I was barely 16 that hot and humid July afternoon I admitted to Amy, my sweet little cousin, that I’d been having sex with my father for two months.  “What?!” she gushed. “Courtney!  Oh, my God!” Also, that I was on birth control, but my up-tight mother had no idea or she’d have killed me!  Of course, at St. Katherine’s, where we both went to school, they wouldn’t have been too thrilled at that part, either.      “I can’t believe this!” Amy was almost panting at the news. “You’re doing your own father!”     “He’s fucking me to death!” I admitted.   “I think we’re, like, sexually addicted to each other.   He said he’s, like, in love with my cunt. ”   Woody Allen once said, “Sex is only dirty when it’s done correctly. ”  How absolutely true!  And that is how I remember my early sexual adventures with my own dad:  very, very, VERY dirty.   Blissfully so.   I went through multiple, wildly intensifying orgasms that left me sweaty, shaky and panting for breath each time. Yet still wanting more. Talk about your over-sexed little highschool slut! “He fucks me all night up at Clear Lake! And licks my cunt between fucking! Sometimes I come so hard I pee all over!”     “Wow… ” Amy breathed.  “Last time he used this peach-flavored lubrication and two vibrators, one in my pussy and the other up my asshole, and I about went insane!  Then he fucked me in front of the TV using one of those vibrating ring things around his dick! He could barely hold me down! He said I was the best fuck ever!” Amy looked like she suddenly couldn’t breathe.  “Courtney! You’re killing me!”     Dirty talk, the dirtier the better, was something Amy and I appreciated.

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    It was shocking, exciting and great fun at that young age!  Plus I loved getting her all sexually aroused.      It also turned out that the age of consent in Alabama, where we lived, was just 16—the 10th grade—so when my dad and I started ‘doing it’ I was entirely legal.   Of course, the incest aspect was still a little murky.       Anyway, all my friends fantasized about my handsome 34-year-old father, but it was teen twig Amy, my innocent-faced cousin at exactly 5’ and 90 perfect pounds, who’d always had the biggest crush on him.   He’d been divorced from my mother for years, so I mostly saw him on weekends, but whenever Amy was around, she always acted sort of goofy. She always kidded around with him as if she wasn’t just another dumb, skinny blond teenager like me, but was wanting to be his girlfriend or something.   Even though she was his niece!      It really pissed off my no-nonsense mom, and she’d just shake her head or storm away, as if she thought my dad might actually take Amy up on it.  “Your little cousin is an idiot!” she said more than once. “Amy acts like your father might take her on a date!”       I mean, I could always tell the way Amy looked at him—she was picturing a lot of dirty sex stuff in that naïve-looking-little-girl head of hers, but I was probably the only one who realized it.   Whenever she spent the night at my place, in fact, she just about drove me crazy talking about him, even when we indulged in our secret “I’ll kiss yours if you'll kiss mine” game after lights out.  “I’m pretending your dad’s licking me,” she often told me. “So don’t talk!”      That usually worked best with Amy on her hands and knees, her skinny bare ass sticking up with my face pressed into her hot butt-crack, and my eager tongue licking into her slick pink pussy from behind.   We definitely enjoyed each other’s company.   In addition—as an extra treat for her—I sometimes licked her overly-sensitive asshole, pressing my tongue-tip into that twitchy tiny slit until it throbbed open with a little spasm, then licking her pussy and her anus until she was trembling so violently I thought she was having some kind of weird attack.  That particular combination always got her off in record time—and multiple times, at that, sort of her specialty.

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    Mine, too, as I mentioned.      “Oh, God, Uncle Jack!” I’d hear her moan sometimes, me licking her, my father being her uncle. “You’re making me come so fucking good!” Like I said, we appreciated dirty talk, especially in our perverted fantasies.      Of course, when she did it to me, with her perfect face buried in my butt-crack, it had the same result. She made me come so hard, I had to clamp my hands over my mouth or push my face into my pillow, nearly passing out from lack of oxygen sometimes, so my mom wouldn’t hear.   Amy didn’t look like it, but she was a little angel who definitely knew how to use her mouth on another girl’s cunt.      Unlike most of the boys I’d been with.      Although I possessed that same wide-eyed, innocent look of my sweet cousin, I was known as ‘easy’ at school, a bad girl.   I’d handed out my virginity a couple of years earlier to an awkward boy I barely knew in the back of his father’s SUV, then gone on to sexually experiment with a variety of objects (hot dogs, cucumbers, pop bottles,etc. ) and boys, some older, some younger, sometimes with two or three at a time.      For some reason, even with the boys who fumbled like idiots getting my pants down or who had no idea how to properly lick a girl’s pussy (even with clear instructions!), I still never got bored doing it.   Sex for me was the absolute most fun of anything else I could imagine. The truth was, then or now, I’d rather fuck than eat chocolate ice cream and I love chocolate ice cream.      Anyway, Amy and I were walking to the Greenbriar Mall, both of us overheated and sticky at 92 in the shade (all of Alabama being a hot-box in summer), when I told her what we’d been up to, my father and I.   After bursting out with surprise at first, she just stopped walking and stared at me, not believing such a thing could happen.

