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“I thought I could do this myself,” she explained, “but it’s a bit more complicated than I expected. ”He wondered if she realized how hot she looked in her short nightgown, standing there on her tip toes, her arms extended above her head holding the curtain rod. Her position lifted the hem of her silky lavender nightie until it barely covered her full, round ass. Jason found himself fantasizing about having an excuse to lean down. He knew he’d be able to see under it. He wondered if she was wearing panties. Maybe she had on her white thong. He always looked for that pair in the laundry. Smelling her musky panty crotch while he jacked off was one of his favorite ways to masturbate. Her sexy woman’s scent always made him cum so hard. “Jason!” she said impatiently, glancing at him over her shoulder. “Hurry up. ” She caught him staring at her ass. “The little shit!” she thought. She’d noticed more and more lately that he was taking an interest in her body. She supposed it was only natural.

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   She ignored the warm, flushed feeling that went through her. “Reach over my head and hold this while I put the screws in,” she directed. He moved up behind her, felt the warmth of her back through the thin fabric of her gown as his chest brushed against her. He moved back when he felt his body react. “You let it move,” she said, a bit annoyed. “Move up closer where you can hold it in place. ” He moved closer again, and tried not to notice the sweet smell of her blond hair, the silky warmth of her skin. He concentrated hard, willing his cock not to stiffen. He was fine until she raised the screw driver and began pushing and turning it to insert the screw into the trim. The pressure she was exerting forced her back against him. Her sexy ass pushed and rubbed against cock, and the towel began to loosen. “Hold still mom!” he demanded. “You’re making my towel fall off. ” “I’m sorry, sweetie,” she said breathlessly. ”These screws are tough to get in.

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   Don’t worry, I can’t see you anyway. ” ‘Seeing him wasn’t the problem,’ Jason thought. ‘If she didn’t quit wiggling, she was certainly going to be able to feel him. ’ “Shit!” he muttered, as the towel slid to the floor. “What?” Her distracted query was barely audible as she struggled to get the second screw into the solid oak trim. “My towel’s on the floor now. This is just great. ” “I can’t see anything. Don’t worry about it. This will only take a few more minutes. ” “Damn it,” she muttered as the screw began going crooked. She reversed the direction of the screw driver. “I’m going to have to start over on this one. ” Jason tried to ignore the silky-soft heat of her cloth-covered ass as it rubbed against his naked teenage cock. He knew the feeling of heaviness he was experiencing did not bode well for his vow not to get an erection.

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   As his cock began to grow, he couldn’t help looking down, watching it swell and lengthen as if reaching for the warmth he knew existed between those firm round cheeks. The visual stimulation made it even worse, and his cock grew quickly. He tried to look away, but his eyes were drawn to the erotic sight, ‘like a fantasy come true,’ he thought, and then flushed guiltily for thinking about his mom that way. Gradually, Lisa became aware of the hot pressure of his cock against her ass. She tried to hold still, but it was difficult to push and twist the screwdriver without moving. She knew she was only making the situation worse, ‘but it’s not like I can help it,’ she thought. Her senses began focusing on the contact between their bodies. As his erection grew, she felt the swollen head of his cock poking at the backs of her thighs just below her ass cheeks. She was embarrassed to feel her nipples stiffen and her pussy swell. As Jason’s cock reached its full length and thickness, his aroused mind began demanding a certain boldness that he’d never before had the courage to express. He leaned forward a bit, feeling the tip of his cock touch the base of her ass crack where her thighs met. Feeling a sticky wetness, he pulled back. ‘God,’ he thought, ‘I’m already dripping pre-cum. ’ He wondered if she noticed. Then the thought entered his mind that maybe it was her that the wetness came from.

