Crime and Punishment - Part 4 - Removing any obstructions


Please first read "Crime and Punishment - Parts 1-3"

As I suspected when I got together with my friends all the hottest honeys were already taken and I could only tap the left overs. In a way I did not mind too much as my sister rivaled even the hottest ones.

It was not the worst thing to happen as I hook up with twins which I had not done before. It was a good way to measure my stamina and control. I was the hunkiest guy they ever fucked so they were all juiced up and came easily several times. They even put on a lesbian show for me so I would fuck them some more. Incest seemed to be in the air.

I got home in the wee hours Sunday morning and caught Dad in the bath room having a usual wake up pee. He just shook his head and said I hope you used a condom. I said of course, no one was going to call me Daddy before I had a career under way, he laughed.

Around 2:00PM I woke up and went to get something to eat. My parents were outside gardening. Ruth came into the kitchen and said good morning. Out doing a little deflowering last night? I noted a hint of jealousy in her voice.

When I turned around I had my jaw set and a "do not fuck with me" glare. I saw Ruth gulp and told her, if you think I was going to be exclusive to you forget it.

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   I am always going to sample the local cunt. So you better be the hottest sex toy a brother could have or you will be cut off.

This was a test to see how deep she had taken the hook. She shrunk back saying on Monday she would show me that your sister is worth molesting. If I had any intercourse videos could she study them so she could satisfy me?

I said OK done! I took her by the hand and went to her room. She sat on the bed and I went to her computer created a network share to a selection of my computer's porn directory "Amateur Hardcore". I said you can get to these directories with a password setting it to the name of her old Teddy bear.

I also installed a "Boss button" which took one key stroke or mouse click to put a false screen covering whatever she was watching. I told her that this was just in case Mom walked in without knocking which is something Dad would never do. I told her to only put one ear bud in so she could listen to the video but could hear if anyone knocked on her door.

Then I turned to her saying wasn't that better than loosing your infamous temper? She agreed saying she needed me to control her. I walked out of her room with a see you Monday sexy sister, study hard like I do, she blushed and her nipples came to attention.

I was still tired and wanted to have as much energy as possible for Monday's lesson, so stayed in the rest of the day. I noticed that sis stayed in her room only coming down for supper looking flushed.

As she went to sit with the rest of the family she put her arm on my shoulder with a hand close to my nose.

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   I knew that slutty sister pussy smell anywhere, her fingers even looked a bit moist.

After supper both my sister and I went to our rooms. I started working on my ultimate revenge project the one that would put Ruth under my control forever.

On Monday morning my "maid" knocked and came in with the usual breakfast tray. She was dressed ready to do her punishment chores. Apparently Mom had added one saying that Ruth needed to weed the flower beds they could not get to yesterday. This meant that she would not be able to have her lesson until well after lunch.

I told her I would make a late lunch so after she was done to shower and come down in a bath robe. She smiled and with a slight accent said "Yes Master" leaving bent over like Igor the hunch back. I laughed really hard and wondered what was going on in her brain to know she was being used but loving it so much.

The thought came across my mind that she seemed more content as a submissive like it was a therapy for her temper. Yes the strange ways of love were even alive and well in an incestuous relationship.

I ate breakfast showered and sat down to continue working on the special project. At around 1:30PM I looking out the window to the backyard I could see Ruth was almost done. I went down stairs to make lunch.

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Ruth came in all hot and sweaty but not the way I would have liked. I told her that lunch was ready but she needed to shower first. Ten minutes later I placed our plates on the table and Ruth joined me in her bath robe which the naughty slut had not tied up.

As soon as she sat down I reached over, opened the robe more and said this will never do your nipples are not erect giving them the tweaks they needed. She just smiled thrusting out her chest.

We ate and then Ruth said she had a new sexy outfit to wear for me and would meet me in my room for her next lesson. Before she could leave I confirmed that she was a virgin. She looked a little hurt by my question but I said I also needed to know if she still had her hymen. Which she said was still intact. After that she left.

I cleaned up the lunch dishes and then went to my room changed into just my workout shorts and waited. She entered wearing the candy stripper's outfit she wore at the hospital when she volunteered two years ago. Of course her blouse was white but her cleavage was hidden by the front cover all. She obviously had grown since then as the hem line was far too high up her thigh.

Slowly turning Ruth ask if I liked her new uniform.

