Dads and Sons


"Dad, can I jack you off?" "Well," I say "I guess it's okay. Here, let's jack each other off. " My son and I are beginning to stroke each other's dick really slow. The albolene is nice and slick and smooth. We're both hard and very sensitive, and my son is really getting into it all. I'm shivering a little as I can't believe that I'm doing this with my son. Soon we begin to stroke each other faster. I can feel my son's dick really throbbing now and I'm sure he's going to cum. Suddenly he grabs my fist and stops me from stroking his dick. "No dad," he says, "I'm too close, and I want to see you cum first. I want you to cum first dad, okay?""Why, son?" I ask. "You'll know later, dad," he says. He begins to really stroke some areas on my dick that drive me crazy, and sure enough he manages to get me throbbing and writhing my hips around on the bed. Finally I can't take any more and I give in to his wonderfully talented stroking of my dick. I begin to shoot my hot load all over his arm and shoulder. But before my second burst of cum even gets out of my dick slit, like a flash he's got his mouth on my dick and is swallowing the rest of my load.

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   At the same time, he's still stroking his own dick, and after he swallows the last drop of my cum, four or five big arches of cum shoot out of his dick and hit the head of the bed. Now I knew why he wanted me to cum first. That was on a Wednesday. Over the next two days I taught my son to be a good cocksucker, and he sucked me off every time his mother wasn't around. The following Saturday my wife had went with one of her friends to some woman's doing and would not be home till Sunday night late. It was still morning and I was laying in the king bed making like I was asleep when I heard the door open and saw my hot son stick his head in. When he saw his mom had left he knew it was safe to come in my room nude with a big hard-on. He climbed under the covers with me. I sleep in the raw and he grabs my hard dick and started to play with it. I open my peepers and say to him, "Having fun, son? I'm going to show you a real hot time today, you will never forget it. " He says, "Wild, dad, when do we start?" "Right now," I say, getting out of bed with a big hard-on. I open my foot locker and take out the tray in the bottom where I have a bunch of leather things hidden from my wife. I take out two wrist bands and two ankle bands and put them on him. With them on he says, "This looks like it is going to be hot wild sex. I love it!" With that I tell him to get up and stand in the arched bedroom doorway.


  I hook his arms and legs up to four hooks, so that he is suspended in the air about six inches off the floor. So there's was my hot 18 year old son spread-eagled in the archway not being able to move, just kinda squirming. I say, "How's that feel, son?" and he says "Wild, love it so far. "I go in the kitchen and call my son's friend Jack. Jack is also 18. I know Jack is hot because we have secretly made lots of time right under my son's nose. I tell Jack how I have my son spread eagled and ask if he wants in. He says damned right, he'll be right over. I hang up the phone go back to the archway. My son is squirming around in his restraints. I ask him, "Whatsa matter, son, want out? Can't take it?" He says, "I can take whatever you deal out. " I tell him, "Anything? You are going to be there like that most of the day. Think you can take it?" "Hell yes," he says, his half-hard dick starting to wiggle, "when you going to start?""We're waiting for a friend of yours. " "Who?" he asks. "Jack," I say.

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   My son is surprised but says, "I'm glad. He's hot. I've seen his big dick in the shower room at school. He has a huge foreskin and he always makes me drool. It gives me a hard-on whenever I see it. " I say, "Well, you're gonna see a lot of it today. "The door bell rings. I put on a pair of speedos and answer it. It's Jack. I can see the form of his big hot dick outlined against his cutoff 501s, with the skin-covered tip of it actually showing a bit. They are the sexiest I've ever seen, they are cut so high. "Come on in," I say, "He's all tied up and ready. " Jack laughs and says "Let's go. I'm hot and I want to work him over good. "We go to the archway and my son says, "Hi, Jack.

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  " But Jack doesn't answer him. We both take our clothes off. Jack has about 10 inches and his dick is as fat around as a beer can, with a long hanging foreskin giving him at least another inch. My son says, "Jack, I always wanted to get close to that beautiful dick of yours. " Jack says to my son sharply, "You will call me master. You are my slave, got it?" My son is a quick learner. He says, "Yes, master. How can I serve you master?"With that Jack picks up a dick ring and slips his balls through it, and then bends his dick through the top. It is hard to do with the big hard-on he has, so he tells me to take a pencil and hit his hard dick. I hit it and it goes soft. "Neat trick," I say. Jack then takes a crown ring, skins his foreskin back, and works his dickhead through it till it is just behind the crown. Then he lets the foreskin go back over it. Then Jack takes a dick ring with 2 pieces of rubber thongs on it with tit clamps on the other ends of the thongs. He hits my son's hard dick with the pencil, and makes it soft.

