Camping with Daddy


I was so happy sitting next to my Dad in the car. Listening to the radio, watching the beautiful scenery go by. I would occasionally find myself looking at my Dad. I was just amazed that he took the time to be with me alone. I felt so fortunate. I was short for my age, sort of cute, or so the boys at school thought. My breasts were starting to grow, a bra would be necessary when I headed back to school in the fall. I had long brown hair and big green eyes that people always complimented. My lips were kind of thick, "pouty" was what my Mom called them. I was athletic, so although I was thin, I was still muscular. Built sort of similar to my father, I had noted sitting next to him. He was on the short side, maybe 5'9" and thin but muscular too. He had brown hair although there was some gray mixed in as well. He had the same green eyes I did but his lips weren't as thick as mine. I thought he was really good-looking, well, for my Dad. We finally arrived at the campsite early that evening.

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   My father pitched the tent as I unpacked the car. We ate some sandwiches for dinner, we were not in the mood to cook. After dinner we decided to explore the area a bit. We found a trail near the campsite and headed down it. It was still light out, although the sun was beginning to drop from the sky. It was really pretty though. The sky had turned a beautiful color, red with streaks of orange and yellow. It sort of set the tone for a nice peaceful stroll through the pines. I led the way, my father close behind me. I was playing around with him, stopping so he would walk into me. We were laughing and having such a great time. We found a clearing that overlooked a magnificent green valley edged in wildflowers. He started to tease me now, pretending to push me over. I knew he was kidding but instinctually I held on tight, grabbing the waistband of his jeans. I felt his big hands on my back, then on my ass.

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   The hands were gently pushing me close to the edge. I had no choice but to push back. So I pressed my ass back into his hand. Then he turned me around and pulled me towards him. He gave me a big hug. But it felt different from before. I could feel his power. I could also feel his hardness. Wow, all of a sudden I was warm. I felt a tingling sensation between my legs. I pulled away from him, a little nervous and confused. I was still pretending it was a game, but somehow knowing it wasn't. I told him it was getting late and we should head back. He took my hand and we started to walk back to the campsite. As we walked he pulled me closer and slipped his arm around my shoulder.

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   It felt really nice there. Like it belonged. I leaned into his body as we walked. He remarked how beautiful the sky was now. The deep purple of nightfall had taken over the red and orange of dusk. Millions of stars were beginning to sparkle. There were no skies like this back home in the city. I could stare up at it for hours. My Dad suggested, when we got back to the tent I change into my pajamas and come sit by the fire with him. We could look up at the night sky together. Maybe even see a shooting star. When we returned to the campsite I told him I'd be right back, I was going to change. I noticed when I took my pants off, my panties felt a little damp in the crotch. I had only felt that a few times before. And always when I had masturbated.

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   Was I really that turned on? From my Dad? How could that be? He was my father! I decided to ignore it. Who knew where it came from? Maybe it was the mountain air! Certainly not from playing around with him. I went back outside and my Dad was sitting by the fire. He patted the blanket next to him and told me to come sit there. I sat down and he put his arm around me pulling me close to him. It felt nice leaning next to his warm body. I rested my head on his shoulder watching the fire. His hand started running up and down my arm, then he slowly started to tickle me under my arm. I was giggling and trying to wriggle away from him. I was sliding under his arm, but he was holding me tight. I ended up laying in front of him with my night shirt up around my neck, but I wasn't able to pull it down as he was holding my wrists with one hand. His other hand was on my belly. But then he slowly moved it up my body until he reached my breasts. My nipples were very hard and stuck out further than I could ever remember. They felt as if they were going to burst.

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   He ran his fingers over them, gently pinching them. I was afraid to move, so I just closed my eyes and laid there. He still held my wrist firmly as he leaned over and began to suck on my nipples. I heard a moaning and it took a moment to realize it was me! I felt my hips lifting up, as if they had a mind of their own. What was happening to me? I was so turned on, that I knew. But I had never felt like this before. I was dizzy from it. As he sucked harder on my nipples I felt his hand running down to my thighs. Instinctively I spread my legs. He slid his hand into my panties. He made a comment on how wet I was. I could sense my cheeks turning red. He let go of my wrists and pulled my panties down. Then he took them off and tied my wrists together with them. My arms were now above my head.

