all my energy, and come, for Felia tomorrow.

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    I had a hell of a time getting to sleep because my brain keeps on playing the incident in the kitchen over and over and my cock didn’t want to go to rest.   I eventually however fall asleep till I was awaken 05:30 the next morning by Amelia who tells my wife that she has to get up because they must leave at 06:30 to be in time.


 After they have left I lie for a while deciding whether I will take my pants off before going to Felia.   I decide however to take my pants off because Felia has already seen me naked and with my hard on my pajama pants will in any case not hide anything.   When I enter her room I see the light is burning and when I look at the bed there she is, the blankets remove from her and she is also stark naked with her legs splayed wide open to allow me a beautiful view of he lovely cunt nicely clean shaven and wet as hell.   She must have done it after leaving to go to bed because I can distinctly remember feeling her pubic hairs last night.


 “Oh my fuck Felia!  What a nice welcome and that with a nicely shaven cunt. ”


 “Come here you beautiful piece of meat.   Bring me that big fuck machine of yours and fuck my wet little cunt to a standstill. ”


 “Not before I have tasted your nice looking cunt my little fuck machine. ” I say and get onto the bed next to her with my face next to her cunt.   I immediately lock my lips onto her cunt and start sucking and licking it trying to make up for 30 lost years while she grabs my cock and starts playing with him. .


 “Oh God but you taste nice,”I moaned and push my tongue into her cunt as deep as I can manage.   At the same time I feel het lips around my cock and feel her moving her mouth slowly down my cock until I feel his head against her throat.


    She then moves her mouth slowly back whilst playing with her tongue around my cock head.   She carries on doing it while I continue to fuck her cunt with my tongue.


 Felia eventually puts a stop to it by pulling her mouth off my cock and says, “Oh fuck your cock tastes so nice I cannot believe I never wanted to suck Bertie’s cock but please Hendrik fuck me now with your lovely cock. ”


 I turn on my back and with my rampant cock standing upright says, “There he is Felia; please fuck him to your hearts delight.   You can have all 8 inches to play with and fuck as you wish. ”


 Felia immediately gets up and standing with her knees both sides of my lower body, takes my cock in her hand and whilst keeping it upright slowly lowers her until her cunt just touches my cock.  She slowly moves her cunt slightly forwards and backwards rubbing my hard, wet and ready cock through the slit of her sopping wet cunt.


 “Oh fuck Hendrik I cannot believe that I am eventually going to feel your cock in my cunt, and he is so much bigger than what I ever dreamt off.   Now I can use the real McCoy and not my hands anymore. Here goes,” she says and lowers herself in one movement down my cock until her buttocks settled on my body with my cock fully embedded within her cunt.   I can feel my cock head pushing against her cervix.


 “Oh my fuck yesss, I am filled like never before.   My cunt feels as if it is going to tear, but oh shit it is soooo fucking nice to be fucked and filled eventually by a real cock,” she says whilst starting to move slowly up and down my cock.


 I put my hands on her hips helping her up and down while her one hand goes down to her cunt starting to rub her clit.   We are not making love now we are plain fucking each other trying to make up for thirty years of frustration.

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    We are both so randy now that it didn’t take long before both of us start to come.


 Felia rides me like a horse shouting on top of her voice, “Oh yessss fuck me your lovely big cock!!!!!!!!  I have waited 30 years for this to happen!!!!!!!!!  Oh fuck how glorious to be fucked eventually by the real thing and not in your thoughts only!!!!!  Oh yessss fuck me hard I want to come!!!!! I want to feel you spurt your come deep into my cunt!!! Oh yessssssss I’m cooommmiinnnggggg!!!!!!!Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!! Oeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!”


 When I feel her body shudders and her cunt grips my cock I also let loose with a torrent of come into her cunt.


 “Oh my shit Felia here it comes!!!!! Take my come in your cunt after thirty years of waiting!!!!!!! Yesssssssss!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I’m commminnngggggg!!!!!!!!!!” I shout as I force my cock as deep as possible into her cunt and empty my balls to the last drop.


 It was the noisiest orgasm I have ever experienced and I bet the neighbors must have heard everything.   But who cares as it was a really fantastic feeling and I just want to go on fucking her.   She didn’t move off my cock, which is still as hard as an iron rod, but just lies forward and starts kissing me.


