Black Roses 2: Moving Through The Family


Before Ardeena, it was just lust. A hungry sexual appetite that I harbored for a cousin. Now it has grown, and expanded. It suddenly occured to me that this could be my shot at retribution. See, when I was growing up, my family never encouraged anything I did. I wanted to be an actor, they said no, they wanted me to be something more practical. I wanted to be a writer, they said no, you'll never be good at it. I wanted to be rich and famous, they wanted that. . . as long as they got their cut. 'No hope and no help' was the motto for the Smith family, they didn't want anyone to be better than what they are unless they were in on it. A family full of theives, liars, murderers, drug dealers, addicts, pimps, whores, alchoholics, abusive parents, and average everyday assholes. I wanted to be better than all of them. But they wouldn't allow it. They stole my paper, my pens, my pencils, refused to let me use a computer, kept me away from school most days, forced me to cope with their lifestyle until I turned 16.

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   I found escape in a teacher who kept me at school, gave me everything I needed, and encouraged me to dream: the one thing I was missing at home. So yeah, this is about revenge. I will get every last one of them back for damaging my life. It started with Ardeena, but now it continues.
Saturday morning, I called up Gina, and asked her to pay me a visit. She complied, and said she'd be there later Saturday. Around 9 PM, she showed up in a blue flower dress. Gina is only 4'11, much smaller than I am, and in that dress, it made her ass look much more plump, and her thighs even more delicious. As she walked in, she noticed the music I had playing. Some gangsta rap crap that everyone in the family enjoyed listening to, but I hated. I knew she liked it though, so I played it to sway her decision when the time came.
"I Like my bitch on her knees sucking me, fucking me is the way its gotta be. . . "

God, having to listen to this crap was becoming excruciating.

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   Gina situated herself on my king size bed in front of the TV. I decided now was the time to strike up conversation.
"Gina, you got a boyfriend yet?" I asked.
"Nope. All the guys at my school just want to fuck. " she replied. It didn't seem out of the ordinary for me. After what happened between us, most of our conversations are rarely censored.
"Oh, so you're still a virgin then?" I questioned. Not that it mattered, but the thought highly increased my curiosity and my lust.
"Well. . . no. " She paused, "A guy I knew for awhile took me over his house and raped me.

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  " She admitted.
"What??" I jumped up in a rage. She waved her hands at me to relax.
"It's okay. I already solved that problem. " she said.
"How?" I asked.
"Remember cousin Dave?. . . Well, let's just say he's taken care of that issue. " Cousin Dave was one of the most dangerous people in our family. He'd been in prison more times than I can count, been in more fights in 4 lifetimes, and has a very short fuse. I can only imagine what he could've done to that guy.
I looked down at Gina's thigh lustfully.

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   Her dark skin curved lovely around her body leading eagerly up to that juicy ass. I can understand why someone would rape her. It was hard enough for me not to tear off her clothes and fuck her myself.
"Naked on da bed, spread legs, give me head, fuckin you so much, you think of my dick when ya dead"
The song continued to play on my nerves. I had to focus my mind on something else. I continued to stare at Gina's thigh, and the more I looked at it, I realized how naked it was. If she moved, I could see under her dress, and it was obvious, she wasn't wearing any underwear. Either she was hoping I'd fuck her, or she was going to fuck me. Either way, I'd be pleased. The next song that played was a slower jam that rose excitement in Gina.
"Awww, that's ma song!" she cheered, as she raised her arms in the air, closed her eyes, and mouthed the lyrics. I took a closer look to see if my assumption was correct. And it was. I leaned down quickly, and checked under her dress. There it was just as pretty as ever.

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   A black hairy bush leaking with sweet pussy juice. I had to have it. By the time, the song neared the middle, Gina had looked down and saw that I was admiring her pussy. "What're you doing down there?" she asked loudly.
"It could just be me, but I could swear you were without underwear today. " I pointed out.
"So?" she coyly responded.
"So. . . that can only lead me to assume one thing. " I said, and with that, I pulled down my white sweatpants and let the full bulge of my erect 9 inch penis meet her.
"Are you gonna rape me too?" she asked shyly.
"No. I'm gonna fuck you.

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  " I answered, as I grabbed her hips, and raised her dress, so her pussy met with my dick.
"No, I don't want to do this! Stop! Stop!" Gina begged, but now wasn't the time to back out. She was going to get fucked, and like it. I teased my dick head across her entrance, then stuffed my head in. Her head heaved back as I struggled to push more of my dick inside her. Even though she'd been raped, it hadn't opened her up much. I got four inches in wanting to plow her pussy, but not hurt her. "Ohmigawd, I can't believe you're doing this!" Gina screamed.
"Don't act like you don't want it. You didn't come here with no underwear for nothing. " I said as I found more of my dick inside of her.
"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me!" Gina said starting to enjoy my onslaught. With a few quick strokes, I forced more of my cock inside of her until only an inch was visible. I leaned over and looked in my cousin's eyes as I fucked her. Her young black pussy juice soiled my cock as I drove it in and out of her hot tight twat.

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   My thrusts grew harder and harder as I fucked her. Watching her face twitch and strain with each pump.
"Do you like it?" I asked. "I bet your rapist didn't fuck you this good. "
"Oh yeah. . . are you gonna cum in me?" She asked scared, "My rapist came in me, you might as well too. " Gina informed. In light of that new information, I pumped inside her pussy harder and harder watching her perky black breasts sway from my force. I lifted up her right leg, and smacked her ass to watch it ripple. For a 15-year-old, her ass was deliciously juicy. I pulled out, and turned her over. I wanted to fuck her from behind, so I could see that ass jiggle. I reached for her small nipples, and pinched them as i continued to fuck her pussy from behind.

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   With each hard thrust, her ass rippled in my hands. Pump, ripple, Pump, ripple, Pump, ripple, Pump, ripple
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I shouted as I felt my dick tighten, and contract as my cock shot jism after jism of sperm into my younger cousin. The sight of her juicy black ass waving from my cum made my orgasm more intense as I shot more cum in her. I gripped her hips hard as my last round of sperm filled her. I slipped my cock out, and smacked it against her ass effortlessly. "So. . . you gonna tell Dave about this?" I asked.
"Depends. . . " Gina said.
"On what?"
"Unless you do that to me again. "

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