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It was a hot night as Anna pulled into the drive of her parents house in her ratty old Karmann Ghia, turning off the car she opened the door stretching her long legs out in front of her. It had been a long drive, nearly 5 hours and she was so tired, looking at her watch it showed the time 2. 37, all she wanted to do was go to bed. Reaching onto the back seat she grabbed her bag and headed into the house locking her car behind herself. Quietly she let herself into the house, it was silent, the only sign of life was the blue light of the muted Television in the front room, strolling in she saw her 12-year-old sister, Maria fast asleep on the couch, switching off the television Anna gently woke up her snoozing sibling. Maria's eyes slowly opened gazing up at her sister a smile suddenly spread across her face, it had been 3 months since she had last seen Anna and she had missed her so much. Not saying a word Maria sat up sharply and wrapped her arms around her slim sister making Anna giggle.
'C'mon you, you should be in bed!'
'I was waiting for you, I wanna know everything, its been aaaaages' Maria retorted.
'In the morning sweetie, i've been driving most of the night, I just want my bed!'
'Pfft, can't even be bothered to talk to your sister!' Maria said putting on a mock face of annoyance.
'Bed! Now!' Anna smiled.
'Alrrrriiight' Maria said rolling her eyes.
Jumping up off the sofa, Maria gave Anna a kiss on the cheek and wandered off upstairs. Anna walked into the kitchen and poured herself a drink, she had noticed that Maria had changed, she was beginning to look like their Mexican mother, her dark skin had become darker and she already had curves in all the right places. Anna on the other hand took after their Sweedish father, tall, blond and skinny with very few curves, her aim in life was to become a catwalk model and during her time away her dreams were beginning to become a reality. She had moved down to London from her native Yorkshire, a move her parents hadn't particually approved of at the time due to her only being 17 when she made the big step, but now after 4 months and a birthday later they were finally accepting she could look after herself.
Anna finished her drink and followed her sister upstairs, peaking into Maria's room she saw her baby sister already tucked up and fast asleep, she smiled and headed off to the bathroom, she brushed her teeth and automatically turned round to look into the full length mirror which had become a feature in their house.

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   She liked what she saw, for the first time in her life she was pleased with who looked back at her. Turning around she began to undress only turning around again once she was completely naked, staring into the looking glass she unconcioussly annalyzed herself, first she looked at her face, her promanent cheek bones being her best feature the down to her small breast topped off with her permantely errect brownish nipples, then down past her toned stomach and to her completely shaved pussy. She sighed with a grin on her face, turning the light off she scuttled across to her bedroom flinging her clothes on the floor and climbed into bed, her eyes tightly shut before her head hit the pillow.
Anna awoke to the feel of someone climbing into bed with her, glancing across she saw it was Maria, tears streaming down her face.
'Whats the matter?' A worried Anna said.
'Nightmare!' Maria simply put snuggling up to her naked sister.
Anna knew exactly what she was going through, she herself had suffered with bad dreams throughout her childhood so she let her sister stay, looking at her bedside clock she was shocked to see that it was only an hour after she'd got in, too tired to ask Maria any more questions she drifted off back to sleep.
Anna woke up to the sound of her mum vacuuming downstairs, she certainly hadn't missed that whilst she was away, all of a sudden she became aware of something or someone sliding up and down her muscular leg. Quickly remembering who she was sharing her bed with she suddenly became very confused, was Maria doing what she thought she was doing, just then a little moan came from under the covers and Anna felt a stream of liquid run down her thigh.  It seemed her suspisions were correct, her sister was dry humping her leg. She felt her sister move away, Anna lay there confused, not confused at what her sister was doing but confused at why it had turned on so much.
    Her own pussy was beginning to get wet and before she knew what she was doing, she rolled over so that she was on top of her younger sister.
    'I'm sorry Anna!' An embarrassed Maria whispered.
    'What were you doing?' Anna asked.

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      . . nothing'
    'Tell me. '
    'Trying to relieve myself. ' Maria said looking ashamed.
    'Did it work?' Anna asked calmly.
    Maria shook her head, Anna smiled back at her kissing her on the forehead, slowly she moved her hand down her little sisters body until she felt a damp patch over her panties, still looking into Maria's eyes she slipped her hand inside and began rubbing her finger up and down her sister hairy slit. Maria's breathing started to become deeper as she closed her eyes, Anna began focussing on Maria's wet clit rubbing it in a circular motion.
    'Put your fingers inside. . . ' Maria whispered.
    Anna obeyed her sister and gently slid her middle finger inside the tight hole but suprisingly found no resistance, slowly she began finger fucking her 12-year-old sister whilst her palm rested on her erect clit. Maria's hips began thrusting foward as Anna's finger moved in out freely, taking Maria's hand she placed it against her own breast and Maria began instinctivly squeezing and carressing, Maria's hip movements suddenly started to become faster as her breathing became more irractic, she finally thrusted foward bring her arse up off the bed and letting out a huge moan as her juices ran down her crack and her sisters arm. Maria wrapped her arms around Anna as she continued her assault on her sisters pussy adding another finger this time, she began fucking her faster.

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    'Oh God. . . it's coming again!' Maria whimpered.
    This time Maria's orgasm was strong, her arse bouncing up off the bed wildly with one final moan Maria's pee-hole launched her juices up in the air covering herself and her sister. Anna retracted her fingers and held her baby sister tight as she went through the final stages of her orgasm.
    'WOW' Anna laughed! 'I've never known anyone squirt like that. '
    'Is that a bad thing?' Maria asked looking worried.
    'No, not at all, infact it makes you very special'
    'Can we do this again one day?' Maria asked hopefully.
    'Oh i'm sure i can fit you in sometime!' Anna winked.
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