Cousins at the gym


this story is fictius any names or locations are made up.
I was 18 at the time and i was pretty tall and slim i just wantedto muscle up a bit.
My 16 year old cousin add rap around legs, tits the size of lemonsand add great looks to go with them.
We both bougth sucribstion to the gym and started working out afterwe would go to the pool at the same complex and enjoy the pool, hot tub and sauna.
One day after a few months of working out we were in the pool pushingeach other and the she just stopped and started groping my dick witch is about a good 8 incher but since we were in cold water it was harmless.
But then shes like lets go to the hot tub and ill give u more of this(Grabs my dick) and then walks to the hot tub.
I follow her in once were in she kisses me on the lips and starts torub my dick naturrally i start rubbing those awsome tits of hers,
We could see people looking at us so we make your way to the saunaonce were in she locks the door and gets on her knees pulls out my monster and starts sucking on it like a sucker.
Shes just licking and sucking and rub that it drives me nuts i cum in her mouth were she swallows all of it.
One thing i like about my dick its always ready for an encore.
When she notices my dick still hard she tells me to sit down takesoff her bottom and starts riding me rigth there in the sauna the heat and her moaning drove me off the line pretty quick and i came a secondtime in her.
We get dressed and then were about to leave the pool area when thisreally hot life guard stops us and ask us in a very horny way what wewere doing. . . . . .


  . . .
the next part depends on response from readers
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