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Glumly Carla aimlessly walked along the path dragging her feet, she was so fed up. The 2nd week of holidays and Mary her best friend had gone on Holidays and now she was on her own. As she came around the corner of the Tow path, she could see that there was someone talking to her Mom at the door, as she got closer she saw that it was a man, and her Mom was speaking very angrily to him.
As Carla reached the gate the man was coming down the winding path, he almost bowled her over. “Get out of my way” he barked gruffly. Carla scampered up to the door of her house, her Mom looking anxiously behind Carla at the retreating man. ”Who was that horrible man?” Carla asked. “Oh never mind dear, he just a selfish rude person” her mother said in an angry voice.
The next day, she wandered down to the Tow path, again she was aimlessly dragging her feet, as she neared the old lock gates, and she saw the horrible man from yesterday. Carla spun around to go back the way she came, the man called out to her. “Sorry dear, about yesterday I did not mean to be rude to you, it was that sister of mine’s fault” he exclaimed.
“You don’t know me I am Charlie, your Mums brother, we haven’t seen each other for a long time” he said sadly. “I bet you are Carla?” Carla nodded, still unsure whether or not to go back home, she stopped and turned back towards him. “Why were you so nasty to my Mom then?” she asked.
“Oh that’s a long story, and you won’t understand till you’re older” he said quietly with a hint of a smile on his face. “So how old are you young lady?” Charlie asked.

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   “13 in May” she said hesitantly. “You are very pretty for one so young, but you do look like your Mom when she was just as young as you are now!” he said laughingly. Carla liked his laugh, his face contorted like her mothers did when she was laughing or happy.
 “Why haven't you seen each other for so long?” Carla asked. “Perhaps it would be better for your Mum to explain, then my explanation would not be misconstrued” “What does missesstrude mean?” Carla asked.
“Misconstrued, means to say something to someone and they have another take on the meaning” Charlie said obligingly.
“How” Carla said with a mystified look on her face.
“Well for instance I tell you that the corner shop sells lollipops with little bits on it, you tell someone else that I said that the corner shop sold lollipops in bits. That’s what misconstrued means sort of”
Suddenly there was a rather loud shout from behind them, both Charlie and Carla spun around. To their horror they saw that Mrs Ingles from the Vicarage had fallen off her bicycle into the hedge, both of them ran to where Mrs Ingles lay prostrate on the ground. She was groaning but she was also unconscious. “Quickly Carla run home and ask your Mum to call for help?” Charlie said sounding very worried.
Carla ran so fast, she burst into the kitchen, “Quick Mum there as been an accident, Mrs Ingles came off her bike, and she is unconscious” Carla blurted out. Her mother almost unflappable picked up the telephone and called the emergency services. “Come on we had better go and help”, they reached the place that Mrs Ingles had fallen.

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   “I should have known you would be involved Charlie?” She glared at him.
“Sorry Jane, but I was talking to Carla when this lady fell off her bike, we both rushed to help, and Carla came to fetch you. That’s all there is to it!”
“But why are you still hanging around? Jane glared at Charlie. “Because I feel really guilty about not being here for you, and to prove to you I will be from now on. When I found out about Gary’s death, I had literally had just come back from Canada, I had been there almost 5 years. As soon as I was told about Gary I went straight to your old place and they sent me here!” Charlie head bowed apologetically.
Jane retorted “It’s not just about Gary’s death, you know that. It was how we were, and how we lived, when I found Gary you flipped with jealousy!”
Charlie replied “I admit I was jealous, but we had been so close almost the same as a husband and wife for more than 7 years”.  “From when you were 11 and I was just 12, we were an item and then Gary came on the scene and you cut me dead, what was I to think I was really cut up and could not understand how important it was for you to have that relationship, a proper relationship, and then that beautiful child outside playing”. Charlie threw his arms up in frustration.
Carla was by the sitting room window and she heard them talking, but did not really understand what was being said, but she was old enough to know that this man and her Mum were closer than her Mum would let on.
Jane, looked at Charlie she saw the old cocky eyebrows and the way he flicked the corner of his lips with his tongue. She remembered how comfortable she had been with him; he was the first and the only boy/man to take her, until Gary came on the scene. Even though he was her brother, he was her world.
When Gary came along and swept her off her feet, Charlie could not stand him, and he told her that he was a waste of time and would only bring her grief.

