Topic: baby sittingStanding at the living room window, I watched as Paula knelt on her hands and knee’s on the grass facing me as she spoke playful to Erin.  
“You’re the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world, yes you are” She said playfully watching little Erin smile back at her.  
Paula lifted her hand and started to tickle Erin’s baby skin listening to Erin giggle at her touch.  
“The little mouse is climbing up your leg” Paula said then ran her fingers up Erin’s legs then into her side tickling her playfully.  
Erin wriggled like mad as Paula continued to tickle her.  
Paula had a way with kids, something that Erin’s mum noticed straight away. It didn’t take long before Paula was being asked to baby-sit Erin.  
First it started with one night a week then soon escalated to almost full time hours as soon as Paula finished her exams.  
The problem was I wasn’t watching her playfulness with Erin, I was watching her C cup breasts and white bra. Paula was wearing a low cut blouse that was hanging forward invitingly giving me a full view of her perk 16 year old breasts as the moved gently in front of my lust filled eyes.  
For years I had watched my twin sister mature into a beautiful petite young woman. Even taking more than a passing interest occasionally.  
Paula and I weren’t identical twins, but we still had this uncanny ability to know what each other was thinking and feeling. Our parents loved the fact that as we grew up, we managed to keep our childhood bond intact.  
The only feelings Paula never knew about, was the ones that filled my body with lust the moment I saw her in a bra and shorts, or like today when I watched her breasts sway majestically before my eyes.  
I stood at the window feeling my cock start to harden as my brain pictured scenes of me sitting on top of my sister pushing my hard cock into her cleavage.

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As quickly as the images flashed before my eyes, they stopped again as I watched Paula lift her head and smile at me for a few seconds then drop her head down to her top, realising exactly what I was looking at.  
I stood there watching half expecting her to do something to cover her modesty, be it sitting back or pulling up her top, something, anything.  
Much to my surprise Paula smiled at me again then started to talk to Erin again allowing me to continue to stare at her breasts as she shook her head, as I watched her breasts wobble gently.  
Paula looked up again then gave me another grin then continued to talk to Erin.  
“Shit she’s deliberately trying to tease me” I thought feeling my cock press hard against my trousers.  
“Steven, come on out and play with us” Paula shouted as I stood shaking my head. Watching her grin then nod.  
Diving up to my bedroom I drew the blinds over enough that no one could see me but I could still see into the garden.  
Then pulling out my hard cock, I started to slowly work my long cock between my fingers watching her continue to play with Erin.  
Okay so the view wasn’t as good as the one I got from the living room but it was enough to get me started. A few seconds later Paula looked up at the living room window and realised that I wasn’t there, then let her eye’s drift up to my bedroom then gave me a smile as I watched her shift and sit down then lean forward again.  
“You teasing little bitch” I hissed starting to really work my cock; Paula’s new position had given me what I wanted. A brilliant view of her breasts.  
Within a couple of minutes, I was picturing slamming my hard cock into her sweet little mouth as she sucked me to orgasm.  
“Oh swallow it bitch” I groaned feeling my cock spurt out the first string of white fluids into my hand.

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A few seconds later I was finished, feeling the hot fluid in my hand before heading to the bathroom and washing it away enjoying the after effects of my orgasm.  
Heading back down stairs I watched as Paula carried Erin into the house then looked over at me with a smile.  
“Feeling much better now” Paula grinned as I nodded then watched her stroll into the living room with Erin in her arms.  
By lunch time my parents were back, we sat in the living room eating as Erin slept peacefully in her pram.  
“So did you get the chance to look over the brochures from the colleges” Paula asked watching me shake my head then stuff more of my roll into my mouth.  
“You know maybe…. if you wanted to…. you could come and help me baby-sit tonight and we could go through the brochures together” Paula said, I didn’t even have time to answer before my dad spoke.  
“You know your mum and I would feel much happier letting Paula stay out overnight if you were there” Dad said as Paula gave him an insulted look.  
“Paula don’t give me that look” Dad said watching Paula shake her head then continue “You only have yourself to blame” Dad added as I felt uncomfortable listening to him go on again about Paula’s little incident.  
Dad had caught Paula in her room with a guy; the thing that got her into trouble was the fact that she was giving the guy a hand job at the time she was caught.  
Paula and I shared a lot of things in common, one being that we both had high sex drives. Paula never tried to hide the fact. We shared the same friends and used to sit in the park and get drunk and chat.  
Paula used to sit and take great pleasure in telling everyone that she used to pinch my porn video’s when I wasn’t in. 

