Caught in a Compromising Position Part 2


Troy lay immobilized by his mind shattering orgasm, goose bumps still present on his back and arms. He had masturbated hundreds of times, and had some pretty intense orgasms but none so mind blowing as the one he had just experienced when his mother sucked his cock. He looked to her now and saw that she was using her fingers to scrape a few remaining goblets of his gellulous cum off of her face. He watched her lick it off her fingers, her hands immediately going back to her face looking for more. She noticed him watching and meeting his eyes, smiled sheepishly.
“Sorry, I don’t mean to shock you it’s just that… well, I like eating your cum. ”
A thrill shot into him and he felt butterflies in his belly hearing his mother say that word to him. He had a visual of her bending down and taking his hard cock into her mouth for the first time. He shot fast after that. Just a minute or two of watching her sucking his dick… and the way she did it… She really got into it.
“Oh no, it’s not that… it’s just so… neat watching you do that. Knowing that you like my… my cum. ” He blushed using a word like that when talking to his mother.
Regina saw the blush and had a moment of trepidation. She was reminded that it was her little boy she had just sucked off and the implications began to set in. Worry that her relationship with him would be damaged was the next thought to enter her mind.


   Then she began to wonder about what psychological impact this would have on him. Would it fuck up his sexuality?
Fuck up his sexuality? Hell, his father head a head start on that with his damn pious bullshit already. The poor kid thought he was a depraved pervert because he jerked off.
Regina calmed herself and tried to get some perspective. She knew she was right about his father. Fucking Harvey would have fucked the kid’s head good if he had his way. Thinking it through, she had to admit, though definitely unconventional, her actions had undone Lord knows how much damage in just a few minutes. The important thing now was how she handled the aftermath of her actions.
Her mind having wondered for a few minutes, she snapped back to reality and raised her eyes to look at her son to gauge his mental state. Concerned that he too would be dealing with conflicting emotions, she unconsciously had already prepared some consoling words designed to lighten the load on him and soothe his troubled mind.
When her eyes did fall upon him, her worries were replaced by chagrin. Troy was still hard and his hand was slowly stroking his erect member. His eyes were glued to the front of her dress. She glanced down and saw that her top had come unbuttoned and was opened quite a ways. She wore a conventional white lace bra underneath her full breasts filled the cups, showing a good amount of cleavage.

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   One breast was a little out of place and her tan line showed, exposing a couple of inches of white flesh, contrasting sharply with the tanned part. Troy’s eyes were locked on this spot.
A giggle escaped her. In mock admonishment, she chastened her son.
“Troy you naughty boy, you’re looking at mommy’s boobies!” Regina leaned slightly towards him so that her dress fell open a little more. “And playing with that big old thing of yours while you do it too!”
Troy seemed to freeze and worry crossed his features.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to look…I just glanced up and… and…”
Regina did not want to fuck the poor kid up. Quickly she laughed and gave him a good-hearted tap on the shoulder.
“Troy, I’m just kidding. I mean, all things considered, I guess it’ll be alright! Geeze!”
Troy still embarrassed at having been caught ogling his mother’s breasts continued to avert his eyes.
“Okay…uh, I just didn’t want to make you mad. . . ”
The newness of the situation settled back over Regina and she felt a little thrill. It occurred to her that though she had seen (and sucked) Troy’s cock, she was fully dressed.

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   Troy had never seen a naked woman before…probably not even on TV or in a magazine. He was pretty sheltered after all.
She began to become aroused once more.
Oh, this could be fun. I have to play this one out—make it last!
“Troy honey, haven’t you ever seen a woman undressed before?” Another naughty rush went through her.
Troy blushed, still looking away.
“No, not really. I saw a picture once a long time ago…”
Regina stood up and fiddled with the next button down, letting her blouse fall open to one side, revealing her bra again.
“Okay, I’ll tell you what sweetie. I think we should talk for a minute. What happened…well, it just happened, and maybe it is wrong but…I sure needed it and I think you did too. How about we just accept it for what it is and cherish the memory. It will be a special little secret we share and no one will ever know besides us. Sound like a plan?”
Troy looked up at her now and despite his best effort not to, he stole a glance at her exposed bra. His eyes quickly darted away and then back to her face.

