Annie’s First Time


I always got home before Timmy; usually 45 minutes or so. It was nice having the entire house to myself and often pretended that it was all mine. We had a privacy fence around our house and one afternoon I decided to take my suit off and be naked in the hot tub. I have seen my parents do it late at night and watched them kiss and be all over each other. I guess I was thinking about what I saw my parents doing and I started to feel by body tingle. I was getting aroused as jets of water splashing against my nude body. I had small breasts but my nipples would get pretty large, as I would soon find out. My body was petite but tall. I played volleyball and was taller than a lot of the boys in my class. I had just starting to see peach fuzz turning into golden pubes that matched my blonde hair. The tingling continued around my body and I moved closer to one of the jets on the hot tub. I started letting the water jets spray onto my pelvis and the tingling increased. I started rubbing my clit and remembering that this is the most incredible feeling in the world. I brought myself to a climax for the first time in my life. I caressed my body and felt so wonderful. I got out of the hot tub and dove in the pool to cool off.

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   My body was still tingling until the pool water shocked it out of my system. I began to swim and thinking about how it would feel if someone else did that to me. That person would have to be very special to me, someone that I loved. Someone that I could trust with my life my heart. I tried to imagine that person and I started visualizing a young man with dark hair and dark brown eyes. The smile on his face and the gentle way he has always treated me. Timmy?I thought long and hard about it. And still I saw Timmy looking into my eyes. I felt love for him and I could always talk to him about anything without our parents every finding out about it. But how would I ask my sweet brother to do these things and would I be willing to cross the line at the time of choosing. It would have to be a well-executed plan that could take a while. I guess I was in the pool longer than I though because I heard the back door open and I looked over at my bathing suit is still on the side of the hot tub. I saw Timmy walk out and I crossed my arms in front of me and crossed my legs. For a brief moment I though I saw him look at me differently. Kind of cunning or secret, I don’t know. 

   Maybe it was my imagination because of what had just happened. I asked Timmy to toss me my bathing suit so I could get out. Even though my mind was racing about fucking my older brother I was reluctant to just climb out of the pool with him standing there. Timmy began teasing me a bit about giving me my suit, dangling it in front of me and then pulling it away. Finally, I jumped high enough to grab my suit and gave him a good look at my young, slim body in the process. I definitely had men pegged right there. I saw a huge bulge in his pants and knew I had a good shot of testing our sibling bonds. I put my suit on in the pool and then wrapped my towel around me and went inside. Timmy asked me what I was doing and I told him about my afternoon swimming but left out the part about masturbating in the hot tub. I told Timmy that I saw mom and dad naked in the tub before and figured it would be okay if I wanted to do it to. He couldn’t argue with that. Then I told Timmy that my body felt kind of hot from the sun and would he put some cream on for me. He brought out some aloe and started rubbing in on my back and legs. As I lay there, I felt Timmy’s hand get closer to my ass and he peeled down the back of my suit and exposed my ass. He assumed by ass would be burned too and gently rubbed the aloe across my cheeks.

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   His touch was so soft and gentle. Innocently gliding his hands along my ass with every opportunity to put his hand between my legs if so dared. He dared not. For Timmy, it was an innocent act, but as for me, it was so much more. It excited me. I got up and went to my room to change. I didn’t bother closing the door and saw Timmy blush when he walked past my door as I was applying aloe to the now nude front of my body. I teased him because he was blushing and asked him if he has ever seen a naked girl before. He explained that he just wasn’t used to seeing his little sister look like such a beautiful young lady. We let it go at that and I got dressed and left to visit some friends. I told the girls about my experience in the tub and how excited it made me feel. We always talked about boys and sex. Not necessarily together but both topics came up often. Jennifer (one of my friends) said that she was with a boy and let him touch her under her panties. She said that she didn’t like it very much and I told her that he must have been doing something wrong.