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   He gets the ring on my son's dick just as my son is getting hard again. Then he takes one of the thongs and clamps the titclamp on my son's left tit. My son moans loudly. Jack then clamps my son's right tit. My son moans louder and throws his head back with his eyes closed. "How's that feel, slave?" Jack asks him. "Hurt at first but wild now, master. "Jack says to me, "You have a ladder?" I get a ladder, and Jack puts it in front of my son. Then Jack tells my son, "Your dad is going to fuck you dry, slave, so you will know what your dad's dick feels like inside of you dry. " I hadn't thought of that but it makes my dick really hard. So I go behind my son, and I put the head of my dick right at the opening of my son's ass. And then with big lunge I ram it up his asshole to the hilt. My son lets out a scream of pain, which makes my dick all the harder. "Shut up," Jack says. "I can't help it, master," my son says, "it hurts so bad.

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   But I love it, master. Fuck me, dad, fuck me hard and fast. " I oblige my son and start dry fucking him fast and hard while he simultaneously yells in pain and writhes in pleasure. In the meantime Jack climbs the ladder in front of my son, and puts his fat stiff uncut dick against my son's lips. "Open up," he says. My son opens his mouth and immediately he feels his mouth filled with Jack's fat 10-inch uncut dick. Jack starts face-fucking my son as hard as he can, shoving his big dick all the way back down my son's throat with each thrust. My son is gasping for air and more tears are coming down his face, but his stiff dick tells me he is loving every minute of it. I know just what my son is feeling, as I dry- fuck the hell out of him and Jack face-fucks the hell out of him. Here he is, being fucked in the mouth by his best friend and fucked in the ass by his dad while spread eagled and unable to do anything about it. He is on cloud nine and withering with joy. I keep pumping my son hard, and soon I can feel something pushing back at the head of my dick each time I ram it deep into him. My fucking action has worked a huge hard fat turd down into my son's lower colon, and it wants out. Well, I'm not gonna let it out. Every time I pull my dick backward I can feel it pushing right against the my big helmeted dick head, but then on the upstroke I ram it right back deep up inside of him.

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   I can tell my son knows what is happening because when he feels me start force-fucking his shit back inside of him, he starts moaning louder than ever and shaking his head wildly in ecstasy. Just then from the ladder Jack says, "Slave, I'm cumming, get ready to swallow," and with that Jack lets go. My son is thinking, "Will it ever stop?" as Jack's dick pumps out shot and after shot, as the cum fills his mouth and pours down his face faster than he can swallow it. Jack starts getting soft but he keeps his fat soft dick stuffed to the hilt in my son's mouth so he can keep enjoying it while I pump my load into his ass. And I'm ready for it too. I say, "Son, I'm gonna fill your ass with cum, here I go!" And with that I pump load after load of my own hot thick cum deep into my son's ass cavity, filling it up until it starts squirting out around my pumping dick and running down his ass cheeks. After I finish pumping about a cup of cum into my son's ass, I collapse forward onto his back with my dick still deep inside him. Just then he arches backward and almost throws me off of him. I look up to see what's happening, and I see that yellow liquid is started to squirt out of the corner's of my son's mouth with Jack's fat dick still filling it. Jack is pissing a big load of his hot warm piss deep into my son's gullet. My son is trying to swallow it down as fast as it comes but some of it spurts out of his mouth around Jack's dick and down onto Jack's balls. While Jack is still pissing into my son's hungry mouth, I slip my softening dick out of my son's ass. The heat of my fucking must've turned that fat hard turd real nice and soft because I see my dick is coated solid with my son's shit. As soon as I see and smell my son's warm shit all over my dick, my dick springs back to hardness immediately. Jack can smell it too and this gets him real excited.

