Daddy and Daughter Games


Often when we’re out, boys 12 to 14 turn their heads, assuming she’s near their age. She notices as well, Often while driving home we get keyed up talking about the boys’ sexual attention and end up in bed fucking like mad. Because we had already agreed that either of us could date without jealousy if we wanted, I inquired whether she had a desire to fuck a young boy. She replied, “I hadn’t thought about it until your and I began noticing their attention but, yeah, I’d like that if I ever get a chance. ” Her reply made my dick hard immediately. So last July, we drove to a beach 2 hours away and stayed 3 nights at a surfside motel. The first evening, Sharon and I strode along the boardwalk and walked into a video game store. I was seated in the shop’s flight simulator cubicle when I noticed Sharon standing next to a young guy at a race-driver game booth. He remarked to her about how well he handled the virtual racer, and she asked, “Can you show me how you do that?” The boy, an inch shorter than Sharon, was 14. He was slender, wore wire-rimmed glasses and his hair was trimmed short, the color of hay. “Sure,” he agreed. “You go to school near here?”Sharon told him she was a high school sophomore sixty miles away. She pointed to me and said that she was staying in town with her dad for the weekend. I smiled back at them and turned to the simulator controls. Sharon sat alongside him and closed the booth’s curtain behind them as they played the auto-racer game. She followed his instructions and tips, her hands on the driver’s wheel.

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   The guy’s name was Jamie. He placed his hands atop hers to show her when to turn or swerve ahead of the monitor’s signals. She stroked his hand. Jamie kept one hand over hers and his other caressed her arm. She turned her face to him, her mouth open and quivering in anticipation. The boy kissed her deeply. Dropping another 4 quarters into the coin slot, she allowed the game to continue unheeded as they embraced. Her hand dropped to his lap and stroked his throbbing bulge. Jamie’s hand eagerly slipped beneath the pullover blouse and fondled her breast. Creeping the blouse to her shoulders, he nursed a breast. Sharon’s unzipped his jeans, slithered a hand into the fly and stroked his rigid cock. He whined impatiently. Her head hovered above his lap, her eyes rolling up to stare at his, and her lips enveloped his dickhead. Her tongue swirled over its throbbing length and she sucked it deeply into her hot mouth. My wife’s head bobbed over his lap, slurping his cock.

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   His hips rocked. He groaned, his body now rigid, and spurted his birth juice into her throat. She kissed him as the screen went blank and she whispered that she’d see him later that night. Sharon was disappointed when he replied that he had to go home or his parents would be wondering where he was. She was about to ask me for the motel keys and whether I’d mind if they went back to the room. Back at the motel and, as she described in detail the events, we fucked wildly. A month later, we were in a lounge near our condo. She mentioned the sky looked cloudy when we had walked in, so I left her at our table and walked back to the car for the umbrella. I unintentionally dropped the car keys between the seats and was detained a bit because the keys had bounced beneath the passenger seat’s far side. When I returned, another guy was sitting at our table chatting with her. His tie was loosened at his unbuttoned collar, and his gray sport coat hung at the back of his chair. The lounge was dimly lit and few customers were in that night. Rather than join them, I walked to the bar, ordered a drink and sat to watch what might come to pass. She ultimately noticed me and nodded an acknowledgement, knowing I didn’t objectShe told the guy that the “man at the bar” was her father and added, “When Dad takes me to lounges, no one asks for my ID. ”The guy was in hid mid-thirties.

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   His name was Joe, a lingerie salesman from Atlanta whose territory covered our area, and he traveled here every second month to visit with department store buyers. He and his wife were separated, and he lived with his 13-year-old daughter who was cared for by a live-in nanny during his frequent absences. Because Sharon told him that she was an eighth-grader, he guessed her age as about 14. “You look at least 15,” he responded. She grinned, “Thank you! I can act older if you want me too. ” He laughed and suggested maybe he should move on. She said, “Oh, really, my dad is cool. He won’t mind. Would you like to dance?” He bit his lip, turning to look at me and made a circling gesture while pointing to me, asking if it would be okay. I shrugged, nodding my approval with a smile, and she led him by the hand to the far side of the empty dance floor. Joe is 5’9”, with thinning black hair. Only four others remained in the lounge, all sitting at the bar, and anyone who might have cared could only see the two shadows in the unlit corner as they danced. He kissed her and Sharon grinded her hips, pressing her mound against the member swelling beneath his pants. She looked about to confirm that the area was sufficiently darkened, then unzipped his pants and stroked his cock. She asked if he’d like to come home with her.

