Anonymous Encounter


The Anonymous Encounter

 They had just pulled into the long driveway of a huge home in the old quarter of town.   It was one of those turn of those century railroad tycoon sort of homes with huge pillars, a carriage house and grand gardens.   Most of these homes in the downtown area were turned into lawyer’s offices or corporate headquarters.   There were a line of cars ahead of them leading up to the entrance of the mansion and waiting for valet service.   Her husband Jeff looked over and asked her to put her mask on before they got to the door and were recognized.    From the back seat she brought out a white Mardi-Gras type mask that was made of painted ceramic and crepe.   It had the general look and shape of a woman’s features and had dabs of rouge on the cheeks with eye liner around the eye holes.   The mask was cut to cover the top and middle of the face and expose the mouth and chin.   There were feathers around the top and side edges to cover the forehead and hair line.   There were also 2 ribbons that trailed from it to hold the mask in place.   Susan placed the mask over her features and fastened the ribbons.   She then reached back and handed Jeff a similar mask with male features.   As the car pulled up under the portico a man in a servant’s uniform reached to open the door for her.   While she exited the vehicle she noted that he was wearing a tuxedo and a very plain full-face mask in the same style as her own but with no real features nor characteristics painted on it.   He then indicated the front entrance with a wave of his hand.   She waited as her husband passed the car off to a valet which was also masked.

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  Â  As she and Jeff walked to the huge double front doors which matched the rest of the grand scale of the house, her stomach was experiencing mild butterflies.  

As they reached the massive front doors they were opened by two servants dressed as the first and also wearing nondescript masks.   One opened the door and the other blocked their way inside.   In a very polite manner he spoke “Good evening and welcome.   Due to the fact that this is a private party could you please provide me with some form of identification?”  Jeff replied “Anonymous 319. ” 

“Very well sir, enjoy your stay this evening. ”  With that he moved to the left and extended a straight arm sweeping them into the room.

The main foyer of the house matched the rest of the grandeur that Susan had seen so far of the house.   The ceilings were at least fifteen feet high and the furniture around the edges of the room was all heavy and turn-of-the-century.   There were several people milling around the room in pairs and small groups chatting.   It seemed like a very elegant but typical dinner party except for the fact that everyone in the room had a mask disguising their identity.   There were more servants circulating with trays of what appeared to be champagne flutes and all had the plain white nondescript masks that she had seen previously.   All of the guests in the room also were sporting variations on the Mardi Gras theme mask she wore, some more ornate than others.   Jeff turned to her and asked if she would like a drink before they proceeded.   She thought that would probably be a good idea considering what was going to happen in the next few hours.

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  Â  She reclined on a settee enjoying the calm before the storm.   Every once in a while someone would walk past and nod or say hello and people kept arriving.   Once, a waiter passed by and offered them drinks which they accepted.   Again, it struck her that they were all nondescript people with no identity due to what they wore on their faces.

As Susan talked with her husband she started to notice that just about everyone that entered the room eventually wandered off down a side corridor to their left.   She noted that some people went down the hall immediately after arriving and some people lingered to drink and chat or wait for others.   The amount of people in the room stayed somewhat constant due to new arrivals. And everyone was dressed to both impress and tease.   There was more couture in this one room than in most designer shops in town.

As Susan watched people move around the room she thought back to how they had arrived here.

She and Jeff had both lead privileged lives.   Her father was a very wealthy man due to software creation in the early eighties. She vaguely remembered living in a small house when she was very little but her dad had made huge mounds of money just before her teen years.   Hers was a life of the best.   She moved in the circles of privilege and found her husband there.

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  Â  Jeff swept her off her feet and they were married four years ago. Now at age twenty six, they were happily married and on the adventure of a life time.  

Early in their relationship they discovered that they both enjoyed sex; a lot!  Not having some of the restrictions that most of us face, (money can buy or fix just about anything), they had both experimented heavily before and after their lives intertwined.   As a couple, they were members of the most exclusive swing club in the large metropolis they lived in.   Some of their parties had already turned into legend.