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   Then, one day as she came home from college Gary met her and they decided to go straight out to see friends, Charlie and her Mom were at home waiting for her, they were going to see their father who was very ill in Hospital. They waited and waited, then decided to go and see her father on their own.
As soon as they entered the ward, Charlie sensed there was something wrong, their Dads bed was empty and the Ward sister came to them and told them that they had phoned to tell them he had a bad turn, the Doctors rushed him down to theatre and it was touch and go. The hours, rolled by so slowly they both gazed at the ward doors watching the staff as coming and going.
Eventually, the doctor came to see Charlie and his Mum. “We have stabilised him for the moment but it will be touch and go, the next 24 hours will tell. He will stay in the Intensive Care Unit until he improves and I suggest you both go home and come back in the morning”.
When they arrived home, Jane was still not back. Charlie got his Mum to go to bed and he sat down to watch the television, he dozed off and suddenly awoke when the door to the room opened. Jane looked at him and asked why he was up, behind her Gary lurked with a stupid grin on his face. “Where the fuck have you been’’ he snapped. Jane stumbled backwards surprised at the venom from her brother “What's it got to do with you’’ She barked back at him.
“Tut tut’’ Gary said under his breath, “Who’s got a jealous streak”?
Charlie jumped out of the chair and flew at Gary hitting him square in the jaw, Gary dropped to the floor totally dazed. Jane flew at Charlie scratching his face with her nails and kicking his shins “Don’t you dare touch him, coz you will have to deal with me’’
Charlie grabbed her hands and shouted at her to stop, as the noise cascaded around the house, their Mum came down screaming.
‘’It’s bad enough your Dad being so ill, and now with you two fighting and screaming I am at the end of my tether’’
Suddenly Jane felt a cold shiver run the length of her body, she became frightened.

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   ‘’What’s happened to Dad? Somebody tell me what's going on please’’ Charlie felt so sorry for her, he came across the room and with his hand resting over her shoulder, He told her about her Dad collapse and that he was seriously ill. They had waited for her, so they could all go to the hospital together, but she had not arrived.
Jane was mortified and she turned to her Mother and brother tears in her eyes” I am so sorry I did not think when Gary met me from college we just decided to go for a drive”. Jane sent Gary home and told him she would call him in a few days when things had calmed down. After he had gone, Jane, Charlie and there Mum talked for a few hours and they seemed to sort out their differences. Later Jane managed to get her Mum to bed, and she made her Mum take a sleeping pill to ensure she got some much needed sleep.
Jane left her Mum sleeping and she went to her room and changed into her night clothes, which was one of her fathers old T-shirts with T-Rex emblazoned on the front. She went back down stairs to the sitting room, and sat down to watch a film she had recorded a while ago.
Charlie popped his head around the door, “Want a drink Jane?” Charlie asked her “Yes please something strong please I need it to calm my nerves down” she said.
Charlie, had changed also and he as wearing his Star Wars PJ’s, he came back into the sitting room, carrying a bottle of Vodka. “Sorry this all we have” he grumbled. “I am not a very good Vodka drinker” he said. “Well I love it and it’s just the thing to relax me, make it a large one with a drop of lemonade please” Jane replied.
Charlie brought Jane her drink and sat down with her on the big old couch, “It’s like old times hey Sis?” he said a little more lively. “Yea I suppose so, I hope you like this movie I recorded it a while ago it’s supposed to be good” “Oh well here goes nothing then” Charlie said with a smirk on his face.

