Caught In the Act


Damn, it was so embarrassing. Careless, that’s what it was. And I was so scared. My sister caught me beating my meat. But then again, things worked out pretty much OK, I guess. Better than OK.
Well, that isn’t making much sense so far, so let me try to explain. I had gotten into the habit of going to our laundry room in the basement to jerk off. It’s a long, skinny room that also contains a toilet, and I had found that nobody ever used the room except Mom on laundry day. I like to jerk off on the toilet ‘cause it’s lots less messy there.
Anyway, that day I was a little careless. I thought no one was home except me, so I didn’t close the door. I had my favorite porn magazine that I had borrowed from my friend Jimmy (I think he stole it from his older brother), and it had some of everything. Anywhere I opened it, the pictures got me hard quickly. I had really gotten heated up, and my dick had that super tight, tingly feeling that told me it would be a really good cum.
I heard a noise and looked up, and there was my older sister, June.

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   "Oh. Crap," she said. "Sorry, Reed. I didn’t mean to walk in on you like that. I just saw the light on and came to turn it off. " I had dropped the magazine and tried to push my hard-on down between my legs to hide it. Guess it looked pretty funny. June turned away, and I thought I saw a little smile on her face.
"OK, OK," I told her, "just get out of here and leave me alone. " I’m sure my face was beet-red.
"Hey, it’s all right," she said without looking back. "It’s normal. Everybody does it. Don’t feel bad. Heck, I do it myself.

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"OK, just go, dammit. " She turned around and went back up the stairs. I started to get up and go to my room, but then I glanced at the book again and got just as hard as I was before. God, I didn’t think I could still do it after such an awful experience, but it still felt just as good and tight and tingly and the girls were still just as sexy. I began massaging my cock again and in no time at all I was gasping and puffing again and knew I was about to cum. And what a cum. I never shot so hard. I swear, I could hear it splatting on the sides of the toilet. I shot and shot, and finally slumped against the wall. Jeez, maybe I should have June interrupt me every time.
I wiped off the end of my dick with my finger and licked it clean (yeah, it tastes damn good, I think), then pulled up my pants and eased my way up the stairs toward my room. I really didn’t want to face June right then.
As I passed her door, though, I heard a very faint sound, kinda like a little soft grunt. Her door doesn’t latch very well, and by pushing against it very gently I opened it enough to see in and damn, I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. There she lay on her bed, pants off, legs spread, with the fingers of both hands working her pussy furiously.

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   Two fingers of her right hand were in her cunt, moving rapidly in and out. The same two fingers of the left hand were massaging her clit as hard as they could. She bounced on the bed, occasionally making the little grunts. As I watched, she stopped and smacked her clit hard, four or five times, grunting louder each time, then went back to her finger fucking.
God, my cock was harder than ever! I hauled it out and began to whip it, but realized that I was already close to cumming, and I didn’t want to do that yet. I wanted to watch her cum, so I slowed down a lot, just massaging gently and rimming the head a little to stay hard.
Omigod, was it beautiful! June has plenty of pussy fur, but she is a natural blonde and it’s so light colored that it’s almost transparent. I could easily see her pretty pink pussy lips stretching around her fingers and her pink clitty standing up and begging for love. Believe me, it was getting it!
After a few minutes she grunted a little louder, arched her back, and pushed her fingers in as far as she could. She seemed to be feeling for something inside, and I guess she found it. Still arched, she trembled and pushed hard on her fingers several times, then slumped down on the bed. I could see that she had made it.
I couldn’t wait any longer, and slipped into the bathroom to get off once more myself. This time I just pictured my pretty sister doing it and had an even better cum than before.
So she wasn’t lying about doing it herself, and strange to say, it really did make me feel better about my own masturbating.

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   I still determined to be careful about being caught, but I didn’t feel guilty about it.
It occurred to me that maybe she tried to choose times when our parents weren’t home to do it, so I began checking her door quietly at those times, hoping to catch her again. I did, too, several times. Once she was completely naked. She stood in front of her mirror for a while, admiring her body (which indeed is admirable) and touching herself in various sensitive places. After a while I realized that she was teasing herself, getting herself turned on before she masturbated, and I was right. A few minutes later she moved to her bed and began to work her pussy the way she did before. Damn, she’s sexy! I got a good blow out of that one, too.
A few weeks later we were watching TV in the family room downstairs. It was late and our parents had gone to bed. A commercial came on and she looked over at me. "Hey, have you enjoyed watching me masturbate?"
I tried to be cool. "Huh, whattaya mean?" Real cool.
"You know what I mean. I know you’ve been watching me.