Approximately 3 months ago they received a cryptic email invitation addressed to their personal account.   It said that they were invited to a very exclusive party which they would both thoroughly enjoy.   It was sent by an anonymous email address with no name but Jeff could tell it wasn’t junk mail because it mentioned several personal facts about them.   Nothing untoward mind you, just things like having John their butler look after their dog for the night of the party.   It also mentioned their participation at the swing club and several other things only someone that knew them well would be aware of.   It had to be someone they knew so they decided to check it out.   The email also contained a web address, a log-in name, and a password which would lead to all of the details.   Upon entering the website and inputting the password a web page came up with a warning.   It stated that the information contained in the site was very confidential and that the person that proffered the invitation both trusted their character and ability to be discreet, please do not betray that trust and belief.   After agreeing to the discretion plea, they were routed to The Anonymous Encounter website.

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The introductory page was titillating.   It explained that The Anonymous Encounter was created by and for a group of very powerful and influential people that could not pursue pleasure as most could due to their stations in life.   The Anonymous Encounter was born out of a need for complete privacy while exploring a decadent sex life.   Most members had enough friends and networked enough in their day to day lives.   This avenue was created strictly as an outlet for sexual pleasure.   With that in mind, the rules were few and far between.   They were:

At not time will any member reveal their identity at a party.

At no time will a member inform ANYONE of their membership to The Anonymous Encounter EVER.

All access codes, locations, and invitations are never shared.   It is the responsibility of The Anonymous Encounter to disseminate this information to members.

To control confidentiality and admission, a retainer will be held in escrow for each member until their death, at which time it would be returned to their estate.

Pleasure, no matter how derived, is the ultimate goal of The Anonymous Encounter

After agreeing in principle, the paged morphed into a group photo of nine people.   Each person wore a mask similar to the one Susan wore now and were in varying stages of undress.   And they were all involved in something sexual.   It was a great photo but nothing out of the ordinary for a couple that attended upscale swing parties.

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  Â  The next photo got their attention.   A woman was on all fours, again in a mask, with a large German Sheppard dog mounted on her.   It was clear that the animal was imbedded inside of her.   There were several people surrounding this coupling and touching each other as they watched.   Again, the masks were in place.   The caption under the picture read “Everyone can watch yet no one will know. ”  It was the third photo that was the complete shocker.   Standing in the middle of the picture were two very young adults, a boy and girl. Neither of them could have been more than 15.   Both were completely naked except for the masks.   The boy had his arm around the girl’s shoulders and his hand dangled over her left breast.   He also was sporting a hard cock pointing directly at the camera.   There were people milling around in the background in the same stages of undress as the first picture.   This caption read “Everything consensual can be explored with no judgments. ”

 Both Jeff and Susan stared at the screen dumbfounded.

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  Â  Before either could react verbally, the screen morphed into more text.   I mention react verbally because both of their bodies had reacted unbidden.   Susan had soaked her panties within seconds of seeing the woman being serviced by the dog.   Like many females, this was a dark masturbatory fantasy of hers.   Jeff had reacted to the very young woman’s open nudity.   His cock had become uncomfortably hard running down the left leg of his suit pants and was clearly visible.

The text on the computer screen informed them that the images they had just seen were not stored in computer memory, nor could they be retrieved from the website due to security reasons.   It then went on to explain that all things that take place at The Anonymous Encounter were completely consensual.   At no time was anyone forced to perform in any way that they did not want to.   With that in mind, security was the paramount concern.   Again, you have been recommended by another member which is the only way to receive an invitation.   Due to the nature of happenings at The Anonymous Encounter, no other information or pictures could be provided  If you are interested please click on the apply button at the bottom of the screen.