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   Smiling innocently she said there was only one problem which was the uniform tended to make her panties bunch up.

She leaned on my desk and stuck out her butt, looked over her shoulder and asked coyly if I could unbunch them for her, lifting her skirt so I could see.

Those white cotton panties were indeed bunched into her crack exposing those delectable cheeks. I got down behind her and kissed each cheek. Then inserted an index finger under each cheek's elastic.

Slowly I pulled the panties out of her crack and moved my fingers down. As I got closer to her pussy she leaned over flush to the desk and soon the tips of my fingers where brushing the outside of those virgin lips.

She said thanks mister and went to get up but I put a hand on her back keeping her prone. With the other hand I gripped her waist band and pulled them to her ankles. Ruth innocently said mister I do not think that you are suppose to do that to the candy strippers.

I said well your panties and your pussy are wet the air will help them dry off quicker. Ruth said mister you must be smart as I would never had thought of that. I said little volunteer I think you need a reward for making so many men happy. I started licking her pussy. She moaned mister your are ooohhh soooo kkkiiinnnddd.

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I slicked my fingers up with her flow then inserted them massaging her insides while flicking my tongue like a snake on her clit. She came much faster than expected. I looked up showing my surprise and Ruth said mister I have been waiting since Friday for some kind man to give me an oral examination.

She asked if I would be her patient for today? I only nodded my head wondering what she was up to. She said that the head nurse taught her how to take a man's temperature and even lent her a set of knee pads. She went to my closet did a deep waist bend showing off her pussy, got out a set of my soccer knee pads and proceeded to put them on.

She then came over to me and said most of her male patience like it when her front cover is down and she undid the shoulder buttons letting the front drop away revealing a blouse unbuttoned to the waist and pulled the blouse open revealing the best teenage tits in town.

As she got down on her knee pads she pull my shorts off while I massaged her breasts. When my hard cock was bobbed and weaved in front of her she said mister this a very nice thermometer I will enjoy taking your temperature.

Then she opened her mouth and gave me one of the best blow jobs I ever experienced. It seemed as if she had been watching the BJ videos all weekend as she definitely made love to my cock. I watched her excitement build as she played with herself while seeing the effect she was having on me. She really understood the technique of back off to keep me from cumming.

She pulled off of me and looked up and smiled. That sweet face right in front of a wet slick cock.

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   She stuck out he tongue and gave the underside a lick then opened her mouth wide and started down the shaft taking more and more.

She took my hand and put in on the back of her head. Then she grabbed me ass cheeks and pulled that cock into her throat with a little help from my hand she made it all the way down even licking my balls a little.

I felt her try to pull back and eased off the pressure on the back of her head. When she pulled all the way back I said Ruth you are amazing your x-boy friend is an ass hole.

The love I saw in her eyes was still evident as she went down again. I swear when her mouth had me fully engorged she tried to hum and the vibrations went right to my erectile tissue. It was all I could do not to explode.

She backed off again and said lets time me on how long my nose can touch your pubs. I nodded my head and when her nose was nestled I started counting. She made ten stream bolts and quickly backed off gasping.

She then said mister I think your temperature is hot, please give this candy stripper her reward directly down her throat. She started slowly down my shaft licking and suck with passion. I almost shot my load before her nose was touched my pubs. When she hummed I lost it and came as hard as I did last Friday.

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Ruth never flinched she only pulled back with my last dribbles so that she could get the taste she liked just as I liked her girly come. When she pulled off my cock I told her that my cute candy stripper just got an A+ and she would be my cock-sucking protege. Ruth the plus is because you came with me.

Ruth stood up and I told her to sit on the bed. I went to my bottom dress drawer and reached to the back got something but hid it behind my back.

I pushed Ruth down so that she was laying totally on her back with her legs hanging over the bed. I got up beside her kissing and massaged her tits stimulating them the way she liked.

I stopped and told her that two days from now I was going to take her virginity. She seemed confused and very disappointed as she was sure today was the day.

I realized how well she had taken to my manipulations as the old Ruth would have already shown her temper. I told her that I wanted the first time I entered her to be only about pleasure so I needed to remove her hymen and give her a day in between to recover.

I pulled out the vibrator that I had been hiding. I told her an old girl friend had forgot it and assured her that I had cleaned it thoroughly, Ruth smiled.

I took the rest of her cloths off then got an old towel and put it under her butt, propt a pillow behind her head and slide to the floor between her legs. I turn on the vibrator and slowly massaging both her inner thighs working my way to her pussy.