It didn’t take long until she was openly asking to borrow one, the problem was I used to lie in bed and picture Paula lying masturbating, watching one of my videos.  
 The thought alone was enough to get me hard and almost send me over the edge.  
“Well Bro, what do you think? Linda promised me two days money if I could stay over night” Paula added watching me think about it.  
“Like I said Paula, if Steven doesn’t go with you, you won’t be staying over night” dad added watching me shake my head.  
Mum and dad finished their lunch then started pottering about in the back garden as I sat reading the paper watching Paula feed Erin.  
“Steven, I never ask you for anything, but now I’m asking” Paula said as I gave her a shake of my head.  
Paula placed Erin in her pram then handed her a bottle, watching Erin start to suck heavily on the bottle as Paula went to see where my parents were.  
“Steven, please, Gary is supposed to be coming over tonight” Paula added then stopped.  
“Tonight was supposed to be the big night” she added watching me pull a confused look.  
“You know go the whole way” Paula added watching me smile and nod.  
“But I thought” I stopped watching her shake her head.  
“He was too drunk at Julie’s party” Paula gave me a grin then decided to add a little extra.  
“He ended up getting what he wanted” Paula added as I laughed watching her push her tongue against her mouth.  
“Oh I see” I added with a laugh.  
“Come on Steven, please for me” Paula added as I shook my head.

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“Remember I was nice to you earlier” Paula added with a devious grin.  
“You call that being nice, remember you did nothing that you weren’t already doing” I added watching her draw me a disgusted look.  
“Please Steven, I never ask you for anything” Paula added as I sat shaking my head watching her start to get annoyed then stare at Erin.  
Paula sat staring at Erin for about 30 seconds then turned back to me giving me a wry smile.  
“If you come over, I’ll give you a proper look” Paula stopped then gave a little more thought to the situation. “I’ll even let you touch yourself in front of me” Paula added watching me laugh.  
“Sorry no deal” I said watching her shake her head.  
“Steven please, I’m begging here” Paula added watching me shake my head.  
“If I let you touch them, would that change your mind” Paula pleaded as my mind started to race.  
“Touch, kiss and a quick look down there” I added watching her shake her head.  
“Touch and a kiss, but that’s it” Paula added as I shook my head.  
“Please Steven, I’m begging here” Paula added watching me shake my head again.  
Paula sat looking at Erin for a few seconds then spoke without taking her eyes off of Erin.  
“Okay, a quick look, but that’s it” Paula added then turned and watched me smile.  
“Deal is, if I go over, nothing more, nothing less and if you don’t come through I tell mum and dad about Gary and your little plan” I added watching her nod.