Jeff moved the mouse until the pointer was hovering over the Apply button.   Before going any further he looked up at his wife with a questioning look.     She nodded and said “Yes” in little more than a whisper.

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  Â  He hit the left mouse key and changed their lives forever without knowing it.

Thank you in your interest in The Anonymous Encounter. As you have already witnessed and our name implies, discretion and security are THE utmost concerns.   To ensure that all participants are of appropriate caliber, assume the same risk and to ensure continued security; a deposit must be placed with The Anonymous Encounter.   This deposit will be in the amount of $750 000 and will be retained by The Anonymous Encounter until death of the participants. At that time the original deposit and all investment interest will be returned to the estate of the members.

  This large sum is required to ensure the following:

1.        That all participants have the means to accumulate and forfeit use of the needed finances.

2.        That all participants who have the means to accumulate the needed finances must be prominent enough in their community that exposure would be greatly detrimental to their lives and therefore help ensure confidentiality.  

3.        Approximately .

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  5% of investment interest will be utilized to cover all expenses of The Anonymous Encounter operations.

“Are you serious?” Jeff asked incredulously.

The whole mystery had gotten to Susan as well as the previous images, so in a firm voice she told Jeff to hit the Continue button.


As further proof of our authenticity, the following statement has been provided from your nominating member.

Susan and Jeff,

Although I cannot tell you who I am, I can provide you with assurances that this is a proper and legitimate offer of participation.  


·         your favorite food is venison loin

·         the small scar on your left thigh was from a riding accident at the age of 14 when you were thrown from your horse, Wilson’s Magic

·         Jeff has a DVD hidden in the wall safe of your last birthday celebration where you enjoyed the services of 5 men and 2 women at the club.


·         Your favorite color is dark green

·         At 19 years old you were caught with Sabrina, your family’s house maid in the pool house.

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  Â  Instead of allowing the family to fire her, you insisted they increase her salary for one year and you continued your forays in the pool house before she quit.  

·         Your first semester at College was a disaster and your father had to intervene with the Dean.   No one was told of this.

I supply you with these details to prove that I do know you and know you VERY well.   This is the opportunity of a life time.   I have been a member for years and it has been the most exciting time of my life.   I can provide assurances that your money will be both safe and well managed.

Take the risk!

The couple stared at the computer screen in shock.   Obviously the person who provided their names knew them both very well.   They both started to talk at once.   “Who could it be?”

“Is it your friend Garrick?

“What about Jennifer?”

“Has anyone mentioned any of these things to you in the last few months?”

“Who in the hell could have known all that?”

After a few minutes of asking each other questions with no answers, they calmed down.

Susan finally asked “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Do we join?”

“Come on Sue, you want to cut a check for $750 000 to a strange group without knowing anything about them?  You can’t be serious. ”

“Sweetheart, you know that we can afford the deposit.   I can deal with most of it from my trust fund options.

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  Â  You would have to come up with about $200 000.   We can do that easily. ”

“Really, you would be willing to risk that much money for a good time.   We can do that at the Club. ”

“No sweetheart, we can’t. ”  Susan sunk to her knees beside Jeff’s leather office chair.   As she undid his belt and proceeded to remove his penis, she said “Come on baby, what happened to you?  A few minutes ago I saw you get hard looking at the picture of those teenagers.   Which one got to you, him or her?”  As she finished her question she slipped his semi hard cock into her mouth and proceeded to lick around the rim of his head.   He grew quickly.   Between long licks of his shaft she said “We can’t play like that at the Club.   You can’t touch someone that looked like they did.   You can’t taste someone so young and sweet at the Club.   You can’t watch your wife serviced by an animal at the Club. ”

After each statement Susan ran her tongue up the underside of Jeff’s pole and was rewarded with a moan.   She wasn’t sure if it was her licking or what she was saying that elicited the noise.



“You’d like to feel that dog on top of you?”

She pulled off of him again to answer. “No, I want to feel that dog IN me. ” She then plunged down on his cock again taking him into her throat.