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   While the last few spurts of his piss are still coming out, he looks over my son's shoulder to check out the smell and sees my brown coated dick jutting straight out in front of me. That makes Jack's dick get rock hard again, too, and even while the last streams of piss are still choking my son Jack starts hard-pumping my son's mouth again with his suddenly stiff dick. I walk around to the front and get my face real close to the action so I can get a good look. With one hand stroking my shit-covered dick, I put my tongue out and start licking my son's lips and Jack's dick at the same time, as Jack's dick is hammering in and out of my son's mouth. In less than a minute my son and me are both enjoying a mouthful of Jack's piss-flavored cum. I'm still standing there, stroking my shit- covered dick. Jack pulls his dick out of my son's mouth and climbs down the ladder and says to me, "Can't let that go to waste. I think he wants to clean it off of you. " My son's eyes suddenly get a look of alarm and his dick suddenly loses the hard-on that he's the whole time up till now. But I don't care about that. Jack's suggestion sounds like a damned good idea to me and I'm not gonna let this opportunity slip. I climb up the ladder and put my shit-coated dickhead up against my son's lips and rub it back and forth across his them. "Clean it off, son," I tell him.
    "You want me to eat my own shit!?" he says, struggling to pull his lips away from the warm shit that is already starting to coat them. His struggling gets me really hot.

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       "Yeah," I say, "shut up and do it," and I force the head of my brown slimed dick past his lips and inside his mouth. He starts licking his shit off the head of my dick. I don't stick my dick all the way in because I don't want him to clean it off too fast. I want him to be able to enjoy it as long as possible. When the head is clean, I let him have another inch, and wait until that is clean. As I slowly keep feeding it to him, I see that he's licking harder and harder, and that his dick is getting rock-hard again. I knew he'd love it once he tried it, and I can see I'm not wrong. By the time he gets near the base of my dick, he's licking and sucking the shit off my dick with such passion that he almost seems as much to be making love to the shit as to my dick. While my son is cleaning off my dick, Jack goes around back and suddenly sticks four or five fingers up my son's ass, hard. My son lurches forward, and immediately my son's asshole involuntarily deposits a huge load of soft shit into Jack's hand. Jack then rams his other hand into my son's ass, and my son again lurches and deposits another huge load of soft shit in Jack's other hand. Jack comes around front and re-lubes my dick with a generous coating of my son's fresh warm shit, and I start re-feeding my dick to my son all over again. My son's dick is now continuously spurting tiny spurts of pre-cum every ten seconds ago as he realizes he will be allowed to lick off another fresh batch of his own warm creamy shit from my dick. In the meantime, there's still a lot of warm creamy shit left, and Jack uses it to generously lube up my dick, his own dick, and my son's dick. I start pumping my shit- covered dick with one hand, while still face- fucking my son.

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       Liquid shit is dribbling around my dick shaft and out of the corners of my son's mouth. This looks so hot that it makes me ram his face all the harder. Jack then starts pumping his own shit- covered dick with his left hand, while pumping my son's shit-covered dick with his right hand. We're all moaning and groaning and gasping for breath as we all pump and get pumped harder and faster with every passing second. Suddenly, without interrupting his rapid-fire stroking of my son's dick, Jack steps around behind me and suddenly rams his shit-lubed dick hard up my ass. He jams it in hard and fast, one time only, and when its up to the hilt he immediately starts shooting his load into me. I can feel jet after jet of his thick hot cum hitting the walls of my colon. This is more than I can take, and even while his fat 18-year old dick is still shooting its load against my ass walls, my own dick begins pumping load after load of hot cum into my son's mouth. As soon as my son gulps his first mouthful of my cum, his own dick suddenly slips loose from Jack's stroking, points straight up the air, and starts shooting load after load of his own hot cum up onto the underside of my balls. We all start yelling and shaking as Jack is shooting his hot load into me, I'm shooting my hot load into my son's mouth, and my son is shooting his hot load up onto my balls. Finally, Jack slow slips his dick out of my ass and collapses on the floor. I slowly slip my dick out of my son's mouth, and start to come down the ladder. But not before my son leans forward and grabs my nuts with his mouth, and licks off all of his own cum that is dripping from them. When my son has licked all the remaining cum and shit off my balls, I finish going down the ladder and I join Jack on the floor. My son, still hanging there spread-eagled, leans his head forward and half-closes his eyes in sweet exhaustion.


      "You're a good slave, son," I tell him. "You can rest until Jack and I are ready for you again. Jack and I are going to get some sleep. You can watch us make out in the bed if you want. " My son nods his head and smiles back at us with half-sleepy eyes. Jack and I lay down on the bed and start french-kissing each other, and soon we fall asleep in each other's arms. When we awake a few hours later. . . well, that's another story. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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