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Charlie noticed his sisters nipples poking out from the T-shirt, the movie was a little near the knuckle for this house he thought.
“What are you watching; it’s a bit on the sexy side isn’t it?” Charlie commented. “It’s certainly got your nipples standing upright, or are you going to tell me it’s the Vodka?” Charlie chirped. “You cheeky sod, what about your boner then” Jane said slapping and rubbing his thigh, at the same time she felt his stiff member growing in his PJ’s. “Now that’s not fair you cop a feel and I ain’t felt anything” Charlie said placing his hand on Jane's breast and tweaking her nipple. Jane boosted by the Vodka, “Ooh now it’s my turn” she said Grabbing his now hardening cock through his PJ’s and pulling it up and down in her small fist. Charlie’s eyes bulged with surprise as she yanked his fully charged cock up and down, and then with her other hand she pulled the waistband down and his 8” cock reared up like a pole. Jane without a care took him into her mouth and began to suck him so hard. “Ugh” was all Charlie could manage, he grabbed her blonde locks and began to fuck her mouth pulling her head down on his now monster cock. “Come on you cock sucking bitch, eat me I am going to blow the biggest wad into that cum slut mouth of yours, just keep sucking” Charlie gasped almost ready to explode into her mouth.
His dirty talk encouraged Jane more, she sucked him harder and he drove his monster cock further down her throat and she squeezed it with her throat and mouth muscles. Suddenly Charlie exploded deep down inside her throat, not one drop was spilt, and she sucked and swallowed everything he could pump into her.
 She released his cock from her mouth it was still rock hard, Charlie pulled her shirt up over her head and latched on to her voluptuous breasts, and he sank his teeth into her rock hard nipples. Jane hissed with pain and she felt her orgasm start deep within her body.
That was the problem, Charlie was the man she loved and wanted, but she knew it could not work.

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   So she worked hard at getting Gary to stand in for Charlie, giving him the impression that she only used him.
Charlie was not fooled, he knew how she felt and he knew how he felt, it was when he was telling her for the hundredth time how much he loved her and wanted her.
That was when Gary walked in and heard Charlie telling Jane how much she meant to him.
With a howl like a mad banshee, Gary launched himself at Charlie, throwing punches left right and centre. Charlie went down under the onslaught, has he hit the floor, his brain told him to stay there, Gary however wanted more pounds of flesh and he launched at Charlie kicking him fully in the chest. Charlie roared like a trapped bull, he rose from the ground so quickly and he hit Gary full force in the mouth and Gary fell like a tree.
Charlie stormed from the house, not wanting to stay in case Gary came to and started again. He knew full well, if that happened he would do Gary serious damage. He rushed back to his digs and he packed, went down to the Docks and he found a berth on board a cargo ship, which was going to the United States via Ireland and Canada.
Part 2
Charlie came back to the present he felt a hand tugging his sleeve, are you alright Charlie? Carla asked him. Charlie looked down and saw the bright green eyes looking up at him, yes flower I am fine, just remembering old times that’s all.
What time is it, he asked her just before midnight, you should be asleep, I was Carla said. Your snoring woke me and I came down for a drink and decided you needed to wake up and go to a proper bed.
It was then that he noticed that Carla wore just a flimsy thin white night shirt and she was wearing electric blue cutaway panties, he could plainly see her budding breasts jutting out proudly with large nipples almost liken to ripened raspberries. His cock started to grow as he looked, he did not realise how much this little girl’s body turned him on so.