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   This was like a betrayal to her, she figured.      “You should have told me,” she insisted. “Sex with your dad! Wow!”     “It’s a big secret,” I told her. “If my mom found out, we’d both be dead! I’m only telling you because my dad wants you to join us this weekend. ”     Her mouth dropped open and she grabbed her chest through her skimpy halter top, acting like she was having heart palpitations.    “Oh my God! My God! My God!”     And I suddenly noticed that her pink nipples were almost poking through her halter top, their hard little points very much out there. Her boobs weren’t as large as mine, my 32B’s the ‘big ones’ compared to her 32A’s, but her nipples had those ultra-sensitive tips that reminded me of our Thanksgiving turkey’s pop-up button, particularly when I was kissing her bare tits while fingerfucking her.      “It’s okay, Amy,” I gently took her arms and shook her with a laugh. “Calm down, we’re not going to the White House or anything! It’s just my dad’s. ”      We still had about 10 minutes before reaching the Mall, so I walked her over to a green park bench and sat her down.   She was suddenly as flushed as if she’d been running two miles. Her slender bare legs were trembling, and she kept jiggling them, knocking her bony knees together, apparently unable to sit still.   She even kicked one of her sandals off, then had to reach out with her small foot to put it back on.      “I’m so excited!” she said, all shaky. “You made my pussy all wet!” While I held both of her hands, she spread her knees slightly and we both glanced down at the crotch of her tight pink cotton shorts, the perfect outline of her gently bulging vagina, slit and all, clearly noticeable if you knew enough to look.

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    “You little slut, I can even smell it,” I told her.   “It’s getting me wet, too. ”    “Give me details, Courtney. Dirty details!”           “What should I tell you?”      She swallowed hard, then looked at me as if I’d brought her the best present she’d ever received by simply inviting her to a weekend of rampant sexual adventures.      “First off,” she asked, “are you sure it’s okay with your father, that I come along?”     I gave both her hands a quick squeeze, then released them.      “Of course, he wants you there,” I told her. “He thinks you’re really cute. ”     “Oh, God.
    ”     I studied her another moment, then brushed a strand of her fine blond hair back from her innocent face, which got me a quick smile in return.   Amy’s wide blue eyes, always bright, were literally shining with excitement.   Potential sexual excitement, I knew.      “Will you let him do dirty stuff to you?” I asked, knowing the answer.      “Of course!” she said, eagerness in her voice. “Like what?”     “You know, eat your pussy, suck your boobs, stick his cock in your mouth,” I ventured. “He’ll want to…ejaculate in your mouth, too, I bet!”  That was a word I’d learned right at the beginning from my dad.

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           “You’re turning me on even more!” she said. And then, “What do you do with him?”      I gave her a suggestive smile, then glanced around first, looking for eavesdroppers, lip-readers, neighbors that knew us, whatever, before saying anything that might get us in big trouble.      “We do everything,” I said. “We watch dirty movies first—”     “Wait!” she cut me off.   “Does your dad want to fuck me? I haven’t done that yet, like you, but he can fuck me all weekend if he wants!”      “I’m sure he wants to fuck you,” I said. “And he’s had a vasectomy, but it’s not like you’ve never had a cock in you. I know you have. ”      That was true: Amy was obsessed with the always-stiff penis of her irritating twin brother, Paul, always giving him intense sexual attention. She even drew pictures of it for me, his young cock, showing what it looked like standing up, stiff and veined, in several different, quite flattering perspectives, with white stuff coming out of the end.      She really did have artistic talent, I’d realized then.      Amy had made a hobby, actually, of that annoying boy’s cock: kissing it, licking it, sucking it and even rubbing the swollen head of it against her slippery clit until they both climaxed, his cum shooting in white-beaded spurts onto her fine, almost non-existent pubic hair or flat tummy—but never, ever, ever getting any of it into her wet pussy (she prayed!).      “That doesn’t count!” she protested. “Paul’s never fucked me! Not inside, not all the way—” “I don’t believe you!” I laughed. “He had to fuck you, all the way in—you couldn’t get his dick pressed against your pussy all those times and not try it out!” “We didn’t!” she insisted. “I’m still a virgin! We just do it in my butt sometimes.

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      ”     That was true as well:  Amy learned she could have orgasms getting fucked in her anus, without even touching her clit.   And her brother always used enough KY-jelly in her tight asshole to get his slender cock entirely up her narrow butt every time they did it.       “God, it feels so good,” she crooned. “Going all the way in like that. I lay face-down with my hips propped up over two pillows and Paul fucks the shit out of my asshole until I come.   And when I come, he says my butthole sucks the cum right out of his dick!”          “He’s such an obnoxious little jerk, though!”     “Courtney, you’ve got to let him fuck you in the ass!” she insisted. “He fills my whole butt with cum!”      That part interested me, I admit—I’m kind of a little cum-freak anyway—but it still annoyed the hell out of me, hearing about it, just like anything my jerky boy-cousin was involved with.   He just all-out irritated me.  “Whatever,” I finally shrugged.      In any case, Amy was too excited to continue to the Mall, so we headed back to her house to root through her underwear drawer and pick out her sexiest possible panties for the weekend.      “Now tell me everything,” she said, before we even got to her underwear drawer. With her door closed, she pulled me down beside her on the bed. “Everything!”     As I started to tell her the things I’d done with my father— and the things I knew he wanted to do to her—she slipped her hand into the top of my shorts and into my underpants.   Her slim fingers easily found my slick pussy, then my clitoris, which made me jerk slightly with that first rush of intense sensation.   My breath caught in my throat as her hand began gently squeezing my entire pubic mound as well.

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