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Everything happened so fast. She turned to see her 19 year old brother Sergio standing at her door first with a smile then immediately a face that showed nothing but anger. He'd seen it all. He'd seen Jeremy's mouth on her nipple and his hand between her legs. How would she get out of this? What the hell was he doing home from work so early?"What the fuck?" Sergio called out with his brown eyes full of fury. Jeremy quickly got up from the bed trying hard to hide his hardon and Adriana put her top down and fixed her skirt. She stood next to Jeremy looking so scared. "Sergio, this is Jeremy my b-boyfriend," She stammered. "Get the fuck out of here pinche joto!" Sergio said pissed off. Jeremy looked just as frightened. He looked at Adriana and walked out as Sergio made a fist ready to pounce on him. Adriana gasped hoping her brother wouldn't do anything and luckily he didn't. Compared to Jeremy, Sergio was tall, over 6'0" and weighed about 185 with nothing but muscle from all the years of track and soccer. Jeremy winced as he passed Sergio. Adriana and Sergio just stared at each other until they heard the front door close as Jeremy left. Adriana was scared, but at the same time she was so upset.

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   Ever since she was 12, Sergio had been looking out for her and meddling in her private life. "Are you happy now? He'll probably never talk to me again menso!"What the hell is wrong Adriana? That guy was just trying to fuck you!"She tossed her long brown hair back and narrowed her eyes at her brother. "Well maybe I wanted him to. Did you ever think about that?"He grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him. "Don't say that! I'm not going just sit back and watch my sister become a puta!"The words made her angrier. "Stop meddling in my life! I never get into your business do I?"He grabbed her arm harder as she struggled to let go. It was hard to escape his mighty hold. Adriana was a little petite girl at about 5'2" and 115lbs. "It's different. I'm a guy and you know that's different. "She stopped struggling and could feel tears swelling in her eyes. "Let go of me! And don't be starting that macho shit with me!""I want you to stop seeing that gringo, you hear me?" His words were filled with rage. "Fuck you! I'm not going stop seeing him! I'm going to have sex with him and you can't stop me!" She yelled back trying to get away from him. "You're just going to go out and get knocked up. You're too naive to be having sex!" Sergio yelled at her.

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  "I'm not going to get pregnant. I'm on birth control!""Why in the fuck are you on birth control? Are you planning on fucking around?"She felt so angry. "Not that it's any of your business, but it's to regulate my periods! I'm not going to go fucking around as you cleverly put it! I already told you that I'm going to have sex with Jeremy whether you like it or not!"He narrowed his eyes at her. "Oh? So you want to be a puta? Well you know what? I'm going to ruin you before any other guy can ruin you!"Adriana gasped as her brother threw her on the bed and she fell with her legs open. Her blue jean skirt was riding up above her waist showing her white cotton panties. His eyes searched her beautiful young body. Her tan skin was so radiant. He began to unbuckle his belt and she tried to get up but he pushed her back down. "No you're not going anywhere! I told you, that you are mine!" Sergio raised his voice. Adriana trembled with fear. Never in her life did she think her own brother would try to force himself on her. He was starting to unzip his pants but then he stopped. He looked at her white panties and licked his lips. He got closer to her and began to tug at her panties. Adriana hit him hard trying to make him stop, but it was no use.

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   He was too strong for her. She felt her panties practically being torn off. "Sergio stop! Please! Don't do this!" Adriana begged. He smirked wickedly at her. "Shut up. I'm not going let some white dude ruin you. If anyone is going to ruin you, it's going to be me hermanita!"Adriana continued to struggle but his strong body was impossible to get away from. He stepped back for a moment and stared at her pretty little pussy. Her legs were spread wide and she felt her face turn red as he stared. "Mmmm que linda! " Sergio said looking at her pussy. She quickly closed her legs feeling so embarrassed. "No! Open your legs!" Sergio shouted. Adriana refused. "I said open up!" He walked to her forcefully opening up her legs. He knelt between her smooth legs and buried his face.

