Colony 01


            My family went to stay at a nudist colony every summer in southern Mississippi. There was a pond, and the ocean was only a few miles away. The colony itself was a joining of three plantations all with the same values. There was plenty of space to camp and get lost in-between the three lots.
            On the grounds there could be upwards of five families, some families (closer than others) would share a plantation house. While others would take to privacy of the grounds refurbished slave quarters. The newer families usually took these homes and stuck to themselves, only really talking with other families at meal times or by the pond. These families of course were new to the plantations’ secret.
            My family and I would load up our car and head out sometime in late July early August, there was nothing like running from the car and stripping down- all to feel the embrace of that pond water- the freedom and vulnerability. And then there was my family… My name is Davis; I’ve been coming here since I was about 8. Now I am turning 17. The other members of my family include my father George, and my step mother Sherri. I have one older sister Sarah, who has come back from college this summer, she is 21 and in her third year. She always returns for these summers with the folks. But this year is a bit different, because this year she’s brought a new boyfriend, and they seem pretty serious. He’s fucking awesome, on the way over to Mississippi me and him were swapping techniques and shit, trading stories about different Suzie’s and popping cherries…Ha ha! the dude even gave me some of his Grand Dad bourbon that he snuck in his pack.

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            I hope Sarah marries him, I hear their sex is fucking wild.
“So tell me Mike, what about this group sex at college??”
“Haha that’s where I met your sister, me and the brothers were throwing an after party when she and her friends showed up from the bar downstairs… after I cummed all over her tities. . . I cooked her breakfast. ”
I gave mike a low five and took another swig of the bourbon in the back of the family van.
“oooH you didn’t!!” Said my other little sister Betty.
I didn’t mention, but I was going to save the best for last; my original mom passed away giving child birth to my two little sisters who are both turning 14 this summer. Strangely enough, they look so similar; both very thin, their flesh is taut and firm with the prettiest little tities and asses… but Betty has blonde hair and her twin Jessica has dark brown, almost black, like my dad.
“What are you guys talking about?” Betty chimes in as she climbs in the back seat.
In the front of the van my sister is talking to my step mom as my father drives. Jessie is asleep, therefore no one notices really as Betty sits right down in-between me and Mike.
“Are you guys talking about screwing Sarah?”
“No of course not what would give you that idea?” I replied while hiding the whiskey.
“Shut up, I heard you! You said you came in Sarah’s hair!”
Mike tried to hide his smile by looking out the window, but his white teeth couldn’t help but break free and he turned back to Betty.

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“So what if I did? Are you going to say anything?”
“Maybe not…” Betty was caught.
“I didn’t think so. ” Mike says as he fluffs her hair.
“Heyy!” Betty whines. “You think I’m as pretty as my sisters don’t you?”
“Shut up brat, get an ass. ”
“I got an ass! I got Titties too see!” With that Betty lifts up her tank top and flashes me and mike. She smiles then and bites her lip. Those blue eyes of my mom shine through her blonde bangs.
Mikes eyes went wide. I mimicked him and looked out the window, trying not to smile.
“I’m a woman too, you know. ” She says looking at both me and Mike.
“Women aren’t ticklish. ” I whispered while splaying my fingers across her tummy and tickling her ribs.
“Stop!!” She giggles.

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“You kids keep it down back there I am trying to drive!”  My father shouts sternly.
“Don’t want you to crash dad!” My fingers stop tickling and start slowly caressing Betty’s pant line.
Betty bites her lip.
“Davis, shouldn’t we wait…”
My fingers slip past her elastic line and trail the peace fuzz.
“Shuush. Be quiet, remember our secret. ”
Meanwhile Mike looks on not saying a word. Betty shudders and leans against his large arms. My index finger finds her slit dry but I work the crack, warming it and in no time the cheeks part and bloom into a wonderful wetness, my fingers slip in so easily.
“Hey sis, don’t forget about our guest here. ” I whisper as I lean over and sink my finger along her spongy g-spot.
Betty shudders but opens her blue eyes, and shakes her head as if to shake out all the pleasure building. She then grabs on to Mikes arm and looks into his face,
“Can I blow you Mike? I am really good I promise. ”
“Of course you can sweet heart. ” My un-does his belt buckle very quietly as Betty helps with the zipper.