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20 minutes later Linda appeared after her work to pick up Erin then listened to my mum explain that unless I was prepared to go with Paula. Paula wouldn’t be able to baby-sit tonight.  
“Mum its cool, I already promised Paula that I would go with her, that’s if Linda doesn’t mind” I said watching my mum give me a surprised look.  
Linda agreed then told Paula to be over for 7:30; Paula smiled then headed out to the car with Erin.  
By 6:30 Paula was in the shower getting ready, I sat waiting till she was finished then jumped into the shower after she came out then headed up to my room.  
Chapping Paula’s room door lightly I watched Paula open the door quietly letting me in.  
“You realise that if you wear anything too sexy, dad is going to start wondering and maybe even check up on you. ” I said watching her stand in a long white bath towel and nod.  
“I know I’m wearing old jeans and a tee shirt” Paula said pointing to the bed as I looked over and nodded.  
“Another thing, I want a show of faith or I back out” I added watching her give me a disgusted look.  
“I told you, I’ll do it. You know I will” Paula said as I shook my head then looked down at her towel.  
“A quick flash, or no deal” I said looking back to her face watching her shake her head.  
“Please Steven, don’t do this to me” Paula added watching me turn and head to the door.  
“Guess you had better phone Linda and cancel” I added turning and staring at her.

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“Okay then, shut the door” Paula said angrily watching me close the door then signal her over as I knelt down on the floor and watched her step across.  
“Try any stunts and I will break your fingers” Paula hissed then slipped the towel out from her breasts then opened the towel slowly as I knelt taking in her brown thick bush of pubic hair then moving my head slightly looking at her little lips poking through her pussy.  
“Okay that’s enough” Paula said closing her towel over much to my disappointment. Cool, I guess I’m going to enjoy tonight” I said watching her smile then turn to her clothes.
By 7:30 my dad had driven us over explaining that he had taken the opportunity to take my mum out for a night out. Slipping me money for a pizza he explained that if Paula got out of line I had to phone him and he would come over. Paula stood at the house door waiting on me to get out of the car as my dad explained that I wasn’t to let anyone in the house, especially boys. “Listen dad, trust me, the only guy she will be with tonight is me” I added watching him smile then nod. “I’d better move my butt or your mum will kill me” Dad added as I climbed out of the car then watched him pull away. Within ten minutes Linda had given Paula a number that she could be reached in case of an emergency. Then stepped out of the house. Half an hour later Paula gave Erin her last bottle of milk then put her down to sleep in her cot, within seconds Erin was asleep. Paula grabbed her mobile phone and dialled Gary’s number then started chatting to him. “So when are you coming over” Paula asked then listening to him for a second then replied. “Forget about that party, I have a party of my own planned” Paula added then listened to Gary talk.

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  “Gary, I’ve got the house all to myself tonight, I was thinking about, you know” Paula stopped then seemed to get angrier. “What do you mean it can wait till another night, I want to do it tonight” Paula said angrily then listening to Gary speak again. “Okay then, if you’re not over here in an hour then I’ll know your not coming” Paula added then sat listening to Gary again. “Like hell, you want to go to a party without me, and then think that I should sit up waiting so that you can come over and have your fun later. Not a chance, you either come over in the next hour or you can find someone else” Paula added angrily then listened to Gary speak. “Fine, you talk to Ryan, but I mean what I said, if you’re not over here in an hour don’t bother coming over at all” Paula hissed then hung up the phone on him. Paula turned to me then hissed “I know why he doesn’t want to come over, that tart Jenny brown is going to be at the party. He’s been trying to fire in for months” Paula said as I sat shaking my head. “Let him, remember I’ve already been with her” I said watching her give me a look then remember what I was talking about. “Okay let me ask you a question, if Gary asked you to give him a blowjob tonight would you do it” I asked watching her give a confused look then answer. “Probably why?” Paula asked giving me a funny look. “How about doggie style” I added watching her nod. “Touch your ass” I kept going then watched her give me a weird look. “Yeah probably why do you ask?” Paula still seemed confused. “Well Gary will be in for a big surprise, if he gets his way tonight, because Jenny doesn’t do blowjobs, she hates getting her ass touched, and she thinks doggy style is degrading.