Just like every other time in her life, Susan got what she wanted.   Within 2 weeks all of the funds were transferred. Of course both their lawyers and accountants flipped and wanted to know what ‘the up side to this investment was. ’ They were instructed to do as they were told.

Back in the present Jeff and Susan decided that it was time to go into the party.

They set their empty glasses aside and strolled down the corridor that everyone else was using.

As they moved down the hall towards a set of large oak double doors flanked by two more tuxedoed men in plain masks, Susan started to get wet, very wet.   The first time that she was here was an incredible experience.   She did not meet the owner of the German Sheppard they had seen in the invitation pictures but she did get acquainted with a Great Dane with a HUGE cock.   It had turned out to be the most erotic experience of her life.

As they drew near the doors they slipped into a smaller door to the left.   It was a moderate sized room lined with highly polished wooden lockers.

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   Ones you would find in an exclusive, centuries old men’s club. There happened to be no one else in the room at the moment.   Once finding an empty locker, Jeff proceeded to remove Susan’s coat.   Underneath she wore an incredibly sexy set of lingerie.   She wore a fine lace demi-cup bra in deep lavender with a matching thong panty. The material was so fine that she was completely covered yet naked at the same time.   Her legs were encased in smoke colored stay-up stockings that ended just below her torso.   She was pleased to see that she had an affect on him.   As he looked at her, his penis started to harden in his trousers.

After drinking in the beauty of his wife, Jeff removed his suit and other clothes. He turned and stood before her utterly naked except for the mask that hid his identity, or so she thought.   It took her a moment to notice that he wasn’t completely naked.   He had what appeared to be a leather strap about an inch wide that encircled his balls as well as a ring around the base of his penis.   He noticed her looking.

“You always say that I never dress up so I thought I would make the effort.

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  Â  All set?”  Susan nodded and took his arm.   Just as they turned to leave another couple came through the door.   They nodded at Jeff and Susan as well as looked them over from head to toe.   As the other couple started looking for an empty locker for themselves, Jeff led his wife back out into the corridor.

As they approached the massive doors one of the sentries moved and opened the left one for them.  

“Enjoy your evening” he said as they passed.  

They went through the opening and entered another world.   This was obviously the ballroom of the mansion.   It was an immense room set up for a reception or dance.   There were both large and small tables covered in fine linen table clothes around the perimeter of the room and a dance floor in the centre.   At the far end of the room there was a stage and small runway projecting slightly into the dance floor.   Most of the light came from large candelabras on the floor all about the room and smaller ones on all the tables.   This created warmth both from the type of light the candles emitted as well as from their heat.  

It was also filled with people dressed, or should I say undressed, just like they were.   It could have been any social occasion except for that fact.

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  Â  People were sitting or standing in pairs and groups, deep in conversation, laughing, or just listening to the music emanating from the speakers on the stage.   There seemed to be every manner of dress and costume worn by the people attending this gathering and they were all suggestive and revealing.   Every single person in the room also wore a mask of some sort.   There was absolutely no way that you could tell who anyone was!

Jeff and Susan stood, hand in hand, just inside the door.   It was just too much to take in all at once.   Jeff was the first one to move.   He gently guided Susan down the right side of the room past several people to the first small empty table.   Jeff looked at his wife to gauge her reaction as she took in her surroundings. Her breathing had increased and her nipples grew very prominent while she scanned the room

There were approximately 200 people in the room.   Directly to their left there was a table of six people, presumably three couples, in their late 20s or early 30s.   Two of the women were in slip dresses made of a completely transparent material, one green and other blue.   They left absolutely nothing to the imagination.   The one in blue had both of her nipples pierced.   The other woman was dressed similarly to Susan but in black stockings and red lingerie.   It appeared as if the men were all naked.

