Better Than A Party Pt. 1


“There will be no parties while we’re gone, son. ” as Dad snapped him back to reality, “and to make sure of that, your Aunt Linda will be staying at our house to not only watch you but take care of your grandmother. ” “Good ol’ Grandma”, thought Richard, “I finally get a potential shot at Becky and she has to ruin it all!”Aunt Linda had moved away from Pennsylvania to Virginia after she completed her 4 years at Penn State. Linda visited the rest of her family only on special occasions; when her sister Julia got married to Tom, she was a bridesmaid, and when Julia had a son, she would make a trip every three months to see her nephew. It had been more than 2 years since Linda had visited the rest of her family. Her mother, Richard’s grandmother, had been having health problems recently but Linda’s job as a secretary in a lawyer firm had kept her too busy to keep up her visits. When her sister Julia called, Linda was worried that this was the phone call she was dreading. As it turned out, her mother was fine, however, Julia was worried about her son. Tom decided to take his wife on a cruise, just the two of them. It was the first time that Richard would be left at the house for more than just a weekend and Julia was worried that Richard might burn the house down. Linda thought it over and finally accepted. The ruse for her visit was that she was going to take care of their mother and stay at their house. Linda packed her suitcase while thinking of Richard, she remembered mostly a scrawny kid that if developed might turn into a very handsome nephew. She added a pair of black silk bra and panties in case she ran into an old boyfriend. When Richard was told of Aunt Linda’s impending visit, he tried to recall what she looked like with the aid of some old photos, but they were at least three years old. The last two visits, he had hung out with his friends and eluded his aunt.

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   He knew she couldn’t look too much older than the photo taken of her but couldn’t be sure because of the grainy image. His mother married right after college and was still good-looking at 42 years old. Richard had been the product of some wild honeymoon moments for Julia and Tom. His Aunt Linda was just a few weeks shy of turning the big 4-0. Linda checked herself out in the mirror one more time before departing to admire her figure which she was proud of keeping in shape. She called ahead just moments before arriving to let Julia and Tom know to finish loading the car. She pulled up and stepped out of her Lexus, noticing someone staring at her from the second floor. At that moment, Richard stared out from his bedroom window just in time to catch a glimpse of his gorgeous aunt. He almost creamed his pants at the sight. She wore a light blue blouse with a black skirt; both of them showed off her beautiful curves. Richard definitely wanted to meet his aunt. She entered into the house carrying the lighter bag as her brother-in-law carried her large suitcase in. Richard came halfway down the stairs. “Hello Aunt Linda”. Upon getting full sight of the strapping 18 year old, Linda dropped the small bag.

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   “You must be really tired Linda”, said Tom as he scooped up the bag. “Follow me and I’ll show you to the room you’ll be staying in”. Since they were going to be gone, Tom and Julia decided to put Linda in their room. This was straight across the hall from Richard’s room. Tom took one last look at his siser-in-law before he called his wife and told his son they were leaving. “You two have fun now”, said Julia, “but not too much fun. ” And with that they were gone, leaving Richard and Linda waving goodbye from the front door. “What have you been up to?”, asked Linda as she closed the door. “Nothing much. ”, replied Richard, trying not to gaze too intently on his striking aunt. “I don’t know about you but I’m tired after the drive, I’m gonna go change and take a nap. ” Saying she was going to change made Richard wish he could help her, “Know that’s wrong”, he thought. He mentioned to his aunt that he was going to go for a swim and both went their separate ways into the rooms across from each other. Richard quickly got changed into his swim trunks and then headed for the pool. On his way out though, he saw through a crack in the door that had been left open and gazed upon his aunt who had removed her blouse and skirt and lay on top of his parents bed in nothing but a pair of cotton panties and a bra.