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   Adriana squirmed around as he held her shoulders down. She felt her brother's tongue flicking her swollen clit so fast that she was losing her strength. "Nooo! Sergio! No! Please stop!" She pleaded. He didn't listen to her. He kept licking her pink clit and sucking on it hard. Adriana suddenly found herself moaning loudly! She was actually liking it! She had lost her strength to keep struggling and now found herself spreading her legs wider giving her brother full access of her cunt. "Mmmm oh God! Yesssss! Lambame! Oooh hermano querido!" Sergio continued to lap up his sister's juices. Adriana was licking her lips and moaning loudly loving her brother's tongue stroking her clit. She lifted her dark blue tank top up revealing her perky b-cup sized breasts. Her dark brown nipples were already hard. She played with them, pinching them and twisting them around. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire! She squirmed more when Sergio inserted one finger inside of her tight opening. It didn't hurt since she was completely drenched. She could feel him moving his finger in and out of her while he kept eating her pussy out so viciously!"Ahhh mmmm! Yessss! More! Lick me more! Oooh fuck yes!" She kept moaning. Her body suddenly stiffened.

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   She raised her body off the bed just slightly as she experienced her first orgasm on her brother's mouth. "Oooohh Sergio! Oh I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Mmmmm Tan rico hermano! Tan rico!Her entire body was shaking so madly! She clamped her legs around her brother's head as if she wanted to keep him there forever. She could hear him slurping up her honey and felt him remove his finger out of her pussy. He spread her legs again and got up. His mouth was all wet with her juices. "Mmmm que deliciosa!Adriana blushed and smiled. "Oh Sergio that was just so good!"He leaned down and put one of her nipples in his mouth. Adriana threw her head back moaning as her brother sucked her tits. He sucked on her nipples hard. Adriana kept loved the way he flicked his tongue on her nipples. "Mmmm hermanita you have such nice tetas!" Sergio rasped as he took turns sucking on each tit. Adriana was anxiously waiting to see her brother's cock. She'd seen a guys cock on TV and on magazines but never in real life. She wanted to see how big and thick he was! Sergio got back up and undid his pants. Adriana raised herself on her elbows and watched curiously waiting for him to pull out his cock.

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  Sergio reached down his pants and pulled out his huge mushroom head cock. Adriana gasped at his size. Her big brown eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped. "Here, why don't you touch it baby," Sergio said to his sister. Her shaky hand reached out to touch her brother's hard cock. She could feel his veins throbbing in her hand as she slightly touched it. She gripped her hand around his cock and squeezed it hearing soft moans coming from his mouth. She could already smell his salty precum. "Yes stroke it Adriana. Mmmm your hand feels so good!" Sergio's eyes were on his beautiful little sister. She loved the feel of his cock. Her heartbeat accelerated just thinking of how it would feel inside of her; deflowering her and stretching her open. "Put it in your mouth baby. I want you to suck it. I want to give you your first taste of cum," Sergio groaned.


   Adriana sat closer to the edge of the bed and looked at her brother's cock that was now right in front of her face. She gulped nervously never having sucked a cock. She looked up at him and smiled while his hands stroked her hair. "I-I don't know how to-" Adriana began to speak. "Just put it in your mouth and suck on it like you would lollipop," Sergio said guiding his cock inside his sister's mouth. Adrian opened up her mouth inviting Sergio's cock in. She automatically tasted his salty juices as her mouth wrapped around his cock. She managed to take every inch of her brother's cock quite nicely. "Ahhh yes! Mmmm chupa mi pene hermanita!" Adriana began to move her lips up and down his long shaft. His hands were bobbing her head to the rhythm of his satisfaction. Adriana moved her tongue on his cock while she began to put more suction on her brother's cock. She often wondered what a guys' cum would taste like or what it would feel like. She was nervous but so excited at the same time. "Keep it up baby. Oh yes! Suck it like that! Mmmm!" Sergio's words were becoming faint.

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   Adriana felt her mouth water with each stroke of her mouth. Her brother tasted so wonderful she couldn't wait for him to explode in her mouth and make her drink his cum. At that moment she couldn't think of a sexier or more wonderful guy to share this with. Her was her brother, now her lover and that excited her. "Adriana! Oh baby I'm going to cum! I want you to swallow it mi amor. "Adriana looked up and her eyes met with her brother's. His moans were loud and vicious. He looked so determined to make her swallow his load. "Ahhh Oh fuck! Arrrggghhhhh yes! Mmmmm I'm cumming!" Sergio was panting as his long spurts of hot cum were shooting out in his sister's mouth. Adriana flinched at first feeling his first spurt hit the back of her throat. His cum was so warm and so delicious! He pumped four more spurts in her mouth that left her mouth full of her brother's cum. She slowly chugged down all his cum very gracefully. Her mouth sucked out the very last remains of his cum drops and finally her brother's cock slipped out of her mouth. She wished he could leave it in her mouth. She couldn't get enough of his taste.

