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Tracy sat on the bed with a shocked expression at what she had just witnessed. "Wow! He sure changed his tune! What was that thing you said about talking to your dad?"Debra replied cryptically, "Let's just say John and I have a little arrangement. "That answer only made Tracy more curious. "Oh come on Debra! We're best friends. . . you can tell me your secret!" After some more cajoling, Debra finally relented and revealed her secret. "Our dad bought a new Corvette a few weeks ago. While he was gone on a business trip last weekend, John borrowed the car and went for a joyride! He ended up totalling dad's new Corvette against an oak tree! Fortunately for him, he wasn't even scratched in the wreck! Mom and dad think the car keys were left in the ignition and that somebody stole it out of our driveway! I'm the only one who knows what really happened and I decided to use that knowledge to my advantage!"Tracy whispered conspiratorially, "Wow! What kinds of things have you made him do? Have you had. . . some fun with him?""Tracy! What are you implying? He's my brother, for crying out loud!" Debra said with indignation. "Well. . . if I had such a cute brother, I'd take advantage of this.

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  . . I'd be making him do more than just fix lemonade and sandwiches! I'd at least offer his services to my best girlfriend!"Tracy's suggestion that John could be forced to do something sexual gave Debra some food for thought. Tracy was right, Debra had to agree. John is a cute guy! He definably got all the good looks in her family! Debra, on the other hand, was a plain-Jane, flat-chested girl. No boys as handsome as John had ever given her a second look! If he wasn't her brother, she wouldn't have any qualms about getting sexual with him! The suggestion that John be forced to do something with her best friend, however, did have some appeal! Debra's thoughts were interrupted by the return of John. "Here's your lemonade and sandwiches. " As he turned to leave, Debra said, "Wait a minute, John! We're not through with you!" Debra held up the dress she had been working on and then smiled wickedly at Tracy. "What do you think, Tracy? Do you think this would fit him?""Sure! you and John are about the same size, and since you're flat-chested, It should fit just fine!"John angrily interrupted, "What!? What the hell are you two talking about? I'm not putting on that dress!""I didn't ask you if you wanted to wear it! We need to see how it looks so I can pin up the hemline. Now shut up and get those clothes off!"John knew he had to obey his sister's order. To refuse would have dire consequences for him! Not only would his dad ground him forever, he would most likely never get to drive a family vehicle again! He reluctantly began undressing. As soon as he had removed his T-shirt and jeans, he was eager to cover his nearly naked form from the eyes of the two girls. When he noticed Tracy whisper something to Debra and the two giggled, he knew he was in for more trouble! Debra said, "No! Don't put the dress on over those yucky Jockeys!" She went to her dresser and pulled out the most feminine pair of panties and matching bra in her collection!"Here. . .

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   I need to see how it looks with something I would wear!" John started to protest, but Debra cut him off with an icy stare. He started to head for Debra's bathroom to change, but she told him he had to change in front of them!The two girls held their breath as John began to slip off his last piece of clothing. At last, they were going to see a live, naked boy! When his Jockeys fell to his ankles, their eyes drank in the sight of John's penis. It was flaccid, but the girls were still impressed with its size. John's penis was nestled in a thick patch of black pubic hair. The circumcised shaft looked to be about four inches long, and below it hung his peach-sized scrotum. "Well, little brother! It's been a few years since I saw you naked. . . You've grown quite a bit!" Tracy liked what she saw too and said, "That's a very nice tool you have there, Johnny!" John only grimaced and began slipping on the pink lace panties. The girls giggled at John's embarrassment at having to wear such feminine underwear. They were trimmed in lace and had a little white bow at the waistband. He look puzzled when he attempted to put on the lacy bra, so Debra helped him with it. The silky panties felt sensuous against his penis, and he realised with chagrin that he was getting turned on! To hide his hardening cock, he quickly slipped on the dress. John now stood before the girls in a very feminine, pink and white dress.

