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Topic: Curiosity Filled the Crack  Wasup? my name is Wayne…. , I’m your average, good looking 22 Year old Bi racial male…. . , yeah my dad is black and, so on and so forth, the unusual thing is that he raised me alone. See my mom jetted, a long time ago when I was around two “ just couldn’t deal with family pressure , you know how it was back then ” . So is my friend Chris; biracial that is , but with him it is directly opposite , (white dad black mom happy perfect family) well anyway, Chris and I were not real close at first as kids, “ I mean I would eat dinner at his house about Three times a week, mostly because my dad worked late, and I could not cook, also he would hang mostly with the white kids, and I was down with the bruthas, know what I’m sayin? but today I can say he is one of my closest friends , he knows more about me than I care to say. I mean some things you just take to the grave with you ,… or should you? Well since I don’t know you, and you really don’t know me, what the hell, got to tell somebody…. . Ok (Picture it… summer time Detroit 1999)… seriously ! If I cut through C hall I can just make it to the locker room before the prior period of guys finished showering !“ I screamed In my head , as I ran franticly through the school hallway. See I liked girls, and standing 6. 0ft. , hazel eyes, thick eyebrows, and a curly brown military fade I had no problem getting them to do whatever I wanted , whenever I wanted . I just needed to know if it was true. . you know … The whole black dick thing … See being mixed myself I had no way of knowing if I was big or not… I had nothing to go on. Sure I was the biggest guy in my P.

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  E. class , and I don’t mean my feet , but there was a problem. The black guys in my class didn’t shower after gym, I mean they literally put the same clothes back on still sweaty, ( if they ever changed them in the first place…) It must have been a hood thing. . I mean surely , they had nothing to be ashamed of. Well anyway . . I crashed through the locker room door nearly hitting this black guy named Marcus in the face “ Yo man, watch yourself”! He ranted , at the same time making a snarling expression. My bad I said, disappointingly noticing that once again there wasn’t a black cock in site. I would even try to look at the stalls while pissing, but that was no good. Wasn’t worth gettin caught, know what I’m sayin ? After class I went to the B- ball court behind the school to shoot a few hoops. Later as I was walking home (, and I was very close to my house) I bumped into Chris. . Wazup?! I shouted; which seem to scare the shit out of him, but at the time I thought nothing of it, even though he didn’t live in my neighborhood , I figured he was just running errands for his mom or somthin . Where the fire at dawg !? I shouted.

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  . “Oh I’m runnin behind man I holla atcha later” stammered Chris as he disappeared down a side ally . Weird guy I thought to myself ;… Which quickly was replaced by a Vision of my dad lumbering out of the small shed behind our house, Shirtless ! He was sweating profusely, but there was no sign of fresh cut grass, or that any other physical task had been preformed. He looked at me for a moment , and just walked back into the shed. My dad wasn’t much for words. I mean we were close, and I knew I meant a lot to him, he just didn’t talk much; he didn’t have to. Standing 6 feet 4 inches. . and about 220 lbs. of muscle my dad was no joke at all. Suddenly I had an idea, an idea that set in motion something that would change everything about what I knew , or the way I viewed things for the rest of my life. See there was an old rusting shower out in the shed , and my dad would take one in there when ever he felt too dirty to do so in the house. Well the shed was very old, and had large gapping cracks between the boards, especially in the back. You guessed it … so you know what I did; Creped around back, and there it was!. .

