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When she went to pickup Pretty at her Gym practice after school she was still plagued by her perverted thoughts. As Pretty approached the car , Dil noticed her niece's firm little ass and tanned legs. God i'm sick, Dil thought of herself. She was nervous all the way home. After dinner, Dil walked out of the kitchen into the living room. Pretty was laying on the couch watching TV. She was wearing a t-shirt, panties and white bobby sox. My god I want to go over there, spread her legs and lick her pussy till she fills my mouth, Dil fantasized. I can't believe i'm thinking these things. “The boys at college must be hounding you to death, she said. Look at you. Your so beautiful. I know how horny those college boys can get. You must be driving them crazy. " "Don't start that again, Dil. You too are just like my parents always imaging me being fuck by someone.

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  " These words from the mouth of Preety had like an electroshock effect on Dil. "Do you want to sleep with me again to night Pretty?" her auntie blurted out. "Sure," Pretty answered, "Why not. " Later on as Dil prepared for bed she had no idea what she was doing. She just knew she wanted her niece’s warm body next to her. About midnight Dil woke. Ican't do this with my niece in bed with me, she said to herself. Pretty was laying there in front of her with one of her tits exposed. Dil slowly reached over and touched the nipple. She rolled it around between her fingers. It immediately got hard. She cupped the full tit in her hand. She heard Pretty moan. “I got to stop this. She'll wake up for sure” she said. 

   She slowly put her head under the covers and lowered her face to about 3 inches from her niece 's pussy. She could smell it. She immediately began fingering herself. She came within a minute. She hoped the small moan that escaped her lips did not give her away. Pretty was half awaken by then she had felt some movements on the bed but she did not want to accept what her auntie was doing next to her. She also masturbated every night and was definitely sure that she had been doing the same thing just now near her. With these thought she slowly sank in to sleep. Next morning she was waken up when Dil was getting out of bed . They were sleeping so closely that her slightest movement quickly wake her up. She saw Dil going out of bed, she was completely nude and was heading to the shower. “What a sexy ass she has” Pretty thought. . She had often seen naked girls under the shower at her college’s gym but had never saw a fully developed woman with large ass and firm breast. She wondered if she was masturbating last night and picturing Dil naked under the shower rubbing her pussy.

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   Pretty imagined her auntie lying in bed so close to her and fingering herself. Pretty lowered her hand down to her pussy and caressed her clit. It was getting her hot. Her fingers were moving more rapidly. Oh god, I'm fingering myself thinking about my auntie. She was past the stopping point. Her fingers were now slipping into her wet pussy. Faster and faster, picturing her auntie Dil in rhythm with her. She felt her orgasm swell up in her. Her hips were bucking the air. "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned out loudly and at the same moment Dil entered the room. She hoped her Dil didn't hear her . “Are you alright”, she said “That ok” she murmured shamefully. She had just cum with the wicked way she could imagine. Before she left for work that day Dil went to the dirty clothes hamper.

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   She found the panties that Pretty had slept in and quickly put it in her bag. As she drove to work she held them to her nose. She was a bit surprised to smelled cum on it and sucked the crotch into her mouth. by the time she got to work she was burning up. She immediately went to the restroom and masturbated, filling her own panties with cum. Pretty slept with her auntie every night that week.
    Every night Dil fingered herself to orgasm. She knew this had to stop, as by now she was sure that Pretty knew what she was doing. Pretty was also enjoying all that but she was too afraid to doing anything except to finger herself as soon as Dil was asleep. . She was very hot like any teenage of her age, she was cumming three or four times during the day and she eagerly awaited her auntie in her bed. Tonight wasn't any different. They both got ready for bed and there was a deep silence between them. Dil waited until she was thought that Pretty was asleep. But today Dil was more excited Akh was now away for several days and Feroz was making her hornier by phoning her several times at work.

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       She was now crawling under the covers to get her smell. This time she got within 2 or 3 inches with one hand rubbing her pussy. Pretty could not held any longer she suddenly rolled over and push her pussy right on top of Dil's face and mouth. "Is this what you want auntie?" she heard Pretty say with insistence. She felt Pretty pressing her pussy against her mouth. All sense left Dil. She began licking and tasting Pretty panties. She felt Pretty pull her panties aside. Pretty shuddered as her auntie's tongue entered her cunt. Her young, athletic legs hugged the sides of her auntie’s head. Her little pussy thrust repeated against her auntie mouth forcing her long tongue further into her cunt. In no time she felt Pretty tense, heard her moan and tasted her niece's pussy juices as it filled her hungry mouth. Dil was overwhelmed. Her own body was racked with the hardest climax she ever had. .

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      . . . She knew, however wrong, she would have to have that sticky, tangy juice night after night and the depravity of it sent new, quivering orgasms throughout her body. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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