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   I meant for you to. I wanted you to understand that it’s OK to pleasure your body. It doesn’t hurt anyone and it’s no one’s business. Besides, it’s sorta exciting to me, knowing that someone is watching. So have you enjoyed it?"
Nope, cool wasn’t gonna work here. I still couldn’t look up at her, though. "Yeah, you’re really pretty and I get really turned on watching you. Uh, your pussy is really pretty. " All right, I was babbling. What would you have said?
"Reed, it honestly is OK. Y’know, that day when I accidentally caught you – and it really was accidental – I got so turned on that I went straight to my room and did it myself. It was the best ever. "
"Yeah, I know; I watched the last part. " We sat there for a while, then I worked up the courage to ask, "Hey, would you do it here for me?"
She sat for a moment, looking troubled. "Aw, Reed, I would.

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   I’d like to, but I’m afraid they’ll catch us. They’d kill us if they found out. Damn, we’d be grounded forever. "
"Hey, you know how they are. By this time they’re out for the count. C’mon, we can hear them if they start walking around. Won’t take a second to get your nightie back on. " She really did want to do it and began to lift her gown, but then she stopped.
"Y’know, you’ve watched me do it several times, but I’ve never even seen your cock. How ‘bout you do it, too?"
Heck, she could just about see it already. Just talking about that stuff with her had gotten me hard, and my dick was outlined pretty clearly in my shorts. And I wasn’t going to miss this chance to watch her "up close and personal. " "Yeah, OK, that’s fair," I told her, and slipped off my shorts. They sorta hung on my hard pecker, and that seemed to make it even harder. I gave it a few pulls as she watched closely.

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She got her gown off and I gasped. She was even more stunning up close and her pussy was every guy’s dream. "Can I sit over there with you?" I asked. She just nodded, and I moved over to the couch beside her, my cock swaying happily as I walked.
She lay back and began to tease herself the way I had seen her before, stroking the top of her legs, moving her fingers all around her pussy without quite touching it, eyes still fastened on my dick. She began caressing her stomach and chest, moving her hands lightly all around her titties, lifting them, licking her fingers and stroking the nipples. I could see them swell and stick out and become hard like little pebbles, and she took a bit of time to tease and play with them. God, I was so hard! I began to jack off lightly, then realized that it wouldn’t take much to make me cum. "Keep going," I told her, "I just don’t want to cum too soon. "
She did, still watching my dick. By now she was stroking the outer lips of her pussy and easing toward the middle. She was breathing pretty hard now, and it was obviously tough for her to keep the fingers off her clit. She slid a finger into her slit, moving it down to pick up some juice from her vagina and sliding it up toward the clitty. After doing this a few times, she finally let it touch the clit and I saw her jump and inhale sharply.

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Now she was ready for the heavy stuff. She slipped the finger inside and began moving in and out, slowly at first, then faster and faster, eventually adding another finger. By this time she was bouncing and moving against her fingers and rubbing her clitty furiously with her other hand. A slap on the clit, and she almost yelled out. Another and another. God, it looked like she was hurting herself, but the look on her face said otherwise. I could see that she was almost ready to cum, and I began jacking off again, matching the rhythm of her fingers. We were both really excited now and I saw her reach ‘way inside again and push at something. A couple more hard jabs with her fingers and she screamed silently, gasping for breath. I timed it right and about that time I shot my load over and over again onto my stomach and chest.
Wow! I could have screamed myself. Ogod it felt good! We were both gasping and spent, and I reached over and put my arm around her, holding us close. Finally our bodies quieted down as I stroked her shoulder. I looked down at her now soaked and mussed and swollen pussy and realized that I could smell it. Jeez, what an exciting smell! "Can I touch it?" I asked her.

