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Aunt Susan's house had an in-ground swimming pool in the backyard and from fear of me getting bored, she offered if I wanted to go for a swim. I agreed. She slipped into a one-piece bathing suit which was made of cheap fabric, while I used my boxers. The water was cold on contact. After our bodies adopted to the water's temperature, I started a conversation. "Auntie Susan, how does kissing feel?" I asked, risking my pride. She giggled, "You're seventeen years old; you don't know yet?" I remained in silence, feeling a little stupid. She continued, "Its nice, I guess. With your uncle being away all the time on his business trips, I don't really get to do it anymore. "I spoke, "Do it?"She laughed, "Kissing, silly, not the other thing. " Finally I talked her into letting me try it to her. I held her in my arms and slowly pressed my lips against hers; my dick rose. I said, "That was fun, Auntie, can I try again?" Susan, uncertain of herself, said, "Well, I guess so, but whenever the uncle is here, don't. " She stressed the "don't. " And once again, I kissed her. This time longer.

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   She tried, with not much strength, to pull away from me, but I held her there. And my dick felt as if it were going to explode. Finally the kiss ended and she smiled, "You're a good kisser, Alex. "Finally, I went for the ultimate chance. I pulled her hand quickly to the outside part of my boxers where my dick stood erect in captivity of them. She gasped. "Auntie, look what you made happen. How am I going to get rid of it now?" She attempted to slap me with her free hand, but I blocked it and using it, pulled her to me for another kiss. And I think we both knew what was going to happen next, because her struggling soon stopped and she gave into that kiss. We were out of the pool and into her bedroom, upstairs. We were practically making-out and her sheets were getting wet from our wet bathing suits. Since her bathing suit was made from cheap fabric, I easily ripped it apart and revealed what made me cum right in my boxers, her breasts. They were very big and stiff from the cold water. "I love you Aunt Susan," I said to her. A smile on her face.

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   I continued, "It's obvious we're going to make love, so tell me, Auntie, where do you want it? In your bed, back in the pool, or in the shower?" And with that last word, I inhaled a breast. Her moans made me cum again, a second time. She held my head firmly, guiding it. Finally, she yelled out in ecstasy, "In the shower!!! Do me in the shower, Alex!!!" I smiled and got off her. I knew I had gotten her hot. She wanted me more than I wanted her. I said, "Say please, Auntie. "She got up and tore the rest of her bathing suit off, exposing her pussy. Then she gave me a seductive look, like she was warning me that she was going to fuck the living shit out of me, and pulled my cum-filled boxers off. And then she said, softly, "Please screw me, Alex. Ram your dick into me until I can't take anymore. " I then said, "When you can't take anymore is when I really get rough. " We smiled at each other. We were in the shower, naked, and since she was about my height, I didn't strain looking up at her. The warm water helped as I was continuously pumping my dick into her lovely pussy.

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   I was a lot stronger than her, so I held her up against the glass door by her thighs and continued pumping. And then, with one last thrust of all my desire and lust for her, I blew my warm cum into her pussy forgetting about the risks of pregnancy and STDs and all those "anti-sexual" things. She screamed out in ecstasy, "Uhhhhh!!!!!!"I released her thighs and we fell to the shower floor, sitting, looking at each other. And she smiled and gave me a kiss. It wasn't over because her kiss had gotten me hard once again (as you can see, I get hard easily because she was my first fuck). As she attempted to get up and turn the water off, I grabbed her hand violently and pulled in to my mouth. My tongue came out and I started to lick it, from her fingertips to her armpit. She laughed, but it came out like she was out of breath. Then I really went for it. From her arm pit, I licked to her breast and I don't mean sucked, I mean licked. The licks were so violent that my tongue was literary lifted her breast. My dick was hard now. I grabbed her head and pulled it to my dick. She got the idea. She took the whole thing in, the whore, and I grabbed her hair, not guiding her head though.

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   I came in her mouth, making her drink every last drop. Our fuck was over and I slept in her bed that night. And you know what else? She was wearing her nightie and I didn't have pajamas. This would sound like a dream come true to anyone as sick as me who would lust for their aunt, right? Wrong. After the fuck, it so happened that the cum I blew into her pussy had gotten her pregnant, and what really amazed me was that a woman of her age could still get pregnant. I knew it wasn't her husband's doing, because he never fucked her anymore, and the blood tests showed that it was my child. Now her husband, my uncle, is furious with me, and has divorced Susan. This is why I said that my dick had gotten me into a lot of problems and now you understand why. Susan, who I heard about from her sister, has told me that she has moved into an apartment somewhere nearby, and has given "our" child to an adoption agency. Thank goodness the child wasn't born with defects. Anyway, I really believe that Susan will call me one of these days to come over, if you know what I mean. . . . By Alex (alts4@hotmail.

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