Topic: BLACKSHEEP CUMS THEN GOES. Continued Pt. 3  of Blacksheep cums then goes continued
 My wife gets the fucking she'd been promised.
 I've split tale into parts because its surprising how the length gets away from one. Further; because of the sequence of me with my wife's young friend promising me sex. I will write this part at the end as a sequel. Also,in my absence while taking this friend home, I've inserted what my wife Jackie related happened in my absence.
 So I will start with her part ,then I will convey what I found on my return and portray my input we were returning to our home I moved my interior mirror to observe any antics going on in the rear seats. Although not part of the tale,I will digress to mention that included in the lift was another friend of Jackie's with her bloke,a merchant mariner on leave from his ship for the weekend. They both were rather reserved it appeared,but steamy happenings alongside them seemed to increase their temperature to my and our young friends benefit. This was because my brother-in-law failed to resist my wife's persistent teasing. She'd plonked her ass, - quite deliberately I suspect, - hard down on his half hardon she'd just created in conjunction with her young friend when we'd watched them expose their pussy's to piss by the car.
 'Fuck, sispiss! that hurt,going down like that' - He'd nearly blown his cover but as inebriation was present in the other's he got away with it. Just as well for what they were about to witness. - Somehow the rear interior lights had stayed on which was of great benefit for us in the front. From the start,our young friend was half leaning towards the rear from her seat beside me.

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   her view was even clearer than mine. Every so often she'd turn forward and fan her face while looking in my direction,then with her eyes indicate I needed to know what they were at. With my eyes flashing to the mirror then down to her she soon realised I could see all. Following my example she lowered the sun visor to use the mirror on it to good advantage.
 We both knew my wife was still as horny as hell and my alongside passenger puffed her cheeks out quietly as we saw her brother put his hands up my wife's front and start to fondle her ample tits. Of course before very long they were being exposed for all to see. The other friend whilst sat on her blokes lap,leaned back and said something into his ear. With a grin I watched as he started to feel up her front and was pleasantly surprised when her tits also appeared. I could even see her bloke had pushed her bra above her nipples and they were rock hard and much to my liking.
 While distracted a voice whispered, 'He's trying to get it in' followed by the most dirty look you could imagine. 'Your wife,he is,he's trying to,I can see it' I raise my eyebrows and mouth, 'The booze,its the booze,don't worry about it' The dirty grin got wider as she now blatently watched as my wife lifted and lowered. The dirty cat,she just didn't give a hoot that she had an audience. In turn this had made a difference to the others in the back seat. While they were now trying to eat each others faces, he had moved from playing tit games to 'feel the pussy' the grin on her face under their kiss showed she equally had now become hot,then as she broke from the kiss she moved to help him get at her furry thing.
 I suppose I should have kept my eyes on the road,but!!! would you have? I watched as first her thighs then her knickers and finally her pussy was revealed to me.

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   He made short work of pulling her panties to the side. 'Can you see her pussy'? A nod from me and a grin from my companion took her back to watching. 'Its up Jackie,I can't believe they'd do it that blatantly in front of us' of course she hadn't seen my wife getting up to naughties in the bar. I lent towards her and whispered, 'I hope you do get it up you from me' Grinning,she squared round in her seat and lifted her skirt enough for me to view her knickers as she seductively pulled them aside and grinned again,while making a slight fucking movement. 'For you' mouth while pointing at her quim.
 I must admit,not only to a hardon but a distinct wet part on my trousers. She noticed me touch it and put her hand over and squeezed and felt the wet in her palm. MMMM! with another dirty grin. 'You're enjoying watching your wife get it,I bet it makes you feel less guilty about what we've got planned,you doing me' 'Tit for tat' I respond. - more grinning, - At this time it was just possible Harvey only had his cock up the front of her belly,but either way I/we got a very sexy look at a very conservative ladies pussy being felt. - That added spice, - I saw it was a very furry pussy at that.
 By the time we stopped at our home,all was tranquil in the back and I'd have money,although nicely damp none had had an orgasm,yet. I got out,opened the house door and headed for a pee. The goodnight bit was about over as my brother-in-law whispered, 'Don't rush back' with a wink, 'I'll leave some for you if our little virgin hasn't sucked you dry with her tight pussy' 'What're you two bastards conniving at now. Lying I whisper to my wife, 'Bruce asked if you do ass' A wack for that, loudly so there was no need to tell him.

