Daddy's Birthday


It’s funny how things go, the minute I woke up I remembered it was Daddy’s birthday. As I took a quick shower and shampooed my long dark hair, I did some mental arithmetic; I’m 18, he’s 40, so he was probably only 21 when I was conceived. Jeez, that’s like me 3 years from now. I rinsed out the conditioner; picked up my sponge and shower gel and soaped my tanned body down. I cupped my B cup breasts and wished that I could get an all-over tan. The sun tan lines made me look like I was still wearing a white bikini, well apart from the black pubic hair and my nipples of course. A see through white bikini then I chuckled to myself. I wondered for the fiftieth time about shaving between my legs and again I came to the same conclusion; I’m not very hirsute, so my sparse little mat of hair seemed cute and girlish. I turned off the water, toweled myself dry and went into my bedroom. Looking at the alarm clock it was still early, so I pulled on a black thong, a long T-shirt and went down to fix some coffee. My parents love coffee in bed, so I decided to bring them some up. I put three mugs on a tray, went up the stairs and knocked on the door. Usually if they are indecent, they lock the door or say something. “Come in Nikki, I’m in the shower. ” Mom responded. I opened the door and walked into the bedroom.

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  “Happy birthday Daddy, I brought you some coffee in bed. ” I announced setting down a mug on his night table and kissed his cheek. I walked around to Mom’s side, put down her mug and slipped under the sheets. The shower stopped and shortly after Mom came into the bedroom wrapped in a towel. She sat on the edge of the bed, took off the towel and got into bed alongside me, pulling up the sheet to cover her breasts. Mom is usually the shy type and I rarely ever see her naked. I guess I must have let my eyes linger on her naked body. Mom has a great figure, lovely hips and legs, flat tummy, but she hardly has any breasts. “What?” She asked. “Nothing. ” I replied. “You were looking at my tits. ”“Yes you were Nikki, I saw you too. ” Daddy confirmed. “Want a longer look? I’m proud of my body.

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  ” She pulled the sheet down and picked up her coffee. I couldn’t help looking again, her little breasts were still quite firm with big dark nipples. “Not like that big bosom of yours. ” She reached over and poked me on my left breast. “I don’t have big breasts. ” I countered. “Yes you do. Daddy what do you think?”“Don’t know – I’ve never seen them. ”“Go on give him a flash Nikki, it’s Daddy’s birthday. ” My mother urged. They continued to needle me until I gave in. With an exasperated sigh, I sat upright, grabbed the hem of my T-shirt, pulled it off over my head and threw it across the bedroom. “There, satisfied?”“Much better. ”Mom leaned over and kissed my left nipple before lightly flicking it with her tongue. It quickly hardened when she blew on it.

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  “Mom, what are you doing?”“Come on, dear, you’ve made out with girls before, haven’t you?”I shook my head, speechless. “No? Really? Oh, it’s great to have a woman touch you; we know best how to please each other right? Come on let’s make out, a little girl on girl action. Do it for Daddy Nikki, it’s Daddy’s birthday. ”The next thing I knew, I was flat on my back with my mom kissing and teasing my mouth, neck and breasts, it did feel weird, her soft feminine skin against mine, but it also excited me being watched by my father. I rolled her over onto her back and responded, squeezing and pulling on her little titties. Her nipples came so erect, they were nearly an inch in length and I sucked hard on them making her groan with pleasure. We rolled over again so she was in her original position above me. “Now for the best part. ” She announced and her fingers slid down my sides and into the waistband of my thong. “No Mom. ”“Go on, Daddy would love to see your pussy, go on Nikki, it’s Daddy’s birthday. ”Before I could object, my panties were pulled off baring my pussy to their hungry gaze. “Such a sweet looking fanny, I wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?” Mum said. “Mom!” I cried out. She moved down the bed and put her face between my legs, her tongue running from my clit to the entrance of my vagina.

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   I gasped aloud at the warmth of her lips and mouth as the stimulus sent little ripples of pleasure throughout my body. “I said us women know best. I fancy a little 69 action. ”She rotated her body and put her knees either side of my head before lying on top of me, her head between my thighs. Directly in front of my face was her mons, wetness already glistening on her lavia. “Just follow my lead. ” She ordered, and wherever she licked, sucked and probed I did the same. A fire was building deep inside of me, consuming my original shyness, egged on by the illicitness of the deed in front of my father. I pushed my face as hard as I could against her, straining to get my tongue deep into her vagina as my orgasm started to peak. Her sweet tasting juices poured onto my face and trickled down my chin and neck. She put two fingers inside of me and stretched them apart while moving them quickly in and out. That pushed me over the edge and I cried out in ecstasy. “Yes baby, go on, let yourself go, let mummy make you cum. ”When I finally came down off that incredible high, we switched positions again. My mother lay on her back, thighs wide apart and I knelt between them resting on my elbows, my bottom up in the air.

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  “Put two fingers inside of me, like I did to you. Ohh, that’s good, now a third. ”I slipped my three middle digits into her, her large inflamed clit between my thumb and pinkie. “Go on in and out. Harder. That’s it, oh God, that’s so good. Now put in a fourth. Ahhhhh. ”I now had my four fingers inside of her and I positioned them width ways stretching her vagina. She was so wet my hand was soaked. “Now all five, fist me. Slowly though, I should be alright, you have small hands. ”As she started to climax, I gently pushed my hand in. She responded with an animal ferocity that I had never dreamed my mother possessed. “Fuck me little girl, ohh shit, oh shit, fuck me, oh I’m cumming so hard, ahhhhhhh.

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  ” She shouted and bucked against me. Gradually I slowed my movements as her screaming subsided before withdrawing my hand. She opened her eyes, pulled me up on top of her, and hugged me tightly. “Umm I haven’t cum that hard in years. Daddy’s hands are too big to do that. ”I felt the mattress move and Daddy’s body move between my legs. For a minute, I wondered what he was doing and then his cock probed the entrance of my pussy. I could tell from the hot flesh he wasn’t using a condom. “No Daddy, that’s wrong, no. ” I tried to move but my mother still held me in a tight hug. “Come on Nikki, it’s Daddy’s birthday. ”“Noooo” I cried, but it was to no avail and he sank his hard cock deep inside of me and started pounding my hips. “Nikki, oh this is the best birthday present ever, you’re so tight, your body so firm. I’m not going to last much longer…”“Daddy, I’m not on the pill, pull out before you cum, please. ”I could feel him swelling up inside of me, getting unbelievably hard.

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  “No Daddy, don’t cum inside of me, no, no. ”I closed my eyes as he groaned, his hot jiz shooting deep towards my womb, his shudders shaking my entire body. “Come on Nikki, it’s Daddy’s birthday. ” My mother said. “Come on Nikki, it’s Daddy’s birthday, get up sleepy head. It’s Daddy’s birthday!I opened my eyes to see my mother standing at the edge of my bed shaking me. “Darn girl, we’ve been calling you for ages, you were in such a deep sleep, hope it was good dream! Come on downstairs, we’ve all had breakfast and he wants to open his presents. ”
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