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"Paul, what's wrong. Why the blank look?" Jamie asked, looking across to him on the right hand side. Paul turned back and smiled. It was good to have her back again. They were going on a trip to together to the out of town forest for a hiking expedition. Two days with his mother and no one else. He smiled at the thought. "Nothing mom. You're the greatest, that's all," he said, getting across and kissing her on the cheek. She smiled. It has been a while since he seemed this happy. She was happy for him. She still felt guilty about not being there for him when Hank passed away. Not that it was not a shock that he got hit by a truck. But because it must have hit him harder than it did her. She was happy though that he had tried to take his place.

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   She was proud of him. They arrived in the afternoon. They then took all their backpacks off the car, parked the car in a suitable area and walked off. Jamie walked in front and Paul followed her. From the back, Paul noticed that his mom, despite her age, had a very cute butt. He then felt ashamed about thinking about his mother in such a way. That was when his mother suddenly stopped and turned back. "Paul, there's a small swamp in front which we need to pass to get to the other side. "Paul looked at the map. "Ya know, mom, if we were to turn back and turn left that last turn, we could miss this swamp""Don't be silly Paul. Let's just get across. "They then went into the neck-high swamp at its deepest, about 30 feet across. He went in first and had no trouble going across. She needed help to get pulled out. "Crap, look at me.

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   . I'm all wet Paul. "The pull of the backpack on her back pulled her white t-shirt to its fullest across her chest. Paul managed to have a glance at her despite himself. What he saw impressed him. Despite her slight overweight frame, she had a wonderful rack. Her erect brown nipples, probably caused by the cold water, stood out of her transparent T-shirt. Her large breasts looked ripe for the picking and for the first time, he felt a sexual urge for his mother. In fact, the fact that she was braless made her look like she was almost completely topless, her T-shirt revealing more than it was hiding. "Paul, stop looking at me," Jamie teased. It was obvious Jamie saw the way he was looking at her and felt sorry for him. She quickly pulled her T-shirt outwards. He looked up, uneasily. She then cut the terrible tension around them. "Don't worry Paul, I know how boys hormones are like.

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   Let's continue. " He was relieved. While he felt a little ashamed of his obvious arousal at seeing her almost naked breasts, he could not help feeling a deep fascination with his mother. She, on the other hand, felt sorry for him. She truly meant what she said and furthermore, while she was by no means a loose woman, she could not help but feel proud and even a bit aroused that her son had obviously looked at her body, even if it was not perfect. However, she shrugged the thought almost as quickly as it came. They then continued walking on. They went in further and a few hours later, she suddenly stopped again. "Paul, I have to go," Jamie said, as she crossed her legs slightly. "Mom, can't you hold on for a few hours more, we're reaching near an outpost, I think," Paul said to her mother, as he looked down to his map. The truth was he did not know, but it sure sounded better that "Shit, we're lost. ""Ooohhhh Paul I really have to go. "She went to the side, near the undergrowth. It was hard to see, and she did not want to step on any snakes, so she asked him to help torch her path off the track to bring her deeper in and she might relieve herself there. "Okay, here would be fine.

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   Don't look but shine the torch on the round, I would not want a bite "They were by now, quite deep in the undergrowth. Without the torch, it would be quite impossible to see anything. He then aimed at the ground below her. He heard her undoing her zipper and crouching down. He then heard the faint tinkle and the faint aroma of her urine. Despite himself, he turned back to try and get a better look. Realizing that she can't see where he was looking, he came slightly closer and that was when it happened. Total darkness. "Paul, where is the torch?""Fuck, mom, I've dropped it. ""Well, go and find it, I can't even have the confidence to pee in this darkness. "Paul then slowly crouched down and started fiddling with the ground. That was when he accidentally touched her on her bare skin just above the ground. "Ohhh Paul," Jamie moaned. Paul, pulled back his hand and blushed (not that anyone could see it. ) However, he then felt her hand come back on his, a sign on encouragement, and pull his hand back towards her cunt.

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   He slowly touched the puffy lips of her cunt. He then felt her pushing back on his hand. Feeling braver, he started to roam his hands all over her pubic region, a region no son should be allowed access to. His hand explored her deepest areas, while she slowly gyrated to his fingers in her, till he felt her cunt pull on his middle finger that was lodged up in her cunt. She was getting an orgasm. "Ohhhohhh Paul. . . Ohhhhh!" she squealed in delight. He felt her juices squirt on his hand. He had also felt the wet stain on his track pants. He had come. They both kneeled there, a strange silence filling the air. Her son had just invaded her most private area. And instead of ignoring him, she had accepted him.

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  "Son, let's find the torch. "They then both touched the ground and then it was found by Paul. "Here it is," he said, as he flicked it on. Just at that moment, he realized that she was still exposed, that she had not covered up after their act. She realized the cause of his staring and zipped up quickly. However, before she did it, he had managed a good look at her snatch. The puffy lips were nice a pinkish color, folding at the centre. The bush just above it seemed extremely hairy, like revealing what a virgin is hiding. He knew that she did not do anyone except his father, she was that religious, and there was still a few droplets of urine coming out of her. "Son, what happened was well," Jamie said, trying to find a reasonable explanation. "Well, it should not happen again. You know it's wrong, God won't accept incest honey. It's just wrong. What's been done can't be undone, I love you son but what happened must never be allowed to ever happen again. "Her son nodded.