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   'you just tell him,NO SHE DOESN'T' - Little liar! my wife is. - Finding an excuse to follow them in,I note,Harvey has a grab at my wife's knickers as she slaps her hand back at him, 'NO,don't you'll make me pee' and promply heads into the lavatory,saying behind her. 'After what you tried to do in the car,you can push off into your own bed'
 At this point I from my wife after Harvey was off back to Australia which was midday tomorrow then.
 As you went to take the others home I was debating with myself whether to make him wait till you got back. He didn't exactly make me jealous,but he said, "Come on sis' if I'd thought you were going to be hard to get,I'd have gone with Pom and let that young thing have the benefit of this" The bastard pulled his prick out and waved it at me. I admit it made me pissy,the off handed attitude he had with me,saying he was equally prepared to fuck her after all I'd let him have. The bastard knew exactly what he was at. I flew at him ready to hit his balls off. Know what he did? He grabbed hold of me and lifted me so high,then wrestled me,pulling my dress up to my waist. "I watched you wank that bloke off sis' so don't come the old soldier with me,I'm not so easy a push over as he was" Then do you know what the bastard done? He hooked the back of my dress over that banister post there, - Pointing to the bottom of the stairs. - The dress is ruined but when I needed it to break,do you think it would? - Answering her own question, - No course it didn't! There am I trust up with my arms and legs flailing while the horny bastard laughed at me trying to stop him from pulling my knickers down.
 The bastard! Know what he did then? He wrestled his head between my legs and bit my cunt,the bastard! He kept his teeth biting till I submitted. I said,just stop biting it and I'll let you do all you want with my pussy straight now. He didn't stop immediately even then,not until he ran his teeth across my clit and made me scream to stop. "Just so you know what can happen to a bad,bad pussy see" I confess Rich' the bastard had made me so horny again I just wanted to be fucked.

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   I expected to be lifted off and took to bed,but NO! he faced me and said, "Put your legs over my shoulders" With help from him I did. I expected him to lick it but no, he held me away,then I felt his hand come up between my legs and start pushing at my cunt. I said, 'What's going on? what are you doing now' Then I knew,remember what he tried before,he was trying to get his hand in me,fuck it hurt,it made my eyes water, he seen it and thought I was crying. He stopped,and said. "Don't cry sis' I wouldn't want to make you cry.
 He lifted me off and feeling apprehensive,I said, 'You wont fuck my ass will you' - You're a bastard as well,what you said he said,he didn't. - I felt guilty about that. - She went on. He said he didn't do ass as he felt his cock was to big for that. He carried me upstairs over his shoulder and plonking me down on our bed he stripped and ripped my dress and stockings and all that stuff off like a rapist probably does. God it made me so hot,he never got a chance to finger me I dragged him into my pussy like a mad thing. Then I got on top and we were off again. "What now"? A sixty nine I said. We did and fell asleep after I'd cum. Then the next thing I knew he had me spoon fashion and I'd just said 'No more,you're making it sore and there you were!
 I'd heard her say that; So having just had what I'd had,I felt sympathetic to her request.

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   Her brother rolled back from her and I got some vaseline (Petroleum jelly) and worked it in her pussy as to where she descibed it was needed. She went off to sleep in an instant as did Bruce. - Harvey's nick name remember? - I'd hoped to tell him how I'd got on but it wasn't to be. Feeling knackered,I too secumbed to sleep. Till a steady rocking jolted me from my slumbers. It was daylight and the rocking was now I realised,being accompanied by a woman's whimpering as she approached an orgasm. Putting my hand between my wife's legs which she freely lifted to give me access,her smile said it all. With eyes closed she was about to orgasm on her brother mighty meat rod again.
 She gripped my forearms, 'Y-O-U  D-O  I-T  A-F-T-E-R  I  D-O-N-T  W-A-N-T  I-T  T-O  S-T-O-P  T-H-I-S  F-E-E-L-I-N-G AAAGH! AAAGH! I'M C-U-M-M-I-N-G-G-G AAAGH! DO IT,DO IT NOW! She slid over to offer me her bum side and I pushed at her pussy. It slipped into their goo. My wife's head came back by my ear whispering, 'Now in the other one' I realised she was offering her ass to me. Gripping one of her hips I used my other hand to guide my knob towards her bum hole. Feeling with my fingers,I lined up and gently fucked it up her ass. I knew her head had gone towards her brother and I then felt his slightly softened cock pushing between her legs. It was heading into her quim and as it started to enter it raised its game to a fully hard cock.