   She didn’t believe me and jokingly said, “Show me”, and I said Okay. Her mouth dropped open when I slid my panties aside and began to run my finger up and down my clit in front of my friend. Soon I hand a finger inside my pussy and looked over and Jennifer was masturbating with me. For some reason, and I don’t know why, I reached over and touched Jennifer’s pussy. She didn’t pull away from me; instead, we started playing with each other’s pussy and found out that it was nicer with someone else touching our hormone raging bodies. We kissed each other on the lips when we were done and never told anyone else about it because we didn’t want to be considered lesbians. Okay, I can touch someone else while I masturbate. I was ready to exert a little pressure on Timmy and see if I wanted to carry through with this. I came home from volleyball practice and Timmy was home so I asked him if he could give me a rubdown. He said yes and since he has seen me naked it was no big deal that I undress in front of him and lay down on my stomach. I slowly lowered my shorts and pulled off my exercise bra. Timmy was sitting on the floor directly in front of me and I lowered my panties really slow and from where he was sitting, my pussy was right in his face. He backed up a little bit but never took his eyes off my pussy. I didn’t say anything, I just froze for a few seconds, and when he didn’t touch me, I took the position on my stomach and Timmy started working my back. Timmy finally broke the silence, “What was that all about?”“What do you mean?” I replied.

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  “You know what I mean little sister. ” he looked upset. “I’m sorry if I did anything to upset you, but I don’t know what you mean Timmy. ” and I noticed that his hands were trembling a little bit. His hands were gliding along the small of my back and working lower and lower. He started rubbing the cheeks of my ass and working his way down my thigh. I spread my legs a little as his hands came closer to my asshole. I was building with excitement as his fingers crept closer and I thought he was going to start rubbing my pussy. The second he got too personal with his touch, his hand recoiled and he said the message was done. He wouldn’t look at me. He acted like he had committed a terrible sin but he didn’t. I sat up and looked at him. He wouldn’t even look me in the eyes and kissed him on the forehead. I kissed him a second time and wrapped my arms around his neck. His beautiful, naked sister draped around him and he is still the perfect gentleman.

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   I took his trembling hand and placed it on my breast. He looked me in the eyes and I chose to cross the line. I kissed him on the mouth. Not as a sister would kiss her brother, no this was a kiss of such overwhelming temptation that if he didn’t touch my pussy he was a fag. Timmy could no longer control himself, He started running is finger against my pussy and playing with my pubic hair. He finger fucked me and brought about a light quiver and then I felt his breath on my stomach. Every nerve in my body tingled. His hot breath and tender kisses were on their way to my pussy. I spread my legs for him and he glided his tongue along my clit and licked my open pussy and touched my asshole with the tip of his tongue and then plunged his tongue deep into my pussy and I had another great orgasm. When he was done, Timmy looked worried. I told him my philosophy about choosing to cross the line and what happened today was okay. I am not sure that he bought it but it did tell him that it was all right and I would never tell anyone. He went to his room and closed the door. I waited a few minutes thinking that he wanted to be alone and then opened the door. I saw him lying on his bed with a raging hard on in his hand.

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   My pussy swam with excitement, as I had never seen a hard dick before. I stood there naked and he was pulling on his dick faster. I asked him if I could help him and he said NO! I asked him if he wanted me to leave and again he said NO. Suddenly he moaned loud and shot his white creamy looking liquid all over his stomach and suddenly yelled at me to leave. I was really upset and went in my room and started crying. Timmy came in and started to console me. He explained that he felt bad about doing what we did. I kissed him again and told him that if he felt that bad, then we shouldn’t do it anymore. We resolved that it was a one-time thing and I asked him if he would hold me. I was still nude and he was only in his shorts. He put his arms around me and lay behind me. I felt his hard cock pressed up against my ass but nothing more went on that day. That summer, the girls were over often. We took full advantage of the privacy fence and usually swam nude and told Timmy when we would be here so wouldn’t embarrass anyone. By summers end, we had no tan lines and Timmy often coated my body with aloe and occasionally would run his tongue against my pussy.