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  "Well, it looks like it's almost night time. Better get ready the tent," she said. They went back near the main track and set up base there. They then sat at a small fire he had made, making small conversation trying to forget what had happened. About two hours later, Paul went to sleep. His mom slept on the other side, anxious not to allow what had happened earlier be reenacted. A few hours later, he woke up, only to realize that his mother was not where she was earlier. Being scared, he went out and saw her a few feet away from the tent (now there was the light from the fire). She was crouched with back to tent and he could see a large brown turd coming out of her ass hole. He had a boner instantly. His mother seemed to be having constipation as she seemed to be having problems shitting. He then decided to make his move. He released his boner from the constraints of his shorts and walked slowly towards his mother. He then slowly crouched down and slowly as he saw another small turd fall to the ground, pushed his cock into her asshole. "Unnnnhhh.

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  . Paul, what are you doing oooohhh. . . "Before she has a chance to respond, he had already started to mount her, and started pushing into her anal passage, cornholing her. "Ohhh. . . Paulaaahhhh. "She started pushing back. "Paul, I have to go, please, let me go. . "He tried to stay in her, but the pressure from her outgoing shit was just too large. His shit-covered cock was forced out of her puckered hole and brown liquid came out. "Ahhhhooohhhh.

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  "Before she had a chance to respond, he violently turned her around and jammed his cock into her fat pussy lips, all eight inches of it. It was the tightest hole he had ever felt. He probed in further. "Ohhh Paul. "He continued pushing, her cunt apparently too tight and unused to accommodate her young son's virile cock. She slowly rested, even though her shit was under them, and allowed her son's sweet shit-coated cock into her. She wanted it as much as him. She then slowly moved her legs over his and the ends of her legs were now rested on his butt so as to ensure her pussy opens as large as possible to accommodate her loving son. "Unnngghhhh," she moaned, allowing him to enter further into her. He pushed further into his mother, probing parts of a mother that no son should have access to. He pushed in and felt the end of his cock touch her womb. His point of origin, the same point his father had accessed to help create him 18 years ago. It felt so wrong, yet so right. A slight bulge appeared on her belly, apparently showing the tool of love he had entered into his mother. "Oh.

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  honeypush into me baby. "He listened to his mother and continued pushing in, feeling his mother's pussy tighten around his tool of love. He slowly pushed her t-shirt up and revealed her two golden globes. The nipples that had satisfied his hunger when he was young, the same nipples that would satisfy his hunger now. He slowly used his tongue to lick the by now rock hard erected eraser-like nipples. He licked them and bit them, allowing them to harden in his mouth. Her slightly sagging breasts were receiving much needed attention from her loving son, and he continued feasting on them, as if milk was coming out and he was savoring every drop. Her large brown areolas wrinkled in excitement as he continued his assault on them. His mother was now responding to his thrusts like a bitch in heat ready to mate: by thrusting back to allow her son's cock deeper and deeper penetration of her love hole, a hole which now unions her and her son. "Honey, oh. . . make a baby honey, fuck me, gimme a son to show your love," Jamie said as she started her orgasm. Paul then started to come. He pushed and penetrated her womb again, where spurt after spurt of his incestuous seed made home in.


   His seed had no where to go but to her womb, undeniably impregnating her with his son the same place he was conceived. He kissed her tits and pulled her closer, while at the same time, she pulled him closer by pushing his butt in with her legs. Their union was by now sloppy, with cum dripping out of her cunt, apparently showing that her cunt was too tight to accommodate his full love. There were now slurping sounds on the union of his cock and her grinding cunt. "Yes mommy oh mommy, thank you, aahhhh. . . " he said as he expended his final spurts of incestuous seed into his mother's already full baby-making machine. He then pulled out of her, her cunt lips slowly unenveloping his cock, and when it finally broke the lovely union of the lovers, a pop sound emerged. Cum streamed down Jamie's cunt and they kissed, knowing that they had just consummated their relationship as mother and son and could no longer go back to the ordinary loving that most mothers and sons had to live with. They truly loved each other more than any other son and mother can ever be allowed to love in society. They have given each other the greatest give of making love and would cherish each other for the rest of their lives. Footnote: They continue fucking till the morning so much so that Jamie had to be carried down as she could no longer stand on her two feet. She admitted that Paul had taken her anal virginity and that no one else has ever entered her puckered shit hole. Jamie became pregnant with a son three months later.

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   She is still fucking her son like a bitch in heat everyday and they stay as lovers, but that's another story for another day isn't it? He hePS: Any comments on this or my first few stories. E-mail me at slurpstories@hotmail. com Remember, the more you e-mail me with your criticisms/comments/praise, the more I'll feel I'm being appreciated and write more. Also, to join my mailing list, send an e-mail to me (and I'll send an invitation over ASAP) or send an e-mail to familylover-subscribe@egroups. com Hope to see you there. TrinityMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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