Crossing The Line, Part 2


“Have you had sex with someone yet” I asked her. “Uncle Ron!” she exclaimed as she began to flush over with blushing. She was quiet for a moment and then said, “No, I have not had sex yet. Why do you ask?”“Well, you were not exactly new to anything I was doing to you and I was able to put my fingers inside you pretty deep. If you were still a virgin I thought I would feel your hymen in there somewhere,” I said. “Please don’t tell my Mom, but I used one of the toys she has in her dresser drawer next to her bed a few times. The first time it hurt me and I thought I had cut myself cause I bled a little bit, but after a little more time it felt really good. Don’t tell Mom, okay?” she pleaded with me. Sure, tell my sister I had molested her daughter and, oh by the way, she has been using your dildo to pleasure herself, too. Yeah, that was going to happen for sure. I was starting to get hard again just visualizing Rebecca using a dildo. “Are you comfortable talking about this, Rebecca?” I asked, wanting to continue the experience as long as possible but not wanting to force her into anything or make her want to stop either. Hell, I had already crossed the line. I might as well go for the gold and see where this leads. “You have always been easy to talk with Uncle Ron. Even when I was little you were easy to be around and have always been my favorite.

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   I have posters of you in my bedroom from when you played football for the Cowboys…. you were the one I would think about when I used Moms’ toys” she said as she blushed slightly and looked down at her feet. What was I supposed to say? Thanks for thinking of me while you masturbate? I was racking my brain to think of something to say when she added, “Do you ever think of me, you know, in that sort of way?”Do I tell her that I had masturbated not 30 minutes ago while looking out the window at her while she was in the pool? Would she take that as creepy or perhaps be a bit excited? Time to fish or cut bait…“Actually, sweetie, just before I came down to the pool I had seen you stretching on the diving board and then when you dove into the pool. Your bottoms were down just a little bit and, yes, that sort of excited me a bit. ” I did not add in the part about me visualizing her being at the base of my ten-inch member as it slid in and out of her vagina. Perhaps later. I also noticed my shorts were now again fully tented and my erection was very noticeable. “How about a little bit ago when you were using your hands to excite me? And now, seeing me naked, is that exciting to you at all?” she asked me coyly. “You are without a doubt the most sexually exciting person I have ever been with in my life. I have been with professional cheerleaders and lots of incredible women in my life but no one has excited me like you have done in the last hour” I told her. And I was honest with her. I had been with more women than I could count and had fulfilled just about every sexual fantasy I could imagine. I had been with women that had bodies that filled men’s magazines across the world and none of them had the effect on me that Rebecca had on me. She blushed again. “Yeah, I can see you’re a little excited” as she looked down at my shorts and saw my erection.

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  “What did you think it was going to do? Geez, you are naked in front of me and I can tell you that it has been difficult to not be touching you more than we already have done” I stammered, knowing I had taken this conversation to the next level and did not want to say the wrong things. “By the way, you seem very comfortable being naked in front of me. Do you do this a lot or am I the first one to see you naked like this?"“Lots of people have seen me naked, Uncle Ron. Our family belongs to a nudist group and I have done this since I was little. We always invited you to come with us but you had to practice football or travel across the nation to play ball somewhere,” she said. Now I recall all the times my sister had invited me to her place so we could go “camping”. I had always turned her down thinking it would be boring. Think of what I had been missing all these years! Does that mean that my sister wants me to see her naked, too? There is so much to explore here…. “Have you been, you know, sexual, with someone while you were naked?” I asked her, then remembering she had already answered this question. “I told you already that I have not had sex yet with anyone, but I have kissed boys before, and I let one of them touch my breasts once”, she said. She looked down at her feet again and added, “I let him touch me down there once, too. But he was really rough and it hurt me so I told him to stop. You are the only other person to ever touch me down there” she said as she reached out her hand and touched my arm. She looked up at me with those incredible blue eyes that cut through straight to my soul. I reached my hand across and touched her hand on my arm and slowly stroked her hand ever so gently.

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   “I am glad you shared this with me and that you feel comfortable with me this way. I had no idea this could ever happen. ”“Can I ask you something personal?” Rebecca said. “Sure” I replied, wondering what would come next. “What’s it like?” she asked, again looking into my eyes. “What’s what like?” I quizzed. “You know…. that” she said, pointing to my erection. We had now reached a new level. “You’ve seen them before, haven’t you, at the camp?” I asked.
    “Sure, lots of them, but never like that. Yours is up” “Would you like to see it?” I asked, praying she would say yes. “Sure, if that’s okay with you. I’ve never seen one up” she said, never taking her eyes off my shorts. I stood up beside her and dropped my shorts to the ground and kicked them off.

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       My erection kicked up almost to my belly and was at full attention. “Wow”, she said. “Does it hurt?” she asked. “No, it doesn’t hurt at all. It feels really good, to be honest” I told her as she kept her eyes locked on to my member as a droplet of pre-cum began to escape from the tip. “Can I touch it?” she asked. “Sure, touch it, play with it, anything you want to do with it” I said before I knew I had even uttered the words. This was getting really good now…a plane could land on me from the sky and I would have died a very happy man, but please give me a few more minutes!She sat up on the deck chair and her head was just a foot away from my erection. She reached up with both hands and wrapped them around it saying, “It’s really hot! And hard, too. This is really neat!” It felt incredible for her to be touching me. Her hands were warm and they were slowly moving up and down the shaft and I uttered a moan. “Did I hurt you?” she exclaimed as she released my erection and looked up at me. “Oh no, sweetie, that was a good moan. That feels so wonderful when you touch me like that. You can do that as much as you wish,” I said, hoping she would do it for the rest of my life.

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      She reached back up with her hands and began to move one of them across my testicles and play with my sack while the other began to stroke the shaft again. She increased the grip on my shaft and I thought I was going to blow my load right there into her face. She began to massage my testicles with her fingers as she increased the speed on my shaft. I was seconds away from exploding. “I’m going to cum, honey, get ready” was all I could muster to say as I began to buckle in the knees and give into the wave that was rising inside me. “Okay” was all she said as she continued to stroke me with ever longer and harder strokes. There was no way I was going to stop this from happening and just gave in to the feelings at hand. She could feel my testicles tighten inside their sack and see the expression on my face change as the pre-cum was freely flowing from the end of the shaft. I could feel it building inside me and feel the wave cresting as I shouted out “Here it comes” as I began to spurt a long stream of milky white cream just past her ear. She continued to keep up the pace with her strokes as spurt after spurt rocketed out the end, some of it landing on her arm and hand. My knees were growing weak and she was continuing her fast pace, so I reached down with my hand and put it on hers to stop her. “Did I do it right?” she asked as I plopped down on the deck chair beside her, spent of all energy and glowing in the moment. “You did that like a pro, sweetie. You were fantastic” was all I could manage to tell her. “So you’ve done that for me, and I have done that for you, so what is next?” she asked.

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      Stay tuned for Part 3. .
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