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   He responded, “I shouldn’t even be dancing with you,” he said. “And then of course there’s the matter of your father sitting over there. ”“I told you he is cool about things like this,” she said. “Why don’t we sit and talk about it with him?” She led him by the hand to the table and motioned for me to join them. He was clearly uncomfortable and swept his eyes about the lounge several times as if he might be set up. Ultimately, he agreed to follow us in his car to our home. Sharon offered to ride with him, and he accepted. I learned later that as they drove home, Sharon was aware of his concern about her supposed age. She unzipped his fly and leaned to suck his cock. He said he didn’t know how he was going to carry on any conversation with her father, so as they had neared our place, she told him to pass me and she would give him directions. His company Ford passed my Dodge Durango two blocks before I arrived at the condo and I took some additional time in the parking lot before walking in. Both were in our bedroom, which she told him was her room. The door was closed and I didn’t interrupt them. Sharon had been shaving her mound almost since we married, and the smooth appearance adds to the illusion of a much younger age. She told me later that his body shuddered as he undressed her and gazed down at her hairless pussy.

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   He urged her back to the bed and parted her legs, kneeling between her thighs. Tears of excitation streaked down Sharon’s cheeks, and she whimpered, “Oh gosh, Joey, your big man-dick is so huge. ” Her hand reached to grasp his thick cock, curving up to his belly and guided its head to her steaming cunt. I got my pajamas from the bath closet and went to bed in the guest room, which Sharon told him was my room. The rooms adjoin and I could hear them through the thin plaster walls. “You look so much like my daughter,” he said, his voice quavering, and she realized that he was fantasizing that he was about to fuck his own daughter, near the age she claimed to be. Joe asked how many men she had been with. Sharon saw this as an opportunity to further excite him and replied, “Three guys. One was two years younger than me. He had a real slender penis and he fucked me twice. The other two are friends of Daddy’s, and they asked if it would be okay if they fucked me. ”He groaned as if he was about to pass out from the stimulation of hearing her say that. His dickhead was now parting the mouth of her hairless pussy. She moaned as his cock slithered into her hot pussy. Her hips rotated as he sank his shaft its full length and fucked her madly.

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   Her arms reached to grab the headboard behind her, and she lifted her body by pressing her heels hard into the mattress to allow him full fucking access to her womanhood. “Oh fuck me, honey!” she squealed in her little girl voice. As he rammed her, she enwrapped her long legs around his hips and her heels kicked his buttocks in rhythm with each strong thrust. Her body undulated beneath his fierce thrusts. “Give it to me good,” she said in a very young sounding yelp. Her hot pussy eagerly greeted the huge shaft. She constricted her pussy’s muscles around his plunging cock until she sensed the broad veins of the thick dick pulsing against her cuntal walls. Joe bawled, “Oh Mandy, I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad for so long,” imagining he was now pounding his own daughter. “Oh yeah, Daddy,” she squealed. “Fuck your hot little daughter. I have always wanted my Daddy’s big hot hard cock deep in my little pussy!” They kissed deeply and Joe moaned, his body going rigid. Sharon felt his hot lava rocketing through the length of his cock. His birth juice erupted and whirlpooled into her steaming cunt. She came simultaneously in a staccato of screams, yelling, “Oh Daddy, I love you so much!”When the passion subsided, I walked down the hall to their room and tapped on the door, asking, “Sharon, do you and your friend want some orange juice or anything else before I go to sleep?” She asked Joe what he’d like, followed by an embarrassed silence and a whisper, and she said from the bed, “Juice for me and a cola for Joe. ”Joe’s eyes were wide with confusion when I stood alongside their bed and served the three iced glasses.

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   He’d covered himself up to the neck. I didn’t turn on the lights and the only dim illumination was that of a plug-in night light and the digital glow from the radio at the dresser. “Thanks, Daddy,” Sharon said, grinning, and handed him a glass. He sat up, his back to the headboard. Joe’s brow rose, and he said, “Well, she said you were ‘cool,’ but this blows me away. ”Sharon turned to me and said to Joe at her back, “Well there’s a good reason he’s so agreeable. Daddy and I are very close. ” She slipped her hand into my pajama’s fly and withdrew my dick, stroking it until it was at full mast. Joe whispered, “Oh, wow, man. I’ve got a 13-year-old daughter that I’d like to fuck too, but I wouldn’t have any idea how to go about asking. ”Her mouth engulfed my penis, her eyes rolling up to mine. My pajamas pooled onto the floor, and I kneeled on the bed. Sharon spread her legs and reached for Joe’s neck. He kissed her full lips as I braced my body with an arm and slid my hard cock into her pussy. “I ‘d wanted to ask if you fucked your daddy,” Joe said.