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   She pretended not to notice.
“Uh huh. ” Was all he said, slightly disappointed. It sounded as though this was a onetime deal to him, and without even realizing it, he was looking forward to doing it again sometime.
“Don’t look so glum, I’m not finished. We’re here now, and seeing as we’ve already crossed some boundaries, we might as well cross another one…” She deliberately let that hang in the air, relishing his anticipation.
“A-another one?”
“Mmhmm. I was wondering if you would like me to take off my dress…would you like that darling? Would you like to see mommy in just her panties and bra?”
Troy’s eyes lit up. His penis had dropped to half mass a minute or two before, and she saw it rise to full attention once more at the prospect. Still shy, Troy tried to conceal his desire.
“Uh. . . I guess so…you’re going to take it all the way off?”
“Sure, it makes me horny to take my dress off in front of you. ” Regina said it to add to his excitement.

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   It served to add to hers as well.
It does make me fucking horny…I want to be a naughty mommy! God this is exciting!
“Okay!” Troy brightened now, sitting up straight, his interest apparent and his shyness forgotten. Sensing her arousal, he fell into role and added his own teaser. In naughty little boy voice he replied,
“Do it mommy, take off your dress! I want to see you in your panties and bra. I want to look at your boobs!”
Regina got wet hearing her little boy say those words. Her pulse quickened and her adrenaline flowed. In a husky voice, she answered back.
“You want to see this…?” she slowly pulled her top open to show both breasts straining against her bra, then let her dress fall over her shoulders. Turning she posed, her hair falling over one eye and looking over a bare shoulder while pursing her lips in a kiss; giving him a profile shot, as seductively as she could. Then reaching down to the hem of her dress she grasped it and slowly lifted one corner up, revealing a good amount of thigh and just a glimpse of white cotton panty. “Or this…?”
Troy sucked in his breath in a gasp and forgot to let it out.
She let him ogle her for a moment before dropping the hem back in place. She heard him exhale. His hand was wrapped tightly around his prick now and he was absently pumping it. In a whisper he said,
“oh yeahhhh….

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  do it, show me…take it offfff…. . ”
“Oh you like that? I like it too…maybe you want to see more?”
“Oh please, mom, show me more. I want to see it sooooo bad!”
Regina was having so much fun with this. Who ever thought a little bit of bra and panties could be so stimulating? She wanted to make it more daring somehow, but she did not want to give away the prize just yet. She wanted to watch him squirm in anticipation.
She had a twisted thought and the perverseness appealed to her.
“Ok baby, I’ll take my whole dress of for you…but you have to do something for me…”
No hesitation there, she thought with a wicked grin.
“Mommy wants a kiss…but not just any kiss… a special kiss…”
“Okay, what kind of kiss? I’ll kiss you anyway you want!”
The boy was defiantly eager to see her in her underwear.
Regina stepped closer and leaned forward so that her face was inches away from his.
“Do you know what a French kiss is?” She got butterflies in her belly now as she said the words.
Troy looked uncertain.
Wow, he really doesn’t know. Now that’s sheltered…
“Come here and I’ll show you…just do what I do…”
Regina placed her lips on his and gave him a normal kiss. He responded in turn, and wondering what the big deal was began to pull away.

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   Regina wrapped an arm around his head and pulled his mouth back to hers. Kissing him again, she felt him respond once more. The next time she kissed him, it was longer and deeper and he began to fall into the moment, following her lead, just as she had asked. She kissed yet and after that again, each kiss lasting longer and becoming more sensual. She wanted to gradually prepare him for what was to come. They continued to kiss, eyes closed now and the heat began to rise.
The Regina allowed the tip of her tongue to slip out and trace along his lips. She felt Troy’s lips part slightly. She did it again, this time allowing more of her tongue to prod forth, pushing gently between his lips.
They parted slightly more.
Working her tongue further in, she gently worked the insides of his lips. He relaxed his mouth enjoying this new experience and she pushed her tongue into his mouth, tasting his saliva.
The tip of his tongue touched hers uncertainly and she touched it back, trying to convey her desire. He responded by making full contact and the tips of their tongues circled each other gently.
“ahhhhhhhmmmmm…” Troy let out a soft sigh that turned into a moan of sorts.

