Auntie and I Chapter 2


Auntie and IBy Jolly1
Chapter 2
     Unlike most stories I have read, in the morning there was no regret of the past nights relationship. I awoke first and lay there just looking at my beautiful aunt May lying beside me her blonde hair spread across the pillow. She looked like an angel to me and a deep feeling of love for her filled me to the brim. I could not resist leaning over and lightly kissing her forehead and then her cheeks and she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. I then tenderly kissed her lips and she engulfed me in her arms, as she responded to the kiss. When the kiss finally broke she looked into my eyes and told me she loved me, and I also pledged my love for her.
     She released me and got out of bed and walked to the bathroom, I sat and waited for my turn to release the urine that had put pressure on my bladder. When she returned I took in her naked loveliness in the daylight for the first time. I quickly sprang out of bed and rushed to the bathroom for my own release. While I was relieving myself aunt May came into the bathroom and started the shower. She climbed in and when I was finished she motioned for me to enter the shower with her. I did not hesitate, as my cock had found new life and led me into the shower.
     Aunt May seemed pleased at the state of my cock; I must admit that I am pretty well endowed, as my cock had arose to it full nine inches in length. I stood behind her as she wet her hair and wrapped my arms around her tenderly squeezing her large breast and pressing my cock against her well rounded ass. She responded by wiggling her ass against me, and pressing back against me. She turned in my arms and we locked into an embrace that only lovers can share.

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   We kissed passionately, our tongues dueling for position. Then aunt May backed up and handed me the shampoo, I washed her hair and massaged her scalp, this seemed very erotic at the time. When I had finished with her hair she handed me the soap and I soaped her body up using only my hands, rubbing every nook and crevice of her sexy body. She rinsed the soap from her body and held out her hand for the soap, which I placed in her hand. Aunt May returned the favor soaping me from head to foot, paying particular attention to my raging hard on. I humped her hand as she jacked my soapy cock off with one hand and fondled my balls with the other. I wanted to cum then and there, but she would not allow that to happen, as she released me before it got to that point. She turned me away from her and let me rinse the soap from my body, and pressed her body against my back and ass, reaching around to pinch my nipples gently. I had never had feeling like this, I was so high, and I thought I was walking in the clouds.
     When we stepped out of the shower she handed me a towel and I dried her body pausing to kiss her lips, her neck and her erect nipples, on my way down to paradise. I dried her legs and feet and then her ass and her hot slit, I could not resist kissing her ass cheeks and the moist slit that I desired. She spread her legs to give me better access, and I took advantage of it by driving my tongue into her hot pussy. Her hands held my head in place as I licked her from asshole to her clit. She humped my tongue, crying out in pleasure, as I continued to devour her. It was not long before she flooded my mouth with her love juices and I swallowed greedily all that she had to offer.

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   Weak kneed she released her hold on my head and sat on the commode.
     She pulled me to her, and kissed my lips, then licked my cheeks and chin to get her excess juices that had run down my face. She kissed and licked her way down to my chest and teased my nipples with her tongue. She gently sucked and nibbled on them sending electric shocks thru my body, while her hands found my cock and balls. She then proceeded to kiss and lick her way down to my cock, she kissed, licked and nibbled on my cock and balls until I thought I would pass out from sheer pleasure, and then she engulfed my cock in her hot wet mouth and tried to swallow my whole cock. I could feel it going down her throat as her tongue swirled around my cock. I was trembling and holding her head, thinking it could not get any better than this, but I was wrong as I felt her fingers tracing the crack of my ass gently massaging my asshole. Then it happened, I felt her finger press into my ass and twist, this made me release a load of cum deep down her throat. Rope after rope escaped from deep in my balls, and it seemed to go on forever. I trembled as I pushed as hard as I could to get ever deeper into my aunt’s throat, she just kept on swallowing and twisting her finger in my ass. When the pleasure subsided and she had swallowed every drop of my sperm she released her hold on me and I sank weakly to my knees before her.
     She stood in front of me and offered me her hand to help me up off of the floor, which I took and she pulled me up and led me out of the bathroom into the bedroom.
    Aunt May then got on the bed on her hands and knees and offered herself to me. I got on the bed behind her and started kissing and licking her lovely ass, I drove my tongue into her asshole tasting her musky flavor. I moved lower and licked and sucked her drenched pussy; my tongue seemed to have a mind of it own as aunt May backed herself back against my tongue.

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       After a short time I moved up and lay across her back, reaching around her to fondle her breasts taking one in each hand, while I was doing this, aunt May reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and guided it to her waiting pussy. When I felt the tip enter her I drove the entire length in and a moan escaped her lips as she pushed back to receive all that I had to offer, then I stared slow long thrusts. My hands became milking machines as I mauled her breast and hung on for the ride of my life. I kissed and bit her neck and tried to push my cock and balls into her clasping pussy. Aunt May matched my thrusts and raised her head and cried out, as the rhythm of our lovemaking became faster and more urgent. I was hanging on and fucking her for all I was worth, each thrust bringing us both closer to orgasm, and sending electrifying shocks down my spine to the very soles of my feet. Her tight pussy grabbed my cock with each inward thrust and seemed like it did not want to let it go, trying to draw me deeper into paradise. If I thought the pleasure from her blowjob in the bathroom could not get any better I was mistaken, as I made my final hard thrusts I cried out in pure bliss as my cum rocketed out of my cock deep within her body and we both shook and trembled until I collapsed on her back spent and covered in sweat, my cock lodged deep with in her. While laying like that I could feel her pussy muscles spasm around my cock, like little fingers stroking me.
         I withdrew my cock reluctantly and laid on the bed beside her, she got up and bent down and licked and sucked the juices from my cock. I had never felt anything so good in my life, and was convinced I was in heaven. I would not have cared if I had died right then and there, because I had an angel attached to my cock.
    End of Chapter 2

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