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   He gazed down the pathway between my body and Sharon’s and masturbated as he watched us fucking. I was far too excited to last long and came in less than a minute. Joe plopped to his back as Sharon orgasmed, screeching, “Oh gosh, Daddy, your dickey is sooo good! I’m a’cummin’, Daddy!” She frantically turned her head to Joe, and shrilled, “Oh, looky, Joe! I’m gonna come with Daddy’s sperm deep inside me. I love you, Daddy!”Joe ejaculated into his hand immediately with a shuddering, deafening groan. I returned to the guest room and went to sleep. I was awakened several times by their lovemaking. When the sun rose, the rays streaming through the blinds, I awoke to the sound of their bouncing in the next room. Sharon was astride his hips, riding his long thick shaft and squealing, “Oh Daddy, I love it! I love your big, long thingie inside my little pussyyy!” Both shrieked in their final throes of lovemaking. Joe returned to visit several times when in town, but all of us knew that his company scheduled to move him soon to Seattle. Following his transfer, we only saw him once until three months later when he called to say that he would be visiting our area with his daughter. During that time, we were with just one other younger student whom we had met during a conference I was attending and the three of us had a brief threesome in the back of a rented van. When Joe arrived, his daughter had just had her 14th birthday the month before. Joe had said over the phone from the airport that he had something he wanted to talk to us about. The four of us met at a restaurant. Mandy was a couple inches taller than Sharon but one who didn’t know would have guessed their ages to be the same.

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   Unlike Sharon, Mandy was shy but would respond when we said something direct to her. I asked Joe what he wanted to talk about. He grinned and looked at Mandy. “Are my friend and his daughter pretty much as I described them?”Mandy smiled and said, “Yes. And I’m so happy to meet you both. ”Joe turned to look at us across the table and said, “Things happened between us before we moved to Seattle. Just to make a long story short, Mandy and I now have the same close relationship as you and your daughter Sharon. ”Our faces reddened but neither of us had the guts to tell them that Sharon and I had deceived him. Joe went on, “And so we talked about this for the past few weeks. We were wondering if you two would like to, oh, exchange partners for a night or two?”Sharon suggested, “Why don’t we go back to our place and talk it over?” I gestured for the waiter and told him that we wouldn’t be ordering anything except the salads he’s placed at our table and we drove back to our condo, followed by Joe and his daughter in his rental car. Sharon suggested that since things had gone that far, although we’d never planned anything like this, she was willing to do if I wanted. I asked if she found the idea exciting, and she said, “Well, hell yeah! I know you wanna fuck a young girl and I love fucking Joe as much as I like getting dicked by you. ”My penis swelled. At home, Sharon took awhile in the living room to get to know Mandy while Joe and I talked and watched a basketball in the guest room. Later Mandy came to the door and summoned us by saying, “Sharon and I want to know if you two would like to dance.

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  ”Joe and Sharon slow-danced to stereo music. I held Mandy, turning her back from them. Mandy’s face touched mine and we kissed. I led her to the guest bedroom, not bothering to close the door. With frantic motions and a whimpering sigh, she unbuckled my khakis and unzipped the fly. Our clothes lay in a mass at the floor and she laid her back onto the bed and pulled me above her. She guided my cock to her pussy and wrapped her legs around my hips as I sank my shaft into her eager depths. She said breathlessly, “Oh yeah, Mr. Watson, fuck me now. I’m so hot. I’ve never been fucked by anyone except Daddy, so I’m like a virgin. ” I heard a rustle at the door and looked up to see the nude forms of Sharon and Joe watching us. Sharon was stroking Joe’s dick and both licked their lips as they stared down at us. Mandy looked at her father as I thrust into her fervent cunt and said to him, “Oh look, Daddy! Your friend is fucking me so good!”Joe and Sharon, now in heat, raced to the other bedroom and bounced onto the other bed. Their mutual squeals blended with those of Mandy as she returned my thrusts, begging for more.


  Joe and Mandy stayed another day and night. The second evening, the four of us were in bed together, Mandy and Sharon laying side-by-side and holding hands as I fucked Mandy and Joe fucked Sharon. We swapped and fucked our regular partners during the night. When we parted bodies, Joe and I lay on opposite sides of the bed with Sharon and Mandy lying side by side. Sharon propped herself on an elbow and leaned her face just inches above Mandy’s. Mandy’s lips parted and their lips met in a deep kiss. Joe and I got up and stood against a wall watching the two. Sharon’s hand stroked Mandy’s blond pussy as Mandy sucked her nipple. The girl’s slender body undulated beneath Sharon’s manipulations. Sharon crawled between Mandy’s legs and lowered her mouth onto the girl’s mound, her tongue seeking out the tender clitoris. Mandy gripped the back of Sharon’s head and wrapped her legs around my wife’s shoulders. “Mmmm,” Mandy squealed. “Eat me, Sharon. I love your long tongue on my hot pussy!” Sharon redoubled her efforts, moaning as she slurped the young cunt. Mandy screamed, “Oh Sharon, I’m coming!” Her body shuddered in multiple orgasms as Sharon’s tongue licked a long final stroke.

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   The two women slept intertwined the rest of the night, awakening once as Mandy ate Sharon to orgasm. We fucked once more that morning before they left. Sadly, Joe and Mandy moved from the apartment they were renting in Seattle, and we never learned their phone number. Since then, Sharon and I have been blissfully happy together and occasionally we invite another single man or woman to our bed. .