Candy's Dilema


The Chapter Candy’s Dilemma
 My cousin had taken advantage of her gender to seduce me with her salacious attentions and my brother had succeeded in deflowering me while under her spell. Dave (with Debbie’s help) saw and touched what no other male had. To make matters worse, it had felt wonderful which made me feel awful. My Catholic upbringing had taught me that only the most debase of women felt and acted in such a fashion. Sex out of wedlock was a sin but sex with my own brothers was unthinkable. We had crossed a line that both the church and society abhorred. I was violated and I should feel ashamed and be repentant but the truth was as bad as should have been it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever experienced. It didn’t seem to bother the others, as a matter of fact they seemed to take every opportunity that presented itself to flaunt their debase desires and engage in wonton acts of sex. I avoided the four of them by spending every free waking moment with my boyfriend Jerry. Jerry was awed by the ease with which he was able to seduce me after month’s of failed attempts to get to second base. To alleviate my newly awakened sexual desires I engaged in sex with Jerry at every opportunity only to be disappointed by his performance. Don’t get me wrong he was a loving and attentive partner and it was nice but it didn’t hold a candle next to the nova Dave had ignited. Vacation quickly ended and Debbie returned to the boarding school leaving my sister and I to satisfy our brother’s carnal desires. In the weeks and months that followed I was able to evade their advances until.
 Late one night as I lay in my bed pondering my unrelieved sexual tension and trying to focus on the rhythm of sister’s breathing to distract my carnal thoughts I heard movement in the hallway. The soft footsteps passed my room and entered the bathroom.

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   I heard the lid of the toilet strike the tank and the telltale tinkle of a male urinating in the bowl, it had to be one of the boys. Mustering my courage I decided it was time to confront my fears and resolve this one way or another. I slipped out of my bed and into the hallway. I peered around the open bathroom door to see Dave shaking the last drops from his semi erect cock. Ever so quietly I closed the bedroom door behind me and nestled into the shadow of the bathroom doorway awaiting his emergence into the hallway. As he stepped out of the bathroom into the hallway I confronted him.
 “Well what do we have here?” he whispered. “Dave, you had no right!” I shot back in a harsh whisper, my body trembling with righteous indignation. There was a pause and Dave shot back: “Have I bothered you? Has Jimmy? Sherry? No! You want an apology? You’re not going to get it. Sis, you are one terrific fuck. You didn’t object then and from all appearances had a great time. We all had a great time that night. Than you went all Ice Princess on us. You got hang ups they’re your own. We won’t bother you.

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  ” His words hit home like a hammer, leaving me dumbfounded. He strode by me and proceeded down the hallway to his room. I watched his retreating form and realized I had a decision to make and quickly. A good girl, a smart girl would have gone back to bed but I had to know. I strode down the hallway and intercepted him at his doorway and grabbed his arm before he could grasp the doorknob and turned his body to face mine. He glared at me as my hands grasped the neckline of my nightgown and drew it off my body.   Naked I fell to my knees before him as my hands sought out the folds of his robe and reached inside parting it as my fingers traced across his naked form to his now flaccid cock grasping it, I guided it to my mouth. I sucked his glorious virgin killer deep into my throat, stifling an urge to gag as I energetically sucked his man meat. He groaned his approval as his hands grasped the sides of my head and bobbed it against his crotch. His cock throbbed in response to my ministrations and his hips swayed. I could feel his man meat swell with blood as it steadily swelled pulsing ever faster as his heartbeat raced. As the shaft lengthened I ran my tongue along its length allowing my eyes to feast close up on the object of my forbidden desire. The veins along its length began to bulge and the unblinking orifice from which his spunk would soon explode punctuated its crowning head. My examinations were halted when his hands sank to grasp my shoulders and his strong arms lifted me to my feet. His arms encircled me and drew me into his impassioned embrace.

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   His face drew close to mine and our lips parted for a slow, deep kiss. It was my turn for my heart to race as he trailed kisses over my face and neck and across my chest to my now swelling breast. His warm breath signaled the approach of his lips but his tongue only traced the outline of each areola without touching the nipple. I gasped as he gathered me in his strong arms and carried me to the living room where he gently laid me on the couch. He sank to his knees beside the couch, our eyes met and a smile crossed his face as he bent to kiss me again. As one hand pushed my long hair from my face the other trailed down my body and across the close cropped hair of my pelvis to insinuate his fingers between the folds of my labia. I willingly spread my legs to grant him access to the shrouded vault of my womanhood. Gently at first and than with increasing pressure his fingers sank between my labial folds tracing the length of the valley there, back and forth. Moisture flowed from deep within me and out my now weeping orifice lubricating my gash and causing my pearl of pleasure to emerge from its hiding place. His fingers outlined the base of my clitoris without actually touching it. My heart raced and my breathing became shallow and quick as he stoked the flames of my passion and my abdomen convulsed at his touch. Our eyes met and I couldn’t believe my ears as I said; “Do it now, please. ” A smile crossed his lips and a sparkle came into his eye as he whispered back; “Do what, Sis? What do you want me to do?” I understood what he wanted to hear and beseeched him: “Fuck Me! Stick your glorious cock in my pussy, Big Brother!” Hearing this he smiled and rose slowly from his kneeling position to his feet and backed across the floor to the middle of the living room and laid on his back on the floor. His cock rose like a mighty flagpole from his crotch as he turned to me and grasping his cock with his hand said; “This what you want? Come and get it, Sis. ” His implication was clear, this time it was all on me.