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   He spread my legs wide and moved between them. I kept my eyes closed, I was too nervous to open them. Honestly, I was scared it might all suddenly stop. It was as if it were all a dream. I had a feeling of almost floating there while my body was experiencing something really incredible. I felt his tongue licking my between my legs. He was sucking on "that spot. " The one I so often rubbed before going to sleep. Oh, but it felt so much better like this. I was moaning louder now. My hips bucking up to meet his mouth. As he sucked me I could feel his fingers inside me. I think it was two, but couldn't be sure. Then I felt his other hand on my nipples. Pinching them between his fingers.

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   It hurt, but it also felt really good. How could that be? I felt the pain in the middle of my nipples, but I felt so much pleasure from it, deep within me. I was so confused by all the feelings. I didn't know anything except I didn't want it to stop. I became aware of something building inside me. My breath was coming faster now, my head was spinning. I was covered in a sheen of sweat, my body twitching. I felt a wave rising up from deep within me, faster and faster. Then I exploded. I was moaning loudly, my hips moving up and back, slamming against my father's mouth. Slowly it subsided. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I couldn't hear anything except my panting. In my excitement I had somehow managed to really knot my panties around my wrists. Now my hands were tightly bound.

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   My father stood up and looked down at me. I was not able to meet his eyes. I felt suddenly embarrassed, afraid, yet still turned on. He reached over me and pulled me up to my knees. He stood in front of me now and I was looking into the crotch of his pants. I saw his fingers unzipping his jeans Then he pulled out his cock. I had never actually seen one live before. It looked much larger than I thought it would. The big head at the top, almost as purple as the night sky overhead. And what were all those veins? He told me to kiss it. I did. He told me to suck it, like a popsicle. I did. He continued to give me instructions on how to properly suck it. I realized while I was doing it that he was now becoming turned on.

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   His breath was getting quicker. I liked that quite a bit. I enjoyed pleasing him, making him feel good. He put his hands on the back of my head and moved it in rhythm with his body. My mouth was starting to hurt but I wouldn't think of stopping. Not that I could have anyway, with his hands holding my head and my wrists still bound together. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat and I had to fight not to gag. I was breathing through my nose but it still seemed hard to really get a breath. Then I could hear him begin to moan. He was moving his hips faster, fucking my mouth harder and harder. His cock banging against the back of my throat. Then all of a sudden I could feel something in my mouth and throat. Then I could taste it. I wanted to spit, but he held my head firmly, so I had no choice but to swallow. So much.

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   But I swallowed all of it. Then he took his hands off my head and he walked away. My hands were still tied together but I managed to stand up. I didn't know what to do so I went into the tent. I couldn't open the sleeping back, so I just laid down on top of it. I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew it was dawn. I was alone in the tent but I could hear my father outside tending the fire. It was a chilly August morning, especially for me since I was still naked. I didn't know what else to do since my wrists were still tied together so I stepped outside to ask my father to help untie me. When I stepped out, he was drinking a cup of coffee by the fire. I was embarrassed to be standing naked in front him, especially with my wrists still tied up with my panties. He looked up and saw me standing there. He put his cup down and came over to me. "Well, that's some predicament you have there for yourself, love?" I bit my lower lip and looked at the ground, somehow unable to find my voice. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my face towards him.


   When I looked up at him I saw he was smiling. Not a smile like he was laughing at me, more like he was pleased with me. If I could had thrown my arms around him I would have. I felt so much love for him at that moment. He kissed my forehead and stepped back. "Boy, you are sure becoming a beautiful woman sweetie," he almost whispered to me, "I can't believe you're my baby. "I blushed at his comment. "Thanks Daddy. " I said shyly. He pulled his Swiss army knife from his pocket and opened the blade. He gently cut the panties away. "Shame to waste such a cute pair of panties" he laughed. "It's ok Daddy, I have more with me" I giggled. "Ok, Hon, go wash and get dressed, I want to go for a long hike today. "So I went back to the tent, grabbed some clothes and headed for the campground bathroom.