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The mound in his shorts makes me even stop and wonder. Betty just looks at it and reaches out caressing the lump in amazement. She looks up almost scared to Mike. Who just looks down comfortingly?
“Go on, it doesn’t bite. ”
Betty undoes the button on his boxers and pulls out the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Her little white hand against the big black cock was almost too much for everyone…
I guess I should say that our family is pretty liberal and my sister Sarah met Mike at the fraternal party of Gamma Gamma Gamma, which is an all black fraternity. It only took Mike one minute to win over what ever pretentiousness we might have had living in suburbia. He was winning over Betty right now…
Mikes hands cup Betty’s head and bring her mouth to his shaft. Meanwhile my finger pulls from her soft snatch and rubs her little clit. But I feel like I’m going to cream my shorts…. Betty is one of the best cocksuckers ever. She totally worships the shaft. She kisses the sides of what looks like a nine inch dick. Meanwhile one hand presses on Mike’s prostrate while the other holds on to the head, pulling Mike’s cock away from his body… Betty’s little head licks up the inside between the shaft and his shirt.
I can’t resist and I hurry to try and bring Betty close to cumming.

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Her blonde hair bobs up and down on Mike’s cock. She uses both hands to start jacking him off and looks up with those blue eyes.
But he just pushes her head back on.
“Faster, oh so good baby girl.

    Betty shudders and I think she’s coming. I reach up and feel her titties, I pinch those nipples in-between my fingers.   It’s a damn good thing we weren’t wearing seat belts my right hand travels down unsnap Betty’s shorts.
    Betty doesn’t resist, and I lay down on the seat behind her, with her shorts to her knees I inch up and run my already busting cock to her 14 year old, perfectly pink, wet and engorged slit.
    I lift her shirt up in front and continuously fondle her titites as I push in deep, my head first, and damn damn damn! The head, the heat!
    She is so tight I can feel the youth in her pussy walls- I push in deeper and get only about 3/4s of my shaft in her. She moans over Mike’s cock as her neck works up and down.
    I start fucking her hard.
    “Oh Davis, oh Davis, I’m cumming already. ”
    “don’t be a slut Betty” I reach my arm across my sister’s chest hold on to her shoulder. And fuck her harder, and deeper.
    “Oh sis, oh I love your fucking cunt” I hiss in her ear… “I am going to cum in my little fuck bear.

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    At this Betty takes her head off Mike’s cock and leans in towards her chest, only moaning in the cutest small little “unh unh unh. ” To each thrust.
    She climaxes on my dick, she goes limp, Mike picks her head up.
    “finish him. ” I command.
    She manages to pull herself up and aggressively pumping his shaft with her hand, both Betty and I see Mike’s shaft start to twitch.   I nudge her head over the shaft… she opens her mouth as the first stings shoot in and then closes her pretty face over his cock and suck down.
    Betty wipes her lips off and licks the fingers, “you’re yummy she giggles. ”
    “Oh I am going to cum!” I whisper.
    “Wait!” Betty kicks off her shorts and wiggles off my shaft, she nudges up and props her head up on Mike’s lap, she then spreads her legs for me.
    I climb on top of my sister, propping one hand under her shoulder I bring my cock back to the entrance. It is still so tight, I see my dick bend till it slides in.
    Betty’s back arches as I slide deeper I lay on top of her, run my hands through her hair and kiss her. She still tastes salty.
    I am right about to cum when she says, her blue eyes searching mine:
    ”I wanted to see you, when you cum inside me.

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    Right then and there I clench my fists in her hair, her brow furls in slight pain and I unload. I feel the creamy whiteness running around my shaft out of her vagina and onto the leather seat.
    I am thrusting as I am cumming, my head into the crook of her neck. She just sucks on  my neck and pulls me deeper on my lower back- she’s to short to grab for my ass.
    I pull out. I am done. I look at my beautiful 14 year old sister still spread eagle with her shorts around one ankle. Her shirt pushed up, and those pretty titties. So much beautiful flesh.   She smiles through those deep blue eyes and giggles, rubbing her cunny a bit.
    “I can’t wait to get to camp!” she says with closed eyes.
    “I’ve been waiting all year. ” I reply.
    At that moment the car slows.
    “Are we there yet?” I ask, “get dressed, I whisper through my teeth.

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    Betty pulls up her shorts but leaves her panties on the floor.
    “I wont be needing these. ”
    Sarah turns, “are you having fun sweetie?”
    Mike just smiles “I think it’s going to be a good vacation. ”
    It didn’t look like it but he was buttoning up his fly as if he had done this before. Then winks at me.
    “Where’s Betty?” Sarah asks.
    Betty’s hand shoots up while her body is still blocked by the seat in front.
    “Right here” She sits up, “just dropped something when the car stopped. ”
    Betty smiles the most guilty smile I’ve ever seen.
    Sarah just looks on in amazement.
    Mike was right, it was going to be a good vacation.

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