Daddy and Holly.


   As a young man i had always been been attracted to younger women. The soft, smooth, and tight bodies of ladies nearly half my age was a thought that entered my mind on many occasions.  Now i am a 32 year old local newscaster living in a large apartment with my soon to be 16 year old daughter. My daughter, Holly, was the result of the 2nd best night of my life, the first being my first night with Holly. I had lost my much awaited virginity to her mother Angie at the same age as Holly. Though Holly's mother was a little older than me she had always been my best lover. She died in childbirth at the age of 19. Angie was and still is the love of my life and i have moved on. Many of the women that i have dated since the death of my darling girlfriend Angie are just a few years younger than i, my youngest being 27.
    The apartment that Holly and i live in is  located on the 9th floor and is a 3 bedroom 2 bath with a beautiful view of the snowy hills and mountains of Utah. Even in the summer the crystally ice glistens and lights up every room of the house, especially Holly's room. There is a larger balcony often used for parties and other special occasions with the same view. It is also Holly's favorite place to be mostly because it is right off of her room. I decided to give her the master bedroom because she is my little baby and my darling girl.  
    Being that i am the lead newscaster i am often away at work and Holly is left to take care of herself. She is a very responsible 15 year old.

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   Holly is stunning at 5'8 with long golden brown hair that falls just below her smooth elbows. She has always been a pale girl but the constant summer rays of the sunlight hitting her from her uncovered balcony have sunkissed her soft skin. She is the most radiant woman that i have ever seen. My guess of her weight would be about 138 lbs. Holly has very big and beautiful breats for her age at a full and perky 36 C. She is very curvy and shapely as well with a big round juicy ass that seems to fall out of every pair of pants that she wears. Holly often wears clothes that fit her just right, except for her ass. She always wears small t shirts that show off her tight young body and pants that never seem to want to stay with her butt which is suprising to me. If i was anywhere close that ass i would want to stay hugged up to it as long as possible. Holly also has beautiful light brown freckles that appear only when they want to. Her eyes are a georgeous shade of hazel, they often turn from a piercing milky blue to a beautiful shade of greenish brown. I have realized that when Holly is determined about something or if she is mad then her milk blue eyes show and when she is calm and satisfied her eyes are the brightest shade of brown green. Both shades i know all too well.
   Holly has always been sort of a quiet girl. Shes mostly comfortable talking to me or her  small group of close friends.


   Holly and i have always been very close and we talk about anything and everything. Our most recent conversations have constisted of boys and sex which let me know that she is interested. I have mentioned to her many times that she is not allowed to date because boys are bad and they would interfere with her school work. That is not the real reason. The thought of other boys even thinking about my daughter makes me sick. I want to be her first and the only boy she will ever need.
    I have fantisized about being with Holly since she was 8 years old. That was the year she started her period. She was the first girl to start out of all the girls she knew and was fully developed by now.
     Due to the small city that we lived in, the was little crime going on and there was no need for me to be at work for a while. I got the month off. This was also Holly's winter break and she would be home for 3 1/2 weeks or more if there was a lot of snow falling. Because we lived in Utah, i was almost certain that the 3 1/2 weeks would be extended to 4. In fact i prayed for it to happened. I was planning on fulfilling my long awaited fantasy of being with my beautiful 15 year old daughter Holly.

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    As Holly came home from her last day of school she headed straight for her bedroom to do her homework on the balcony. To my suprise she had only put her things in her room so that she could spend the day with me. "Hey daddy, I didnt have any homework today. My teachers said there was no point, we would all forget the material by next month so i thought we could talk instead! How was your day. " I was shocked, she seemed so uplifted and more cheery and open than usual. "My day was fine Holl's. I watched tv and surfed the internet most of the day, you know, old guy stuff. How was school. " "Great! Now, daddy?" She wasnt home 5 minutes yet, what could she be wanting to know already. "Im a little curious about something daddy. " "Whats that pet?" "Is it okay to touch yourself when you are all alone daddy?" I couldnt believe it! "U-uhh Hol. . . " "Im sorry i shouldnt have asked yo. .


  . " "No its not that Holly, i just didnt know that you knew about stuff, i mean thats adult stuff baby. Its okay to do it, its just. . . Where did you hear about it?" "I watch porn daddy, im not that young. " The exact oppossite of what i wanted to hear. I wanted to hear that she was still young and ready for her daddy's cock. She was making me horny. "Oh you do, really? What kind of porn? What do you like honey?" I couldnt believe that i was flirting with my 15 year old daughter. "Well. . . daddy i like the different stuff. " "different stuff?" "You know, the older men with the younger girls.