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   Could his mom be as aroused as he was? Jason felt his heart pounding in his chest. Fear and arousal overwhelmed him, and the arousal won out. He pushed his cock head against her again, using more pressure this time, until the sensitive head of his penis was wedged between her thighs and he could feel her pubic hair tickling it. The sensation was exquisite, and he nearly moaned. Lisa nearly moaned too, when she felt that delicious hot cock pushing into the warmth between her thighs. ‘I can’t believe this is happening,’ she thought as she tried to focus on installing the curtain rod, but her mind could only think about how good it felt to have that stiff, young cock nestled against her swollen cunt lips. She wondered if he could feel the wetness seeping from between them. She knew this was wrong, but damn, it had been so long. Way too long. She kept working, but as she turned the screw driver, she allowed her legs to move apart a bit more, and then heard his quick indrawn breath. As he exhaled, he leaned forward slowly, and she felt his mushroom-shaped head glide lightly along her lips, felt it brush through her short blonde pubic hair until his shaft was lying full-length along her pussy slit, and his smooth toned belly was pressed against her ass. She couldn’t suppress a tiny moan. Nor could she stop herself from gently moving her hips forward, causing his cock shaft to rub deliciously along her sensitive pussy lips. She held her breath for a split second, until she felt him move forward, felt the throbbing veins of his thick shaft sliding through her wet pussy hair, knowing that her aroused cunt was coating his shaft with slippery wetness. She inhaled deeply and her senses were assailed by the erotic, musky scent that drifted up from between her legs.

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   The smell of his pre-cum mixed with her own woman’s scent made her whimper, and she no longer made a pretense of putting up curtain rods. Jason, his mind blurred with arousal, noticed immediately when his mom dropped her arms and leaned forward against the wall pushing her sexy ass toward him. Not sure what to do, he slowly pulled back again. The feel of her warm, sticky pubic hair dragging along his throbbing shaft had him shaking with need, his entire being focused on the site of his thick cock shaft sliding in and out between her thighs. He inhaled deeply, high on the musky scent of her aroused cunt. He jumped when he felt something gently grasp his balls, and then realized she had reached back between her legs to gently cup and fondle his heavy sack. Her forearm grazed the underside of his cock as he slid it between her wet thighs, and she pushed against it, forcing his shaft into the cleft of her pussy. He groaned when he felt the swollen heat of her full pussy lips surrounding his sensitive cock. Holding his erection tightly against her pussy, she pulled gently at his ball sack, encouraging him to move forward, then back. On each stroke, the head and rim of his cock dragged across her swollen clit, and then pushed past the upper cleft of her slit into her juice-matted cunt hair. His hands dropped from the curtain rod and grasped her by the hips. “Oh baby,” Lisa moaned, “we really shouldn’t be doing this. You shouldn’t have your cock between my legs like this. It’s very naughty of you, you know. ” “Feels so good, mom,” Jason muttered, almost incoherent with lust.

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   “Can I please fuck your pussy, mom? Please?” He begged. He leaned over her back, reaching under her nightie to cup her full tits. “You have gorgeous tits, mom,” he whispered. “Your nipples are so big they look hard even when they aren’t. ” He caught a nipple between the fingers of each hand, and began to pull and tug at them, feeling them stiffen. Her thighs tightened, and she pushed his cock harder into her slit, moaning loudly. “Stop touching my titties that way honey. It makes mama’s pussy so wet and hot when you do that. You can’t fuck me. That would be very bad. Really,” she gasped. “You have to stop this right now!” Her attempt at gaining control was undermined by the fact that her hips were hunching against his cock as her arm pushed it hard against her stiff clit, and her hand still grasped his ball sack. “Just a little mom? Please just let me put my cock in a little ways? “He pleaded, as his fingers continued to pinch and twist her sensitive nipples. “Don’t you need to feel my huge cockhead stretching open your tight cunt? “ Suddenly, he pulled away from her, his cock sliding from between her thighs, his hands stopping their delicious torture of her firm tits. “Noooo!” A disappointed groan tore from her as her aroused body was deprived of the stimulation it needed.