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   She was still pretty much out of it, but she nodded slightly.
I reached down with my other hand and slipped the fingers into her wet slit, wiggling them a bit to get more of her juice. It was so slick that one of the fingers slipped into her vagina and I couldn’t resist slipping it in a little farther. "It’s OK," she mumbled, "go for it. " She was still pretty turned on. I slid it all the way in and poked around a little. I’d never touched a girl’s pussy before, and it was fascinating, all those little ridges and bumps and hollows and things. Who ever knew it was like that? And hot! She was absolutely steaming inside!
I began moving my finger in and out like she did and she began climbing the ladder again. "Faster, " she whispered. At one point I couldn’t resist, and pulled my hand back to lick the fingers. Omigod, how wonderful she smelled and tasted! But she needed to cum again, and I went back to work, moving the finger as quickly as I could. Finally it occurred to me to push it in all the way and try to find the spot that she had hit before. I curled the finger toward the top and poked a bit, and finally she jumped and moved hard against my hand, humping it frantically. I could feel the vaginal walls pulsing and tightening as she came, and I felt a new surge of wetness on my hand. I kept it up til she slumped back and I knew it was over.

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   Again I held her until her body calmed down.
"Wow," she murmured, "that was a good one. I don’t think I ever came that hard before. It was really exciting watching you cum. I think that’s what kicked me off the second time. And you did a pretty good job on me, for someone who never did that before. " She was quiet a moment. "You like the way I taste?"
"Hell yeah, sis, I had no idea that girls taste so good. It makes me hard just thinking about it. "
"Yeah, I noticed that, "she smiled, looking down. "Is it my turn to touch now?" She didn’t wait for an answer, but reached down and began to fondle my dick. Gently at first, she just squeezed it and rubbed it, moved the skin up and down, and took the head between her thumb and forefinger. She seemed entranced by its texture and squeezed it so that the pee-hole opened.
Suddenly she stopped. "Hey, hang on a minute.


  " She ran into the bathroom and a minute or so later she came back with a towel and a warm washcloth and began washing me off. "It couldn’t be comfortable having cold, gooey cum all over you," she said. After she dried me off she moved down and began washing my cock and balls. Boy, that warm washcloth felt good, and she took plenty of time to do a really thorough job. She dried me just as carefully, checking to see that each little area was perfectly dry and blowing on a few spots to help out. Omigod, was I hard!
When she finished, she knelt in front of me and inspected her work closely. "God, it’s beautiful," she whispered, as she kissed the head. "I’ve never really seen one up close. I’ve jerked off a few guys on a date, but it was always in a dark car. It’s wonderful, so soft and smooth on the outside and so hard just underneath. And it stands up so pretty and proud. " Well, I gotta admit, I never thought of my cock as being beautiful and poetic, but if she thought so, it was good enough for me.
She just played with it the longest time, not really masturbating me, just feeling it and squeezing it and pushing it up and down and back and forth. It was wonderful torture. I very badly wanted to cum, but I wanted what she was doing to last, too.

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   My breathing was speeding up, though, and my cock was twitching, and she knew that I needed to cum. She began to massage it up and down, mostly slowly, but occasionally giving it several quick jerks, not letting me settle into a rhythm. Spitting on her hand for lubrication, she gradually worked into a solid milking motion, bringing me almost to the brink, then slowing down again.
By then I was frantic. "June, please," I gasped, "I need to cum, I really do. " She just smiled at me and let the agony go on a little while longer, then suddenly gave it several hard jerks the way I do to make it go on and spurt. And spurt it did. The first two globs hit my chin, then she changed her aim and shot the rest up into the air so it wound up on my chest and her hand. I thought I’d never stop. When I finally did, she kissed the head again, licking the last dollop of cream onto her tongue.
"Hmm, first time I’ve done that, too. Doesn’t taste too bad. " She licked the rest of the cum off her hand. "Yep, not bad at all. I think I could handle it.

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God, what do you say after something like that? I just lay back in shock. Now she moved up onto the couch and put her arm around me. "Well, did I do it right? Did you like it?" Hell, if she had done it any more right they would have buried me two days later. I could only nod.
She continued to play with my softening dick. Idle play, not really trying to get it hard again or anything, just the way she might play with a strand of hair. But she was definitely fascinated with my cock. "Reed, dear, we’re just going to have to do this again, and soon. I could get spoiled by orgasms like that. " I just smiled, nodded again, and reached up to tickle her left nipple. She smiled, too.
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