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   It had a white lace bodice and puff sleeves and its hem stopped at about mid-thigh. The girls cooed and complimented John on how pretty he looked. Debra said, "Oh Johnny! You'd make such a pretty girl! If we fixed your hair and applied some makeup, you'd be a knockout! You certainly look prettier than either of us girls! What do you think, Tracy?Tracy had to admit that John looked pretty good, but she had other things on her mind. "Yeah. . . but I don't need another girlfriend. . . what I need is a boyfriend! I'm tired of being a virgin!"Debra smiled and said, "Well, maybe I can help you out with that need! Johnny. . . take off that dress!" John sputtered, "Wh. . .

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   what do you want me to take it off for?""Just do as I say!" commanded Debra. John knew he was in for trouble, his penis was now completely erect and there was no way he could hide it once the dress was removed! Sure enough, as soon as he stepped out of the garment, Tracy grinned and said, "Hmm! Looks like you've got something trying to poke through your panties, Johnny!" John tried to cover his obvious erection with his hands, but his sister slapped them away and said, "I expect you to co-operate with Tracy! Whatever she wants. . . you give it to her! Understood?" John meekly nodded his head in reply. "Good boy! Would you like me to leave you two lovebirds alone?" Tracy replied, "Why don't you stay? Who knows. . . you might decide to join us!"Debra pulled a chair over to her bed for a ringside seat and made herself comfortable. She watched with keen interest as Tracy proceeded to remove John's panties. Now the girls openly stared at the boy's erect manhood! His four-incher had been transformed into eight inches of pussy-pleasing cock meat! Both girls cooed their appreciation and Tracy reached down and began to lovingly caress the warm, hard shaft. John removed the bra and Tracy pulled him by his shaft to the bed. Tracy excitedly stripped off her clothes, revealing her plump form. John could now understand why she was still a virgin. Her large flabby breasts hung limply on her chest, she had wide hips, a huge ass, and chubby thighs.

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   The only attractive things about her were her pretty face and long, blond hair. "Who would willingly have sex with this cow? Even my sister looks good compared to her!" he thought. He then realised with disgust that he would now be forced to service this cow! laying on her back, Tracy spread her legs and pointed a finger at her furry twat and said, "Get your sweet lips down here and start kissing me!"John positioned himself between Tracy's thighs and brought his face to her vulva. He could detect the musky scent of her womanhood and noticed the wetness of her swollen labia. It wasn't a bad looking pussy, he thought, as he gave it a tentative kiss. When Tracy felt John's lips make first contact, she grabbed the back of his head in both hands and pulled him tightly against her crotch. John closed his eyes and tried to imagine he was licking one of his pretty girlfriends rather than this unappealing girl. He decided to try and satisfy her as quickly as possible, not wishing to prolong his ordeal. He had perfected his oral technique with numerous willing females, and set about demonstrating his talent on Tracy. John began running his tongue up and down the length of Tracy's slit, stopping at her clitoris every so often to give it a little tongue-lashing. He worked a finger into her entrance and began sawing in and out while his other hand worked its way into the crevasse of her buttocks. Tracy was delirious with pleasure and loudly moaned her approval. "Ahh! Oh yes! That feels soo good! Oh yeah! Lick me harder! Oh yes. . .

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   lick it there. . . I think I'm gonna. . . come. . . now! Mmm! Ahh!. . . " She began bucking her hips off the mattress and as her orgasm overtook her, her whole body went into spasms!After her climax subsided, Tracy said, "That was awesome! Johnny, your tongue is incredible! I can't wait to find out what your cock is like!Debra, you really don't know what you've been missing! You really should try him out!"Debra had begun to get quite aroused from watching the action between her brother and best friend. Tracy's suggestion that she should sample her brother's oral talent began to look very appealing! She thought to herself, "Hey, if I just have him lick me. .