  One day after a fabulous rub down I looked at Timmy and just said, “I love you”. I started kissing him on the mouth and ran my hands up and down his body. I opened his pants and for the first time in my life, I touched a man's penis. It was so warm, and soft. As I kissed my brothers cock, it grew and soon was fully erect. I was fascinated with the way the skin moved up and down his shaft. I started jerking him off faster and put his head inside my mouth. Soon he was shooting a load and I swallowed as much as I could. By the summer of my fifteen-year, I looked great. Timmy enrolled at City College and decided it would be easier to go to school while living at home. I was so happy and suspected that he stayed for me. Our encounters were more and more spontaneous. It was the end of summer, school was close at hand and I was about to become sixteen. My body and my mind were maturing very rapidly. I kept thin and competed in Volleyball.

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   I made the state finals and Timmy was there for me every time. My parents were starting to become the other people who live in the house. I know that sounds cold but it is the truth. They let us come and go as we please, they were always taking vacations without us and always said that Timmy would always watch over me. The day before school I was bored. Timmy was swimming and I decided to go in the hot tub. Timmy looked over at me and I dropped my towel to the ground. Suitless, I climbed into the hot tub and started rubbing my pussy. The hot jets of water were pulsating against my pussy and I started pinching my nipple in front of Timmy. I watched him swim over to the edge of the pool and get out. He walked over and dropped his shorts and climbed into the tub. As soon as he was in the water, I reached over and started giving him a hand job. He was hard and I took my other hand and started rubbing my pussy. He sat on the edge on the tub and I was giving him head. I worked faster and faster because I knew today would be the day he fucked his little sister.

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   I knew he was about to cum and took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I swallowed hard and kept him in my mouth. He was still hard and started fingering my pussy. I climbed up on the edge of the pool and spread my legs so he could eat my pussy. We ate me with a passion and I wanted him deep inside me so bad. I was more excited that usual because it didn’t take long to have an orgasm. I asked Timmy if I could rub my pussy against his hard cock, something we had never done before. Timmy agreed without argument. Without hesitation, I straddled Timmy and took his cock in my hand. I started rubbing his cock against my clit and pussy hole. We kissed deeply and I glided him along my pussy and up against my pussy hole. I thought he was going to make me stop be he didn’t. I spread my legs to take his cock and pushed down on my big brother. I felt him between my pussy lips and slowly sliding inside my virgin pussy. It was hard going at first and then He just seemed to slide up inside my body.


  I slowly moved up and down and his cock seemed to slide a bit easier. Timmy was silent, almost holding his breath. His cock pressed against the remaining barrier between girlhood and womanhood. I kissed him deeply and pushed hard and felt his cock slide up into me and fill me up. I wanted to scream but instead, I kissed Timmy deeply and started riding up and down his cock. I couldn’t take my mouth off of his or I would scream in pleasure and alert the neighbors. We fucked for a short period and suddenly I felt his lot fluids shoot into my body and I shook with excitement. Our pelvis bones pushed against each other and I squeezed down on his cock with my pussy muscles and slowly rocked back and forth. I maintained his erection and he started to pump his cock inside me again. Then he lifted me off of him and worked his way behind me. His hard cock gliding between my legs and up against the outside of my pussy. Then he penetrated and drove his cock to the hilt. He fucked me like a man possessed. Tip to hilt, over and over, slow and deliberate thrusts and I rocked with his motion. His pace quickened and I knew I wanted him to come inside me that deep.

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   He exploded with passion. He kissed and nibbled my neck as his hot juices shot deep into my pussy. He came deep inside of me and we kissed passionately for what seemed forever. What started as a young girls fantasy turned into an adoring life with my brother Timmy. We both date other people but power fucking is reserved for us. .