Candy and Her Daddy


Because I have no friends, I have been spending a lot of time at home. My mom still lives in New York (where I’m from), she will be moving in about 2 weeks, and my dad works a lot. I get quite lonely. I’m very sad, I had to leave my boyfriend Charles, and I haven’t gotten any in a very long time. I think that it has been 6 weeks. Fortunately I bought a vibrator, and I can have self induced orgasms any time I want. But, that doesn’t always fulfill me. Dad:My name is Ted, I’m Candy’s dad. I am 37 years old, and I am 6 foot 2. I weigh about 220lbs, however most of it is muscle. I have very tanned skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. I work as a football coach at the university. I’m usually away most weekends. Since I moved, I have missed my wife terribly. She had to stay in New York to finish her work. So I haven’t gotten laid in 6 long weeks.

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   I’m used to getting it every day. I think that my daughter Candy is quite lonely too. She used to be so popular. Tina (my wife) and I are thinking of buying her a sports car, just to make things easier. When Candy started school, she got a cute little uniform, and WOW does she look good in it. I must tell you that I would never think of my daughter that way, but when she bends over, you can see her white panty clad ass, and I am definitely an ass man. Candy:I heard mom and dad talking on the phone, and I think that they are going to be getting me a car. I am so excited. I can’t wait. I won’t have to take the bus anymore. One week before mom gets here. Candy:“Daddy, you home yet?” I call. I hate it when I come home to an empty house. No one answered, so I guess I‘m home alone. Well, I think that I will take off my uniform, and get into something more comfortable.

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   I took off my top, then slowly slid out of my skirt, pulling my panties off with it. I unhooked my bra, and boy did it feel nice. I slipped on one of dads old shirts, and pulled on a pair of shorts. There, I’m ready to ‘chill’. I walk down stairs, and open the freezer. I pull out an ice cream bar, and walk to the family room. I knew that the Simpsons were on, and I love that show. So I sit down, and I start licking my ice cream. My tongue moving up and down the length of the bar started getting me all turned on. I tossed the stick into the trash, and ran up stairs. I knew dad wasn’t going to be home for a few hours, so I didn’t think to shut my bedroom door. I quickly pulled off my shorts, and I pulled out good old red. (My name for my vibrator) I turned it on and began to rub it the length of my slit. “Mmm. ”I let it rest on my clit, and I feel my legs beginning to shake.

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   I moved it, and slowly inserted it into my pussy. “Oh yeah, that feels so good. ”I continued to move it in and out of my pussy, every once and a while letting it rest on my throbbing clit. Dad:“Candy, you home?” I called out. I didn’t hear a reply, but I heard the tv on. I walked into the family room, and saw the credits from the Simpsons. I knew Candy had to be home. I walked up to the stairs, and I hear what sounded like sex noises. I knew Candy had been having sex with her boyfriend in New York, but who would she be doing it with here. I slowly walked up the stairs, and stood by Candy’s open door. I peeked around the door frame, and I was shocked. There was my only daughter, inserting a huge red vibrator in and out of her pussy. My penis got instantly hard. I unzipped my pants, and took my pecker out of its cage. I began stroking it in rhythm to Candy’s thrusts.

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   Candy:I looked up, and saw my daddy standing there, with his pecker in his hand. Instead of being embarrassed, it turned my on even more. I began pumping harder. “Oh yeah, Daddy, stick it in me. Come on, you know you want to fill me with your seed. YES OH YES!” I had the best orgasm of my life. Dad:To say the least, I was shocked. I didn’t think that what I had just heard really happened. I didn’t just hear my daughter asking my to fuck her. No. Candy:I slowly climbed off the bed and walked towards Dad. His penis was free, so I took it into my hand, and slowly began to stroke the entire length of it. I licked the pre cum off the tip, and put the head into my mouth. Dad:Wow, what was going on here. I looked down, and there was my daughter giving me head.