 After a long time of kissing she says, “Oh shit Hendrik I never dreamt that sex could be this good.   I can cry if I think what I have missed for thirty years.   Why didn’t I seduce you that day in the Cape?  It feels so marvelous to still feel your cock hard and deep inside my cunt.   And to think I cannot even congratulate myself in seducing you.   My daughter needed to make me see the light.   A thirteen year old girl who doesn’t even now how sex feels. ”


 “Don’t blame yourself Felia.   I was also too stupid to seduce you and you have given me enough indications that you want me to make love to you but I was afraid.   Don’t underestimate you daughter also.

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    Girls of thirteen have much more knowledge and experience today about sex than what we had when we were thirteen. ”


 “I know my daughter Hendrik and she wouldn’t even allow any of the boys in her school to kiss her. ”


 You are quite sure about your daughter hey.   What would you do if you found out that she is sexually active?”


 “I am sure yes because she doesn’t have any boyfriends visiting her or any that she is visiting.   If I found out she has sex with just any boy I think I will kill her, if it is someone I know and trust my daughter to be with I think I might accept it.  If she is sexually active there can be only one man she might have sex with that I can think of as a matter of fact there is only one man I would like Amelia to have sex with. ”

 “And who might that be?”


 “Don’t you know?  Can’t you even guess?  If you cannot guess then you are really blind.   Who do you think she always wants to see and always wants to visit?”


 “The only one I know is I.   Do you really mean that you would like Amelia to have sex with me?”


 “What I mean is that if Amelia wants to have sex I hope it is with you.   I trust and love you and I know Amelia also loves and trusts you. ”


 “What will you say if I tell you that I know Amelia is having sex?”


 “I’ll tell you won’t know unless you………. . What! You are having sex with Amelia?  What? Where? How long?” she says and sit upright again looking me straight in the eyes.   The idea of her daughter having sex with me must have an effect on her because I can feel her rubbing her cunt slowly forward and backwards over my body causing my cock to stimulate her cunt again causing my cock to remains hard.


 “Yes I am fucking your daughter and she likes it tremendously.

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    We started fucking that 10 days I had to look after her when you and Anna-Marié took Bertie to recover from his stroke.   Why do you think she convinces you to have sex with me?  Because we want the three of us to have a threesome. ”


 “What you have been planning to have a threesome with me and I wasn’t even aware that my sweet innocent girl is being fucked by you?  You want me to have a threesome with you and my daughter?  MY god my daughter?  It is so fucking bizarre I am getting horny again just thinking about it.   Oh shit fuck me again your fucking pervert,” she says as she starts riding my hard cock again with such vigor and abandon as I have never experienced.


 “Yesss, Yesssss fuck my cunt your fucking child molester, oh fuck me hard, I am getting so hot just thinking about the three of us.   Of me and my daughter fucking each other.   Oh my shit it is so absurd.   Oh fuck it is so fucking nice I am going to come again!  Yessssss!!! I am cooommmiinnggg!!!!!!! Oeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Uhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!”


 She comes so hard that she almost fell of me and I had to grip her to keep her impaled on my cock.


 When she finishes she looks at me and says, “Your bastard.   How could you be doing this to me?  Fucking my daughter before asking me or even before seducing me?”


 “I am sorry my darling but it just happened and let me tell you it is the best sex I ever had until today.   Let me also tell you that she enjoys sex and she is really a little sex maniac.   She is just insatiable.   We have fucked every position we could think of and I even fucked her in the ass and also simultaneously in the ass and cunt with my cock and a vibrator. ”


 “You did what?  Oh my god, you have really used my poor innocent child and made her your sex slave.   Oh shit but I like it.

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   Yes I really like it.   Are you going to make me your sex slave as well Hendrik?  Yesss I want to be your sex slave.   I want you to fuck me in any way that it is possible to fuck a woman. I want you to fuck me just like you fuck Amelia, in her mouth cunt and ass.   I want you to fuck the two of us together.   Oh shit I cannot believe me saying this but I also want to fuck my daughter and I want her to also fuck me. ”


 “You are not mad at me Felia.   You are not going to chase me out of your lives?”


