Caught with daddy


Samantha slipped into her parents' room to change, the closest room to the pool, where everyone leaves their clothes. Bending down to pick up the top shë́'d dropped before swimming, she saw a hastily hidden rubber cock, her mother must have barely dropped before everyone convinced her to come to the pool. She thought of her mother's slippery pussy being cupped by those swimmers, and remembered the vague squirming in the pool. It all seemed like a lot of fun, and Sam thought of the naughty idea of getting naked on her parents' bed.

She got off her swimsuit, and her cool smooth body took bright brushes of air over its droplets of water. The air at the top of her thighs was what made her feel like a fearless girl. She squeezed her right hand between her legs, up against her grating pussy, she used the fingers of her left hand to explore the dildo, just hinting of the glistening left by her mother. She tried to see if she could taste her mother on the cock, mainly overpowered by rubber, she did realise some texture smoother than otherwise expected, and grinned a little giggle at this dirty little club she'd joined.

Inspecting the cock, she realised that it was completely realistic, in fact, it must be a mould. She rubbed the head up and down her pussy, coming to the realisation that it could only be a copy of her daddy's impressive dick. Feeling she'd found the ultimate naughtiness, she rubbed her then wet pussy lips up and down the shaft, coating its underside in her taste. "Mmmmm daddy" she let out, and heard an exhalation at the doorway, where upon squinting, she spied a mature shadow, beating himself off.

She giggled her sweet smile at the doorway, then started rubbing the dildo again, still looking straight on. After a brief pause, her father mustered up his courage and swaggered over to her, holding a cock as solid as any buldging muscle. The fiery eyes of his nineteen year old little girl flickered like flames under her eyelashes, her milky naked thighs waveredaround her fondling fingers, as she put away the dildo. Daddy lowered himself into arms and legs which twined around him, pulling his hardened bulk lovingly close.

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Her moist pink tongue played with his, and the steely underside of his cock tickled itself on the light hair of her gorgeous little slit. Her hips brought these two forbidden parts together in their own private pole dance, and that stiff underside wettened with the smell of a hungry teenage girl. With the tops of their heads still touching, they both looked down at their dirty writhing game, both of them rubbing themselves as if unable to keep from masturbating, but with precum whitening even daddy's impressive buldging head, they were certainly not dry humping.

"That's my girl" he exhaled, with one hand caressing the silky hair on he back of her head, the other cupping where her cool leg met her round little buttock, a finger stimulating the inside of the soft skinned bump, ever so close to the tight spot, which his daughter kept vulnerable by rubbing her bent leg up his heating body. Her lip dropped, and her lusty face pronounced shivers, more that gasps, as her daddy took his great cock in his hand and started to rub it all around the explosively moist lips of her warm pussy. She started launching into wild tongue kisses, and biting her daddy's lip, as he made his way deep into her tight pink bits, overpowering her tightness with his strength and the wetness he had won her over with.

After tightly closing and lustily reopenend her eyes for the first couple of her strong daddy's strokes, Sammy pulled on his legs to make him know how good he felt in her pussy. Her hips offered her little snatch on an angle that gave him deep strokes, which he used at a smooth pace, bringing his cock all the way out to the taper of his head with each electric drive in and out of his girl. His strokes only gained in strength, as his balls began to patter her ass's sweet mounds, her voice was unashamadly crying for her daddy's fucking, and her mother and brother came from their unobvious, but noticed voyeurism in the doorway, and stood by the bed next to Sammy's pretty face.

Still in their bathers, but the boy's clinging to an uncontrollable erection, the pair became a boy stripped to his obvious incestuous lust, by his mother, who brought herself to her knees and her son's bathers to the floor. Her loving, guiding, hand pulled his boyish member's skin forward and back with caring sensuality, as her husband and daughter eagerly watched, pleasuring each other with complete abandon. Sammy's mouth parted and a moist pink cushion of tongue rested itself on her lower lip, and her mother slapped the moaning boy's penis on his sister's offering, letting out breaths of delight at her dirty, dirty games.

Daddy slowly slipped his cock out of his daughter's little cunt, the slippery hard-on now covered with his girl's taste. He told his girl to get to her knees next to her mother, and father and son sat next to each other on the bed, mother and daghter wrapping their lovely fingers around the meat of each. Long moans escaped the seventeen year old's mouth as his mother's wet sucks gave full attention to every dirty sensation.

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   His skin gathered and extended under bobs of his mum's mature mouth, which she fully intended to impress her masturbating teenager with.

As Sammy worked her father's cock obediently, with the occasional few strokes on her brother's spasming rod, her and her mother's hands crept between each other's thighs and fondled the cunts within, the mother's too now working up an aroma. It wasn't long before Sammy layed back on the bed, and her giggling mother bent deep down between her legs, caressing the beautiful little pussy with her tongue, as her son prepared to take the fine smelling brunette slit his mother offered.

Moans came from everywhere as labias were massaged, and as daddy's shouts became shorter and louder, jerking over his daughter's face, she dropped off the bed to her knees, and her brother immediately came jerking at her face. Her daddy and brother splashed hot streams of their cream onto her her face, a repeated yes eagerly escaped her wide smile allowing hot thick drops to land on her tongue. She and her mother exchanged a long licking kiss, the taste of cum driving both of them in their filthy caress.

All day the family played and orgasmed, and all knew that any partners were possible in the future of this open family. Sammy's dirtiness was enough to turn on at least these three beyond the point of return. .