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  After some thoughts went through his head, he raced into the backyard and jumped into the pool to elp relieve his raging hard-on. He could not believe he had a hard-on for his aunt but just thinking about her made him “bigger” in the pool despite the cold of the water. After an hour of swimming laps, Richard forgot about his aunt and went to take a shower. While in the shower, Linda walked into the bathroom and was shocked at what she saw. A silhouette of Richard in the shower had him soaping his body while humming something. His hand crept lower and lower until finally he was stroking his rod in the shower. Linda gasped at the silhouette of Richard’s cock. It must have been 7 or 8 inches. She stroked her nipple through her bra and could feel herself getting wet. She knew this was wrong to watch, but she was wanted to hear what he was saying. The whispering became louder the faster he masturbated thinking of his aunt. “Oh Linda, oh God yes, yes. Suck my cock, Linda, I want to cum on you. Oh God! Harder! Faster! Come on Aunt Linda!”She left the shower after fingering herself for a few minutes. Oh how she longed to be able to suck that cock.

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   Richard exploded two minutes later, leaving a mixure of cum, soap, and water to go down the drain. He wrapped a towel around himself and went into his room and changedHe came out in a muscle shirt and mesh shorts. Linda changed into a tight T-shirt that showed off her bountiful chest and had on itty-bitty shorts. Richard thought she looked more like thirty or even twenty-five compared to almost being forty. She was reading, sprawled out on the couch. Richard sat down next to her and turned on the TV and watched a movie on HBO. It contained two graphic sex scenes. He stayed on the film to see her reaction which was nonchalant at best. She just paid attention to her magazine that she was reading. Little did he know, she was looking at him above and underneath her magazine. She heard moaning on the screen but dared not look. Instead she caught sight of Richard’s growing bulge. Finally Richard couldn’t take it anymore and announced that he was going to bed. Great, he though, a nice long week of more frustrations. However instead of wanting to nail Becky Thorn, he wanted to bang his aunt.

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  Linda left the movie on and frigged herself off to a sex segment on an HBO after dark show. She could have sworn that one of the participants in this gangbang club looked like Richard. Something Richard obviously wasn’t in since he was still a virgin, but Linda still thought she saw him. She turned off the TV sayng sleep would be the best way to forget about him. She checked in on him one more time to make sure he hadn’t snuck out. After all that was the point of her being there. Richard was snoring softly. When he turned over, that’s when Linda lost it. There underneath the blanket was his pole. She deftly removed the blanket and discovered that her nephew slept in the nude. There was his semi-erect cock lying on his left thigh, ready to spring to attention at any moment. Linda got bolder with each move, she stroked it for him a few times then licked it with her tongue. Amazingly he was still asleep. “Just don’t moan”, was all she could think. She licked the head of his cock until that was juicy.

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   Some precum rose to the tip, bringing sweet pearls of nectar to her lips. She then swathed her tongue along the sides of the cock. She knew she was good, why else was she the secretary for the main partner in the firm. She sucked and fucked her way to the top so to speak. Now for a little extra something in her salary, she sucks and fucks the partners of the firm, keeping them happy and satisfied on those late nights studying. As she sucked a little more on her nephew, he started to moan. Her lust then took her beyond the edge. She took his now eight inches of manmeat and inhaled giving Richard his first deepthroat. This woke Richard up. He jumped at the sight of Linda engulfing his cock. This is not what he expected to wake up to. Little did he know that jump rammed his cock further into her mouth. Seeing his eyes open, Linda furiously sucked his dick. She pulled off and screamed, “Oh God I’ve wanted this ever since I saw you today” and went back to business. Streaks of precum ran from her lips to his cock.

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   She had blown some cocks in her life but none in the firm anyway were as big as Richard. There was this black client who the partners wanted to keep so they sent Linda to convince him to stay, but other than that guy’s snake there was none bigger than Richard Long’s member. Being that he was a virgin, he fought not blow his load so soon. God she had a vise grip for lips on his cock. She was an incredible sucker. “Oh God, cmon yes, oh please, I’m gonna cum soon. ” His aunt Linda just stayed crouched over him in her bra and soaked itty-bitty shorts with no panties on licking and deepthroating this monstrous cock. “Oh God! Oh God!” moaned Richard, “I’m cumming!!!” And cum he did. She was able to swallow his first load but he kept shooting sream after stream depositing into her mouth too fast for her to keep up. She finally let go of the cock just as his fourth and fifth jets spurted into her eye and cheek. A gob fell down on top of her breasts and cascaded down upon the left nipple. Richard cried out” Oh God I want to fuck you and your big tits!”Don’t worry, said Linda, you will. To be continued….