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   I was really turned on. I lifted Candy off my pecker, and led her to my bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and began to kiss her beautiful body. She was gorgeous. Her breasts were full, and beautifully rounded, her stomach was flat, her mound had a small strip of hair on it. I was in heaven. I had my daughter sucking me off, and I wanted to return the favour. “Honey, you sure?” I asked. “Oh yes Daddy, I have wanted you forever. ”I couldn’t believe my ears, my daughter has wanted me. Score! I knelt beside Candy’s body, and slowly spread her legs. I let my finger tips move slowly up her leg, starting from her knee, I stopped right before her pussy. I could see her juices flowing, as well as smell her wonderful musky odour. I let my fingers dance around her pussy, never actually touching it. Finally, I let my finger run the entire length of her delicious slit.

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  “Oh. Daddy”” purred Candy. I spread Candy’s lips, and slowly began to insert my finger. I went to my finger nail, then pulled out, in a little deeper, then out. “Oh Daddy, please, fuck me. ” Cried Candy. I was getting really turned on. But I wanted to show Candy what having sex with a real man was like. I pushed my whole finger into Candy’s dripping pussy, and began to wiggle it around. “Oh daddy, I’m cumming. ” cried my daughter. I continued to finger fuck her with one finger, then with two. “More daddy more. ”I inserted another finger, and then another. I balled up my fist and managed to stick that into my daughters cunt.

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  “Oh yes, yes, yes. ” Screamed Candy. I began pumping my fist in and out of my daughter’s cunt, she had orgasm after orgasm. I pulled my hand out, and replaced it with my mouth. I licked up all her cunt juices. But my tongue only managed to cause another orgasm. Candy:I was in heaven, my pussy was in heaven. I didn’t want daddy to stop, but I wanted him to fuck me, and fuck me hard. I couldn’t believe that he managed to get his whole fist up inside me. But it felt so wonderful. I had never felt so full in my life. Dad:I moved around, so I could line my penis up with Candy’s pussy. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to fuck her. I pushed my throbbing penis into my daughters’ cunt.


   I pushed in and out. “Oh Candy, fuck your daddy!” I cried. I knew I was going to cum, so I pulled my penis out, and sprayed my seed all over my daughter’s face and breasts. “Daddy, why did you do that, I wanted you to shoot it into me. ”“Sorry, honey, but I wasn’t wearing a condom, I didn’t want you to get pregnant. ”Candy:I was quite disappointed. I really had wanted daddy to cum inside. But next time, I’ll make sure of it. A few days later. Candy:I can’t wait until mom gets home. I don’t really know if she will be mad at us. I hope that daddy will continue to have sex with me. Mom:“Candy, are you home? Ted, honey, where are you?”Hmm. . .

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   that’s strange, Ted’s car is home, and here are Candy’s shoes. Now where could they be?I walk into the kitchen, and I see a bottle of beer, and what looks like a glass of wine. I knew that they were here. “Oh yeah!” I hear coming from upstairs. That sounded like Candy. Oh, hopefully, she got her self a boyfriend. I was really starting to worry about her. Maybe I should go and have a peek. I creep slowly up the stairs, and stop at the door to my daughters room, I look inside, and there is no one there. Hmm. I wonder. . . I walk slowly to my bedroom, and I push open the door. Dad:Thud.

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   I looked up, and there was my wife, on the ground. “Shit! Candy, put some clothes on. I’m sorry, I thought that she would be home later. Honey, wake up, are you alright?”Candy:Damn it, why did mom have to come home? I was about to cum. Mom: “Honey, what were you two doing? Please don’t say having sex. ”Dad:“Umm, well, I have been really lonely, and well, I didn’t think that it was considered cheating. It wasn’t with a stranger, and well, it was just until you came back. ”Candy:“No daddy, you said that you liked having sex with me, and well, I thought that I would be yours forever. ”Mom:“What! You little slut. ”Dad:“Okay, listen, I’m sorry honey, and Candy, I don’t think that you and I should have any more sex. I’m sorry. ”Mom:“What are you silly, you think that by saying sorry that everything would be alright. And hey, I want you too to continue having sex, but I want a piece of the action. Candy is really hott, and well, I’m am dying to try a little lez action. What do you say?”“Sure mom.


  ” answered Candy. And that was the beginning of a wonderful fuck-fest. Candy fucked her dad, and her mom, her mom and dad fucked each other, and no one felt left out. .

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