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Edith was always very fastidious about her appearance. It would seem that the routine of years had embedded it's self. Every Morning she would come down for breakfast, having showered and applied her makeup. According to her world she was back 25 years ago. When she was taking a world tour with her know deceased husband, my grandfather Edward. Our home was just a hotel that they were staying at. We would often have to stop her at the front door, as she was about to head off to tour the Louvre. For the most part my parents took care of most of the baby-sitting. Life for my two sisters and I went on normally. Then one-day responsibility was thrust upon me. I had returned home from a meeting with some friends. We were organizing the party to end all parties. I was now 19 and was looking forward to this social event. As soon as I opened the front door, My father called to me. To cut a long story short, the situation was this. My sisters' basketball team had made it to the state final.

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   My folks wanted to go away for the weekend to watch them play. They wanted me to stay home and look after Edith. I was pissed. This was the weekend of our party. However there was nothing that I could do about it. I did not even bother to protest I knew that there would be no point in it. I accepted the situation outwardly. Inwardly I was seething. I was going to invite Mandy to the party. We had been going together for about 6 months. We had organized some booze for the party, as I was still a virgin, this was going to be my best opportunity to score. To console myself I brought home a bottle of scotch that was going to be used for the party and kept it in my room. The weekend came and my parents and sisters left around lunchtime. I checked on Edith. Grabbed my scotch and went down to the living room for some serious drinking.

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   By the evening I was flying high. Drunk, thinking about Mandy, who was at the party. I got a horn on that you would not believe. I was sat down on the floor in front of the couch, stroking my ball, when my grandmother made her appearance. Her hair was up and she had obviously spent some time getting ready. She wore a blue dress tied at the waist with a belt that loosely flowed down to just below her knees. I had to admit that the overall effect was quite attractive. "I'm meeting my husband for dinner," she announced. Then headed for the front door. I thought about letting her go. Then realized the hell I would get if I did. Getting up I grabbed hold of her arm. "Unhand me young man," Edith said indignantly. "I have a good mind to report you to the hotel management. "With that my grandmother made another move to the front door.

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   Fortunately I had a firm hold of her. I tried to reason with her with no success. She was in her own world and was not going to come back to reality. With a surprising surge of strength my grandmother broke free and made it to the front door. I got there just in time to stop her getting out. I shut the door. Turned her around, then with something akin to a firemen's carry picked her up and took her upstairs to her room. As we went up the stairs Edith protested and pounded on my back. I was in no mood to deal with this. The fact that I had to be here still pissed me off. When we got to her room I literally threw her on to the bed. When she landed she raised her knees and her dress fell back to her waist. It was then that I noticed her under garments. Edith was wearing stockings and suspenders. The suspenders where of black lace that matched her panties.

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   Her stockings were sheer black and seamless. "That's it," Edith cried. "I'm going to report you," she announced as she pulled down her dress. I don't know what came over me. I took hold of my Grandmother's dress and lifted it above her head. In a fluid motion my hands moved down and took hold of her panties. Still moving down while holding her panties I moved them past her knees, then her ankles to finally remove them. Edith was stunned and for a few moments just lay there. I stood staring at her pussy. The erection that I had before when thinking about Mandy returned. It was the thought of Mandy and my missed opportunity for my first fuck that spurred me on. Quickly undressing I joined my Grandmother on the bed, placing my knees between her legs. I started to run my hands up and down her stocking clad thighs on either side of me. The feel of them sent something akin to an electric shock through my body. It was then that my Grandmother, even through her Alzheimer's mind realized what was about to happen.

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   She tried to move and get away. I held her firm. She pleaded with me to let her go as I laid down on top of her. Moving my arm between us I took hold of my erect cock. Placed it on the lips of her pussy. Then thrust forward with my hips. Edith moaned!I started slowly at first. Pushing deeper with every thrust. Edith's pussy started to get wet. She reached up and pulled my head down. Kissing me passionately. "Oh Edward! I love you," Edith cried. In her mind my Grandmother was fucking her long dead husband. "Take me from the back as you used to," Edith pleaded. I withdrew and allowed her to turn over and get on her knees.

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   Her dress had fallen down with this movement. I lifted it and placed it over her back. Then took hold of my penis to thrust it once more inside of her. Fucking my grandmother doggy style. With each thrust Edith moaned and her body shook. "Oh Edward! I'm going to come. "As Edith reached her moment of ecstasy I also shot my load of hot steaming come. We lay there together on the bed for a while. Then Edith moved and took my cook in her mouth. As she did this I manage to undo her belt and remove her dress. Her bra was the same black lace of her panties that now lay discarded on the floor. Her bra soon joined them. She was naked accept for her stockings and suspender belt. We fucked again. Actually we spent most of that weekend fucking.

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   When my parents returned, Edith mentioned the wonderful time the she and Edward had during the weekend. No one took particular notice due to the Alzheimer's. Mom and Dad were very pleased with me over the next few years. As I always volunteered to baby sit grandmother and allow them and my sisters to get away. Edith was visited quite regularly by her departed husband. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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