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   The vision that was my dad, all light skinned, or ( high yella if ya please) biceps rippling as he lathered up under a cascade of hot water. My dad was the Hairiest black guy I had ever seen, and surprisingly the vision of his muscular dimpled fury ass was stirring something up in my groin area; What was up wit that?! Then it happened, He turned around so fast I thought surely he had discovered what I was up to. His uncut, hardening , curved dong swang around bobbing back and forth… Man! it was about 10 inches - half hard , but that wasn’t the only thing, it was the thickness ; thick as hell it was, with huge veins, running randomly around the shaft, and the hooded head was the size of a large plum, and about the same color. I thought “damn , I have some real catching up to do! My own dick strained against my zipper; hard as a rock leaving wet spots in my boxers . So what the hell , you know what I did again. Shit, I was around back anyway, The only thing behind me was a wooden fence , and plentiful overgrown bushes, and shrubs restricted any visible confirmation of my shenanigans’ . Not bothering to unsnap, or unzip I shucked my baggy jeans and boxers down to my knees revealing my own 9 inch shaft; hey it wasn’t nothin to sneeze at even back then , aight? Before I got to my forth stroke, clear semen was drizzling down the head of my penis falling abundantly on the dead grass, and rocks below. I think I busted the biggest nut of all times. !, You know, one of the kinds you think about later in class, or somewhere, and in a split second your hard as a rock, wet, and a sensation runs through you ; so that even then you feel like you’re gonna cum without touching your dick. Loads of hot spunk splattered all over the graying boards ’ oozing and dripping down the planks. I Grunted so loud when I did it, I was sure as hell he had heard me. I banked in tha house Quick as Hell! Needless to say ; this became a regular routine with me, I mean not ever day , or even every other. Just after he’d mow the yard, or do some form of outdoor work In the sweltering heat. As time passed the color of the wood covering the rear of the shed began to take on a new hue, due to the acid from all the cum I was displacing on it. This really made me question my sexuality, what was I getting out of it, or off on!? but what the hell, I kept on doin it anyway , it came to the point I stopped jerking off alone all together,( Saving it up for another view of my dad’s nude body;) rubbing his chest , and washing his cock and balls. 

   A few times it seemed as though he was playin with himself, but nothing ever resulted from it. . Who gave a dam, I was enjoyin the hell out of the show anyway. It was now around August , and I did not see as much of Chris, due to the fact that he stared missing the last couple of class periods ( 3 or 4 times a week) for some kind of job corp. or something. At least that’s what he told me over one of our seldom settings together at lunch . Man ! why the hell should I have to stay in school for two more hours a day I thought . I mean, I didn't have a job or nothing but damit! you remember how 16 year olds think. So fuck it, I said one gloomy day as I struck out after 4th period keepin it low as not to be noticed, but to my dismay there wasn’t shit to do. I mean everyone was still in school , the park and B ball court were barren, starving for just a few people to walk on the grass, or even take a drink of water from one if it’s numerous fountains ; the park seemed a wasteland . Riddled with disappointment I turned and headed for home, it looked like rain. Anyway I wouldn’t get busted, my dad was still at work I thought to myself. As I approached the house, in the glooming light; I noticed steam boiling out of the rear vintage structure. Someone was taking a shower; but who? There wasn’t a vehicle in the drive, it couldn’t be dad I thought to myself, but as I drew nearer to the back yard I discovered that dads truck was parked around the rear. At that moment I heard a sound that I will never forget as long as I live.

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   Erythematic hollering and wailing, like somebody was { killin a mother fucka. }I then got the shock of a lifetime, peering through the cracked siding was some hell of a site. I couldn’t even breathe, I mean never in my wildest dreams , this didn’t even make sense. . There was my buddy Chris , in a strained position with one leg draped over a muscular shoulder,. The other one pinned back as far as it would go, getting stroked; I mean boned! rhythmaticly directly up his ass hole, with a rock hard veined shaft belonging to none other than my father, I nearly passed out from the sight, I broke out in a cold sweet, and my dick went into total Convulsive shock. As I watched my dad ; his hips haunching back and forth, huge massive balls bouncing off Chris’s ass, still noticeably sweating tremendously even thought he was under a cascade of water. Yup, it struck me hard , just grinding against the old cracked boards, I shot a load so strong in my boxers that I hollered, and fell into the wall…That wuz it for me, the gig wuz Up! see if you pay close enough attention you can still see through the cracks from the inside too. Both Chris, and dad looked directly at me. Well Chris went into a panicking fit, Clawing , and struggling trying to get out of my dads iron clad grasp, to free himself from his current embarrassing position! To no avail of course; the man just pined him back down in the corner and kept on stroking his pink swollen hole, his hairy sweaty thighs and hard ass grinding into Chris; up and down, back and forth . I then witnessed a spark ignite in my dad’s watering eyes, as he blew nut all-up-in Chris’s bung hole. Still grunting, he leered strait through me, never looking away. Man! it must have burnt like hell, Chris squealed like a stuck pig ( Not that I knew about the burning sensation that came from that action at the time, but I was soon to be acquainted with that phenomena. ) As soon as he was allowed Chris stammered to his feet , trying to keep his balance while dawning boxers, and jeans; Running ,shirt and shoeless through the tin doors , and down the street disappearing into the night. Chris didn’t come around anymore after that, I can’t imagine why… didn’t speak at school either, in fact he almost killed himself getting out of a crowded room; of witch I was just one of its’ occupants.

