Brian + Megan - The Awakening


Megan + Brian - The Later that week in school, Jessica found Megan and asked her to come over after school.   Megan agreed and met Daniel + Jessica after school and walked home with them.   They wasted no time when they got home, as soon as they were in the door, Jessica spoke. "Megan, Daniel and I want you to be in a threesome with us".   Megan felt herself get wet almost instantly.   She had been so horney this past week.   At this point she just needed some and didn't care where it came from.   She answered by grabbing Jessica and started making out with her right in front of Daniel.   The girls started making out quite heavily and their hands roamed each others bodies.   Daniel was turned on almost instantly.   Slowly the girls started to strip each other and made their way to the living room couch.   By the time they got there, both girls were completely naked.   Daniel was down to his boxers.   Se stripped himself as he followed the girls into the living Megan sat Jessica down on the couch and immediately started kissing down her body and stopped at her pussy.   Megan had never performed oral sex on anyone before, but was amazed at how she naturally seemed to know what to do to please Jessica sat on the couch enjoying her pussy being pleasured.   After a little bit she opened her eyes and looked for her brother.

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    She saw him just a few feet away watching.   She saw the outline of his hard dick through his boxers and motioned for him to come closer.   When he got within arms length, she ripped down his boxers and took his dick in her mouth and started sucking on him.   She loved the feeling of a hard dick in her mouth as someone lapped at her Brian was about half an hour behind, as was planned.   As he quietly entered the front door, he heard the moans coming from the living room and saw the assortment of clothes and bras and panties leading in a trail to the living room.   "Wow" he thought "Sorry I missed the show. "  He took off everything but his boxers in the hallway and rounded the corner into the living room.   He was a little shocked at what he saw.   A full blown threesome with his sister and twin neighbors.   He knew they would be started already, but he hardly expected what he saw.   Daniel was knelt behind Jessica, holding onto her hips and was fucking her doggy style  (apparently her favorite position)  Megan was sitting on the couch completely naked and Jessica was buried in her pussy, eating her out, as she was fucked by her brother.   It didn't take long before Brian was sporting a raging hard on, the outline of which was fully visible through his He took a deep breath because this was the moment of truth, when he would find out if his sister would actually have sex with him.   Brian started to move into the room.   He was staring at Megan's naked body and watched her play with her breasts as Jessica pleasured her.   When he got close, Megan saw him and turned and looked at him right in the eye.

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    They both froze for a sec.   Her hands just cupped her breasts as she stared at her brother.   Her eyes wondered down his chest and stopped at his crotch.   She licked her lips as she saw his large member in his pants.   She motioned for him to come closer, which he did immediately.   As soon as he got close enough, she ripped down his underwear and was staring at her brothers dick straight on.   She just stared at it or a moment thinking how it was so much bigger than she ever thought.   Without giving it a second thought, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around her brothers dick.   Life seemed to be going in slow motion for both of them as Megan wrapped her wet lips around Brian’s dick.   Megan savored the feel of Brian's dick in her mouth. Brian savored the feeling of his sisters lips wrapped around his dick.   She started to blow him slowly.   He moved closer and knelt on the couch to make it easier for her.   Jessica was still buried in her pussy and Megan’s hands still continued playing with her breasts.   Brian looked down and slowly watched his dick disappear into his sisters mouth.

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    He was so turned on right now, he didn't think he had ever been that hard before in his life.   Megan opened her eyes and started at her brother right in the eye as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft and engulfed the The two siblings were so engrossed in their first fuck, they didn't notice Daniel + Jessica slowly move away to a chair on the other side of the room.   Daniel sat down on the chair and Jessica sand down on his dick and sat on his lap.   She slowly gyrated her hips, slowly fucking Daniel as they both sat there watching Brian and Megan experience each other for the first Megan concentrated more on Brian’s dick now and was really going down on him and giving him an amazing blowjob.   She loved the way her brothers dick felt in her mouth.   She decided it was time to have him.   She stopped blowing him and stared him straight in the eye as she slowly leaned back and spread her legs and her pussy lips with her fingers.   Brian caught on immediately and moved over in front of her.   He positioned the tip of his dick at the entrance to her pussy.   Megan gasped as she felt it spread her lips.   She held onto Brian by placing her arms around the back of his neck and gave a slight nod motioning that she was ready.   Brian took a breath and slowly pushed his hard dick into his sister.   Megan held her breath as she felt her brother slide into her.   The two siblings just stared at each other as they lost their virginity to one another.   After he pushed all the way in he just held it there savoring the feeling of the warm inside of his sister.

