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She moaned as his cock slid home. Thick and long, shehad been dreaming about his hard-on for weeks. When she leftfor college she hadn't known that Greg was bigger than mostguys, but, based on the guys she'd tried at school, and thegirls she'd talked to, he was. She could feel herselfunwinding with each stroke. She really needed this boning. She matched his rhythm, pushing her hips up to meet hisdownstrokes. Her legs wrapped around him, her musclesflexing in time with his fucking, helping him drive it deep. She came hard, her cunt spasming around his rod, her bodysurging up against his.      Greg was looking into her eyes when she came. She alwaysopened her eyes at that moment. Her lust pushed him to theedge. He thrust into her several more times, then pushed indeep, cuming hard into Marcia's tight, hot pussy. He'd hadother girls, but there was something special about Marcia. Tight, hot and gorgeous, he always came harder and longerwhen he fucked her. And she enjoyed it as much as he did. Shereally liked fucking and sucking his big, stiff prick.

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       He pulled out of her and rolled off, his still erectcock slapping his stomach when he landed on his back. Marciasnuggled up against him, warm and happy. She reached for hiscock, just holding it, stroking it slowly to keep it hardwhile they caught their breath. That was another great thingabout Greg that she hadn't appreciated before. He never wentsoft right away, and never dropped off to sleep right after. He was always good for a second ride. She stroked his cock,squeezing on the upstroke. She could see the big purple headswell, she could feel the shaft throb occasionally. She slidtoward his waist, put her left arm across his body, restedagainst his firm, flat stomach. His cock was only inches fromher mouth. Her right hand wrapped around the base, gentlysqueezing. Her fingers massaged the area below his balls,causing his rod to swell even more, forcing a large drop ofclear liquid out of his cockhole. Her tongue darted out,licking him clean. She loved the way he tasted. She openedher mouth wide and took him in.

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   Her tongue played along thesensitive underside, her cheeks caved in around the head asshe sucked. Several inches of shaft slid into her mouth asshe sucked, but most of his tool remained on the outside. She had never been able to get much of his monster into hermouth, but she always tried. She began fisting his shaft,sucking on the upstroke, releasing on the down. When his hipsbegan to buck beneath her she knew he was getting close. Shebegan pumping him faster, sucking harder, literally jackinghim off into her mouth. When she felt him swell she strokedhim hard and fast, then just sucked as the hot cum shot outof his prick and into the back of her throat. She sucked andswallowed, drinking his jiz, wanting every drop. When he hadfinished she removed him from her mouth, then gently lickedhis shaft and head, making sure he was clean. This time Gregsoftened, but didn't go completely limp. He was enlarged, butnot fully erect.      Marcia turned toward him, moved one leg across his chestso that she straddled him, and moved her steaming snatchtoward his waiting mouth. Greg's strong hands gripped her asscheeks, pulling her towards him. His tongue pushed her cuntlips apart. She could feel him licking and sucking, feel hisfingers and tongue probing her.

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   Marcia stroked her small,firm tits, pinching the nipples, pulling on them. Her pussythrobbing, she pulled Greg's head tighter against her cuntShe knew she was losing control. His tongue flicked acrossher clit, triggering her orgasm, starting the avalanche thatleft her breathless and trembling.      Bobby and Cindy were 14. While both had masturbated,neither was really sure what sex was all about. That's whythey were hiding in the closet in Marcia's room. They hadwatched everything Greg and Marcia had done, and were morethan ready to give it a try. Bobby's almost hairless cock hadgotten hard before Greg had even mounted Marcia, and it wasstill hard. Cindy's virgin pussy was so wet her panties weresoaked. As soon as Marcia and Greg were gone, they rushed outof the closet and fell onto the bed. They had stripped whilethey watched, but were too afraid of making noise to doanything.      Bobby pulled Cindy close, kissed her eyes and mouth theway he'd seen Greg kiss Marcia. He moved down to Cindy'stiny, barely bulging titties and began to lick and suck thenipples. They hardened even more, which surprised him. Hehadn't known that would happen.

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       Cindy held Bobby's cock gently. It was her first, andshe wasn't sure it wouldn't break. Bobby covered her handwith his and squeezed, then stroked his shaft, showing herhow to jack his dick. She stroked it a few times on her own,liking the way it felt in her hand.      They skipped the rest of the foreplay they had seen. Both were eager to fuck. But Cindy was a virgin, and theyboth knew a girls first fuck could be painful. Cindy likedBobby, trusted him, wanted him to be her first. She lay onher back, her face framed by blond curls, her lightly hairedsnatch a slightly darker blonde. She spread her legs wide,fingered herself for a moment, letting Bobby look at herpussy. Bobby stretched out above her, his knees between herlegs, his arms supporting his weight, his young, hard cocktouching her belly. Cindy took hold of his tool, guided it toher cunt, helped him enter her. He entered slowly, stoppingwhen Cindy flinched. He started to backup, not wanting tohurt her. She grabbed his ass with both hands, pulled himhard towards herself, felt a tearing pain in her cunt.

