Auntie Jan and I


I was in my bedroom finishing off a great wank and the cum was spurting out the eye of my cock and I watched as it spurted and flew about a foot before it crashed to the floor. I was into about the fourth spurt and realised that would be pretty much the end of the spurts and the rest would just dribble out as I milked my cock down to get the remaining cum out.
It really felt great I had been naked and playing around with my cock for ages and finally I made it to the climax of a most pleasurable half hour.
As I turned around I got the shock of my life – it was my Auntie – dads young sister who was standing there watching me. She smiled and said that was great I could see you really enjoyed that – and so did I.
All I could say was shit – I am sorry.
She told me not to worry about it – I was quite normal.
Then she just walked over and sat on my bed still looking at my now deflated cock hanging down dripping strings of cum. I went to pick up my pants and put them on and she said no don’t do that I want to look at that wonderful body – you are really fit. How often do you work out. I said a couple of times a week. Then she laughed and said how often do you work that out pointing to my cock. I didn’t say anything and she said I bet there are a few girls that know all about that – how many conquests has that made.
Before I realised I said three.
Ahhhh she said, that’s good we aren’t virgins are we. That’s good I was thinking maybe we could get together and make it four.

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I said I don’t get your drift
She said you and I would make a lovely couple together, I am as horny as hell after watching that and I gather you could handle another one. Then she stood up and came to me and put her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes and said.

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