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  He cupped her face and made her look up at him. "Tan preciosa!" Sergio said sweetly smiling at her. She blushed and he laid her little body down on her bed. "Are you ready to become a woman hermanita?" Sergio asked in a serious tone. She nodded. "Yes. I'm ready to become your woman. "He smirked wickedly. He knew he had her so good. Adriana felt her brother spreading her legs open as he continued to stare at her pussy. "I can't wait to fill your pussy with my cum. Oh Adriana I'm so ready to fuck you," Sergio rasped. He positioned himself in front of her and pulled her closer to him. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he began to poke her tiny opening with his cock. Adriana shuddered and moaned pain.

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  "Owwww!" Sergio kept piercing at her until finally his head was inside of her. Adriana squirmed feeling her first cock in her. Finally she was going to be able to have sex. She felt more of his cock slide inside of her until he was completely buried in her. "Damn! You feel so hot! Oh baby you feel so good! You are so tight just the way I want you. I'm going to pop your cherry and I want to be the only man who's ever inside of you. "She gasped feeling him slide his cock in and out of her very slowly. "Yes! Sergio I am all yours! Oh bro ruin me! Ruin me for any other man who would ever want me!"Sergio began to thrust his hips fast and his cock went in and out his lovely sister's tight cunt. Adriana felt her pain slowly begin to fade away. Her little soft moans filled the room along with her brother's grunts of pleasure. "Oooh this feels so good! Oh bro I love it! Do it harder! Faster! Hay hermano tan chulo!" Adriana panted. Sergio began thrust his cock fast now. Adriana could feel every inch of her brother's cock stretching her tiny pussy and making her ooze her honey. She held on to her strong arms as he pumped her pussy making her his woman. "Mmmmm yeah! Oooh you are mine sis.


   All mine. Mi mujer," Sergio said kissing his sister so deeply. "Ahhh yes! I'm yours! Keep fucking me! Mmmmm ooooh feels gooood!" Adriana shrilled. Adriana kissed her brother back with a kiss full of passion. She could feel her thighs wet from her juices and their sweat mixed together. She suddenly felt her brother's cock twitch inside of her. He pumped her faster now and harder. She felt a deep sharp pain and watched as her brother started to cum inside of her. "Arrrrgggghhhhh yeah! I'm cumming! I'm going to fill your pussy sis!""Ooh yes! I feel it! I can feel you cumming in me!" Adriana cried out in joy. She felt warm long spurts of cum fill her pussy so lovingly. Her brother grunted loudly as he came inside of her. Adriana could feel her brother's seed swimming inside of her. She knew she was his from now on. No other guy would be able to compare to him. Sergio pulled out his cock and looked down.

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   His eyes widen and Adriana raised herself up. Her bed was covered with tiny drips of blood from having her brother pop her cherry. She smiled at him and blushed. "Mmmmm you were so good baby," Sergio said happily as he took his sister in his arms. She held him tight and tears come out of her eyes. Sergio wiped her tears and looked at her full of concern. "Are you OK?" He asked kissing her face. She nodded and kissed his lips. "I'm fine. I'm just so happy. I've become a woman. I love you so much. "He kissed her back. "I love you too, mi hermosa mujer. "translations- Pinche Joto - fuckin' faggot- puta - whore; slut- menso - idiot; dumbass- hermanita - little sister; baby sister- gringo - white guy- que linda - how beautiful- lambame - Lick me- hermano - brother- hermano querido - brother my love- Tan Rico - So good!- que deliciosa - how delicious- tetas - tits- chupa mi pene hermanita- suck my cock little sis- mi amor - my love- Tan preciosa - so precious- Hay hermano tan chulo - Oh hot/sexy brother of mine- Mi Mujer - My woman- Mi hermosa mujer - my beautiful woman.

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