Auntie and I


Auntie and IBy Jolly1
Chapter 1
It happened shortly after my twelfth birthday, my dad was in a car accident and mom was staying at the hospital with him. My father’s little sister was asked to stay with me until my dad got better. Dad had been in a coma since the accident and mom would not leave his side.
My aunt was just twelve years older than me and she was very sexy. She was a teacher at my school and all the boys had a crush on her. I had never been alone with her, but at all the family functions she always gave me a big hug. This was enough to give me an all day erection. She was blonde and had a nice set of tits, and curves in all the right places. She was the subject of many a wet dream and jack off sessions.
As the days went by my aunt May and I became closer and closer, she cooked for me and helped me with my homework. She became more casual around me and at night often watched TV with me in her night gown and robe. Truthfully I watched more aunt May than I did TV. To say she was a hot babe would be an understatement. When she leaned over I would catch a glimpse of her cleavage, when she crossed her legs I could see a little of her high thigh. I tried to hide the hard on she was always giving me. When she hugged and kissed me good night, I could smell her wonderful perfume.

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I won’t bore you with all of the day to day details and get right to the point. One night when she went to kiss me goodnight the kiss changed form an aunt kissing her nephew to a more passionate kiss. It seem to go on for ever, and when it was over she was blushing red as a beet. Although I knew about sex, from the locker room talk, I did not understand the feelings rushing thru me at the time. I just knew I did not want it to end. It did end and aunt May went rushing to her room, as I slowly went to my room. As you can guess going to sleep was not possible, all of the new feeling and thoughts were racing thru my head. Lucky for me this was a Friday night and I had no school tomorrow morning so I could sleep in.
Sometime over in the morning as I lay staring at the bedroom ceiling the door slowly opened. Aunt May was standing at the door, guess she had trouble sleeping too. When she saw I was awake also, she came in and sat on the edge of my bed, and said she needed to talk to me. She told me that the goodnight kiss she had given me was not right. And when I asked her what was wrong with it she said it was not the kind of kiss an aunt should give her nephew. I told her that I liked it and could not see anything wrong with it, she let out a long sigh and tried to explain that it was more a kiss you would give a lover not a family member. I told her that it was ok that I did love her and thought the kiss was great.

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   She smiled at me and told me she loved me too, but it was wrong of her to love me like that, and then she started to cry. I got out of bed and stood in front of her and hugged her to me, smoothing her hair and trying to comfort her. She wrapped her arms around me and cried against my chest for a few minutes.
When she stopped crying she looked up at me and I bent down and kissed the tears from her face. Thinking back I think that act of tenderness finally broke her resistance. She pulled me to her and gave me a tender kiss that turned into a kiss of passion. She pulled me onto the bed next to her, our bodies were against each other and it was then I realized that she had only a thin night gown on and I had on just my jockey shorts. Her body gave off incredible heat as she kissed me on the lips and all over my face. I knew she had to feel my hard on pressed against her; there was no way to hide it now.
Then I felt her hands running all over my body and stop at the tent in my jockey shorts. I almost came when I felt her hand grasp my cock and squeeze it. Her kisses became more intense and she was pushing her tongue into my mouth. She suddenly sat up and pulled her night gown over her head, god she was beautiful. She stood up and pulled off my jockey shorts and my cock stood saluting her at full attention. She got back on the bed and we started kissing again, she placed my hands on her bare breasts, this twelve year old boy was in heaven.

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   She reached down between our bodies and began to slowly jack off my cock, and moved one of my hands down to her hot steaming pussy. She kept her hand on mine to guide it to the right places as I was quite inexperienced in the ways of pleasing a woman. After a while she pushed me onto my back and laid on top of me, kissing me all over the face an neck at first and then slowly working her way down my chest to the object of her desire. When her lips reached my cock it felt like a hot match had touched me there. She kissed it all over and worked her way down to my balls, then I felt her tongue gliding over my balls and she licked her way back up to the tip of my cock. I was trembling with the need for release and she seemed to sense this and grasped me firmly at the base of my cock. Then she slid her lips over the head of my cock and swirled her tongue around it. She then began to take more and more of my cock in her mouth until she had it all down her throat, like she was trying to swallow my dick. She slowly started bobbing her head up and down while moving her tongue around my dick; I withered on the bed in pure joy and pleasure. After a time she released the pressure on the base of my cock and I flooded her mouth with my cum and she greedily swallowed every drop.
Aunt May crawled up on the bed next to me and smiled at me, she asked me if I liked what she had done. I told her I loved it and kissed her with all of the love and affection that I felt. My hands moved to her large breasts as I kissed her lips and ears and neck. She guided me to her breasts which I started to kiss and suck like a baby that could not get enough milk. She pulled my face from her breast and asked me if I would lick her pussy, I told her I did not know how but she said she would teach me.

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Aunt May spread her legs and let me get my first look at a real pussy, it was red and swollen and had just a wisp of hair above the slit. She took my hand and guided it to her protruding clit and told me to start licking her here. Her pussy had a musky smell but not bad at all so I proceeded to lick her clit. I must have been doing something right because she wrapped her legs around my head and ground her pussy into my face. My fingers started to explore my first pussy and I started moving my tongue up and down her slit. I noticed she was wet and getting wetter as I lapped up the sweet nectar she was giving me. My tongue found her hole and I pushed it in as deep as I could, aunt May was going wild and trying to squeeze my brains out with her legs. I moved my tongue back to her clit and stuck my finger into that hot hole, aunt May screamed and shuddered and then stiffened like a board, and rewarded me with a flood of new nectar.
When she released my head from the death lock she had it in with her legs, I gasps for breath as her juices ran down my face. I crawled up and lay in her arms and cuddled as close to her as I could. We lay like that for a while and she pushed me on my back again, I thought she was going to suck my cock again as it was rock hard again, but instead she straddled me, she smiled at me as she reached behind her and grasp my cock guiding it to her furness of love. I could not believe the sensation as my cock entered my first pussy. It was tight and wet and hot, as it slid down my cock. When she had it all, she stopped and smiled down at me, then gave her ass a little wiggle that sent shock waves up my spine.
As she slowly started to ride my cock she leaned down so that her breasts were brushing my lips.

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   I took the hint and began to fondle and suck the hard nipples she had offered me. She rode me for what seemed like hours, every time I felt like I was going to cum she stopped and waited for it to pass, and then she would start again. I had never felt anything like this before as I humped back at her rising and falling pussy. Then she started to move faster and faster, my cock moving in her like a piston in a high performance engine, she was bucking and shaking her head from side to side, I grabbed her waist and tried to just hang on. I felt it coming from the soles of my feet, as she pounded me I was thrusting and shooting rope after rope of cum in her, and she was flooding my cock with her hot juices.
Aunt May collapsed on me and we rolled on our sides in a bear hug that we could not release, my hard cock still deep in her. Both our bodies wet with sweat, her hard nipples boring holes in my chest, we lay looking into each others eyes, knowing this was just the beginning.
End of Chapter 1
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