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  Â  It was impossible to tell while they were sitting down until one of them shifted in his chair which gave them a full profile of his body including his penis, which was semi-hard.    It became apparent why, when the woman in green sitting beside him reached in to his lap and proceeded to fondle him.   Her hand was wrapped around his manhood, slowly stoking and squeezing it.   All the while the six of them continued their conversation, breaking out in laughter every few minutes.   The table to their right held only one couple who appeared to be in their late forties or early fifties (it was so hard to tell without fully seeing their faces).   They were both deeply tanned and in very good shape.   The woman wore a white see thru teddy and her partner appeared to be wearing a g-string pouch which held his balls and allowed his cock to hang through an opening in the front.   And he was huge!  His member completely flaccid was at least eight inches long.   Even if he didn’t gain anything when hard, it was still immense.

As she surveyed the room an attendant dressed in the same black tux and with the same nondescript mask as the others came by the table and offered each of them another flute of champagne, which they both readily accepted.

Susan looked to just left of the stage and felt her nether opening gush again. It was there that she had allowed a black Great Dane to mount and fuck her to within an inch of her life the last time they were here.   She had been surrounded by an audience of other revelers giving encouragement and critiquing the performance of both her and the dog.   She had been jack-hammered by a beast if front of 25 to 30 strangers and she had cum continuously for ten minutes until the dog unleashed a huge load into her and his knot expanded.   It nearly ripped her in two.

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   Their performance elicited a round of applause from the spectators. They were joined for over half an hour which caused Susan to go off again every few minutes.   Finally the animal slipped out of her and curled up a few feet away and went to sleep.   In a semiconscious state she had two different people lick her gaping hole and suck out the dog’s seed.

The memory sent goose bumps up her spine.

As they sipped their drinks they watched people move through the room.   A man dressed completely in black walked by the table being trailed by a naked woman on a leather leash. The leather strap was about 2 feet long and terminated in a steel ring; from the ring branched three gold chains.   She had both of her nipples pierced as well as her labia and a chain was attached to each.   As the man walked he would tug on the lead which pulled the woman’s nipples and lower lips out. Only the lower portion of her face was visible but they could see it contract in pain on every tug.  However, the woman lagged behind her presumed master and made no effort to catch up.

Several people were already engaged in heavy petting or subtle sexual play.   In the corner to their right five people were sitting on the floor in a circle fondling their neighbor in daisy chain fashion.   Across the room Susan caught a glimpse of the Great Dane that she got to know last visit.

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   It was being led by its master, a heavy set man that had was so hairy he could have been related to the Dane.   Looking at the creature caused Susan’s tunnel to contract and get wetter. A few feet away from the dog a group of women had partially surrounded a young man with an obscenely enormous cock.   It was only semi hard and was at least 12 ½ inches long.   He seemed very comfortable and confident with the women touching, stroking and fussing over his gigantic manhood.

There was also the “Blue Group” across the dance floor to the left.   Jeff and Susan found out last time that this group ALWAYS showed up only wearing blue from masks to lingerie.   They were considered the most adventurous bunch in the Club yet they only socialized with each other.   No outsiders were ever included.   It was fairly typical; even in a very exclusive setting like Anonymous Encounter, there was yet a more exclusive group.   The rich can be so elitist.

Susan and Jeff people watched for ten minutes or so, each pointing out interesting sights (or acts) to the other.   Just as their drinks were finished there was some activity at the side of the stage.   During every function there was an auction of sorts.   Select members would volunteer to put themselves, or at least certain parts of themselves, up for auction.

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  Â  That was how Susan got to live out her canine fantasy last party.   Each person or service would be announced and then members would bid.   After each auction the winner would provide their private account number to the auctioneer’s assistant and the money would be withdrawn from their security account.   The proceeds of the auctions would be used to cover costs of parties, special events or workshops.   It cost Susan $75 000 to feel the huge animal’s knot inside her last party and it was worth every penny.   Besides, the money wasn’t really an issue.   The auction was more fun than anything else and gave people an excuse to flaunt themselves.