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  ” I added watching her smile. “The only thing that has got her a reputation is the fact that she will let a guy finger her on the first night, and if he’s really lucky she will give him a hand job” I added watching Paula grin. “So how come, we have never heard this before” Paula asked watching me smile. “Well most of the guys that have been with her, don’t really want it getting about that they didn’t get what they wanted. It’s a guy thing” I added watching her laugh. “I’d love to see his face, when she tells him that she doesn’t do blowjobs” Paula laughed as I grinned back at her. “So I take it you talk from experience” I added watching her grin “well we all have to have our secrets” Paula added watching me laugh. “You know the way I heard it Gary doesn’t have that much anyway” I added watching her nod. “Eh, let’s put it this way, I had my doubts about tonight, if you know what I mean” Paula said with a dirty laugh. “It’s just a shame you’re my brother, the way I hear it from Anna, that’s one thing that you can’t be accused of” Paula said with another dirty laugh. “So that’s why you were quite happy to let me touch myself” I stopped watching a shocked look pour over her face then a dirty grin follow it. “The thought didn’t even cross my mind” Paula added watching me laugh. An hour later Paula and I sat waiting, yet still no sign of Gary. Two hours later Paula and I were sitting drinking a few Bacardi Breezers that I had bought from the shop for while she waited. Still no sign of Gary as we sat watching a film on the box.

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  “You know, if you had to try and convince him to have sex then maybe it wasn’t worth having in the first place” I said watching her turn and give me a nod. “I guess I just wanted to know exactly what it felt like, I mean it’s hard sitting there listening to the rest of them talking about how good it is, when I’d never experienced it” Paula said as I watched her give a wry smile. “Listen, if it’s any consolation, I wouldn’t rate any of them as good in bed” I said watching her give me a strange look as I sat explaining about the girls that I had been with. What they liked and what they didn’t. What they were good at and what they were just useless at. I sat explaining about Carol, Paula’s best friend, giving me a blowjob, explaining that all she wanted to do was suck. “Let’s put it this way, a good blow job involves kissing, sucking and licking” I added watching Paula give me a look as if she wanted to know more. “There’s nothing more exciting watching a girl look straight into your eyes as she runs her tongue slowly up your shaft, then smile at the end of it. Then sucking your balls into her mouth as she tickles you gently” I said then explained about Tina a girl I had dated from a different school. “Now Tina knew how to give a blowjob, it was that bad, I actually shot my load on her face twice. She never complained or said anything she just smiled then dipped her finger in my stuff then sucked her finger slowly” I added watching Paula pull a disgusted face. “Paula don’t knock it, just watching that had me ready to explode again” I said watching her laugh. “You mean guys like that sort of thing” Paula asked watching me nod. “Hell yeah, Tina was amazing, that’s why it hurt me so badly when she broke up with me” I added watching her smile. “Okay then, what else was she good at” Paula asked as I sat explaining about her licking her own nipples as she sat on top.

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  “Shit, I couldn’t hold it any longer and started shooting my load into her within seconds” I added watching Paula smile. “But the two things I loved the most was titty fucking her, watching her open her mouth and try to lick me as I got close to her mouth. The number of times Tina didn’t want sex, but explained that I could do that to her. I never argued, why the hell would I” I said with a grin watching Paula smile. “So what was the other thing?” Paula asked as I grinned watching her lean on the arm chair listening to me. “She used to let me rub against her butt, if she didn’t want to have sex, she would bend down till her face was on the floor, knowing that I had a good view of her. Then let me press against her. ” I watched Paula smile then nod. “She wouldn’t let me go in too far, but I didn’t really need to, just watching my thing push into her bum would drive me nuts, Tina used to call it a quickie” I said watching Paula laugh. “You mean you didn’t last too long” Paula asked as I shook my head. “One time we were kissing in her room, while her mum and dad were out. She told me that she didn’t want sex, but didn’t mind me pressing against her. So I fondled her boobs for a minute then told her to put her bum in the air. ” I said watching Paula grin. “Tina bent forward placing her hips in the air as I lifted her skirt then pulled down her panties and fingered her bum for a few seconds.