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   “Lie down on the bed Mom. Let me put my cock inside you and I’ll make you cum so hard. Spread your legs for me and show me that sexy cunt you’ve been rubbing all over my cock. Can you smell the hot musky scent of it? Can you Mom?” Her eyes were glazed as she turned to look at him. He reached down and slowly pulled her nightgown up over her head, relishing the sight of her curvy woman’s body as it was revealed to him. Her small waist and full, curved hips framed a rounded pussy mound covered with closely-trimmed, blonde pubic hair. Her swollen cunt lips were red and glistened with her juices. His cock jumped at the sight of her stiff clit pushing out from between her puffy lips. With one hand, he continued to lift the gown up over her head, while his other hand reached down to lightly caress her slit and circle her erect little woman’s cock. As he pulled the gown off completely, he let it drop to the floor, then reached up to grasp her nipples and pull her toward him until the tip of his cock was nestled against her wet slit.
    “How about it, mom? Lie down on the bed and let me give you the fucking you need. ” Her eyes were glued to his stiff cock pointing lewdly at her needy cunt. “I’ll just put it in a little, ok? Just a little, unless you say you want more. How about that?” She exhaled, and then without looking at him, whispered “okay” under her breath. He turned and led her to her bed, one arm around her waist and the other kneading a tit as she walked.

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       He inhaled sharply when she took hold of his cock. She lay back on the bed, pulling him to her by tugging at his erection. Jason kneeled between his mom’s thighs and stared at her pussy, its lips gaping open to reveal the glistening, deep pink folds of her labia and her protruding clit. As Lisa guided her son’s cock toward her open and willing cunt, her legs spread further, her knees lifting off the bed. She pressed the tip of his cock against her stiff clit, rubbing it back and forth over her swollen bud until his throbbing purple cockhead was coated with a mixture of her juices and his precum. Gripping his shaft firmly, she slid the head up and down her slit, moaning softly each time it moved over her clit. She looked up at Jason. His glazed expression and lust-filled eyes followed her movements. “I’m going to hold your cock shaft to make sure you don’t put it in me too far. ” She whispered. Her voice soft with need, she continued, “just to help you stay in control. ” Jason felt her hand slide down his shaft as she pointed his swollen cockhead at the mouth of her pussy. The heat and wetness of her cunt surrounded him, and his eyes closed, his head dropped back as sensation overwhelmed him. Her hand pulled gently on his shaft, and he moved forward until his cockhead sunk into her heat. Her hand allowed him to go no further.

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       As he leaned over her, both of them staring between their bodies at her hand wrapped around his cock shaft, the head buried inside her pussy, he felt her other hand go around him and cup his ass. “A little further now, honey” Lisa directed, her voice raspy with arousal. He felt her hand pressing against his ass, pushing him forward as her other hand pulled on his throbbing shaft. His cock pushed her cunt walls open, burrowing inside her wetness until he was buried half way. “Okay sweetie,” Lisa whispered. “That’s enough. We can’t really fuck, but you can see what it would be like if we did. Can you feel that?” She asked, as Jason felt her cunt walls contracting rhythmically around his cock. “That’s how my pussy would be sucking at your cock if we were fucking. Does that feel nice?”“Ummmm, yes!” Jason voice was shaking with his effort not to have an orgasm. His tenuous control broke when he felt his mom’s finger slip between his ass cheeks and begin to rub his sensitive asshole. His cock leaped, and he pushed hard against her as he felt cum rising up his shaft. “Oh god, Mom. I’m going to cum. Oh Mommmmm!” Her fingertip penetrated his tight hole just as his cock erupted inside her.

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       He vaguely realized his cock was buried to the hilt in her wet cunt, but as the sensation of the strongest orgasm he’d ever experienced overtook him, he was only aware of slamming his spurting cock into her as hard as he could. Her moans of release barely penetrated his consciousness. He collapsed on top of her, his softening cock being massaged by her orgasmic contractions as he relaxed and felt his breathing return to normal. “That was very naughty of you to fuck Mommy that way, Jason,” Lisa told him softly. “We can’t let that happen again,” she continued, squeezing her pussy around her son’s already stiffening cock. .
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