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   I like to see what they do together. " "Oh really? And how does it make you feel baby?" "So good daddy. I especially love when its daddy's and daughters. I sometimes think of us when i watch. " And with that i was ready to fuck Holly. I wanted to feel her sweet pussy on my tounge and her hard warm nipples on my thumbs. I wanted to fuck the shit out of my little girl. "Oh Holly, thats naughty darling. " I was rubbing my cock through my pants without knowing it. "Daddy! I didnt mean it, im sor. . . " "No Holly, baby, its okay. Daddy likes it when his baby thinks of him, especially when she plays with herself. Do you mind showing daddy what you do to yourself now?" "Daddy!?, i, i dont know.

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  . . ? (pause) okay daddy. " And with she stood to take off her clothes. I had to stop her, if i was going to see my little girls beautiful naked body for the first time since she developed, i was going to strip her down. She was so willing and almost appreciative of me taking her clothes off. As i slowly unclothed my daughter i could see the goosebumps rising on her skin. The coldness of the winter air made her light hairs stand straight up and her nipples were as hard as jawbreakers just waiting to be sucked and licked. Jawbreakers had always been my favorite candy. "Do you like this daddy?" She caught me off guard. "Hmm. . . oh. .

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  . yes Holls, i love this, and i love you. " She smiled at me as i came up to reveal her tight black bra barely concealing her juicy tits. When the bra came off i became fully erect and was ready to fuck. I couldnt help but get a taste of her sweet breast. Unlike the rest of her body they were warm and soft, 2 pillows waiting for my hands, mouth and dick. She was so fucking hot. As i caressed her tits i thought about everything that was about to happen, why i was doing it knowing  that it was wrong, but i had to do it. I started to suck on her left tit first slowly, then the right faster and harder. Hearing my daughter moan to her tits being played with by her father was the best sound that i have ever heard. "Mmm, daddy" she said softly. She then raised my head from her breast and kissed me harder and more passionately than any woman has ever done to me before. I knew that i would fuck her before the night was over.
   As Holly climbed onto the couch and positioned herself just right for masturbating i got a peek at her wonderful pussy. Precum automatically started flowing from my cock and trickled onto the wood floor.

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   It made a small clear puddle where i stood. Holly started giggling at me and i smiled as well. We had just had a sample of what we would never have again, a cute father and daughter relationship. She was now my lover and im sure i would soon be hers. "Sit down daddy so you can watch me fuck myself better, okay?" "Hehe ok sweety. " Her legs were open to me. She was sitting about 5 feet away from me, i was in the lounge chair. She started by licking her fingers slowly, not paying any attention to me. I was stroking my cock involuntarily. Holly put her newly licked and sucked on index and middle fingers onto her clit. It was pink and im sure i saw it throb a few times. She went in a circular motion. "Holly spread your pussy for daddy. " "Okay daddy, do you like it?" "Yes Holly, do you?" "I love it daddy, and i love that youre watching me. Ive dreamt of this forever daddy.

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  " "Mmm" I was cumming. I couldnt believe it! My daughter made me cum in under 5 minutes, she hadnt even put 1 finger in her tight pussy yet and i was cumming. She must have thought i was terrible and i just knew that it would turn her off. I was surely mistaken. "OH DADDY! Mmmm. " Holly was cumming too. She must have loved it. "Ohhhh mmm Daddy, daddy. " I got up from my chair. I coudnt stand it any longer. I shoved my index and my middle finger into her pussy as hard as i could. Before i knew it i was fucking my 15 year old daughter with my fingers and she was loving it. Holly was virgin so this must have been very painful but that was out of my mind. I was determined to fuck her right, whether it was with my fingers or my dick. Hopefully with my dick.

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   She jumped at the contact of my fingers to her pussy. "Ahh OW! DADDY STOP, Stop, stop. . . " her crying turned to sobs of pleasure and those big milky blue eyes shined brighter than they had ever shone before. She was as determined as i and i knew that we were going to have the best night of our lives. "OHHHhhhh!" She was cumming, my baby was cumming while my now 3 fingers were in her soaking wet pussy. My face was close to her pussy but i never dared to lick. "Like that Holly, you like cumming on your daddy's face? Hmm?" My face was as wet as her pussy. She was exploding and her body was shaking. Her tits looked more perfect than i had ever seen before. They were bouncing and jiggling all around as she shaked  and rocked with the huge orgasm. I could see her round ass flat against the couch. I loved my baby. "OH Daddy, thank you.


  " She leaned up to hug me tightly and i could feel her hard nipples poking into my chest. I would feel the warmth of her swollen pussy on my dick. I could feel the appreciation in the way she kissed the left side of my neck and ear. And i could see the satisfaction in the green brown color of Holly's eyes. "Thank you daddy. Are you ready to fuck me now?" ":D"