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   Sheburied her face in his shoulder, stifling a scream.   She toldhim not to move, told him that she had been told the painwould go away in a few minutes.      Bobby lay quietly on top of her, not moving, feeling apussy wrapped around his dick for the first time. It was somuch better than his hand. He remained still, looking atCindy's face, waiting. On impulse he kissed her again,pushing his tongue into her mouth. After a moment sheresponded, kissing back, tongue sliding over tongue. Cindybroke the kiss, began pushing her hips up against him,telling him it was OK. He began slowly, thinking that thepain might come back, and not wanting his cock to slip out. He pulled back slowly, thrust in slowly, watching her faceall the time. She smiled when he was all the way inside,which Bobby took to mean he could fuck her the way Greg hadfucked Marcia. Gradually he began to move faster, pumping hiscock into her tight young pussy. She matched his rhythm,thrusting her hips in time with his thrusts.      Cindy was going crazy. Her body had never felt like thisbefore.

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   Her nipples were on fire, her cunt muscles wererippling around the shaft inside it. She felt her whole bodyclench, felt herself thrust upward. She felt the spasms beginin her pussy, felt it tighten and relax around Bobby's prick. She fell into her orgasm, moaning and pounding her fists intoBobby's back, finally pulling him in as deep as possible,holding him there until she finished.      Bobby began pounding hard now, his hips pistoning intothe pussy beneath him. He could feel his cock swelling evenmore, feel it throbbing until finally he began to cum,pouring shot after shot into Cindy's tightness. Pumping hard,he pushed in ball deep and stayed there until his cock hademptied.      They lay side by side, whispering together about thethings each had felt. As they talked, Bobby got hard again. Time for round two. They had seen Marcia blow Greg, so theyassumed the same positions, Cindy lying across Bobby.      Bobby could feel her holding his cock, watched as theback of her head moved toward it. He felt something warm andwet touch the head, knew she was licking him. Her lips closedaround the head, engulfing him in warmth. He could feel hertongue against his cock, feel the inside of her cheeks as shesucked.

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       Cindy held it in her mouth. Her tongue explored it,tasting him, but she knew she was tasting herself, too. Hiscum and her pussy juice were still on his cock. She thoughtit tasted a little funny at first, but the more she licked,the more she liked. She began sucking in earnest, wantingmore dick juice. As she sucked, she realized much more ofBobby's rod was sliding in and out of her mouth than Marciahad managed with Greg. In fact, a couple of times she wassure she had felt his balls banging her chin. The thought ofbeing better at this than Marcia excited her, drove her to tryeven harder. She started sucking harder, pulling most of itinto her mouth every time. She discovered that if she heldher head just right, she could take him into the back of herthroat and hold him there, his entire cock in her mouth. Shepracticed this, noticing the effect it had on Bobby, who wastrying very hard to fuck her mouth. His hips kept thrustingupward whenever she sucked. She began sucking harder, pullinghis cock in faster, then squeezing it with her lips on itsway out. She was jacking him off with her mouth, in and out,fast and hard. She felt him tense beneath her, felt the cockin her mouth swell, and then he began to cum.

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   It was hot inher mouth, with a tangy sort of taste and a creamy texture. She liked it hot. She swallowed and sucked, trying to get itall. When Bobby was done she released his cock, licking theshaft, cleaning it the way she had seen Marcia do it.      They both heard the car pull in, which meant Marcia andGreg were back. They dressed quickly, then went out in thebackyard.      Jan and Peter were in the basement, fucking their littlebrains out. Peter's manic thrusting had already gotten Janoff several times, and was well on the way to getting her offagain. This time Jan was on her hands and knees, her bigboobs swinging as Peter slammed in and out of her juicysnatch. She loved doing the doggie, she always got off realgood this way. Peter took long, hard strokes, pulling all theway back and slamming in, which was exactly the way Janwanted it. He liked power fucking, and Jan liked being fuckedthat way. When her back arched Peter knew she was about tocum, so he drove it in as hard as he could and held it there,letting her spasm around his pole, feeling her cunt tightenand relax around him. When she finished he pulled out, stillhard. She knew he would.

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   The only time Peter would doggiefuck was when he got to plow her butt.      His cock slick with pussy juice, he immediately beganeasing it into her ass, pushing just hard enough to pop thehead past her sphincter. He waited until he felt her relax,then pushed again, slipping almost half his shaft inside her. While he waited for her to relax again, he leaned forward,cupping her tits in his hands, mashing them up against herchest. He pinched a nipple, then lifted it toward her mouth,knowing she'd take it, knowing she liked sucking her owntits. As she mouthed her nipple he felt her relax, so hegrabbed her hips and pulled her back, hard, while thrustingwith his cock. He sank into her ass, all the way, his ballsbanging her cunt. He began fucking her butt, slowly, feelingit clamp down on him every time he moved inside her. Slowlyand steadily, in and out, going ball deep with every stroke,he began building to his own orgasm. As it approached hebegan moving faster, his thrusts becoming almost manic. Heshot deep in her ass, pulling her against him, holding herthere while he emptied his balls.
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