Blood's Thicker Than Water: Prologue


I guess that checking out your own Mother, Grandmother and little Sister is a pretty sick thing to be doing, right? As well as any time that I’d jacked-off while having really nasty fantasies about them too. I don’t believe that any of them had a real clue at the time because I was still only 15. Not to suggest that a 15 year old boy was incapable or generally naïve about such things. That would be ridiculous to even set down as a rule of thumb! But these were times when we kids were growing up faster than our needs and interests could come to terms with. Like it or not. I’d done a pretty fair job at maintaining that “good boy” image and that’s what most of my adult peers liked, trusted and deemed a “virtuous quality. ” Wow, little would they have guessed! That was my deception and only the first of many that I’d discover or generate along the way in all of this. I was a secret freak, replete with contradictions and an appetite for strange sexual filth that I’d managed to keep well hidden away. On the surface, I was your typical computer and comic book geek who didn’t do very well with the girls at school. But inside, my hormones were fucking ranting and raging to be set free and run about. And I thought perhaps that I had some real mutant strain of hormones going on in me too. Because I was discovering and getting into a lot freaky shit that was really getting me off. I discovered and got curious about a lot through pictures on the Internet. I’d worked a lot of odd jobs and cut a lot of lawns in order to afford my own computer… and it quickly became my electronic pornographic temple. My basement-bedroom was my “fortress of solitude. ” I had XXX paperback novels hidden away there, a pretty fair selection of filthy magazines and I’d even taken to writing diary-type journals; Telling of my craziest and filthiest fantasies.

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   It was all well concealed though. I’d actually cut away part of the sheet rock wall down there that was a cubby hole for my filthy treasures. It was cleverly covered with a poster. It appeared to be a typical boy’s room with bikini girls and sci-fi/super-hero posters. Part of me wished I could clip and print off dirty pictures and tack them up all over down there. But I knew much better than that… at least in the beginning. My best friend Allen and I were doing quite a bit of exploring together too. Allen was like me, birds of a feather, and we’d spend a lot of weekends at each others houses; Fucking and sucking around like two happy young fags. Yeah, I guess you’d call it more of a bi-sexual thing. I mean, we still really liked and wanted girls! But beyond the labeling of it, we were mostly just making each other feel good and testing our own limits as to just how far we’d go with it all. Some of the meaner kids at school would call Allen and I things like “faggots” or “homos” in that superficial way that school kids often do. But no one had any real idea about what we were up to or doing. Yeah, we’d suck each others cocks and eat each others cum; eat and fuck each others assholes and even French kiss each other too! It was just another naughty thrill and we’d get together as often as we could. We liked calling each other names and talking filthy in the heat of passion as well. Names like “queer,” “fucking faggot,” “twink” and stuff like that.

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   It was all fun to us and I guess that Allen and I really loved each other as the very best of friends. We’d even experimented with things like pissing and scat after discovering pictures of it on the internet. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought and it opened a whole new batch of freaky fantasies where my beloved female family members were concerned. Sure, shit and piss belongs primarily in the toilet, right? But, once again, it just seemed to be another rung in the ladder in my personal “how low can you go” game. Another thing that Allen and I discovered together is that we were both extraordinarily hung for a couple of 15 year old kids. My cock was a little more than ten inches long and Allen’s was an even nine inches. They were of varied thicknesses and as far as a female might be concerned, we were packing some serious young virgin meat! But it wasn’t like there was going to be any closets to go into or out of as far as an actual “gay” issue was concerned. No, I’d discover that it would go much deeper than that. Because I just truly and indiscriminately love sex… all kinds! And it was getting too crazy and full-blown in my mind to find a definitive label for it. But I’d say that I was a horny, bi-sexual, smut-loving and incestuous-motherfucker-wanna-be with a big cock! And all forms of pride, conscience or shame would fall away with my evolving transgressions. Yeah, I was getting off pretty good… but I sure as fuck didn’t want to get caught at any of this. And as the ranks in this very naughty game would seem destined to grow, I’d discover that nobody else wanted to get caught either! End of Prologue. . has a long list of honeys and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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