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She had such a lovely contented look on her face as she yielded to my tender ministrations. Her eyes were closed as I first touched her pussy with the vibrator but her juicy flow was already evident. I ran the vibrator up and down her slit making it all slick. Then I started lapping her pussy and pressed the vibrator onto her clit.

Her torso and stomach clenched as she came only making mewing sounds. I then slowly inserted the vibrator into her vagina letting her adjust to an object that was bigger than my fingers. At the same time I licked and sucked her clit. I felt some resistance and knew the vibrator had reached the hymen. I looked up and asked if she was ready.

She clutched the bed covers and nodded. I pulled back and then pushed the vibrator deep enough to part the way. I saw tears well up in her eyes and trickle down the sides of her face.

I left the vibrator in her and started to used every mouth to clit method I knew to stimulate her. Her pelvis started to press into me face and I started to move the vibrator in and out of her.

Her panting and pelvic motion told me most of the pain had past and soon she came.

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   I removed and turned off the vibrator and got back on the bed cuddling her in my arms. Telling her that from now on there would be no pain.

We shared a tender kiss and continued to cuddle. We stayed like that for much of the after noon. Two hours before our parents were due home I suggested she have a nice hot bath and then get straightened out for dinner with the family. She got up gave me one more long kiss and went to have her bath. I picked up Ruth's cloths and put them in her closet.

The next day when she brought me breakfast I saw her wince once. She asked if this afternoon we could lay in bed naked cuddling. I kissed her tenderly and whispered "you bet sexy sis" as she went off to do her chores she ask why had I not given her a sexy imagination exercise. I replied that tomorrow we will not need to imagine anymore. She blushed, the women continues to amaze especially with all we had experienced.

Ruth was finished and showered by lunch. She was still in her shower robe which was done up but I swear was shorter than yesterday. The vixen went and opened a cabinet, tried to stretched to an upper shelf which of course exposed her bottom and a little pussy.

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   She sure knew my weakness for that sweet ass.

I got behind her and put one hand around her waist and the other between her legs fully cupping her pussy and lifter her so she could reach the shelf. Ruth was taken by surprise and shuddered a bit then caught the smirk on my face. With both of us smiling as I let her down and said seems you are recovering nicely almost ready for anything. She could only grin and look away.

We ate in silence but the tension of tomorrow's lesson had already begun. I looked up to see her staring at me and smiled. She got up and sat on my lap hugged me and cried into my chest. Then she got up cleared the table and started to clean up. I left for my room to wait for my sexy sister.

Ten minutes later she entered my room loosening her robe and dropping it as she walked to me bed and climbed up. She moved to my middle and pulled my shorts off throwing them on the floor. She lay across my thighs and leaned down to start licking my cock while looking into my eyes.

Of course I was hard in no time and she started her loving blow-job mixed with the occasional throat action. I was so glad I had given her those videos to study.


   Soon she made me cum swallowing all of it.

She asked about the girls I had sex with and wanted details on which ones had pleasured me the best and how they did it. I shocked her as I had fucked several girls she knew and even some of her girl friends which had steady boy friends. I admitted that I had a BJ from one of her friend's Mom. I gave her the details she wanted while she gave me another wonderful long slow BJ.

After a second BJ she went brushed her teeth and got back into bed for some heavy petting. We were having a great time when we heard the front door open and Dad yell he was home and where are you guys?

Ruth was off the bed like she had wings and out of my door scooping up her robe as she ran to her room. I found my shorts and pulled them on, grabbed a book and my ear buds and pretended I was reading and listening to music.

Dad soon appeared at my door saying hi. I pulled out my ear plugs and glanced at my alarm clock and said you are home early, Dad said yes he had to pick up his car which was being repaired so left work early and that meant traffic was light. He went down to my sisters room knocked on her door, she said to come in and they chit chatted for a bit.

After supper I offered to help sis with the dinner dishes and before Mom objected I said Ruth was being such a model citizen during the day, I had decided to show my appreciation. Mom shrugged and Dad smiled with both leaving to watch TV.

When we were alone Ruth whispered about how close a call it had been and we must be more careful. When I reached around her to put a plate on the shelf she pressed her ass into me and wiggled.

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   I just shook me head and whispered in her ear that tomorrow I was going to be so into you. She said I hope so and giggled. .
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