   Next thing I was pushing myself against her groaning like mad” I said watching Paula laugh. “I guess from the time I pulled her panties down till the time I shot my load over her butt, it must only have been about a minute maximum. I mean I knelt there groaning like hell then felt my cock shoot my stuff over her” I added watching Paula grin. “Tina just stood up kicking off her panties and headed to the bathroom for toilet roll then bent back over on the floor and told me that as I had put it there I had to clean it off” I added watching Paula laugh. Next thing I know, as I’m wiping, Tina had slipped her hand between her legs and was masturbating. I was hard in seconds watching her, then just pushed forward and fucked her until she was moaning on the floor” I said listening to Paula laugh. “And did you cum again” Paula asked watching me nod. “Hell yes, it’s one of the best memories I have” I added watching her grin. “so all that stuff made her good when it came to sex” Paula asked as I nodded then added “yeah and the fact that even if she didn’t enjoy something she still did it anyway, because she knew I liked it” I added then sat explaining about Tina didn’t like giving blowjobs but that didn’t stop her swallowing on occasions.
“You mean, she actually “Paula stopped with a shocked look on her face. “Hell yeah, she would even show it to me first” I said listening to Paula laugh. “And what did you think when she done that” Paula asked as I sat grinning. “I almost shot my load again watching her with the stuff in her mouth” I added listening to Paula laugh. “You mean to tell me that you have never tried it” I said watching her shake her head. “I’ve thought about it, but just couldn’t bring myself to think about the taste of it” Paula added as she shifted on the chair.

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  “I take it all this sex talk has made you wet” I asked watching her pull a shocked look then laugh. “It’s none of your business” Paula said then laughed again. “Well, I’m as hard as hell and I thought maybe we could come to an arrangement” I said watching her pull another shocked look then laugh. “Yeah I bet you did” Paula added with a grin. “Well, I thought if I let you touch me, then I could touch you just until we…” I stopped watching her smile. “Just touch, nothing more” Paula asked with a smile as I nodded. “And how would we go about this” Paula asked with a grin watching me laugh. “Well we could lie on the floor, you know head to feet” I said watching her smile. “Then just lie and look at each other and touch until we are both finished” I added watching her laugh. “And it wouldn’t bother you touching your sister” Paula asked as I shook my head. “No, would it bother you giving your brother a hand job” I asked listening to her laugh. “Probably not” Paula said with a laugh watching me stand up then unbutton my jeans then slip them down. “Well are you coming?” I asked watching her laugh again then stare at the bulge in my shorts. “You first” Paula added watching me lie down in the middle of the living room then pull my shorts down letting her see my 7 inches of hard cock. Paula sat staring at my cock from a few seconds.

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  “Well hurry up, or I won’t need you” I added watching her laugh then slip off the chair. Paula stood unbuttoning her jeans then grinned, “No stupid comments or I don’t do it” Paula added slipping down her jeans as I watched the outline of her lips through her thin white panties. Paula kicked off her jeans then slowly lowered her panties as I lay watching her lips already wet with excitement. Paula knelt down on the floor before pushing her body towards my hard cock then lay on her side watching me slip my hand onto her right leg then work slowly up to her pussy. A few seconds later my fingers were rubbing against her pubic hairs then her moist lips as I watched Paula open her legs a little putting her left foot on the floor. Paula leaned back placing her hand on her head leaning on her elbow as my fingers slid between her wet lips then slid slowly up to her now hard clit. A few strokes of her clit with my finger I moved my hand then slipped my thumb between her lips and started to work her clit with my thumb as I watched her brown pubic hairs desperate to be eaten. “Oh Steven, that’s nice” Paula groaned as my thumb glided over her clit softly. Paula shifted slightly trying to find a more comfortable position to lie in. “You know, you could let me touch you first. Why don’t you sit up on the sofa” I said watching her smile then nod, lifting herself up before sitting on the sofa. Within seconds I was sitting between her legs gently stroking her clit with my finger watching her pussy glisten with moisture desperate to taste her. Paula leaned back on the sofa with her eyes shut moaning gently as my finger continued to tease her blood filled clit. Pushing my head forward as I continued to stroke, I thrust my tongue out landing it on my finger then slipped my finger away letting my tongue continue where my finger had been. “Oooh Steven” Paula moaned as my tongue gently played with her clit for a few seconds as the pain started in my neck. 