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   I was deliriously happy now. My Daddy and I had shared something really special last night, I knew that. He made me feel so good. I wondered if we would do it again. Dare I even think it? I quickly washed and ran back to our campsite. After a quick breakfast we headed out for out hike. It was a beautiful day. Still cool out, but becoming warmer. The sky was a crisp azure blue and not a cloud could be seen. We walked along until we reached some more serious trails. My father chose one that although challenging, he knew I would be able to handle it. Up we went. Climbing along, sometimes over huge boulders until we finally reached the top. We barely had spoken along the way. Absorbed in the task of hiking, we both were silent.

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   I didn't think about anything except the trail I was on. When we reached the clearing at the top my father decided we should have some lunch and sit for a little bit. I hadn't realized we had been climbing for several hours. I sat down on a small boulder and looked out at the view. It really was incredible. You could see for miles, the mountains and the valleys. Everything was so green and clear. Even the air smelled different, fresher. My father handed me a sandwich and I sat there and ate it. As I ate I reflected on the previous night. It seemed as if it were all a fantasy. But I knew it wasn't. My wrists still bore the marks of my panties on them. I looked down at them, almost proud to bear the marks. When I looked up my father was staring at me.

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   Something in his eyes made me blush. He smiled and asked me if I was all right. "Yes, Daddy, why?" I asked. He stood up and walked toward me, "you seem awfully quiet today, I want to make sure you are ok. "Was he kidding? "Daddy, I'm very happy. I am having the best time here with you, I am much better than ok!" I answered. He stopped in front of me and put one hand on my shoulder, he put the other hand under my chin and lifted my face up. He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth. As he had his mouth on me I felt his other hand move from my shoulder down my back, pushing me toward him. His tongue moved into my mouth. I had done this a few times with a boy from school. I think I surprised him by putting my tongue in his mouth and moving it around. We kissed like that for what seemed like forever. I felt as if I were dreaming, there was no time, nothing but us. He stopped and stood up in front of me.

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   I could see how hard he was, as his crotch was eyelevel. I was too afraid to look into his eyes and I didn't want to stare at his hardness, so I looked at the ground. He must have sensed my embarrassment because he laughed and said, "Come on, let's head back. "So, off we went, back down the mountain to our campsite to spend our last night together. I wonder what will happen tonight, I thought, as we headed down the trail. Upon our return my father suggested we each go wash up and get ready to prepare dinner. When I came back from the bathroom he already had the fire started and was lighting the stove. We cooked dinner in silence, I guess we were thinking about other things. I know I was thinking about what the night ahead held in store for me. I knew about sex, I learned about that at school and from my girlfriends. Could it be possible my father and I could have sex? No, I doubt he would want to do that with me. Fooling around was one thing, but actually having sex was something entirely different. Maybe we could just do what we did last night again. Yes, that felt fantastic and I would love to feel like that again.
    Especially that my hands were all tied up in my panties, that made it even more exciting.

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       And the little bit of pain I felt. That really confused me, pain that made me feel good. But I wasn't about to start questioning it. As I thought all of this I felt my father's gaze. I looked up from the pot I was mixing some soup in and was looking into his eyes. "Soup almost ready kid?" he asked. "Just about Daddy" I told him. Hmm, worrying more about dinner, maybe tonight held nothing in store for me. After a dinner of vegetable soup and fried eggs we cleaned everything up. When that was all done we sat down across from each other watching the fire. "So, did you have a nice time with your old man?" my father asked me, his eyes smiling. "Of course Daddy, I wish it could always be like this, just you and me. "He nodded his head in agreement, "me too. " With that said I got up and went over to him. I sat down next to him and leaned into his body while putting my arm around him.

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       "I love you so much Daddy" I whispered to him. I felt his arm go around me. "I love you too angel" he whispered back, "you really make Daddy happy. "We sat like that, our arms around each other for a little while. Slowly I felt my father's hand move from my shoulder down my chest until it was on top of my right breast. "Nice hard nipple you have there sweetie" he commented. I noticed his voice sounded a little different. I just giggled in embarrassment. He started to play with it over my flannel shirt, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Then he slid his hand into my shirt and continued playing with it. "You like that?" he asked. "Yeah, it feels really nice Daddy" I breathed in response. I noticed my voice was deep and husky. I could feel myself getting wet. I was responding to my father's wonderful touch.