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“mmmmmm” Regina gave back.
They continued on, their tongues exploring each other more heartily now. Troy picked up the method quickly and French kissed his mother with earnest now. Regina’s juices were flowing heavily now and her scent was in the air. She felt a drip run down her inner thigh as her nectar soaked through her underwear.
As they kissed, she let her dress fall off her body and she stepped out of it when it hit the floor.
Oh my God, I am French kissing my son! This is so fucking wrong…it makes me sooooo wet!
Another trickle ran down her inner thigh and she felt as though she were on the verge of a cum. It was turning into torture. Finally, she broke off and troy actually pursued, not wanting it to end. She pushed him back and took several steps back herself.
“Alright lover boy, that’s enough! I thought you wanted to see me in my underwear?”
Troy realized for the first time that his mother had lost the dress and his eyes traveled up and down her body. He began to stroke faster now and Regina sensed he was getting close. She stepped forward and placed her hand over his, bringing it to a halt.
“Not yet sweetheart…that’s my job. ”
Troy seemed frustrated but acquiesced.

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“I need to cum. ” He said plainly.
“I know, I know. I feel the same way. Do you want to see how you make mommy feel?”
Not knowing what she meant, he merely nodded curious.
Regina took his hand and brought it to her panty-clad pussy. Pulling her briefs aside, she pushed his fingers into her slippery folds. Troy’s eyes widened and he stared at his half buried fingers for a moment. Then he looked up at her face.
“I’m touching your…your…pussy!”
“I know baby and it feels good for mommy when you do that. ” Regina, still clutching his hand began to work it in and out of herself. Taking her cue, Troy stiffened his fingers and began to do it on his own, watching her face as it contorted in pleasure. “Yeah baby, yeah! Do that! Fuck mommy’s cunt with your hand!”
Hearing that word from her lips made him thrust harder.
Regina began to grind her pelvis into his hand as he fucked back with equal force. Almost reaching climax, Regina, reached down suddenly and pulled his fingers out of her dripping snatch.

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“Not yet baby, I want for us to cum together. ”
Regina reached back, unhooked her bra, and let it slide from her body. Troy gaped at his mother’s bare breasts. She then stripped of her panties standing naked in front of him.
“I want to fuck. ”
Troy’s mouth dropped open. This was beyond his wildest expectations.
“I want to fuck!” Regina said again, stepping forward and grasping his hard prick in her hand.
“I want to fuck you Troy. I want to fuck my son! Do you want to fuck your mommy? Do you want to put your hard dick into my dripping wet pussy so that I can feel you shoot your load into me?”
Troy was speechless. He opened his mouth to say “hell yeah!” but nothing came out, so he began to nod vigorously instead.
“C’mon my little boy, ram that hunk of meat into me!”
Regina threw herself down and pulled Troy on top of her. Guiding his cock, she put it into starving pussy. Troy did not need a second invitation, once his head was in and he felt her inviting warmth, he knew instinctively what to do next.
He thrust his entire length into her, grinding when he reached the end.


   Withdrawing slowly, pulled it almost all of the way out and thrust it in again, as hard as he could. Regina screamed at the top of her lungs in pure ecstasy.
Troy obliged. They locked lips and their tongues were fully thrust in each other’s mouths. Five thrusts later and troy let out a guttural moan.
Regina peaked at the same time and shrieked at full volume.
“EEEEIIIYYYAAAA!!!” She clawed bloody furrows down Troy’s back, but he didn’t notice. He was burying his rock iron prick as deep into her as he could go; his final thrust, he shot his load. Wave after wave came and he must have jetted six times before his body went limp and he fell into his mother.
Regina felt every spurt and her pussy drank deeply. She was muttering unintelligibly, and sobs wracked her body; her pleasure was so intense.
They clutched each other like that until they drifted off to sleep, Troys limp cock still buried in his mothers pussy.
This was how Harvey found them an hour and a half later. Walking into the room, he froze in his tracks and his briefcase slipped from his fingers, hitting the floor with a thud. His mouth dropped open and silently he stood aghast, not believing his eyes.


His mind whirled and seeking an explanation, any explanation, he jumped at the first obscure thought that crossed his mind.
Armed intruders!He thought himself. Of course! They must have been forced to commit atrocities with one another while at gun point!Oh, the poor dears…
He looked upon the scene before him, His wife and son lying in a carnal position, his wife’s legs splayed open wide, his son’s penis still inserted into his poor mother.
Oh how it must have been for them…
Harvey began to imagine the scene as it unfolded.
Had he glanced down, he would have seen the tent in his pants, created by his solidly erect penis…
To be continued…. .
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