 “No Hendrik I am not mad at you for fucking Amelia.   I am just mad at you for fucking her before you fuck me and for not asking me whether you can fuck Amelia.   On the other hand though I am glad you did it because I might not have given you permission to fuck Amelia and then we would have missed all this nice action.   No I think you did just everything right.   Oh yessss we are going to have a ball the three of us.   Hell I cannot believe that I am looking forward to having sex with my daughter. ”


 Oh Hell Felia I cannot tell you how glad I am that you eventually approve of us having sex together.   You don’t know how Amelia and I stressed about this.

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    That was the main reason why she had to convince you to have sex with me.   We thought that would be the only solution to get you to agree to the three of us having sex.   Oh thank you my darling this is really wonderful of you to agree to this. ”


 “You can be glad you give me such a tremendous orgasm with you wonderful thick and long cock.   If it wasn’t for your thick cock and the way you use him I wonder if I would have accept this absurd situation.   I however cannot imagine a future where I have to go without your cock filling up my cunt.   Oh shit I am already your sex slave because I don’t ever want to be without your cock again.   But before we carry on I think it is time for us to get something to eat so that we can get some energy because you still have to show me a lot about sex.   At this time I only know the missionary position and what we have done today.   You know it was also the first time I had a mouth on my cunt and a cock in my mouth.   Before Amelia returns I want to at least know how it feels to have a cock in my ass and also a cock in my cunt and a vibrator in my ass simultaneously.   I also want to know how your come taste. ”


 “Before you get up Felia, just some house rules.   Whenever we are alone by ourselves we do not wear any clothes.   No more underwear will be worn by us wherever we are or wherever we go.

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   We also sleep naked when our spouses are not with us and you do not normally sleep naked.   The reason for this is that if I want to feel your cunt I do not want any underwear in my way and when we are alone and I want to see and feel you or fuck you I do not want any clothes to be in my way.   That is the rules Amelia and I decided on. ”


 “Oh yes that is so cool Hendrik because I want to see your cock all the time. ”


We eventually get up and Felia prepared a nice breakfast for us and while we wait for the food to be ready we carry on playing with each other’s genitals as if we cannot get enough of it.   We have to catch up on 36 lost years you know.


 After we finished our breakfast we sit down on the couch in front of the TV and I load the same video that Amelia and I watched after I fucked her in her ass the first time.   Let me tell you I can understand now where Amelia gets her love for sex from. Felia enjoys sex just as much as Amelia and she also cannot get enough. The video just reach the scene where the three guys starts to fuck the two girls in their asses and mouths when Felia grabs my cock, bent down and stars sucking my cock as if she wants to swallow it whole.   After a while she looks up at me and says, “Oh fuck Hendrik you have to fuck my ass like those men are doing the girls.   Ok shit just look at them. ”


 I lower my hands to her cunt which by now is very wet and start to play with her cunt.   With my one hand I start to apply her cunt juice to her ass while the other hand continues to play with her cunt and clit.   When her ass is nice and wet I first put in one finger until she is used to the feeling then add another finger until I have three fingers moving in and out of her ass.

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    By this time she is so hot that she has my cock fully in her mouth with the head down her throat and she makes fucking movements with her ass to try and get my fingers deeper into her ass.   She also makes continues “Mmmmmm, Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmmm” noices in her throat.


 I decide it is time to fuck her ass because I will not be able to last very much longer with my cock down her throat and the vibrations of her throat on my cock.   I withdraw my cock from her throat and turn her around with her upper body on the couch and standing on her knees with her Ass sticking up in the air inviting my cock to enter her ass.   We have nothing to do with the video anymore because we now have the real thing to give us pleasure.


 ‘I am now going to fuck your ass Felia and I want you to play with your cunt and clit while I fuck your as. ”


I stand behind her with my legs both sides of her lower body and slowly lower my cock till the head just touches her ass.


 “Here goes,” I say and starts to push my cock into her tight virgin ass. ” While I put both my hands on her hips allowing me deeper and faster penetration of her ass.