Jeff suggested that they walk over to the bar and get a drink other than champagne before the action started.   Just as they were getting up Susan heard something that just about froze her in her tracks.   Someone in the crowd had laughed.   The problem was it sounded just like someone she knew very well.   She told herself that she must have been mistaken; there was so much noise in the room that it could have been anyone.

As they left the table for the bar, a woman of at least sixty passed the other way.   Her breasts were completely empty and flat as was the back of her body because she no longer had any definition to her ass.   The hair on her head was grey as was the sparse hair between her legs.

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  Â  She held the hand of a wide-eyed boy of no more than 15.   His pencil-like cock stood out no more than four inches and had little pubic hair around the base.   He was so hard it did not even bounce as he moved.   Susan made a small growling sound in her throat as they walked by.   Jeff looked sideways at her.   “See something naughty you would like? Maybe later you can find out if grandma is willing to share her babysitting responsibilities,” he commented.  

Her only response was a “Mmmmmmmmmm. ”

As they skirted the dance floor arm in arm and neared the bar, Susan’s world tilted sideways and slid out from under her.   She stood frozen on the spot which startled Jeff.   He looked at his wife with both surprise and concern.   Although her facial features were half covered he could tell that something had startled her and the color in her face had washed out.   “What is it?” he asked.

Susan forced herself to snap out of it and started moving.   She propelled herself and Jeff forward to the bar area as quickly as she could without attracting attention. Once there, she wormed their way into the crowd milling around.

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   Again her husband asked “Hey, what the hell is going on?”

Susan seemed to have recovered somewhat and her color had returned.   She took a deep breath and whispered to her husband “My parents are here. ”

“WHAT??!?” Jeff asked in a hoarse whisper.

“My Mom and Dad are sitting over by the wall at a small table beside the second floor candelabra from the right. ”

Jeff glanced over in the direction that Susan indicated but couldn’t locate the people she was talking about.

“Are you sure?  Everyone is wearing a mask!”

“Jeff, I know what my parents look like.   I don’t care if they are masked or not, I grew up with these people and I know what they look like!!   Oh my God!  I thought I heard Daddy’s laugh earlier. ”

“Calm down sweetie.   Now, tell me again where you think they are sitting. ”

“My parents ARE sitting at a small table by themselves up against the wall.   If you look over my right shoulder you can see my dad standing beside the table wearing black mesh briefs.   God, who would ever think that I would ever say that?  His mask is black also with gold trim. ”

Jeff looked over, searching for the person that Susan described.   When his eyes finally fell on the guy, he had no doubt.   Susan’s father at fifty eight, was 6’ 2” with salt and pepper hair, a fairly good build left over from varsity track in the old days (he still ran every day), and the cincher was the tattoo.

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  Â  When his track team won All State, they each got a tattoo of Mercury’s winged boots on their left shoulder and the year.   It was him.   Jeff then moved his gaze to the woman at the table.   She was dressed in a sheer gown of black that flowed from a neck choker and her mask was the female equivalent of her husband’s.   What surprised Jeff, besides the obvious, was that his mother-in-laws nipples were pierced and a fine gold chain linked the two.   She was usually a very reserved person, very friendly and loving, but always seemed to be holding back.   The nipple rings were very out of her normal character. He could not see her lower half.   She was a very petite woman of no more than 5’ tall and she was a distinct counterpoint to her husband.   The other thing that Jeff noticed was his own manhood.   During the initial worry about his wife he had lost his semi hard-on. Now that he had gotten a look at his mother-in-law, his penis started to grow again.   It’s not every day that you get a look at your wife’s mother dressed as she was.

Jeff turned his attention back to his wife.   “Come on, you need a drink.


  â€Â  He led her to the bar and ordered two iced Grey Goose vodkas.   They both bolted the drinks.   Susan could feel the ice cold beverage slide down her throat and hit her stomach. Once they were done he ordered.

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