Daddy's Naughty Little Girl


I walked into our living room and found my dad sitting on the couch.
Now I've been attracted to my dad for a very long time.   He's about 6'2" 220lbs, very muscular.   He has dark brown hair and the cutest dimples on his cheek.   Often when I masturbate in bed, I think about what it would be like to have his rock hard cock pumping my pussy.    Just the thought of it gets me off every time.
I know daddy is attracted to me too.   I catch him looking at me all the time.   But whats not to like?  I'm 15 years old, strawberry blonde hair, 5'3", 120 lbs, and some perky c cups.  
I've been waiting and preparing for a week like this for a long time.   Mom is on a business trip in Tampa so it's just me and dad this week.   I don't plan to be subtle either.   I know what I want and I plan to get it.
Back to the living room.   I walk over to my dad and sit down on his lap, straddling him, and give him a kiss on the cheek.   He gets very nervous and says "honey what are you doing?" 
Don't worry daddy, I know we both want this.

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    I start to run my hands down his neck and over his chest.  
"Baby I know you've noticed that I look at you, and I would fuck you in a heartbeat, but if mom finds out. . . . "
"Mom is gone for a week, this is our little secret daddy. "  Then to my suprise, he grabs my face and starts kissing me.   I kiss back and our tongues are going wild.   He finally breaks and says "baby, if this is what you want, you better be ready for a wild ride"
Now that I know he's ready, I start to unbutton his shirt and slip it down off his shoulder.   I run my tongue all over his chest, and start to flick his nipples.   I then run my tongue even further.   At this point, I get off the couch and down on my knees.   I unbutton daddy's jeans.   I can see his buldge trying to escape so I help him out.   I take his jeans completely off.

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    Then I reach up and slowly run my hands over the buldge threw his boxers.   I hear him let out a soft moan.   I then take his boxers off revealing his huge 9 inch cock.  
"Oh my God daddy, your huge! and so thick!"
"Mmm you like that baby?  Show daddy you like that"
I'm a little nervous because little does daddy know, I'm a virgin and the only cocks I have seen are from the porn I watch on the internet.   But I've practiced. . . . . I bought a dildo a couple months ago and have practiced giving blow jobs on it.   So I know just what to do
I start running my tongue all over the head of daddy's cock.   I then start to suck it.   I try to get as much in my mouth with out gagging, which is probably about 5 inches.   So I just start sucking the shit out of my daddy's cock
"yes baby girl, that feels so good, mmmmmm"
After about 5 minutes, I can feel him holding out of me.   He says, I'm not ready to cum just yet,  Now its my turn to show you a thing or two.

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    So he stands up, takes my hand, and leads me to his bedroom.   I've always dreamed of having sex with my dad in his bed.   Now my dreams are coming true.   He sits me down on the edge of the bed.   He then takes my shirt, jeans, and bra off.   My nipples are rock hard just from sucking him
"Damn baby, your breasts are beautiful! "  He then slowly starts running his tongue all over them, sucking on my nipples.
"yes daddy, that feels so good, ohhhhh"
I then feel his hands slip down to my thighs.   He starts rubbing them, slowly inching up.  
"please touch my pussy daddy!" I can feel it getting all wet and aching for him.   He stops sucking my titties and takes my panties and removes them.   He then lays me back on the bed and lifts my legs up onto his shoulders.   Now I've never received oral before so the anticipation is killing me.   I then gently feel his tongue run across my pussy lips.
"Is that what you want baby, do you need that?"
"OHHHH YESSS daddy, that feels soo goooood.   Give me more"
He then puts a finger on my clit which sends a shutter through my body.

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    Then he sticks his tongue in my pussy and starts fucking me with his tongue.   It feels so good I can hardly control myself.   I start bucking my hips up and down and try to get him to stick his tongue in as far as it will go.
"fuck me faster daddy!  It feels soo good!  Rub my clit faster"
He start rubbing my clit as fast as he can and I can't hold on any longer
"I'm cumming daddy!  OOOOHHHHHH yes!! Daddy I'm cumming for you!!!
I can feel my juices start to run down my legs.   "Oh daddy that was incredible"
"You like that my little princess?  How about a little finger action now"
He takes his index finger and slides it right into my pussy.   "Baby you are so tight. . . . your not a virgin are you?
"Yes daddy I am.   Well, I've fucked myself with a dildo, but I've never had a real cock in me before"
I think he liked that because I heard him let out a soft moan.   I then feel another finger penetrate my pussy.   Slowly daddy starts moving his fingers in and out.   It feels so good, I keep moaning in pleasure.   All of the sudden he hits something in my pussy and it almost sends me into an instant orgasm.

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    Daddy must have noticed me jump because he said "you like that don't you?"
"daddy what was that"
"thats your g-spot, it feels really good when I touch it doesn't it"
"Oh yes daddy, do it more"  "I want more, and I want it hard and fast"!
Daddy starts going nuts with his fingers, thrusting them with such force, hitting my g-spot everytime.   This I can't take much of, I'm so close to climax already.   I start screaming and bucking because this feels different than any orgasm I've ever had
"oh god daddy, yes yes yes, I"m cumming!! OHHHH it feels so good.   HOLY SHIT!! OHHHH, keep going daddy yes, Yes, YESSSS!!
My legs fall down onto the bed and I'm so out of breath.   "Daddy that was amazing!"
"Not as amazing as this will be"
Before I can even catch my breath, daddy throws me on my back, spreads my legs open and holds them with his knees, then he slowly starts inching his throbbing cock into my pussy
"Are you ready for this baby?"
"Yes daddy" I whisper
"Lets see how much of daddy's cock you can handle"
"I want it all daddy, get as deep in me as you can"
With that said he gives one quick thrust and he's completely inside of me
I let out a loud moan because it feels soooo good.   Then he starts humping me, going in and out of my pussy.
"faster daddy, go faster" I moan
He starts grunting really loud and thrusting his cock in me as hard as he can.   I can feel his balls slapping against my ass.
"How do you like that baby, you like daddy's cock in your pussy"
"Oh yes daddy, give it to me HARD!"
I can feel myself working towards my third orgasm and I wonder if he's close to one too.   By the way he's grunting I think he is
"Daddy I want you to cum in my pussy!"
"ok babydoll, daddy's so close, are you sure you want me to cum in your pussy?"
With that he lets out the loudest moan I've ever heard and I can feel his juices flowing through my pussy.   And the feeling of his cum makes me cum to!
"OH daddy, I'm cumming too, oohhhhhhh, YES daddy YES!!! It feels so good,"
When he pulls out I can see a mixture of my juices and his juices all over his cock.
"Come here daddy, let me clean you up"
I take his cock in my mouth and lick off all the juices.   After that we both fall on the bed breathing heavily.  
"Baby, that was the best fuck I have ever had"
"I'm glad you liked it daddy.   I think I'm gonna go get a shower.

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  . . . . . do you want to cum. . . . . . ?
I notice his cock start to grow again. . . .


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