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I am 18 but have led a very sheltered life. My mom is a devout christian and she has always brought me up to value my virginity and to give it to the man I would marry. I am what you would call quite a beautiful girl a little on the heavy side though not overweight. I have dark long hair with dark eyes inherited from my mom. I have a big chest which is 38 D and smooth creamy skin that is a bit darker than most in my family. However, I don't wear revealing clothes and I don't wear makeup. Therefore, not many people do look at me. My dad died when I was ten and my mother brought me up on her own. It so happened that one day my aunt and cousin landed at our place. They were in financial trouble and my mother being the good Christian, let them stay with us. I like my cousin and she is almost a splitting image of me and the only difference was that she is about half a foot shorter than me. Her name is Angie and mine is Mary. My cousin, like myself was also brought up according to strict values and rules. We ended sharing a room while my mother and her mother ended up in the master bedroom adjoining ours. So one night we were getting ready to sleep and it was a daily ritual that we brush each others hair. Angie stood right behind me in her night dress while I sat on a high stool.

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   That night I could feel her standing a little bit closer than usual since I could feel her breasts on my shoulder. I didn't think of it much until I felt her moving rythmically. I looked at her face and her eyes were on my hair brushing away. I felt shy to ask her about it since I thought I could be imagining it. After she finished brushing my hair, I did the same. Out of curiosity, I wanted to move closer towards her, but was too scared to try. But suddenly I felt her shift and lean back against me so that my breasts were almost rubbing against her. My breath starting coming fast and I felt excited for no reason. I gulped down excess saliva that was blocking my throat. I glanced towards her quickly but she was calmly looking down. I inched closer until my nipples were pressing against her shoulders and slowly started rubbing them. The effect was electric. I felt a sensation that I have never felt before. I could feel Angie moving in the opposite direction to mine. So now this was delibrate.

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   I had no doubts. I could now feel a different sensation between my legs. It was as if I had peed myself. I quickly finished brushing and went into the bathroom and checked between my legs. I had learnt about this in school and I realised that my vagina had become moist due to the stimulation. I quickly cleaned myself scared that my mom would find out. When I climbed into bed, my cousin was already asleep.  I woke up in the morning. Angie made no reference to what happened the night before. I couldn't help noticing her in a different way after that. I started looking at my mom and aunt the same way. I felt ashamed and confused at the same time. I think Angie must have noticed my discomfort and I was glad when she suggested that we go out and hang out in the mall. My mom was a bit reluctant but agreed finally to let us go. We hung out together and had loads of fun.

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   The mall housed a small indoor theme park. We took a couple of rides together. In one we shared the same rocking horse and she clung to me so hard that I could feel her breasts against my back. In one ride, for a moment we passed through a dark tunnel and she grabbed me hard by me breasts. She appologised later, but I enjoyed the experience. Then we saw a movie. We sat right at the back in a corner behind a couple. The couple started to kiss and grope each other. So did the couple next to us. For the first time, I saw the girl next to us bend over the guy's crotch. I also heard slurping sounds and wondered what was happening. I looked at Angie and she was watching the movie as if nothing happened. I don't know what came over me, but I put my arm around her. My hand ended up close to her breast. She brought her hand up and firmly pushed my hand towards her breast.

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   I could feel her nipple through her bra. "Squeeze my breast," she whispered. I was so scared and excited at the same time that I started sqeezing her breast. After a while she unbuttoned her blouse and made me squeeze her bra. I felt bolder and I slowly slipped my hand inside her bra. The very first contact with another person intimately gave me a shock. My heart started beating in my chest like it had never done before. "Oh, Mary, I love what you are doing to me. Oh squeeze it harder," she whispered into my ear, licking it in the process. Her tongue sent shivers down my body. She took my other hand and placed it on her other breast and I followed the same process with it. Her left breast had a bigger nipple and I found that exciting. Then she turned to me and her mouth found mine. She started sucking on my lips. I have never kissed anyone before and the only thing I knew about was what I had already seen in the movies.