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   Gently probing in and out my wife's rectum,I felt his hardon press at the underside of my own hardon. His size gave me the feeling his cock was pressing my cock against her spine but I think now it was her pelvic bone.
 The squashing tightness felt similar to what I'd had the pleasure of feeling only a few hours previously. She felt as tight as a virgin with both of us up her. Her mighty second orgasm brought mine then her brothers orgasms in quick succession. We just lay there with all the meat still in my wife for about an age,then as we slipped out one at a time from her she whispered to us both, 'I'm not sore anymore' Fuck what a shagger my wife can be. Showering done,breakfast and Heathrow here we come. Brother-in-law came out from the shower with his weapon in his hand and showed both of us. "Sis' what have you done to me,my foreskin wont stay over my knob anymore" Total sisterly love from my wife of course.  'When you get back over,just show your sheila's, - That's what you call them innit? - what a real POM pussy can do to a BRUCE DICK' HA! HA! Stretch any foreskin beyond repair because our POM pussy's are so tight over here. HA! HA!
 The sequel;   Having dropped off the other two love birds, my Virgin for she indeed was,tormented me while driving,by showing me her pussy as we drove. I must admit she had me nearly cumming in my pants. But we finally arrived at her house. Virtually dragging me through the door,she put me in a chair not unsimilar to my cars back seat and told me she intended to demonstrate what she'd watched my wife do to my friend. mmm! So without further ado with her back to my lap as my wife had been she plopped down on my cock, - I admit I had it up my belly and she didn't go down so fast.

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   Having done the prep' she instructed,get it out like I saw him do. As I fumbled she moved about to give me enough room to succeed. This done she wiggled and as my cock slipped around by this brand new quim I felt my cum gush out and at her slit. 'OOO that's hot,I've made you cum. I bet that's what Jackie done to him' I felt a bit gutted at cumming off outside this virgin pussy. I shouldn't have. She put her hand down and started to slide it up and down her slit and it never entered into my mind that I remained as hard as hell right through the aftermath of my cumming.
 She pushed at her hole a couple of times and there was no way I was going up her like this. 'Lets do it on your bed' 'SHHH! not yet,let me finish doing what I saw your wife doing' As she finished saying this I felt a strange sensation on my cocks skin. Then it dawned,she still had her knickers on and having pulled them aside to torment my cock she was now pushing down to capture it up the front of her belly and inside of her knickers. The sensation was magic,what with the panty's texture and knowing I was about to have her cherry my cock was spewing more love juice than I had ever experienced in my life. In an instant she leaped up and standing over me she bent her legs and demanded, 'Lick it now,lick it hard now' How could a man refuse? -  This was moving beyond my wife's little game in the back seat and all. - I tried to force my tongue up her but at about an inch in even pointing it it could go no deeper. So it was clitoris and even more clitoris as she held her knickers to one side. Then her knees began to tremble and buckle as I felt her pussy milk gush at my tongue.

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 Virtually collapsing in a heap on my lap,she snuggled for a while then sprung off and dragging her knickers down and off her legs,she grabbing my hand, 'Come on on the bed,I'm ready now' Up those stairs we shot, she was so eager I doubted that perhaps she wasn't intacto. No fear she was and as she presented herself. 'Lick again,bring me back up again' I licked and after only seconds she with her legs on the bar of a stool while pushing her pubic bone towards me. She seemed to have this all weighed up because her stool clearly was a kitchen type like the other three I'd observed in the kitchen and it placed her at a perfect height for my cock to touch her pubes and pussy slit. 'Slide along me' As my cock started to slide I could feel her lowering her weight each time my cock slipped past her tiny hole with its now so puffy vulva and enflamed lips I'd just been studying as I licked it. We got wetter and wetter then she made a lunge down on my knob. 'SSSS! Fuck nearly' she said as I slid in through again. Fuck I could feel my sap rising and felt sure she'd make me cum before I got her.
 I desperately wanted to grab and jab,but sanity prevailed as her little plan finally let her quim grasp my cocks helmet. Keeping her cunt hole speared on it she uttered, 'Fuck it feels to big to go in' and all in the same moment she became dead weight and I felt her cherry give way and my cocks knob part wedged firmly in her hole. Pinnioned now. 'OW! That's stinging' then instantly took her legs from the stool's bar and clinging with her arms around me,she,with legs apart let her bodies pussy feed down on my hardon. She was so tight she made my foreskin pain and looking after she split my maidenhead a bit. Fuck she was tight,but all my cock was now in her. 'Put me on the bed and fuck me,just like I bet your friend is fucking her right now' I carried her over still on my cock and landing on top I gently started pushing.

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   All eased surprisingly as the most slippery pussy juice I'd ever felt started to lube us. Then all hell broke out,she was a screamer and wriggled like a banshee as I came and pumped my shots up her.
 Like me she oozed her juices over my balls and we fell together laughing in the end. 'Fuck I want it all over again' she said and I knew,so did I! She brought me off and off again,her orgasm's were incredible. On a par to my wife who also multi orgasmed. I arranged to stay in bed with her till she was asleep and then let myself out. Her last comment was,its a good job your friend's fucking Jackie,there's no more left in you I bet! At that time she was of course right but by next Saturday I intend to have a full head of steam available for my ex Virgin regardless of how many times my wife fucks me.
 Now you see why I was so benevolent to my wife's soreness. Bye.