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She was my home away from home and I liked it at her house better than mine because she didn't yell at me like my mom and she wasn't a mean drunk either. I never really thought of her in a sexual way, even though I had started noticing girls in my early teens. I was too shy and wouldn't approach them and just spent a lot of time masterbating. Then one day when I was 15 I went to Anna's house and let myself in. I did this all the time and it was no big deal. That day, however, school was only half day and I guess my aunt forgot because I walked in to her butt naked riding a guy. I had never seen him before but that's not what caught my attention. My aunt was beautiful. She had shoulder length hair that was bouncing slightly up and down and side to side. I was too shocked to move at first but I'm not stupid so I quickly hit behind the chair and watched. I noticed the hallway closet door was opened so I quickly moved in and held the door closed, leaving just enough room to watch. Anna had hugh breast with tight dark nipples that the guy was kissing and licking. As I watched them, I became so hard that my jeans were uncomfortable. I unzipped my crotch and let me dick out. I turned my attention back to Anna and watched her contiune to bounce up and down. The guy had to be at least 6 or 7 inches and I could see from the angle I was at his dick as she moved, sliding in and out of her pussy and watch her lips open with every movement.

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   She was laying straight up and just thrusting her pussy down quickly, then she started to move her hips around for a few times and then she slammed her hips down, giving a grunt as she did. The guy moved his hands to her hips and started to move her back and forth and she stopped moving and let him fuck himself with her. The look on her face was great as her eyes glaused over and a redness started to raise up her cheeks. Next the guy scotted back and layed her down forcefully and started to fuck her really hard. She rapped her legs around his waist and dug her nails in his back. As I watched this, I slowly began masterbating. It was like I was fucking her, as they sped up, I did also. Anna's breathing started to get very fast and she was moaning and making little shouts. The guy started moaning louder and louder and took his dick out and started masterbating very quickly. When he did this, Anna reached down and started to finger herself and grabbing, what I later found out was her clit. The guy grabbed her tits and started to fuck them with his dick and Anna's legs began to shake. Then with a big groan, he shot cum all over her tits, streams hitting her in the face. Anna was moving her hands so fast it looked almost painful when she suddenly gave a big breathe and stopped moving. The only movement was a slight shaking of her legs with the rest of her body being very ridged. After a few seconds she relaxed and the guys got up and walked to the bathroom.

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   I watched her laying there spead out on the bed with such a relaxed look and I wanted to cum very badly. I started to jack myself very quickly and was very close to cumming but I must have made a noise, because Anna looked up at the closet. I froze, not moving a muscle. She got up and I prayed that she would go anywhere else but to the closet. However, she made a bee line for the closet, opened the door to find me with my dick in my hand. Her eyes widen and she looked down at my dick and her mouth opened in my appeared to be surprise. Then I hear the toilet flush and the guys walking down the hall way. Anna reached down and moved my hand, held her finger up to her lips to tell me to be quiet and shut the closet door fully. Thy guy got dressed and they made small talk but it was obvious Anna was trying to get rid of him. After about 15 mins, he drove away. By this time, my dick was completely soft. I was so afraid that I was going to get my ass kicked. After the guy left, I quickly zipped my pants and waited until Anna asked me to come out. I did and found her laying on the bed with a white robe on the came to her knees. She asked me to sit down and I did, so embrassed that I couldn't look at her.

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   She asked me how long I'd been there and I mumbled something, still not able to look at her. She told me that the guy was someone she knew from a few years back and tried to explain but I don't really remember what she said, I was so embrassed and I was waiting for her to get pissed. She asked me to look at her and I did finally. She then asked me if she was the first woman that I had ever seen before naked. I grew even more red, if that was possible, and said no. I had seen my sister coming out of the shower once but that was all. She asked me if I was a virgin, I got angry and said no, I got laid all the time. She must have seen through me because she took my hand and asked me again. I said that I was. She asked me if I liked what I had saw and I just shook my head yes but there was no way I could have looked at her then. I heard some movement but I wasn't looking at her so I didn't know what to expect. She asked me to look at her and when I did, she had untied the robe and thrown it open so that I could she her naked body. She reminded me that she always wanted me to come to her when I wanted to try new things. She told me to stand up and when I did, she stood before me. She let the robe slide from her shoulder and fall completely to the floor.

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   I raised my head and let my sight trail up her body from her feet to her knees, from her legs to her pussy that was shaven almost bald. It had a little patch of hair that she had left above in the shape of a pyramid. My sight traveled up her flat stomach to her two full breast. I longed to reach out and touch them but I was too afraid still. When I finally looked at her face, she asked me if I had cum when I was masterbating in the closet. I told her I hadn't and she replied that we'd have to change that and then gave me a little smile. If you want to hear what happens next, you the readers have to let me know. This is my first story but it is a true story.

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