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   The fucked up thing is that my dad became a total ass hole. I mean really mean slamming doors around the house, cursing inatomate objects hell, and me too! He never commented on , or even acted like that one faithful incident had ever occurred. See another thing I haven ‘t told you about my dad is, he use to be a top -dog pussy hound around town… as far back as I can remember there was always a new bitch in the bathroom in the morning, lounging on the couch, or tryin to cook us a meal… “ He had tha whole house smellin like ass” sometimes even two at the same time fighting over his affections. Then one day he just quit. . I mean just got quiet , up and quit ,wouldn’t even answer the phone for none of them. So the very Next evening on fret of having my own arm torn off, and being beaten to death with it; I struck up a conversation, well It was really just me talking out in the air. I mean what could he do? All joking put aside in the past he had never really laid a hand on me , other than a light swat or two on the bottom when I stepped out of line. He sat there in total silence the whole time reading the newspaper, not even looking in my direction as I told him of my escapades, and curiosities about the black dick, and whether I would ever measure up, and that that’s was why I was spying on him in the shed in the first place. Then from somewhere on the other side of hell, or heaven I got up the nerve to ask “Can I see it now” ? I could not believe that I had done that! Silence turned into an agonizing Armageddon as he said nothing, just the sound of the pages of his newspaper turning… I thought I was going to die. . my saliva had turned to gravel , and I am pretty sure both my repertory system , and kidneys had shut the hell down. Then he moved , put down his paper , looked straight at me for a few seconds still not saying a word. Then in one smooth motion he got up and slowly walked over to where I was sitting at the dining room table. .

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   towering over me ; shadowed as by a chicken hawk, and me a small chick in the barn yard, the darkness consumed me, and still he said nothing . Just leered down on me, and to his zipper, back to me then to his belt buckle. I was shaking , my lungs had totally collapsed by then , and turned to concrete. . as I felt my blood turning cold, I thought “well hell you only live once and have to die sometimes… “. So I reached out and rubbed the growing thick buldge that was his cock through his Dickies work pants. Man, you could count the veins on that mother fucker through the fabric ! It throbbed tremendously, and I gained a little more confidence. Now I wasn’t about to try to pull that thing through the zipper, on the possible chance that I might pinch, or scratch him , and instantly suffer the fate of a thousand deaths . Still rubbing him through his pants I never reverted my gaze from his eyes, intensely afraid of missing some small sign, or hint that I was fucking up royally, and had totally mistaken his intentions ! I took my other hand and unbuckled his belt. My own dick was straining against my jeans so violently hard I feared it would bite through the zipper to be free, but I dared not take my attentions away from what I was trying to accomplish , I mean I was doing so well, and still alive.
    He never made a sound as I undone everything and pulled his pants and briefs down to his knees ,and then his ankles with one quick motion. After having the hell slapped out of my face by it , I beheld the most desirable thing I think I had ever seen. A big shining light brown curved banana, thick as can of pledge, and just as hard. . I had never seen an uncut dick before, up close and stiff I mean.