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    Megan began to breath again as her body began to wrap itself around every contour and ridge on the dick inside of her.   When the moment seemed right, Brian slowly pulled it out about three quarters of the way and pushed it back in.   He continued these movements ever so slowly then picked up the pace just a little bit.   Megan’s face was one of pure ecstasy and her eyes were closed as her brother fucked her for the first time.   Her hands found their way up to her breasts and slowly started to kneed them giving herself more She was already warmed up from Jessica's oral sex on her earlier.   She lasted about 5 minutes before she reached her climax.   Brian watched Megan scream out in pleasure and felt her pussy grab and squeeze his dick as she orgasmed.   When she was finished, Brian continued fucking her but only lasted a couple more minutes himself before he felt his orgasm coming.   He told her he was about to come and she said something which surprised him.   "Come all over my tits big brother".   She grabbed her breasts and pushed them up, presenting him with lots of cleavage to aim for.   He stayed in her for as long as he felt his could hold it then quickly pulled out and brought his dick up to her tits.   He barely made it and started shooting load after load on his sister.   His orgasm lasted for what felt like forever.   When he finished, he looked down at his sister, only to see her looking up at him smiling with his cum covering her neck and tits.

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    He collapsed down next to her on the couch.   Just then they heard "Oh Fuck" and they snapped back to reality and realized Daniel and Jessica were still there.   They looked over to see what the commotion was all about. Daniel & Jessica sat quietly in the corner, slowly fucking while they watched Brian & Megan have sex for the first time.   Jessica was sitting on Daniels lap and was slowly fucking him ass she remembered back to her and Daniels first time.   She was brought back to reality by the sound of Megan reaching her orgasm.   She admired Megan’s firm and toned body as she shook with orgasm.   She was immediately entranced by the feeling of her brother slowly sliding in and out of her.   Daniel must have been having some of the same thoughts Jessica was having, because she swore, this was by far the best sex they had ever had.   He just sat there half in dream world, the other half watching Brian & Megan.   The sensation of his sister slowly riding him then was absolutely incredible.   He watched Brian cum all over Megan's breasts and just stared as the shiny cum made every curve of her sexy body glisten and seem more pronounced.   He was so engrossed in them that he didn't notice his own orgasm coming until it was too late and started shooting it into his sister.   By instinct he grabbed her hips and pushed her as far down on him as she could as he started to shoot load after load into her.   Jessica was so engrossed in her own little world that the new feeling of her brothers cum filling her insides in places she didn't know existed completely sent her over the edge into her orgasm.

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    Her pussy squeezing his dick caused Daniel to shoot more and more into her.   They both sat there for a moment until they both realized what had happened.
"OH Fuck!" Jessica said as she climbed up off of him.   "You just came inside of me!"
"Sorry sis" Daniel replied "I didn't mean to, I swear. " 
Jessica got up and ran off to the bathroom to try to clean her brothers cum out from inside her.   The three remaining teenagers just looked at each other and  Daniel spoke first. "So guys, how was it?"
The siblings looked at each other and Megan spoke. "It was amazing.   I never would have imagined fucking my brother would have felt so good. "
Daniel smiled and laughed.   "Well good, I'm glad we seduced you both. "
"I am too" Megan exclaimed, "Otherwise I would have had to jump him and rape him in his sleep!" Brian and Megan smiled and looked at each other.   They were both looking foreword to many adventures ahead.
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