 There is an initial resistance to my thickness but because her ass is really wet from her cunt juices and my fingers also opened her hole my cock starts to move slowly into her ass.   As my cock head enters Felia moans, “Oh shit you are tearing my asshole.   Oh fuck it is so thick and it really fills me.   Oh yes push it in deeper I want to fell your balls against my ass. ”  As my cock bottoms out I suddenly feels her fingers softly touching my balls and I know she is playing with her cunt.
      I start to move slowly in and out of her ass and slowly increase the speed.

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        After a couple of minutes I can feel her really enjoying this as she begins to push her ass back against me as I push my cock into her ass and I increase my tempo of my fucking her ass some more until you can hear my balls slapping against her body.


     “Oh yess Hendrik fuck my ass, fuck it deep and hard.   I really want to feel you fucking my ass.   Yessss!!!!! Fuck my ass!!!! Fuck her Oh yesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!  Fuck me faster!!!!!” she shouts.   She also moves her hand faster on her cunt and I can occasionally feel her fingers encircling my cock as she pushes her hand back over her cunt.   Oh my fuck this is a tremendous feeling, her tight virgin ass gripping my cock and her fingers occasionally touching my cock and playing with my balls.


     Suddenly Felia is going mad beneath me and she forces her ass faster and faster against me while she shouts, “Yesss I am going to come!!!!!! Fuck my ass and spill your come deep into my ass.   I want to feel your cock spurting in my ass!!!  Oh my god here it comes Nnnnnnnggggggg!!!!!! Uuuhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Yessssssssss!!!!!!! Yesssssssss!!!!!!! Oooohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!”


     That is all that is necessary to push me over the edge and when she is in the final throes of her orgasm my cock suddenly starts to spurt deep in her ass.   I push my cock as deep in as possible and keep it there as I delivers spurt after spurt of my hot come deep into her ass.


     “Yessss!!!!!! Felia here it is!! Feel my hot come deep into your ass!  Yesssss!!!! Oh god yesssssssss!!! Take it Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!  Uuuhhhhhhhh!! Uuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!”


     My legs cannot hold my any longer and I fall forward onto her back while my hands move around her to grab her breasts.


     After a long time I slowly lift myself off her body and also withdraw my now soft cock from her ass.


     “Oh shit Hendrik this was something unreal.   I never thought having a cock in your ass can be such an erotic experience.   When are you going to give me double penetration?  I am so hot now I will fuck anything with a cock. ”


     “Take it slow my darling; I need some time to recuperate.

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        Let’s get us something to drink and let’s have a little rest.   When you can get my cock to attention again I promise you I will give you a fuck you will not lightly forget and this time you will have to accommodate two hard angry cocks. ”


     I get up and pour us both a potent brandy and Ginger Ale with lots of ice.   Felia usually only drinks white wine but she wants to know what Brandy tastes like and what it will do to her.   Whilst drinking our drinks Felia lies next to me on the couch and keeps on playing with my cock, not only with her hands but also with her mouth.   She also asks me to keep on playing with her cunt because she is still very hot and in need of some release.   It was not very long before she had her first orgasm and when I finally got erect again after a couple of hours she had three more orgasms.


     “Your cock is ready again Hendrik, I want you to fuck me again this time in both my holes to give me that experience you said I will not lightly forget. ”


     I make her lie with her upper body on the couch again and after lubricating her ass with her cunt juices again I start to push my cock slowly into her ass while at the same time start to push the vibrator into her cunt.   Again I got that tremendous feeling of two cocks rubbing against each other as my cock and the vibrator moves slowly into Felia’s ass and cunt.   Oh shit I would like to feel how a real cock feels when moving together.


     Felia moans softly and moves her ass slowly up and down as the two cocks slide in.   “Uuuuhhhhhh, oh my how fucking wonderful.   Oh shit I am going to tear; my body will not be able to accommodate two such huge cocks.   Oh hell I am so filled up like I never thought a woman can be.

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        Oh yesssss deeper, deeper push your cocks in deeper. Yesssssss,” she sighs as both cocks bottom out in her ass and cunt.


     I first move my cock and the vibrator slowly out and in again before I switch the vibrator on at its lowest frequency.   I also start simultaneously to move both cocks faster in and out of her cunt and ass.


    The moment I switch the vibrator on Felia almost jumps upright, “Oh my fuck yessss I am going to die! Yessss oh yessss it is so fucking unbelievable erotic.   Yesss fuck meeeee, fuck me fast and hard! Oh god yes fuck meeeeeeee!!!”