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   I stood and swallowing my pride strode across the room to straddle his thighs. As I squatted he took my hand and placed it on his cock saying; “You put it in. ” My hand grasped his cock and I rubbed it along the folds of my labia until it touched the entrance to my womanhood. The girth of his cock was larger than Jimmy's and Jerry’s and I gasped as his magnificent cock stretched my cervical canal as I wedged it into me driving its length into my body I sank slowly onto his. I groaned my approval as his beast by the nature of it’s curved girth and length touched parts inside me no other man had. As our pubic hairs met and the head of his cock touched something wonderful deep inside me and I paused to savor the moment with a shuddering gasp. “Big Brother, I love your cock!” I groaned.
 My body seemed to develop a mind of its own as I began to grind my pelvis against his rubbing my clit against his rod. My passion rose to heights I had not thought possible. The world around me evaporated, time stood still, all that mattered was the feelings this living, pulsing thing deep inside me was evoking in the very core of my being. I bent forward placing my hands on the floor on either side of his body. My nipples were brushing his chest as I rocked to and fro my long hair draped his face. I could feel his hands on my hips as his hips swiveled to meet my movements. I felt as if all the muscles in my body were contracting around his cock. Our slow deliberate movements, my grasping cervix encouraged his cock to swell deep inside me changing the drip of lubricants inside me to a stream.

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   My body wanted, no demanded he surrender his life giving semen to the altar deep inside me. Just as I felt his cock could swell no more, it spewed its warm load of glorious spunk deep into my cervix filling my uterus. My world exploded as every muscle in my body went into spasm and I sank against his chest his strong arms embraced me as wave after wave of his life giving sperm filled my cavity until it seeped out of my body and onto his beneath me. His hand rose from my back to brush the strayed hair from my face and we kissed, a kiss that seemed to go on forever.
 When my senses finally returned I could hear Sherry’s voice saying; “Sis, we could all take lessons from you. ” I turned my head to see a Sherry’s naked form sitting on Jimmy’s lap, one arm around her shoulder while the other hand massaged her crotch. Both were staring at us with rapt attention. Like a cat Sherry uncurled herself from Jimmy’s lap and stood to allow Jimmy to rise. Jimmy stood and strode over to us he offered his hand to me to help me up. His gentlemanly intentions were betrayed by the erection protruding from his crotch. Reluctantly I took his hand and arouse from the floor and Dave’s embrace. As I stood Jimmy fondled my now sensitive breasts. He bent to suckle each nipple and led me to the couch as my sister sank to her knees next to Dave. My eyes never left Dave’s as I sat on the couch watching with some envy as my younger sister took our older brother’s cock in hand and licked our fluid mixture from it. Dazedly I looked on as Sherry suckled Dave’s magnificent cock back to life.

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   Meanwhile Jimmy knelt between my legs placing his arms beneath my knees to lift and spread my legs wider as he drove his cock into my now well-lubricated snatch. I barely noticed as I watched Dave rise from the floor to a standing position pulling Sherry with him. His hands cupped her ass as she straddled his hips her arms encircled his neck. Dave spread his legs slightly and bent his knees to support her weight (of maybe eighty pounds). Her pussy readily sank onto his resurrected tool. Dave turned to face me and Sherry let go her grip around his neck allowing her body to fall backward until she was all but standing on her head. I could clearly see his cock pistoning in and out of her. I envied her his intruder’s touch. My eyes were drawn to his face to see he was staring at me, our eyes locked. I knew he was putting on a show for me and it excited me. My body began to respond to Jimmy’s strokes. Dave’s eyes and mine never parted, our spirits intertwined and the lust we shared radiated across the room. The four of us came as one.
 In the weeks and months that followed Dave and I shared a torrid affair that melted any inhibitions I may have had until I missed my period. The weeks that followed I tried to dismiss my most secret fear until nature forced me to confront it as I missed my second period and than a third.

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   I knew I had to leave lest my passion expose us all. I told Jerry I was pregnant and of course he proposed. Jerry joined the service and we quietly got married and left the state. It would be years before we returned to our hometown.  


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