At my cousin house with an invited friend


All happen at my cousin house. It was the day after her 19th birthday, a nice and sunny day. I was at her place, I’ve slept there the night before, the party went night long, so I wasn’t able to come back home. Nothing new so far, we knew each others very well and I sleep there many times, as she often comes to my place too. Her room is very large, with two single beds, TV, and many posters around… Her name is Susan, and she’s about 1,70cm high, not to weight, slimmest blond, with a very pretty face and green eyes.

Anyways it was a regular Saturday morning so her parents were out for shopping. We’ve both woke up late, and continued in bed watching TV and talking about last night; the presents she got, and many others things. While we were having this chat, the bell rang. It was a friend of hers; she couldn’t be there the night before to her birthday party, so she came by to give her present. I stayed in bed, and Susan went open the door. I could hear both of them laughing as they walk upstairs. She entered the room: “Hi” – her friend said. “This is Sarah, Sarah, he’s my cousin Phillips” –introducing us. Hi back I said. I have met some other friends of Susan, but Sarah it was the first time. She has these beautiful brown eyes that match with her Sun bronzed skin.

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   By the looks, I could say she’s about the same age as my cousin and I – between 17 and 19 years old.

“So open the present” – Sarah said. Before knowing what it was, I could notice by her face, it was something that makes her smiling inside. Susan shows it, it was lingerie, a black bra, and black panties. Not quiet a thong, but a reduced size of normal ones.

“So pretty” – my cousin said. “Thank you very much!”
“Do you like it?”
(Sarah was a little bit uncomfortable I’ve noticed on her face)
“Sure I do, it’s very nice, thanks again Sarah. Oh, its ok, my cousin and I, we’ve a nice relationship, and we both have seen each others underwear too” She said smiling.

She decided to try it on top of her clothes to see how it fits. She was wearing a single long t-shirt and panties. I was just wearing boxers; it was hot, so we both slept in low clothes.
The bra she could try it normally without taking off anything as she wasn’t wearing any bra. But the new panties she’s wear it on top of the others.
“It looks nice” – As I said it both girls laugh.
“Sarah it’s like Philips has seen me in sleep panties, and normal cotton ones, but she has never seen me in those kinds of clothes, he knows I’ve got some, because he’s seen it on my closet, but never on.

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  ” – My cousin said. We all laugh.

“Well, why don’t you show me how it definitely looks then?” – meaning to wear it normally instead of on top of the other sleep ones, I said smiling.
“You definitely wanted to, don’t you little. . ?”

She was about to call me some name as she normally does, but before she could complete the sentence, Sarah said:
“Yeah, show your cousin that nice butt you have, the one I look every time we’re on school shower!” – Smiling and challenging her. (My sis is on sport school as Sarah is too, that’s why both shower together I might think)
“Right… why don’t you…Sarah? I know you regularly use that kind of underwear, so you sure are using one right now!!”
You know how girls when challenging are. I was in between, and I loved it.
Then they start fighting, more like playing, trying to push each others clothes down. Well it was like, Susan trying to move down Sarah jeans exposing her thong, and she pretending to defend herself from it. Play after plays, soon, both of them were moving in bed trying to expose others underwear and laughing loud. I could see my cousin hard nipples below her black bra, because her t-shirt was already half off. Sarah was wearing an orange top with no bra, I could tell because, sometimes it comes down exposing her breast, and she was putting it up again as far as she could.
Sarah was in fact using a thong; I’ve seen it every time she moved in bed, and how nice it looks. It fits very well, seeing her butt below her thong and her breasts with a brown coloured nipple, humm.

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   I’ve just met the girl, but she was already making me glad to. I was even feeling my cock growing, but right then they’ve stopped.

“Ok let’s stop it, your cousin is just watching us” – Sarah said.

Susan said something I couldn’t hear, because she whispered at Sarah’s.
Suddenly, both Sarah and Susan, moved around next to my bed, and put their asses high up, bending; Sarah slide lil’ down her jeans, now showing definitely her thong, and Susan lifted t-shirt, and slide down a bit both panties, showing shortly her nice butt. Sarah has this beautiful round ass; from Susan I couldn’t see it all but those pose of both of them, it felt my cock start growing again.

They laugh and laugh, but then Sarah, without Susan knowing slides completely down my cousin’s panties, the sleep ones, and the new black she had tried to on top, putting her half nude below. It was for seconds they continued bending down until my cousin realise what Sarah have done, but still, what a great image I took in my head. My cousin cunt and ass exposed right in front of me. Now my cock was really hard. Seeing Susan pussy from behind, short haired, with her legs a bit open was like uauu.
But Sarah hasn’t escaped unpunished for that act of hers, as soon as my cousin had realised what Sarah’s done she asks for my help.
 “Come on Phil hold her” - We were joking around, so why not I though. But as I came out of bed, they could watch my hard cock through boxers. They went staring, but none of them said anything, just smiling each other.

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   That made me blush a bit, but I was too hot to care.
I hold on Sarah’s arms; she wasn’t fighting for real so it was quite an easy task. My cousin stars unbutton her jeans, and removed them completely down. Sarah was moving her legs while jeans came out, and that makes the viewer even more amazing. Seeing her thong curving her ass…  It had no drawings on front, and I saw her public hair was very well shaved leaving no marks on sides.
I though Susan would stop there. But for my surprise, she continued removing her clothes. Next one, it was her top; exposing hers middle sized breasts with a notable hard nipples right then, and then socks and for last her thong. Uauuu she was almost perfectly slim, and what a body of hers. Her pussy was definitely half shaved, and looking to her now removed thong I could say she was wet already. She was just calling my cousin name, trying to call her attention; “Susaaann, what are you doing??” but always smiling so we assume she was loving it as much as we do. As I release her arms, I though she’ll give Susan a pay back, but in fact, she instead remove my boxers down. I was surprised shock, but in a good way. Humm what a felling, my hard cock well up, and those pretty girls naked too. .

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