     She goes wild beneath me and I had to really keep her down to prevent her from jumping off the couch.   I keep on fucking her cunt and ass at a steady pace and it wasn’t long before she has her first orgasm and it really was an intense one.   I slowly increase the speed of fucking her while also turn the vibrator to max intensity.   Felia is now really going mad and she has one continues orgasm where the one just flows into the next.   It is the longest I have ever seen a woman orgasm and she just finally collapses and passed out whilst still saying, “Yessssss, Yesssssss, Uuuuuhhhhhh, Ooeeeeeee, Uuuuhhhhhhhhh……. ”


     I slowly pull my cock and the vibrator out of her ass and cunt and lay her on the couch with her head on my lap to allow her to recover.   As I didn’t orgasm my cock is still hard and I know that the moment she recovers I am going to fuck her mouth till I spill my come in her mouth.   I sit quietly playing with her breasts while waiting for her to recover.   After a while I move her one leg off the couch and start to play with her cunt as well.


     I don’t know how long we sit like this but eventually Felia opens her eyes, looks at me and says, “ My but you do not have an end hey.


        Still playing with my cunt and breasts and I see you still have a raging hard-on even after fucking me almost to death. ”


     “You had tremendous pleasure and numerous orgasms but I didn’t finish because you still want me to come in your mouth remember?”                                                       


    “Oh now I understand why your cock is still as stiff as an iron rod.   You want my mouth to make love to him. OK let us do something about his condition,” She says and immediately gets off the couch and kneels between my legs and takes my cock in her hands whilst lowering her mouth to my cock head.


     She starts licking my cock from it’s head down to my balls and back to it’s head again whilst slowly moving her hands up and down my cock.   She continues doing this and occasionally she takes my balls also in her mouth and give them a soft work over.   She eventually takes my cock into her mouth and slowly moves her mouth down until I feel my cock head enters her throat and her lips press against my body.   She keeps still for a couple of seconds before moving her head back again until only my cock head is still in her mouth.   She repeats this with an increase in tempo till she is eventually fucking me with her mouth at a tremendous tempo.   It isn’t long before I feel the pressure built up in my cock and then I grab her head and really starts to fuck her mouth.


     Suddenly I can’t control myself any longer and I feel the come burst out of my cock and spurts in her mouth and down her throat while I shout, “ Here it is your fucking cock sucker.   Eat my come, taste it and enjoy it Aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!


     She moves her head back to receive most of my come into her mouth and after I finished she pulls her head back. Opens her mouth and show me my come in her mouth before she swallows the lot of it.


     “Oh shit Hendrik that was tremendous and I love the taste of your come as well.   We must do this often.

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        I however think we must wash ourselves before the family returns.   I don’t think Anna-Marié and Bertie will appreciate it if they catch us naked and with the smell of come all over our bodies.   Come on come and wash me because I want to check and play with your cock a little bit more before you hide him behind your pants. ”


     Whe had a nice shower where we both really concentrate to wash each other properly to remove all signs of sex from our bodies.   This almost result in another round of fucking but luckily we are able to control ourselves.   We have just finished washing and dressing before the front door bell rings.


     Amelia must have been concerned that we are still busy because she hammers against the door and shouts at us to open the door.   That was nor really necessary because they have a key for the door.   It however gave me ample time to go and open the door and for Felia to put some water in the kettle and start to boil water for tea and coffee.


     When I open the door Amelia is standing at the door while Anna-Marié and Bertie is busy offloading the car.    The moment I open the door Amelia enters, grips my cock and says to me, “Did you enjoy your day and did you make it a memorable one for my mother and us. ”


     “Yes my darling it was a wonderful day. ”


     After greeting Amelia I went outside to help Anna-Marié and Bertie to off load the car.   After Bertie and I put all the stuff away we return to the house where we find Felia, Anna-Marié and Amelia together discussing the events of the day.   Felia and I also congratulate Amelia on her overall second place for the day.