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  . that's not really incest is it?" While Debra considered her next move, Tracy ordered John to lay on his back and then straddled his hips. Grabbing his stiff shaft in one hand, she lowered herself onto it. As she felt John's manhood push ever deeper into her virginal passage, she shuddered with delight. Looking over at Debra, she urged, "Get your clothes off and join us! You can ride his face while I fuck his brains out!"When John saw his sister begin stripping, he started struggling to free himself from his forced coupling. Being forced to have sex with this cow was bad enough, but damned if he was going to lick his own sister! "Noo! Not her too! I won't do it! I don't care if you tell dad about the car!. . . "John's frantic attempts to escape were all in vain. Tracy's ample weight was just too much for the boy! He could only clamp his lips tightly together and refuse to co-operate. Debra climbed onto the bed and straddled John's face. Grabbing his nose, she pinched it shut, thereby forcing him to open his mouth to breathe. She pressed her swollen labia over John's open lips and expectantly waited for some tongue action that never came. Looking back at Tracy, she said, "Hey Tracy, John doesn't want to give me some tongue! How about grabbing his balls and give em a little squeeze!" As soon as he felt the squeeze, John yelped in pain and quickly complied, working his tongue up and down his sister's slit. "Ahh! That's better! Yeah.

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  . . use your tongue like a cock and push it in and out of me! Oh. . . that's nice. . . Mmm. . . "As the two girls approached their orgasms, their sexual bump-and-grind intensified. Tracy was the first to reach her climax while vigorously bumping up and down on the helpless boy's cock. Debra soon followed with her own orgasm, rapidly grinding her vulva into John's lips and tongue! When Tracy finally dismounted, she was surprised to discover that there was no semen oozing from either her or John! She excitedly shared her discovery with Debra, saying, "Hey! He hasn't cum yet! He's still as hard as iron! Why don't you finish him off?"John realised resistance was futile. Tracy was still sitting astride his legs and Debra was sliding backwards to reach his erection.

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   He recognised the look of unbridled lust in his sister's eyes and knew he could not dissuade her from committing rape and incest! Closing his eyes, he tried to imagine that the hands now guiding his penis were the hands of a girlfriend, rather than his sister's. Now he felt his mushroom-shaped head slip past the inner labia and slowly penetrate the warm, tight love tunnel. He had to admit, it felt wonderful. . . never mind who it is. . . just go with the flow, he reasoned. Debra slowly lowered herself onto John's shaft and worked it ever deeper with each downstroke. Since she had lost her hymen while horseback riding, there was nothing to impede its journey into her virginal depths. As Debra began rocking on her brother's erect shaft, she look down on him and said, "Oh yeah! This feels soo good! Oh Johnny. . . do you feel how nice and tight my pussy is around your cock? I want you to cum with me.

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  . . I wanna feel your warm love-honey flow inside me!. . . Oh! Ahh!. . . You're my first lover. . . you know that? Come on baby. . . make this first time special for me!" Debra's erotic words and her tight vagina were having their desired effect upon John.


   In spite of himself, he was really starting to enjoy fucking his sister! He thought, "Hell, I don't have a choice here. . . I may as well enjoy myself!" Debra was pleasantly surprised when John reached up with his hands and began caressing her erect nipples! "Oh yes! That's nice, Johnny!" she cooed. Bending down, she offered her right breast to him, saying, "Kiss them for me sweetie! Kiss and suck my nipples!"John obediently complied, sucking and licking Debra's offered breast. After he had given some attention to her other breast, Debra pulled it out of his mouth and rewarded him with a passionate kiss. After several minutes of feverish copulation, the two siblings finally reached their orgasmic summit together. Debra's whole body went into spasms of orgasmic delight and her thrusts became almost violent! John's hips bucked upwards to meet the downward thrusts of his sister. His buttocks tensed as the first jets of semen spurted deep into Debra's vagina. "Yes!. . . Yes!. . .

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   I'm cumming Johnny! Ahh! Mmm! Oh yes!. . . "John cried out, "I'm cumming too. . . Here it comes. . . Oh!. . . Ahh!. . .

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   Yes!. . . "As their mutual orgasms subsided, a very satisfied Debra collapsed onto her brother's body. John's face was flushed from his intense fucking by the two girls and his chest heaved as he tried to catch his breath. Tracy broke the silence when she announced, "I'd love to stay and have another session with Johnny, but it's getting late and I have to go home! Could I come over tomorrow and help you rape him some more?"Debra smiled and answered, "Of course! This was your idea after all!" John then added his own two cents, declaring, "Hey! You two aren't gonna rape me anymore!"Debra replied, "Oh? And why not?"With a twinkle in his eyes, John replied, "You won't be raping me. . . because you can't rape the willing!"The endMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.