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   I did my best to kiss her back and her tongue eventually passed my virgin lips and found my tongue. This went on for sometime. I broke away from the kiss and realised that Mary had her right hand in her panties with her dress pulled up to her crotch. She kept rubbing herself while I kneaded her breasts. Her mouth found mine and I could feel the intensity of the kiss increase with her hand movements becoming faster and faster. She suddenly sucked my tongue hard and shuddered several times. I could feel her trying to keep quiet by the way she sucked on my tongue. I could hear her whimpering softly. She finally let go of my tongue and hugged me. She seeme exhausted. "Thank you Mary, that was wonderful," she said, pulling me towards her and her mouth on mine. I kissed her back. I wanted her to do the same to me, but the film was almost over and we had to tidy ourselves quickly before the lights came on. We grabbed a quick lunch and headed back home. Strangely, Angie didn't talk about the episode on our way and it left me feeling a little sad.

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   But she held my hand throughout and I could see that her face showed more happiness than I have ever seen.  We came back home and I quickly rushed upstairs for a bath. When I came down Angie was chatting with my aunt and mom in the garden. My mom gave me an amused look and asked we whether I was alright. "You look a little pale darling. Are you OK?" she asked. I felt myself blushing and Angie quickly turned her gaze away from me.  We sat down for tea. I could have been imagining things but I felt my aunt giving me looks from time to time. I was wearing a summer dress that was low cut. I was allowed to wear this try of dress only at home. I felt her gaze go down to my cleavage when I poured her the tea and milk. I pretended not to notice but could feel my heart beat rate rising again. During dinner, my aunt never left my side. I felt her hand brush my thighs and breasts a number of times, but could not determine whether it was accidental.

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   Once she got up to get the salad and her breast rested against my arm for quite some time. She gave me a sly glance and sat down. During the rest of the meal her hand moved to my thigh and remained there for about 30 seconds. I did nothing to encourage her or discourage her. Feeling a little daring, I put my hand on her thigh. I could feel the silkiness of her thighs through the thin material of the frock she wore. Her hand held mine in place and kept pushing it towards her crotch when my mother dropped a glass with a bang and we stopped fooling around.  Let me describe my Aunt. She is around 45 years old but has a fantastic figure. Her hair is also dark like mine and her breasts are 34C. She also has a bigger rounded ass than my mom. My mom is 40 and has a 40 D chest and a smaller ass. She has a bit of fat around her tummy, but for her age she looks quite hot. My mothers' best feature is that she has a birthmark just above her lips on the left side and she looks a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones.  After dinner we all sat down to watch some TV and my aunt made sure that she sat next to me.

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   My mother stood up after a while and went upstairs to turn in and so did my cousin. We sat there saying nothing. Suddenly my aunt started changing channels until she picked up a channel which turned out to be a soft porn channel. "Don't tell you mom that I watch these things Mary. A lonely woman like me needs a bit of entertainment," she said, winking at me. "I can change the channel if you feel offended," she said, looking at me. "I don't mind aunt Pam. I could learn a thing or two. " We continued watching. The movie started off with a lesbian scene and I found it quite arousing. I felt my aunts arm around my neck and felt her breast pressing against my side. "Like mother like daughter," I thought to myself and wondered where all this would lead. I felt my aunt slowly unbuttoning my top and her hand making its way towards my braless breast. She started rubbing around my nipple, not touching the aureola which drove me crazy. I couldn't hold on much longer so I forced her hand to rub my nipple.

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   She wet her hand with some saliva and she rubbed the nipple. It felt divine. Here I was, being seduced by my mothers' sister. "Oh darling, your breasts are as big as my daughters'," she whispered as she bent over my chest and exposed both breasts. Then before I could say no, she started sucking one breast. I almost screamed in ecstacy at the feeling. It was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. I heard a creak and saw Angie coming down the stairs and was in no mood to warn her mother whose head was buried in my chest sucking my right breast. Angie calmly came down and sat on the other side of the couch next to me and calmly started sucking my other breast. All I could do was to shake my head in wonderment and ecstacy and pull both heads closer to my breasts. I closed my  eyes and sunk further into the couch. After a while I felt hands unbuttoning my dress and I did not bother to open my eyes. But when I felt the same hands parting my legs, something didn't seem right and I got the shock of my life when I saw my mom, stark naked kneeling between my legs and her head moving purposefully towards my pussy. I stood paralised when she started licking my thighs, her breast resting against my legs. "Oh gosh, what is happening to me?" I wondered.