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     Anna-Marié and Bertie really look tired so Felia tells them to have a seat and she and I will prepare supper.   Anna-Marié and Bertie sit down on the couch in front of the TV to watch the news while Amelia goes and change her cloths.   Anna-Marié is sitting with her back towards us but Bertie is facing us.   Luckily Bertie decides after a while to go and sit in the LAPA.   Amelia, after changing to a T-shirt and a short mini, is standing behind the cupboard, leaning on the working surface and is also looking at the TV.   Felia is next to her preparing the salad that has to go with the rest of the food.   I slowly approach Amelia from behind, lift her dress and put my hand between her legs on her cunt.   She immediately gives a soft sigh and presses her ass tighter against my arm, “Yes oh fuck, how I long for this,” She whispers.   Felia noticing what we are doing bent down, lifts Amelia’s dress as well and has a look at my hand on Amelia’s cunt.


     “She looks at Amelia and I and whispers, “Oh my god this is so perverse but shit I like it.   I can even see your finger in Amelia’s cunt Hendrik. ”


     “You want to see my cock in her ass?” I whisper and lowers my pants to release my cock.   I put my hard cock against Amelia’s ass and softly press forward.   Amelia press her ass backwards and lowers her head and shoulders forward to allow her ass to lift and make the hole accessible to my cock.   My cock is by now very wet from my precum and it slips fairly easy into her ass and I slowly force my cock in until it is fully lodge into her ass.

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     “Uuuhhhhhhh,” moans Amelia softly while pressing her ass tighter against my body forcing my cock even deeper into her ass.


     “Shhht,” warns Felia with a whisper, “Anna-Marié is still here and if you are going to make so much noise she is going to hear you. ”  She then kneels down between Amelia’s legs and look up at between her legs where she can clearly see my finger in her cunt and my cock in her ass.


     At that moment Anna-Marié gets up and lucky for us she doesn’t look at us but walk straight out of the TV room to join Bertie under the LAPA.   Felia and I relax as we were tensed up because we thought Anna-Marié was going to come and check what we are doing.


     “Yes now you can fuck my cunt  good with your hand and my ass with your cock uncle.   I had been without anything in my cunt the whole day.   I didn’t even have a chance to play with myself.   Oh please fuck me uncle. ”


     As I start to move my cock in and out of Amelia’s ass I suddenly feel Felia take my hand away and replace him with her hand.


     “I want to fuck her cunt, you had plenty opportunities to fuck all of her holes,” Felia whispers from below and as I look down I see her head disappears between Amelia’s legs.


     “Oh fuck yessss,” moans Amelia, “That is not a hand at my cunt.   Don’t tell me my mother is sucking my cunt.   Yessssss. Oh god yesssssss.

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       Suck my cunt mother. Yessss like that Ooooooooo!!!”


     Amelia suddenly goes wild and I also increase my pace and the Felia and I really fuck Amelia.   We don’t care if Anna-Marié and Bertie can hear us we just want to fuck and Amelia just want to be fucked and have as many orgasms as she could.


     Suddenly Amelia has her first orgasm and she shouts, “Oh shit this is sooo fuckiiinnnggg gooooooooddd. Yes I’m cooommiiinnnggg Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!!!”


     From then on it is just one orgasm after the other.   It is hard to determine when the one stops and the other starts.   Amelia is shaking. shouting, begging to be fucked harder and for her mother to suck her cunt harder.


     I feel the usual built up of pressure in my cock and suddenly I start spurting in Amelia’s ass.


     “Yesss you fucking sex maniac, here it comes, here is my come deep in your ass. Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!” I shout and force my cock as deep as possible into her ass and keep it there without moving and out.   I can feel my cock release spurt after spurt of my come into her ass and when it eventually stops I remove my cock slowly.   Felia is still sucking and licking Amelia’s cunt but when she sees my cock she immediately grabs it and moves her mouth from Amelia’s cunt to my cock and took him into her mouth and starts to suck him clean.   After a while she notices my come running out of Amelia’s ass and move her mouth immediately to lick my come from Amelia’s legs and ass.


     After she cleaned both my cock and Amelia’s ass Felia gets up, put her arms around Amelia, presses Amelia against her and give her a kiss that jests about 5 minutes.

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        During this kiss they rub their breasts against each other while their hand rove over each others bodies giving special attention to their bums.


     “Oh fuck Amelia thanks for convincing me to take uncle Hendrik as a lover.   It is the best thing that has ever happens to me.    For the first .
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