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       He told me to unbutton my shirt. I did. After it was completely undone he slide it off my shoulders and removed it from me. He told me to lay back on the blanket. I stretched out on my back, topless, as he laid next to me on his side. He leaned over and sucked on my nipples, first one then the other. The both became very hard. I felt his hand slide down my body, over my stomach. Then I was aware of my jeans being unbuttoned and unzipped. My father then stood up and walked to where my feet where. He leaned down and untied my boots then pulled my jeans off, taking my panties with them. I was laying there naked. He stood there watching me for what seemed like a long time. "You look so cute there, chewing on your lower lip like that. Daddy's little girl, eh?" he rhetorically asked.

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      I looked up at with my wide eyes not sure what to do. He knelt down between my legs and put his face into my crotch. He used his fingers to part my lips and began sucking on my clit. I knew I was wet, I could hear him sucking my juices. I felt his fingers probing me. I spread my legs as far as I could. I wanted to feel it inside now. I needed to something to penetrate me. The desire was driving me crazy. It was as if there was an itch deep within me I just couldn't scratch. "Daddy, please. Please do it. " I desperately cried. He lifted his mouth off of me, "do what baby? Tell me what you want. Beg me for it.

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      " His voice was harsh, commanding me. "Fuck me. " I whispered. "Please Daddy, I need it. I need to feel you inside me. ""Has anyone been inside you before baby?" he demanded. "No Daddy, never. " I told him the truth. I was a virgin, having only been felt up over my shirt one time. With that my father stood up and unzipped his pants. He got back down on top of me with his pants down around his ankles. I felt him between my legs. He was rubbing his cock up against my pussy. Then I felt him slowly put the head in. Yes, that's it.

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       I wanted more in me. I started to move my hips up. "Such a slut. Trying to fuck me, moving your cunt up to meet me. Tell me how much you want it!" he hissed at me. "Yes, Daddy! Please fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need to feel you all the way inside me!" I cried begging him to do me. Then in one motion, he thrust his hard cock deep inside me. I felt a sharp searing pain, then a throbbing dull pain. Then he moved back out, then in again and the pain began mixing with a wonderful sensation. I moved my hips in rhythm to his. I couldn't believe it. I lost my virginity. Wow! Unreal.


       And to my own father! That made me so hot. How wild! I got caught up in the feelings and just let go. I was feeling so great. I felt my father's hands under me. He rolled over, pulling me along with his hands. I still had his cock in me, only now I was on top if it. "Fuck me. Move your hips and fuck me good baby. Make Daddy cum in your hot cunt. "I started to ride his cock. Using my knees and hips, I bucked up and down. I felt the sweat pouring off of me now. I was dripping in more places than one. Then I felt his hips moving also. Oh yeah, he was going to cum.

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       That turned me on so much. I rode him even faster. Thrusting my hips as hard as I could. I was so consumed with trying to make him cum, I was surprised when I felt his fingers begin playing with my clit. "Cum on baby. Fuck me good. Let's cum together. Move that cunt, baby," he spat out as he was approaching his climax. Then he began to cum. I could feel the first shot deep inside me. Then I felt my orgasm. It was so intense. My body twitching on top of my father. I laid my head down on his chest, riding the waves of pleasure. He grabbed my ass and squeezed it hard as he continued to shoot his cum into my pussy.

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       It was as if we were one. Both moving our hips in time to each other. Our sweat mixing. Our bodies melting together. I never wanted this feeling to end. When we both finally finished we lay there for quite a bit. I think I even dozed off for a little while, feeling rather comfortable. Then my dad whispered in my ear that it was late and we should get some sleep. I sort of slipped off my father's body and stood up. I felt some of his cum drip out of me. I couldn't resist. I reached down and put my finger into it. I lifted my finger to my mouth and licked it off. I could taste the saltiness of my father's cum, mixed with the sweetness of my pussy juice. I looked up to find my father smiling at me.

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      "You really are a slut. " He laughed. He took my hand and we went to the tent. We feel asleep with my head on his chest and his arm securely around me. The next morning we packed up the car and headed home. About fifteen minutes from the house I decided to ask him. It had been a very quiet ride home. "Daddy, will we ever do that again?" I asked. "Do what? Go camping?""No. I mean, well, um, have sex. " I stammered. "Yes, of course baby. Someone has to teach you how to be a good slut. " He said with a grin. I smiled broadly, I could hardly wait to see what he had in store for me.

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