Burglars turn mom and me out.


My father had died of caner by the time I was 3 so it had just been my mom and me for about as long as I can remember. I had a normal life I guess or at least as normal and any other child with one parent. My mom and I where very close, we really only had each other.   My mom had no family to speak of and my father’s side had nothing to do with us being they where never happy about him marrying my mother. My dad had left us well off so she did not have to work. We had a nice house and we did ok. We where not rich but we did ok.
  I was about 13 the night every thing changed in our lives. We had dinner and had settled in for are normal Saturday night of TV. We always sat on the couch together and I loved to snuggle up to her. My mom was not what you would call a beauty queen. She was 30 y/o and about 5’2”, plump, with long brown hair and big 38D boobs. But she was my mom and I loved her very much. Any way we had been really getting in to one of our shows when I herd the door bell ring. We had know idea who could be coming by at this hour. All my friends know that I always in by 8 and did not go back out.

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   But I jumped up and went to the door.
 Just as I opened the door my mother said Brian wait, but it was too late I was opening the door. It was a young girl who asked if she could use the phone as her car broke down and her cell phone was not working. My mom looked a little nerves but said ok, so I opened the door wider to let here in. just then the door was pushed in and smashed me in the face and up agents the wall. I had know idea what was going on.   Then I herd my mom call my name and some man tell her to shut up bitch. I got up only in time to see that there where two very large men and the young girl standing over my mother. I tried to get to my mom but the first man just back handed me in the face and I went down like a ton of bricks.
  The next time I opened my eyes I could not believe what I was seeing. My mom was on all fours like a dog and one guy was fucking her from the back while she sucked the other ones dick. I had seen a magazine of stuff like this with one of my friends but not like this. My mom was striped naked and her big tit where hanging down god I don’t understand it but I felt exited so how I felt my dick getting hard.
 The young girl was standing holding a gun to my moms head and saying things like “that’s it take it you fat bitch”, suck that big cock you know you like it. The two guys where also shouting at her, and slapping her on the ass and tits.

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   She was crying but she was also doing what ever they told her to do.   About this time the one that was behind her pulled his cock out of her and I could not believe how big it was it looked at least 10” long and as big around as a ball bat.   Then with out missing a beet he shoved it in my mom’s ass.   She stopped sucking the mans cock and screamed in pain.   The man slapped her hard in the face and shoved his big cock down her throat. It was not long after this that both men said that they going to fill her with cum. Firs the man who was fucking her in the ass let loose then when he was done the other man switched out and came around and put his cock right in her cum filled ass. While the first man made her lick the cum blood and shit off of his cock. Soon the second man finished and pulled out of my mom’s ass leaving it leaking blood and cum.
 The young girl looked up and saw me standing there and told me to get the fuck over here and to get on my hands and knees behind my mom. Lick that cum and from you moms fat ass she said. The men just laughed and my mother cried. I did not know what to do so I started licking and sticking my tongue in my mom’s ass licking up the mix the two men had left in her. I know this is crazy but I liked it. I was licking the woman I loved and in some way it exited me.

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   I know this was wrong in every way. Get your cloths off you little fucking freak, the girl with the gun told me. I only had on pajamas so I slipped out of them and was standing naked looking down at my mom who had been ass raped by two men and I had a rock hard on. Roll over you fat bitch and see how exited your little boy is by seeing you get fucked up that ass. Mom rolled over on he back and I could see her big tits hanging to the side with big drown nipples. And her fat stomach and I think my dick got even harder.  Then the girl told me to get between my moms leg and to fuck that fat shit bag. I hatred her calling my mom names but I was getting so horny I wanted to fuck my mom so bad. Mom was still crying saying don’t make my baby do this. But I was to far gone. I slid my hard cock in my mothers dripping wet hot pussy and it was all I could do not to explode. I had been masturbating for some time but I had never felt any thing like this. I started stroking in and out for all I was worth. At first my mom just laid there and cried. But soon I felt her hands on me touching my back then my ass.

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   She started to groan and move with me.  Oooh Brian that is good yes that is so good. I could not believe this, my mom was fucking me back and I loved every minuet of it. She was pulling me in to her and meeting me stroke for stroke. I could not take it any longer and screamed I am going to cum, she just said yes baby cum for momma give me all you got. That was it I lost it and shot load after load of my hot 13 year old cum in to my moms steaming hot cunt. She started shaking and pulling me into her even more then finely we both just laid there my cock still inside of her and her holding me tight.
 I looked over and all 3 of our intruders where laughing and saying that we where the sickest fucks they had ever seen.   Then they grabbed a bag each and walked out the door. Apparently while I was fucking my mom the two guys had ransacked the house and filled up pillow cases with all of our stuff.
 Mom and I just lay there for a few minutes than I asked if she was ok and told her I was sorry that I had to do what I did. She said “baby that is ok, I think it won’t be the last time we do that together”. I just looked at her and smiled she pulled me to her and gave me a big long lovers kiss.  
 Things most definitely changed after that……
Do I go on?
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