Bath Time - A Short Story (M/S)


"I like the way you kissed me this morrning son!" she said "You can kiss me like that anytime you feel like it. I won'tmind a bit. " Her hands reached around me and pulled me back to her nudebody. She had taken her robe off as my back was to her. And Igasped in shock as her hands found my upright cock or was it thefeel of her bare breast on my back or it could have been her hairytriangle on my ass. Damn it it was all three of them that got me upso fast and hard. Mom turned me around slowly and slid to her knees before me. Looking up into my eyes her mouth opened and swallowed the head ofmy cock. Never in my dreams had I felt anything like her tongue onmy prick. At first she did not move her mouth. She sucked my cockfirst hard and then softly and all the time her tongue kept movingall over the head. Slowly with teeth and tongue she pulled my prick into hermouth all the way. As I looked on her mouth and nose were lost inmy pubic hair and my balls felt like they were to be the next togo!! And go they did!! I had not known I was going to cum butcum I did right down her cock loving throat. Her hands grabed myballs as if to pump my cum down her throat. Mom's mouth put a suckon me as if she was trying to pull my balls out through my cock. Allin all even better than in my wet dreams.

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   She stilled sucked but not as hard and I stayed just as hardas when we started. Mom stood up, grabbed my dong, and pulled me tothe the bed. As she fell backward she pulled me on top of her. What could I do? A naked lady was pulling my hard drippingcock towards her hot, wet, pussy. Her knees came up , her heelsplanted themselves on my ass and pulled hard. I may have been ontop but I knew who was being fucked. My cock shot to the bottom ofher pussy and her hips went into high gear. Mom stroked my cock allaround her pussy and I could feel a firm knot at the rear of hercunt. The knot kept rubbing my cock head. Mom would every once in a while stop and shiver. When thishappened she held me still. But soon began to move just as hardagain. After the third or fourth time she did this I knew that shewas cumming as she had never cum in her life. "Now son give it to me!!" "Please baby shot in mother!!" "Cum in me you Motherfucker cum in me now!!" Boy did I come in her ready cunt it was running out likewater.
    We held each other tightly for a long time.

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       I did not wantto pull out and she did not want me to withdraw. "I'm sure glad your on the pill mom", I said to her, "thereis enough cum here for twins. " "I'm not son. Your father uses condoms. " She told me in alow voice. "I was not thinking when we started and you could be right. You may have knocked me up with the load you shot into me just now. " "It is too late to worry about that now. Maybe if I hadgotten up right after you came in side me. . . " As I pulled her close my cock began to raise again. It'stoo late to worry now I thought to myself as I slipped in to mymothers wet, hot quim and began to slowly pump in and out, in andout. A baby, a baby the words ran around in my brain. This timewhen I came into my mothers cunt the force of the cum made my ballssore.

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       Mother pulled me tighter than ever into her pit and the knotin back seemed to suck my cock head and drain me of all my cum. This story was first posted by me as Thanos883 and has not been changed, sorry New stories will be longer and more detailed. .