Becoming Daddy's Girl (Part One)


“Uh, hey dad, how’s it going?” I barely managed to squeak out. “Hey Mike, I’m glad you’re here. There’s something I want to talk to you about. Why don’t you come sit on my lap?” Despite the fact that I’m fourteen, I have a rather thin and short frame, so sitting on daddy’s lap put no real strain on him. Coupled with my deep blue eyes and kinda long blonde hair, I actually looked a little girlish. He, on the other hand, was a large, strong guy with blue eyes and short brown hair, weighing about 180 lbs. Even I could recognize that he was a very attractive guy. Dad and I have always been close, and he was feeling low, so I thought nothing of sitting on his lap at my age. “So Mike, how are you taking all of this? I’d imagine that you’re at least a little upset?”“Yeah,” I replied, “I guess I just miss mom a little bit. Plus I know how much you were looking forward to that baby. ” Dad put his arm around me and moved a little closer. “It’s okay son, I’ll get over it, especially since we still have each other. ” He pulled me over in a warm embrace, which I gladly returned. “I still feel kinda bad about all this”, I replied honestly. “Well, I know one thing that can make you feel better. ”“What is it?”He leaned forward, gave me a long look in the eye, and then did probably the last thing on Earth I would expect him to do.

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  He kissed me. His tongue pried my lips open with ease and set out to explore every region of my mouth, from under my tongue to the roof of my mouth, and all the while I stood still in complete shock. A million thoughts were racing through my mind. I had just gotten my first kiss. But it was from a guy. And that guy was my dad. But it felt good in a way. My mind told me to be disgusted, but my cock never was harder than it was at that moment. My heart was beating a mile a minute as all of these wild new senses and emotions melted my mind and made my stomach feel like a lead weight. This is what it felt like to experience raw instinct. And out of all of those raw instincts, arousal was the strongest. I was desperate to feel more. So I leaned forward, and after a few seconds of painful nervousness and anticipation, my lips and tongue returned the favor. His mouth was a larger cavern to explore, so I mainly played around with his tongue, reveling in the sensation it gave me. After the kiss was broken, dad wasted no time in pulling my t-shirt over my head, exposing my skinny bare chest.

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   He took his mouth to one of my nipples, sending shivers up and down my spine. Meanwhile, he took his hand and started to pinch, twist, and pull my other nipple. Despite the quiet yelps of pain that escaped my throat, my father continued to abuse the little bump of flesh. My feral senses were flaring and as confusing as ever. I don’t know why, but I was enjoying the pain as much as I was enjoying the pleasure. Next, he pulled his face from my chest, and used his hand to trace a path down my tummy, around my waist to my ass, and down my thigh and leg to my left foot. He took it in his hand, raised it to his mouth, and began to kiss each toe lightly with his lips, with the most loving look in his eye. He gave the bottom of my foot a few good, long licks, and then began to suck on my big toe. He bobbed it up and down, and swirled his tongue around it, poking underneath the nail and in the gap between it and the toe next to it. I no longer had control over myself. I had given in to passion and delight. My feelings were daddy’s to decide and his alone. I had no choice but to give myself to him. By this time, I had a rock hard tent in my boxers, and when I opened my eyes I found that my dad was the same way, which was no surprise. He reached over my body and opened the button on my boxers with one tug, nearly breaking the button off.

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   He pulled away the fabric that was over my dick. I had always been ashamed about the size of my dick. It’s only a measly four and a half inches when fully hard. The look I gave my dad showed shame, embarrassment, and fear. However, the look he gave back to me was one of nothing but happiness and love. His eyes spoke to me loudly. They made me realize that I was the one making him happy, and that was a powerful feeling. Finally, he asked the question that needed no answer. “Would you like me to suck it?” Despite how much I wanted it on the inside, the small voices in the back of my head telling me that this was all wrong and disgusting were still there, so I could only manage a shaky nod yes. However, that was all of the encouragement daddy needed. He took my cock with a few fingers and began to move his tongue up and down the head. These were the sharpest waves of pleasure yet. I had never felt anything like this before. It was as if every nerve in my body went crazy. The more of it he took into his mouth, the more I moaned, the more I sweated, and the faster my heart beat.

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   I had tried to jerk off a few times before, but I never had an orgasm, and it couldn’t even compare to what I was feeling right now. Every lick and suck forced my heart to skip a beat. I was panting with every inhalation and moaning with every exhalation. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. Despite being short of breath, I wanted to make this moment last forever. My dad must have known this. “It’s okay son. I want you to cum,” he told me as he broke the sweet bond between us. “Make me cum daddy!” He wrapped his entire hand around my tiny dick and pumped it furiously. The wetness from my pre-cum and his spit made it feel as good as his wet mouth. Faster and faster he went, and I felt myself losing control over my body. What I felt was the height of pleasure, extremely strong and completely pure. For this one moment in time, my dad and I were completely happy and together. The mere thought of this sent me over the edge. “I love you daddy!” is what I screamed as I got ready to cum.

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   He tilted my cock towards me as he furiously jacked me off. I screamed in loud delight as I shot the jizz that erupted from my cock like a volcano all over my face. Dad had just given me something I’d never felt before, and when I saw the smile on his face and the look in his eyes, I knew I would do anything to make us feel like that again. Meanwhile, he got busy licking up the cum that covered my face and dribbled down my chin. Then, he just lay there in my arms as we silently reflected what we just experienced together. Then I started to feel that he deserved something more in return. I took my knee and nudged it at the bulge in his boxers. “I want to repay you, daddy. ”“That’s very sweet Mikey, but there’s a better way you can repay me. It’ll be weird and kind of hard at first, but I’ve been getting ready for this for a long time. I’ll help you through it, and it would make daddy very happy if you could do it for me. ” That last line was all I cared about. I wanted my father to be happy no matter what, and I was prepared to do anything. “What is it dad? I’ll do anything for you!” His answer would spark such infinite questions, curiosities, fears, anticipations, expectations, senses, and emotions that I had no choice but to say yes to him, if nothing else for his sake. “I want you to be my girl.

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