  “Paula slide forward a bit” I hissed feeling the blood course through my hard cock watching her open her eyes then move forward. Watching me drop my head between her legs and start to lap her clit gently. A minute later Paula’s moans were getting louder as my tongue quickened slightly enjoying each taste of warm juices as my eyes stared at her innocent brown bush sending shock waves through my cock. Lifting my head, I knelt stroking her clit gently watching Paula moan gently. I couldn’t take it any longer. Pushing my hips forward as my finger continued to stroke her clit, my rampant cock found its mark straight away sliding quickly into her wet pussy. “Oh Steven, we shouldn’t be doing this” Paula groaned as I continued to finger her clit then push my hard cock into her. “Sshhh, just relax and enjoy it” I hissed feeling her push her hips forward slightly. “That’s a good girl” I groaned slipping my hands away from her clit then grabbing her hips pulling her closer as I started to build up a steady rhythm. “Oooh Steven” Paula groaned as my cock continued to thrust deep into her tight little pussy enjoying each thrust. watching her lie and moan with each thrust. Slipping my hands up her side pushing her blouse up watching her C cup bra hide her soft breasts from my gaze, I slipped my hands under her bra pushing it up watching her hard nipples come into view as I continued to fuck her gently. A little squeeze of Paula’s hard nipple and Paula let out a moan of delight. Thirty seconds of squeezing her nipples and Paula was moaning quickly. “Steven, do it faster” Paula hissed as I quickened my hips thrusting my hard cock into her as hard as I could.

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  “Oooh Paula” I groaned feeling my impending orgasm as my cock was now ramming into her as fast as I could. “Ooooh Steven” Paula groaned as I watched her body start to tremble for a few seconds. “Ooooh fuck” I grunted feeling my cock bounce inside her then fire the first shots of warm cum straight into her pussy. “Oh wow, I can feel that” Paula groaned opening her eyes then smiling as I continued to fuck her slowly. “oh fuck Paula will you suck me for a few seconds, I want to know what it feels like” I groaned pulling my gleaming cock out from her pussy then standing up watching my hard cock bob in front of her. Paula looked up and gave me a smile then pushed herself forward opening her mouth as I pushed my cock into her mouth feeling her mouth close around my cock. Paula sat sucking my cock gently tasting the mixture of cum and her own fluids, as I felt her warm mouth continue to suck me for about a minute. Paula stopped then smiled up. ” would you let me keep going until your ready” Paula grinned as I nodded watching her drop her mouth back down to my cock then start to suck again. Paula sat sucking my cock for another couple of minutes then quickened her pace before removing my cock from her mouth and tugging quickly at my cock for a few seconds then stabbing her mouth back over my cock again. For the next five minutes Paula repeated this process a few times then at long last I felt my cock come alive again. “Keep sucking I’m going to cum” I groaned watching her increase her pace as I held her head then shot a couple of bursts of cum into her mouth with a groan. Paula stopped then opened her mouth showing me the small amount of fluids on her tongue then closed her mouth and swallowed as she pulled a face. “Not a nice taste at all” Paula said then smiled. “Don’t worry sis by the time I’m finished with you, you will love the taste” I grunted watching her smile and nod.

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   Paula sat for another minute slicking and sucking my now slowly deflating cock into I had finally gone soft. Every two weeks Linda asked Paula and I to baby-sit to let them stay out overnight, neither of us refused. Paula and I had found something else in common.  

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