Bob's Afterschool Snack


*******Bob stepped inside the kitchen to make himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just when he pulled the bread out of the refrigerator he heard his mom from her room. "I made some tuna casserole for you in the microwave hon. " She said. 'YUK!', he thought to himself. His older brother, Nate and his father were the ones who liked that stuff. He couldn't stand it. "Aw mom," he complained, "you know I hate that stuff!""Oh well", she replied, "Nate's the one who said to make it. "Darn, he thought. Where was that no good punk Nate, anyway? At age 14, Nate made it his duty to make Bob's life a slave's life. Making him do stuff that all little brothers do for their big brothers, lest they get beat up. Nate was probably "chillin'" with his friends. As if a dork like him should have any. Bob went to make his sandwich when his mother called again. "Are you going to eat the casserole?"Grimacing, he replied "No, I'm-"But his mom's voice cut him off before he could finish. "Then come here I need your help.

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  ""But, mom. " Bob protested. More sternly she said, "Come here. "With an exasperated sigh he went to his mother's room. There he saw his brunette mother on a stool digging through a compartment above the closet door. The TV was on channel 8 the PBS channel. She was wearing beige khakis with a matching button down blouse. Of course didn't know that since he was behind her. At thirty-four her body was nice and trim with an hour glass figure. Her butt was firm and her breasts were medium sized. "What do want mom?" Bob asked. "For you to hold the stool," she replied. Bob did so and looked at the TV at the same time. It was a show on the male anatomy. "OK, Bob, you can let go now," his mother said.

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   Doing so, Bob sat on his mom's bed to watch the show. It was the part about puberty. It showed a diagram of a penis and said how boys can get an erection as early as seven years of age. "Does your pee pee get like that, Bobby?" his mom as she sat next to him on the bed. Naturally Bob felt uncomfortable talking about this subject with his mom. She hadn't even taken him a bath since he was six, but he had felt his penis doing strange things during school. Like it growing bigger and moving, like a big worm. "Sometimes. . . " he said quietly. "At school but, I try to hide it. This way the other kids won't say anything. "His mother put her arm around him. "Oooh Bobby, that's nothing to be ashamed of.


  " she said in a consoling voice. "It's natural for your body to start doing strange things at this time. When your pee pee gets bigger it's called an erection. ""Why?" asked BobbyHis mother replied. "Because erection means-""No, why does it get bigger?" he asked. She stopped for a minute. She was treading on thin ice now. If she told him about the birds and the bees, then he might get himself in trouble in school for saying the wrong thing. But he's gonna learn someday and it may as well be now. "Well Bobby, your pee pee gets bigger because. . . because it's practicing," she explained. "Practicing for what?" he asked. Oh god, she thought.

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   Here it comes. "Sex," she blurted out. "Is that when they hug and kiss?" asked Bob. "Yes," she replied, "but, there is more to it than that. You see when a man loves a woman they. . . they um, not only hug and kiss, but something else happens too. ""What?" asked Bobby yearning to learn more. "Well his pee pee gets bigger and . . . and-", his mom said. "Can you show me?" asked Bobby with his heart beating fast. "What?" she said, taken aback by the statement.

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  "Can you show me?" he repeated. "Bobby I can't do that, it's-", she refused. "Pleeeeaaaaaaaaase?" he begged. Oh my God, Debra what have you gotten yourself into now? she thought. She could just give him a stern no and send him to his room. Though that wouldn't solve anything, he would still wonder. But, on the other hand. . . "OK Bobby, but promise you won't tell anybody, kay?" she said. "Kay," Bob replied. She hugged Bobby's little ten-year-old body and started kissing him on the cheek. "What do I do mom?" he asked. "Whatever you want," she replied. If she was going to go through with this she may as well do it right.

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   Bobby hugged her back and ran his hands up and down her back the way he saw the guy do it on TVThis is illegal, she thought to herself. I hope Harold doesn't find out. But the taboo nature of the act was turning her on as her breathing got heavier and quicker. She took Bobby's shirt off and lay down on the bed. She got on top of him and Bob said, "You're heavy mom. ""Shhh," she said and planted a closed mouthed kiss on his lips. Suddenly, Bob got that strange feeling in his loins. His penis was getting bigger!It was that Bobby's mother felt it too because she smiled a devilish smile when it happened. She started gyrating her hips around Bobby's torso. Bobby rolled his eyes with pleasure. This was better than Monday Night Raw and Nitro put together!Started unbuttoning her blouse revealing a lacy white bra with 36 B tits just threatening to bust out. Bobby's eyes widened at the sight of the two alabaster globes looming over him. She unclasped her bra and out they came in their full splendor. With the hard nibbles only a shade darker than her skin. She bent over and let Bobby takes one in his mouth.

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   "Oh yes, suck'em," she whispered. Meanwhile, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his five-inch member. She knew because this was his first time he would cum quick so she would get it over with as soon as possible. As she pulled her pants and panties off he bit her right nipple by accident. She winced in pain. "Gentle now honey, mommy's real sensitive in that spot. " She pulled tits away from him and prepared to impale herself on his member. "Now Bobby," she explained, "this is sex and it's going to feel real good. "She slowed pushed herself down on Bob's cock. And though, she could hardly feel anything because her husband's cock was twice as big, Bobby was in hog heaven. "So tight," he said. By the third stroke Bobby felt a sharp pleasurable twang in the bladder area. "Uuuuuuunnnngh!!!" he moaned. Quickly Bobby's mother got off and his penis erupted in white spew like a Yellowstone geyser. "Ooooh mom," said Bob in ecstasy, "this beats peanut butter and jelly any day!" THE ENDMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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