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Carla saw the bulge in his trousers likened to a tent pole. It had grown so quickly; she remembered Uncle Gary’s had grown similarly, but Charlie's was a giant compared to his.
“Why have you got a stiffy Charlie?” Carla asked coquettishly, her face cocked over to one side gaping in awe at his now fully engorged cock thrusting out and up from his PJ’s.
Carla had quickly put her hand out, and she was feeling his throbbing cock before he could turn away, “Oh god no you must not do that, we will both be in very big trouble and I could go to prison!” Charlie gasped in surprise.
“Not to worry Uncle Gary never did he always wanted me to play his flute, he would tickle my peepee at the same time as I sucked his flute, shall I suck yours Charlie?” she asked.
By now she had pulled his rampant member from his PJ’s and she was blowing and licking the purple head, sending shivers through his body.
Charlie had pulled her closer to him and his hand was already in her panties feeling for her peepee as she called it, his fingers slid up and down her slit opening her labia up and he managed to get his finger into her wet sex hole. She gasped with delight and sucked harder on his now almost exploding throbbing meat, his left hand grabbed a handful of her long blond hair and he pulled her face onto his throbbing cock and started to fuck her face as hard as he could. She began to gag and gasp, but maintained his solid 8” weapon deep in her throat. Suddenly, Charlie moaned and he thrust his cock deeper and faster into her receptive mouth, his cock exploded like a volcano into her mouth she swallowed hard and still she held onto his spent manhood sucking the very last drops of gism from his slowly subsiding cock.
Charlie realised that not only had she taken his full length down her throat, he had pushed three fingers almost three quarters of the way up to the palm of his hand, he was covered in her love juices. Carla still had him in her mouth and he found that he was already hard again and building up another sack full of cum to fill her throat.
Suddenly she stopped and looked up at Charlie; “I want you to stick this flute in my peewee now!”She wined. “No, I couldn’t do that it would be wrong” He retorted shocked by her request, but ever more excited and turned on by her openness. “You have got to, I want you to, please Charlie”?
He looked at her and then took her and led her to the couch, positioning her face down with her backside pointing upwards and her head over the arm of the sofa, she looked for the entire world like a little puppy.

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She was now naked Charlie also had taken his clothes off, standing behind her; he bent down and began licking her genitals and his tongue sought out and found her little pussy opening and the shroud of her clit he attacked with his fingers and tongue.
Carla gasped and vibrated with the pleasure of his ministrations, she stretched her hand through her legs and grabbed his now rampant cock and began pulling it fiercely. Charlie stunned by her strong action on his cock, knocked her hand away, grabbed his throbbing cock, and put the head up against her virgin hole, she was so slick from her own juices and Charlie's mouth, and he got the thick head into her pussy easily.
Then without further ado he reached under her and grabbed both her breasts, clasping her nipples between his thumb and finger, he squeezed and pulled her small breasts and at the same time as she felt the electric shock urge through her small breasts, he rammed his thick turgid cock into her wet slit, on up crashing through her virgin barrier with such force.
Carla felt a sharp sheer sensation of stabbing pain, then a jolt of ecstatic force, engulfed her whole being. Charlie was gripping her breasts, tugging her nipples and squeezing them, all at the same time. He ferociously stabbed his now rock hard pulsating rod, into the very depths of her pulsating sex. “You want more of this big cock slut, he gasped?”
Carla was already beginning her second orgasm, when suddenly she felt an enormous and excruciating pain through out her whole being. Charlie had taken one of his hands and had jammed two of his fingers into her little arse bud. Which was slick from her juices and his? Carla’s brain was almost exploding with the sheer forces of emotions carousing through her young body.
The pain and the ecstasy was almost unbearable, has it hit her with such force, and she nearly collapsing with the pain and shock. However, she also felt an enormous rush of pleasure, pulsate and overcome the pain and shock of his brutality, as her little body shook with the 2nd orgasm that consumed her.
Charlie also felt the intense pressure from the walls of her vagina, almost taking him over his pain threshold then has he also exploded his seed into her belly his whole being, shook with the force and majesty of his raw maleness.
Charlie was still hard and trapped by the walls of her vagina pulsating and gripping him so hard, the pressure of her virginal walls crushing and coaxing the last drops of cum from his deep but exhausted body.
If you want more, then leave me your comments????

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