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   As if she read my mind, my aunt stopped what she was doing and said, "we planned this for a long time Mary. We dreamt of the day when we would finally seduce you. "I said nothing while I felt my mothers tongue reach my slit and slowly and purposefully make its way towards my clitoris. The feeling was so overpowering that I almost passed out. She started to lick my slit in long strokes. I managed to sneak in one of my toes and found her pussy. She helped me to insert it into the opening from where I entered this world. My toe felt warm and wet and my mothers pussy clung to it like a glove. She started moving. Angie got up from kissing my breast and pushed her breast to my face making me suck it. She then straddled my face and I came face to face with a pussy for the first time in my life. Her pussy was like a childs, completely hairless and dripping. "Lick the slit, darling. Let your tongue do the most natural thing. Lick my pussy.


  . ohhhhhh. . . ," she moaned as I stuck my tongue up her slit. I could feel my aunt moving down to share my pussy. Before long I had the other toe stuck up my aunts pussy while the two sisters shared me. "Mary, wet your finger with my juices, darling," said Angie. I did what she asked and then the next thing she said jolted me. "Move your finger around my asshole," she said. I felt a little yucky, but my mom and aunt was starting to drive me crazy with their tongues. So I gingerly felt around her ass crack and found the opening. Angie parted her cheeks to make it easier. "Oh thats it darling, press harder, ahhahhahhh. .

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  . ," she said while I felt my finger press against the opening. I pushed some more and felt the opening widen and my finger slid into her anus. I felt her reaction and I guess it must have been a wonderful feeling. Her pussy pushed hard against my mouth and I started moving the finger in and out. Angie started screaming aloud. "Oh Mary, fuck my ass. . oh. . fuck my ass hard. . Mary. . .

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  oh. . fuck me. . oh fuck my ass Mary. . harder harder. . harder. " I continued to fuck her with my finger. After a while I felt a finger probing my anus as well. Then I felt a finger go in. It was an exquisite feeling and just then I came hard almost biting Angies pussy off. I felt so drained by Angie wouldn't let me stop. "Oh Mary, please don't stop.

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   I am about to come. Oh darling . . don't stop. " I continued licking her and fucking her  with my finger and suddenly I felt something like pee on my face and Angie kept squirting me with fluid and shuddered for almost 30 seconds. "Oh darling, that was the best orgasm I have had in a long time. Oh Mary, thank you . . thank you. . oh darling I love your tongue," she said, sliding down to kiss and taste her juices on my face. "Mom, I squirted today after a long time," she said licking my face. "Oh ladies let me lick this lady's pussy," she said, pushing my mom and aunt away. They climbed off my toes and started kissing each other. My aunt scissored her legs and started rubbing her pussy against my moms, while Angie bent and started sucking my pussy.

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   I felt exhausted after my first orgasm, but her persistant licking aroused me again. I felt one finger entering my anus while another entering my pussy. She brought me closer to another orgasm quickly.  We turned to look at my mother and aunt in the 69 position. We went to them and I started licking my aunts pussy while Angie started to lick my mothers pussy. My aunt was on top to I was able to lick her anus as well. Feeling bold, I slowly stuck my tongue in her anus. She moaned and started rubbing herself faster against my moms tongue. I felt my tongue go into her anus and felt a slight metalic taste that I kind of liked. I then stuck two of my fingers into her anus and two more into her pussy and she had a raging climax and that brought my mother into a fantastic climax. We came off each other and started a four way kiss. It was the best time of my life. "Oh darling, I loved the taste of your young pussy. I want to taste it again soon," my mother said, licking my aunts juices off my face. I hugged, her and told her that she could taste my pussy any time.

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   To this she pulled me towards her and started kissing me hard and she roughly pushed my down to the floor and started attacking my pussy. "I want to fuck my daughter, " she said and then saw my aunt bring a strap on. While my mother sucked my pussy, my aunt strapped the dildo around my mothers' waist. After a while she let me suck the dildo. This was my first experience with a dildo and they used a smaller dildo on me that looked as thick as two of my fingers. My mother knelt between my legs and expertly found my opening and I felt the dildo sliding in. It was painful at first, but my mother was very gentle. After waiting for about 2 minutes, she started moving very slowly. She started kissing me while she moved gently. I wrapped my arms around her and felt on top of the world. I just had lost my virginity to my mother. As I grew comfortable, she kept increasing her speed. Then my aunt turned up with another strap on and started attacking my mothers pussy. So three of us were piled on top of each other and finally Angie fucked her mom in the ass with another strapon. We moved like a giant elephant, moaning and increasing each stroke until all of us came in quick succession.

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