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Compared to the club, it is a little chill out. They climb into the taxi, and take a short the short ride to the hotel. Her hand is on his throbbing cock. He pinches and twists her nipples through her top and bra the entire time. As soon as they are in the room, they are undressing each other. She takes of her top as he takes off his shirt. He inhales the scent of her body musk, sweat and perfume. She does the same with his black cotton shirt. Dropping the spandex top, he seizes her heavy mounds of boob flesh, packed into a black satin bra. The satin is more than damp, especially underneath the swell of her jugs. He leans down to put his face to her cleavage, pressing her mounds together. His cock throbs as the smell of her sweaty boobs fills his head. He lifts each one and licks the satin under-swell of each mound. She loves when he plays with her boobs, but she wants to get to his cock. She lets him play a little while longer. Then she sinks to her knees and goes for the front of his tight fitting jeans.

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   Getting them unbuttoned and unzipped, she tugs and pulls to get them down and off. His engorged cock is jutting out at her face. The knob is slimey and leaking with precum. She sticks out her tongue and licks it off, working her tongue down his thick, long shaft she makes her way to his ball sac. The musk of his cock and balls fills her nose and head as she licks and sucks each of his balls into her mouth, rolling them. Holding his cock against his stomach she ducks under slightly and presses her face to his crotch licking all around the base. His breathing is rough and ragged as he pulls her to her feet. He reaches around behind her and pulls down the zipper in the back of her snug fitting, low hip-hugging pants. He pulls and tugs them down and off watching her wiggle her wide hips to help. She is wearing a pair of black satin panties. The odor of her cunt is already reaching his nose. He turns her around so that her lush, and round ass is inches from his face. He loves her ass. He pulls the seat of her sweat soaked panties down enough to show off the full, fleshy mounds. The split down the middle is deep.

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   He Starts at the top and slides his tongue all the way down and up the length of her crevice. He worms tongue, as deep as it will go into her tight shit hole. He can hear her moan as she bends over and braces herself on the bed. He laps at her damp ass a little while more then goes right for her hairy, wet pussy. He pushes her panties up and presses his face to the saturated satin crotch and suck on the fabric. These smells of her make his head spin. He pulls aside the satin and feasts his eyes on her hair covered pussy. She has a thick bush of curls around the pouting lips. Her black curls are soaked with sweat and cunt juice. Her licks and sucks every little bit of her twat. He stops long enough to get on the bed, on his back. He rampant cock juts up twitching throbbing with excitement. She climbs on the bed and maneuvers around, straddling his body. Her panty-covered cunt is poised right over his mouth and her ass hovers over his eyes. She teases him for a few moments.

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   She playfully slaps his stiff cock with four or five sharp blows, until he is groaning. Then she sits down covering his entire face with her ass and cunt. She grinds her crotch against him, nearly suffocating him with her crotch and ass cheeks. She can feel him sucking on her cunt lips, and his hot breath heating the space between her twat and her shitter. A few more minutes pass and she can feel him struggling a little to catch his breath and get a little air. She shifts a little to keep it from him. She gives his monstrous dick a few more slaps. When she feels him nearing a panic, she shifts again and lets him breathe. Finally, she leans over and takes hold of his cock in her fist and buries it deep in her mouth and throat. She hungrily begins sucking and stroking his shaft with her wet mouth and tongue. He pulls aside the soaked satin crotch and presses his face to her swamp like snatch. He sucks hard on her labes, pulling them into his mouth and using his tongue to draw out every drop of her juice. Then he zeros in on hit hard, throbbing clit. As her body stiffens and shudders, he jerks from head to toe with his own climax. He feels the gushing flood of cum spew of his shaft and pump into her gulping throat.

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   Her twat juice squirts in little jets from her cunt all over his face. The stay locked together for several minutes, until their bodies relax. They have rested for a short while. She gets up to go pee. She leaves the door open knowing he like to watch her on the toilet. She takes off her bra and panties in the process, using them to wipe herself. She comes back to the bed and put the wadded up underwear over his face. “You still have enough energy to fuck me little brother?”“I always have energy for that sis. ” he answers through her undies. His cock starts to swell and thick in moments. He props himself up on his elbow as his sister turns around and sticks her ass in his face. She reaches back and spread her cheeks until her puckered pooper gapes open a little. He swings around to sit on the edge of the bed. He presses his face into her ass crack and buries his tongue as deep as it will go into her shitter. As he eager probes her pooper, she lets go of her cheeks, trapping his face and tongue between her mounds.

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   When her shitter is thoroughly wet he pulls her down onto the bed until she is face down. He gets on top of her and pushes his entire shaft into her tight, hot rectum. The heat and exertion soon make their bodies slippery with sweat as they writhe and grind against each other. He is thrusting deep and hard. She is writhing under her horny brother, pushing her ass up to meet each brutal thrust. As he fucks his sister’s tight ass with increasing force and speed, he picks up her undies and holds them to his face, he breathes in the odors of her sweat, cunt cream, and piss. She claws at the bed as her brother rams his cock into her shitter. He seems to get more urgent and brutal as he sniffs her panties. His sweat drip of him onto her face. She slides her hand under her own sweat soaked body and digs her fingers into her steaming, swamp-like snatch. She grinds her clit hard until her muscles go rigid with violent orgasm. His sister’s ass grips his raging hard-on like a vise and it triggers a second climax, he grunts and growls, “I’m dumping my hot cum load right in your ass sis!”He shoves as deep as he can possibly go as his spews into her rectal depths. They collapse of sexual exhaustion still connected. Their bodies cling to each other with the sheen of combined sweat. Please give me your comments.

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