Chocolate Treats


Great it was already starting and it wasn't even 3 PM yet. Tommy reluctantly walked to the couch where his sister was vegging. He looked up at her. Tommy had to admit she was pretty. It made him feel funny at times when he saw her coming out of the bathroom or going to be in just panties and a T-shirt. At times he discovered that his dick would point up and become hard, he just couldn't figure why. "What do you want?" Tommy asked. "Well, I figured in the past I have always made you do nothing but housework and no reward. So I figured if you put the dishes away while I vacuum in here, we will play any game you'd like afterwards. You like that?""Sure, I guess so. " Tommy didn't know a game he could play with his sister, but he decided to agree since she had never been this nice to him. Tommy walked to the kitchen where a mountain of dirty dishes awaited him to be cleaned. He set to work scrubbing off the caked on grease and food. When he finished he went to the living room to report to his sister. She was bending under the sofa vacuuming when he entered. Tommy almost said something but he stopped and stared at his sister's ass.

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   He and his friends had always made jokes about butts at school but never wanted to touch one. He noticed the familiar twitch in his crotch. "Why are you doing that now?" Tommy said to his crotch. His sister mistook the question to be directed at her. "Because it needs to be vacuumed under the couch. It's dirty. "Tommy snapped to attention and realized the dumb luck he had received. "Umall the dishes are done. "Christy looked up at him in disbelief. "Already? Wow, neither Mom nor I can do them that fast. Ok wait in the kitchen. "Tommy walked to the kitchen and waited on a chair. His sister arrived a couple minutes later with a little sweat on her forehead. Tommy awaited her at the kitchen table. She sat down across from him.

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  "So what game do you want to play?" she asked. "I can't think of anything," Tommy replied. There just wasn't a game he could think to play with his older sister. "Oh come on nowmake up one. "Tommy looked around the kitchen searching for some means of instant fun. He saw some fruit on the counter. "How about a food guessing game?" he suggested. "Okhow do you play?"Tommy thought quickly. "One of us closes our eyes and we put something in each other's mouths. You have three chances to guess what you are eating. If you can't guess it then you have to eat it all. ""Ok sounds goodI'll go first. " Tommy closed his eyes and opened his mouth. A few seconds later he tasted something very sweet on his tongue. "A grape?" He asked.

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  Christy looked at him in disbelief. "Yeah how did you know? Were you peeking?""Of course not, Christy! You know I like grapes. My turn!"With that Christy sat down in her chair, closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Tommy looked around the room and saw some strawberries. He picked one up and placed in her mouth. She sucked on it for a second. "A cherry?""Nope. ""A strawberry?""Yeah, you were on strike two, sis. "Tommy had thought how his sister had sucked on the strawberry. It made him funny and once again an intruder in his pants took form. He tried to hide it while they continued the game. Each piece of food got harder to recognize. He had almost failed to guess a piece of cantaloupe. It came to his turn again. He could not, however, find anything that he could put in his sister's mouth.

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   He looked at his crotch. His dick was still pointing up. He wanted to trick her and disguise his dick. He looked in the refrigerator and found some chocolate syrup. He unzipped his pants and carefully covered his dick in chocolate.
    "Are you there? Next!" his sister called out. "Ok I'm ready. "Tommy got onto the table and positioned himself over his sister's mouth. He slowly lowered his dick into her mouth. As soon as his tip hit her tongue, she enveloped his entire dick and started sucking at it. Tommy couldn't believe his eyes. "Mmmmith toculate cobered (It's chocolate covered)?""Yep. ""Ith it uh toculate cobered bamama (Is it a chocolate covered banana)?""Nope, no close. ""Toculate cobered strubewy (Chocolate covered strawberry)?""Uh huh, keep guessing. "She kept sucking and scrunching her brow in deep concentration.

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       She sucked long and hard. Tommy started getting scared because he all of a sudden felt like he had to pee. He didn't want to pee in his sister's mouth. "UhChristy can you stop real quick? I gotta pee. "Christy without knowing her brother's dick was in her mouth responded. "Not yet, I think I know what it is. But I can't place it. ""Please Christy I gotta go!""Almost got it!"At that moment, Tommy felt his dick convulse and felt something, what he thought to be pee, come out of his dick. His sister had a confused look on her face. "Ith it uh toculate cobered donub wid cweam fiwing (Is it a chocolate covered donut with cream filling)?" When she spoke, Tommy could see something white around her lips. "Um. Noguess you gotta eat it. "With that Christy took in his entire dick and sucked hard. She began biting his dick, which made Tommy feel both pleasured and uncomfortable. When all the chocolate and cum was gone, Tommy quickly took out his dick and got off the table before his sister opened her eyes.

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       She swallowed the rest of what was in her mouth and looked at him. "It tasted good whatever it was. Was it a Popsicle? I bet it was, wasn't it?"Tommy thought for a moment and said, "Yeah! You're right it was! A Popsicle!"More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.

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