Big Bro Love - The Sequel


We started to kiss passionatly as he walked me over to his bedroom. We kissed for what seem to be forever and the he pulled away and laughing he said," Jessy I'm sorry baby . . . did u want something to drink or were u hungry?" I laughed "No sweetie not now. I'm just so glad to see you! I've missed you David. I love you. " With that he continued to kiss. He layed me on his bed. I was wearing my short little blue sundress and some spring blue sandles to match it. Underneath my dress I wore a light blue lacey bra and matching panties. Blue was David's favorite color. He layed besides me and studied my body. "Jessy baby you wore my favorite color! You look so beautiful. " I blushed. I felt like I was a little school girl in love for the first time.

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   I decided to get on top of David and just feel him, explore him. I began to kiss his neck softly and sucking on it. I wanted to leave some love marks on his neck to show he'd been with me. I could hear him breath softly in my ear as I kissed his neck. "David let me take off your shirt. " I said yanking on his plaid buttton up shirt . He just stared into my eyes "Jessy you can do whatever you want with me. I'm yours baby. " Those words set my pussy on fire! I quickly began to unbutton his shirt exposing his hard chest and six pack stomach! He was breath taking! I started to hungerly kiss his chest and moving down to his stomach. kiss him all over. He started to run his fingers thru my long brown hair. As I got down to his shorts I looked up at him and with a wicked smile I began to unzip his shorts. I could now see his cute cotton gray boxers underneath. I told him to take off his shoes immediately. He slipped off his shoes and socks.

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   I then slid off his shorts leaving him in his boxers. I could already see his hard throbbing cock thru his boxers. He looked down at me with anticipation. I knew he wanted me to suck his hard cock so badly! I was going to tease him a bit make him wait a little more. I moved back up to him and we shared some more kisses and I felt him unzipp my dress. I quickly stopped him. "Wait David, I want to do a little strip tease for you. " His jaw dropped. I remember he told me over the phone how much he'd love it for me to do a strip tease for him. He sat up on the bed as I stood before him. I went over to turn on some music. nice sexy music. I began to dance slowly brushing my hair on his naked skin, dancing very slowly taking my panties off first. I bent down in front of him taking them off. He watched quietly not moving at all.

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   I told him not to touch me. I would be the only one doing the touching until I say so. I then began to unzip my dress letting it just drap down my shoulders shwoing nothing but my bra. I moved closer to him straddling him and putting my cleavage on his face. That made him smile so sweetly. I giggled and moved away beging to take my bra off. I did it slowly finally exposing my 32c breast to my brother. I heard him sigh hard. I looked down at his cock and his cock was now hard as a rock! It was standing up just for me. Ready for me to suck it. For me to fuck it. I let my dress fall down my body slowly. I sat on the floor doing one of them dances on the floor as i showed him my shaven pussy. He couldn't take his eyes of my pussy. He licked his lips and I stood up wanting him more than ever! I layed him back on the bed as i got on top of him.

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   I slowly took off his boxers and his cock slaped rubed agains tmy arm as i took off his boxers. "David I've missed your cock so much! I can't wait to have it in me once again. " I slowly moved up to him kissing him as i made my way up. He brushed my hair out of my face and stared into my eyes. "Baby have you been with any other guys besides me?" I nodded," no David. Just you. I tried to be with other guys but I just couldn't take you off my mind. Your the only guy I want. " He quickly held me tightly as we began to kiss more. I felt his strong hands move up and down my back and stop on my ass. He touched my ass rougly. "David I want to suck your cock. " I said softly. He sat up and I got on my knees on the floor ready to suck my brothers cock. I grabbed his balls in my hands first.

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   I wanted to taste them first and get his cock even harder as I suck on his balls. I moved my tongue soflty on his huge balls and got my lips all over them. I could hear David moan as his litle sister sucked his balls. The I was so ready for his cock. I took in the head of his cock in my mouth. I could taste the salty but sweet precum. It was sticky and warm on my lips. I moved my lips further on his cock. Sucking it harder. I could hear David moan louder now. "Yes baby suck your brothers cock. Make big brother cum. " No need to say anything else. Those words made go crazy on his cock. I deep throated him til I felt his hot load just shoot down my throat.

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   I quickly swallowed his cum making sure to get it all down my throat. After David finished shooting his cum down my throat he told me to sit on his face. Without a thought I followed his instructions. I put my pussy on his face as he began to lick my pussy I was drowning him with my juices. I couldn't believe how good he ate pussy. I felt myself begin to get more and more wet. I remembered last time he made me cum it was incredible! I couldn't wait to cum all over his face. I felt myself begin to move my hips more and touch my own breasts as my brother ate my pussy. I could feel his tongue move fast on my clit and then he'd just suck on my clit with his nice full lips. I could feel his hands on my ass grabbing my ass cheeks tightly. As he ate my pussy I saw his cock begin to grow again. I wanted to suck it again but then again i wanted to wait so he could put it in me. I felt myself getting closer to cumming as I kept staring at my brothers cock. I couldn't believe that once that cock had been in me. That he'd came in me.

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   How that fuck just fucked my pussy was so unforgettable!.
    I came hard on Davids face. I felt my jucies just ooze out on his lips slowly as my nipples hardened more as I came. I got off David's face and could see all my juices dripping down to his chin. He looked at me with hunger. "Jessy I wanna fuck you so bad now. Jessy I want to get you pregnant again. " My eyes widened. "David I want to have your baby so bad. I couldn't think of any other guy I'd wanna share something like that with. " He moved closer to me on the bed " Jessy I want a special woman to have my children. I can't imagaine any other woman but you. I love you baby. " I pulled him closer to me as I softly kissed him tasting my own jucies on him. "David I'm ready.

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       Fuck me. Get your little sister pregnant. " He quickly got on top of me as he put my legs up on his shoulders just like he'd done the last time we'd had sex. I stuck two fingers in me getting me ready for his huge cock. I felt a bit of pain as he finger fucked me. I'd gotten so used to being a "virgin" again that I'd forgotten who good it felt to have my brothers fingers in me. I grabbed my tits hard as he opened me up with his fingers. "Now big brother is going to make you all his. " He slowly stuck his hug cock in my pussy. At first only the head would go in but then he eased the rest of his cock in me. I held on to the sheets on the bed as he slowly loosened up my pussy. He began to fuck me faster as I could feel his cum filled balls slap on my pussy. "Baby you feel so good. I want to cum in you so hard. I want to plant my seed in you!" David said breathlessly.

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       He had me moaning even more! I could feel his cock deep in me. I was so ready for him to cum in me, to make me all his. I kept thinking of how much I wanted to have David's baby. I loved him so much. I wanted everything and every part of him to be with me. I felt myself comming to an orgasm! Finally I understood what it was like to cum on a cock! It was a hard rush. I felt my clit swell up and my juices just explode out of me as I came on my brothers cock. "oh David! I just came on your cock!" I said loudly. He just closed his eyes and came all in me. I could feel his warm cum ooze all in my pussy. He was filling me with is cum and I was taking it all in. He gently put my legs down and layed next to me breathing hard. "Jessy I don't know if that just got you pregnant but even if it didn't I got all week to get you pregnant. " He said holding me tightly. "Yes David for the rest of the week I'm all yours.

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       I'll always be yours. No one will know it's your baby. I won't tell anyone. I'm going to have your baby this time David. I promise. " I said as I kissed him softly. For the rest of the week my brother and I just fucked over and over again. He was making sure he was going to knock me up and a month later he did! I was finally going to have my big brothers baby! The End?More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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