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       I rapped my hand around it just past the big mushroom head outlined beneath the velvet hood and slowly pulled the skin back revealing the big wet glistening pink, purple knob. It smelled kind of funny but when I leaned forward and slid my lips over the head it tasted so damn good . The smell and taste only added to my euphoria . At this time I finally diverted my eyes from his gaze to pay all the attention I could to that Dong. I mean this may never happen again in my life , or I could be having a delusional reaction from a bad fish sandwich I had at Larry’s Dinner ( the local hood food shack), but no this was real and I sucked, licked and stroked his warm rock hard juicy , penis for I don’t know how long, he did laid one hand on my shoulder as if to say “calm down you have all the time in the world”. Long strands of precum and saliva drizzled onto the floor forming a cold slippery puddle beneath my bare feet; rubbing his hard furry butt all the time. He still did not say anything , but I could tell he was really enjoying it by the jumping throbbing sensations in his cock. As I began to lick and slurp on his big heavy , hairy salty ball sack, he finally grabbed me by my shoulders, pulling me to my feet. Gripping the front of my jeans and boxers In his big muscular hand he shucked them over, and off my heels. It didn’t take him nearly as much time as it did me . Before I knew what was happening, I was on my back on the small eating table ,an ankle in each of his hands. He was doing something to me that made me feel like I would explode. His thick scraggly mustache and thick warm tongue were quite the combination ; as he rimmed the hell out of my ass. . Stopping every now and then to kiss my sphincter gently, and then almost biting straight through the hole the next.

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       I could hardly stand any more, I was sweating and swearing profusely. As I squirmed I felt as though I was gonna cum out my ass, but the best, and worse was soon to cum. My dad pulled his t-shirt over his head revealing his thick hairy chest and nipples. He gripped me sternly with his forearms under my calves, hands supporting my back, and gently laid me on a kitchen throw rug. Still straddling me he rubbed my back in a comforting way and I began to rubs his also. That’s when I realized he was soaking wet with sweat . . I mean drenched! That explained the immediate showers LOL. Then as if all the new sensations I had experienced so far that evening were not enough, I think the next thing was the number one action that sent me into Havana. He savagely covered my small, soft pink lips with his huge course brown ones ; I thought he was going to suck my tongue out of my throat . yeah that was tha shit! it went on like that for a few minutes, a fury of light brown sweaty skin, Hair, muscles , sweat, and friction. I then almost died yet a 5th time as he began to bump his slippery knob directly into the middle of my ass hole… I mean who was I kidding, by now I knew it was going to come to this, I just did not know if I was ready, but it was feeling so damn good, I was gonna try my damdist! I pushed hard and opened up my hole as much as I possibly could , and then like magic the big thick head of that curved mutha fucker popped in. I really don’t remember much of that period of time, except that my dad’s face took on a whole new appearance. . A snarling expression replaced the passive caring look that was on his face before.


       He now looked like someone was pulling out his finger nails one by one with house pliers. I did not know him anymore , and I became really , and truly terrified for the first time. I Kinda went into shock for a few minutes. He had a wild mean look on his face, but at least it took my mind off the pain. I mean come on this was great and all, but for it to be my first time he could have torn me apart, in his sexual fury with that monsta. I thought he was stroking me hard as hell already, but even that escalated. He dove deeper , and deeper into my bowels, like he was trying to reach for something in my chest, his bare size 13” feet franticaly grasped at the slippery surface of the floor desperately trying to obtain any form of traction. Then with many convolutions, growls, and snarls, I received my last awakening of the evening , but not my last surprise . An incredible intense burning sensation, as he filled my guts with the same hot seed that created me. It came out forever by the gallons! “It’s been a long while” he said, uttering the first words he had spoken the whole evening. My father grinded my softning cock, and balls for a little while longer, kissing me back and forth from my forehead to my lips and back again . Mumbling something incomprehensible; as he slowly let his half hard boa slide out of my swollen pink hole. It was then that I realized I had nut all over my stomach. At what point, or points I had done that I don’t know. .


       He gently collapsed on top of me still rubbing my shoulders, and arms as all the body fluids turned cold and sticky ; Yeah, I even enjoyed that. Then I glanced up and noticed that we never did close the shutters on the small, side kitchen window , and it had grown dark since we had started our session. There in the dim light stood Chris Looking very turned on, but also longingly remorseful, and disappointed at the same time… I rubbed my now almost incoherent dads hairy wet back, and smiled at him, I felt that there were many more interesting times to come… but that’s another story.
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